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Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini!

julia-roberts-is-in-a-bikini1 - Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini!

She’s 41, she’s got 3 kids, her legs are really slim and she looks great in a bikini – Who? Julia Roberts!

And since we get a clear view of Julia’s bikini figure (from various perspectives), here’s a little question for you:

What body type is Julia? Is she a pear? Maybe a slim apple shape? What about hourglass? Ruler? V shape? Share your thoughts!

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julia-roberts-is-in-a-bikini-4 - Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini!

julia-roberts-is-in-a-bikini-3 - Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini!

julia-roberts-is-in-a-bikini-2 - Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini!

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  • Anne

    She looks great (I mean, she’s always been beautiful). If I can be her age with 3 kids and look that great, I will be super lucky. Love her.

  • Elena

    Wow! Julia in a bikini! That’s a newie! She looks great or her age. She’s an apple, isn’t she? Slim apple yet.

  • Betsy

    aw, i love julia. she looks wonderful! it actually looks like she doesn’t work out much, so kudos to her for looking so good without putting in much effort (i could be wrong, but she just looks very natural, soft, not too toned–but she pulls it off).

    one of my all-time favorite actresses.

  • anya

    She looks gorgeous though I prob. would have chosen another bikini.

  • anna

    yay no work done here and she looks great and natural:)

  • Lilly

    She looks great! As for body shape, it’s hard to tell – I was thinking pear but she looks like a slim apple in the last photo, she’s definitely not an hourglass, but she’s not a ruler shape either, she at least has some waist definition, and her shoulders look too narrow for V-shape – so hard to tell, though I think I’m going for pear…

  • rachael

    She looks great. Which is pretty normal for a former super model, naturally blessed with good genes.

    • Georgiana

      Was she ever a supermodel? I thought she was never nothing but a great actress….

      • rachael

        LOL, you’re probably right! She was modeling before acting, but I called her a “super model” because her legs are super long and it makes her body look “super” compared to the mere mortals!

  • andnobody

    god! she looks amazing considering her age and that she has no surgery done. I believe julia is an example of natural beauty. remeber those Pretty Woman outfits? I believe she can wear them today too, without people looking owd at her.
    go girl!! you’re fine! yay

  • Summer

    She looks beautiful. I love it when celebrities actually allow themselves to age normally and don’t get plastic surgery.

  • DT

    She has a trillion dollar smile, that’s for sure. I also like her spunk ! As far as the body, at 41 she should begin to tone up more and lose that bikini. Her tush looks horrible ( for a super star ) in this one. And what’s w\ith that tattoo? Tattoos look silly when half is hidden by clothes… what’s the point? What does it say?

    • gaby

      your telling her to lose the bikini because shes too old and not tone enough, then you complain shes not showing her whole tattoo. make up your mind.

      • DT

        I didn’t say she is too old….. That style bottom simply does not show her off properly. There are different styles. The tattoo is a separate issue. Why did she place it so low down… no one ( other than someone she is intimate with) would ever see the whole artwork.

  • sassy

    Her legs look so long here! Is she really tall?

    I agree with everyone but the hater above. We’ll see what you look like at 41.

    • DT

      Worry about yourself….. I am actually quite a lover….

  • Hannah

    I hope I look that good if I ever have 3 kids lol. She looks great, and I would say her shape is a slim apple.

  • Meril

    She looks like a slim apple, bit i think she’s just a pear/ hourglass after 3 kids, u’re bound to have a bit of weight in ur tummy. And gaining/losing weight can “chance” your bodytype anyways, i looke like a ruler at my thinnest, a pear/hour glass a little bigger, an apple when i’ve really gained since i do gain weght in to my stomach easily(and have an A-cup no matter what) and just wobbly, curvy what evs when i’m at my biggest, so i try & avoid putting people in to “body type boxes” too easily, sometimes it’s just hard to tell.. She looks great but not like she works out, well maby some cardio…

  • lola

    she’s definitely a slim apple even if she gained a little weight, her legs are as slim as always

  • Kristy

    I think it’s interesting how when a woman has children/is over the age of 40 we congratulate them no end on their bodies, yet criticize younger girls till we’re blue in the face. I think she looks ok, nice legs, but everything else is kinda what I’d expect of a woman in her 40s her takes reasonable care of themselves.

  • Kae

    I love Julia. As far as I’m concerned, she looks good after having three children. I would, however, wear a different suit. This is not flattering for her figure at all.

  • Adagio


  • Fiona

    Ok, she is 41 and has 3 kids but there is no need to wear a bikini with her apple not so tonned figure.

    With a different style of swimsuit she would look much better.

  • kate tavarez

    she has really skinny legs!

  • Susan

    Wow her lower legs are skinnyyyy.

  • She looks great. Seems to be a slim apple shape, considering her lean / skinny arms & legs.