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Julie Bowen in a Bikini

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-1 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

At request, here’s Actress Julie Bowen (Ed, Modern Family) offering us a weekend bikini treat!

Extra info: Julie is 40 years old and she gave birth to twins less than a year ago (she has 3 kids total).

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-3 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

See more bikini  pictures after the jump!

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-2 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-4 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-5 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

Julie-Bowen-in-a-Bikini-6 - Julie Bowen in a Bikini

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  • Taylor

    Wow. She has like…zero body fat. 0.o

  • I’m sorry… but this is gross. I don’t want to be offensive, but she’s freaking me out.

  • Maartje

    her stomach.. looks… weird!

  • Casey

    Too…stringy? Not sure if that’s the right word for it. Same as Marisa Miller, but without Marisa’s amazing physique and shape.

  • artemis

    very unfortunate body shape :-s and those abs aren’t helping


    Her body is so strong and lean so I feel silly criticizing it, but its scary! There’s no softness, at all, it’s not feminine and her stomach in particular is just so strange! If this is what 0 body fat is then I’ll embrace my love handles for the rest of the day

    • amazon

      not zero, that would be death, but way lower than recommended i would guess.

  • melody

    ewwww…… why does her tummy look so werid and, i dunno, bloated even though she has zero body fat on the rest of her body???? that’s just weird. and she’s a little too muscular and…… just so many things are wrong. it’s better to be curvy and feminine and have a little fat on ur body than look like THIS.

    • marie

      about her ”tummy that looks so weird”, its said before the pictures:
      ”she gave birth to twins less than a year ago”
      I think you have your answer.

  • kate

    She’s not really muscular, just low on body fat like 15% perhaps. That level of fat only really looks ok with a bit more muscle to be honest.

  • Leila

    this is not pretty

  • katya

    this really scared me. whats going on here??

  • amy

    she looks gross.

  • Uma

    She is way too ripped for my taste. And since she is not a professional athlete, having such a low body fat percentage is not healthy either. Just like high body fat isn’t ok.

    • kate

      Yeah low body fat percentage like mid teens only looks good if you have enough muscle underneath. She is not muscular, it’s just an illusion due to having so little fat.

      • Afrochica

        Very true and well said Kate. And that’s why she does not have a “six-pack” and her stomach protrudes.

  • Ali

    Well, it’s just her body tipe, not everybody can look like Bar Rafelli. Maybe she prefers to have curvy hips but it’s not her body tipe.

  • Dlicious

    she has a scary stomach !! ><

  • violet

    i dont’ know what’s up with her stomach? you all seem to think it’s low body fat…it’s really odd isn’t it? i’m not saying she looks bad or anything but it’s not for me

  • ashoes

    It do not look natural, she must have done something…

  • terri

    women shouldnt look like this.she has a body of a man.

  • K.


  • laila

    Who the f… is Julie Bowen ?

  • michelle

    well.. my opinion is.. she has lovely legs. body may not be curvy. but it’s not hediuos as you guys are saying…

  • vkat

    wow, she really has NO fat. And her belly is distended like that from having twins – the abs stretch and separate down the middle. the outie belly button really creeps me out, too. ugh. I wish I hadn’t seen these photos. She probably looks awesome in clothes. This, however, I didn’t need to see.

    • Sharen

      so it because of the twins? and it will never go back to normal? I don’t ever want to have twins.

      • Jules

        No it will go back. She just had twins a few months ago, I’m sure in another few month’s it’ll go.

  • SER

    I just don’t prefer this figure. It’s fit and she could probably kick my ass, but I prefer women to have a softness to their bodies and a more feminine shape.

  • livefree

    Oh God, I’d prefer being overweight than looking like that…

  • liz

    Kelly Ripa syndrome!

    • Sylvia

      You couldn’t of nailed it better… Similar bodies… Yikes!

  • Padme

    Yikes, she needs to put on some body fat. Her body is very harsh, it can’t be healthy to be like that.

  • ame

    ummm, not so pretty in a bikini. she looks nice in clothes i had no idea what was underneath. i gave birth less than a year ago and my stomach does not look creepy like that after losing the baby weight. i hate to say anything mean, but i can’t help it here.

  • layla

    that is creepy… i don’t know, but some how her body looks a like turtle’s or frog’s. she’s way too muscular and 0 body fat. and looks so much older as well!

  • Dr. Truth

    Very, very unattractive. I always thought she was pregnant on the show- now I know why. I wonder if she has some type of health problems- her body looks far from natural..

  • Jenp

    She would look much, much better in a one-piece bathing suite.

  • Dayna

    She had twins and no plastic surgery AND she’s 40…I think it’s safe to say that she looks pretty amazing. At least she doesn’t have that belly flap thing.

  • suzushii

    Wow, so harsh criticism for someone who had KIDS less then a year ago?

    Newsflash people – pregnancy can totally ravage your looks AND there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s luck/genetics. She gets props for working with what she has.

    • livefree

      Though I would still hate to have her body, I really agree with this. The lady obviously kicks her ass in the gym, so major props. She just got screwed over in the gene pool for stomach region.

      • Uma

        Most of the so called criticism was actually about having a way too low body fat. Which you want it or not is not healthy. And in what fing world does having kids make you have an insanely and unhealthily low body fat? I just hate it when people on this site start ranting without even reading what others have to say.

        • Casey

          I agree with Uma.

          Also, whether she has had kids or not is nothing but an explanation of why her stomach may look like that. It doesn’t change the fact that it DOES look like that, and if someone doesn’t like it, the cause of the apperance doesn’t matter and won’t change their opinion. We criticize celebrities all the time for things they cannot change…body shape, face…etc. I don’t see why the ravages of pregnancy is an exception.

          But I think in this case it’s not her waist that’s unattractive. It’s her low body fat. She would look so much better at a more normal BF%.

        • Dayna

          Hm. Even if she was at a healthy weight for her body type, her stomach would still look the same. She’d just have thicker legs and bigger arms. Not much can change her stomach other than plastic surgery. But she really DOES need to gain some weight…her legs are like bones…and THAT is weird.

          • Sharen

            her legs are not like bones at all, they look pretty strong actually

  • Jen

    These photographs are so bizarre. On her ABC network show, Modern Family, she has done a couple of shots in her underwear and her figure looks great there. I guess that can be attributed to good make-up and lighting.

    • Elizab

      Well candid shots generally never look as good as the professionally posed pics with lighting, makeup, and arched, twisted, tummy sucking in, positions to highlight an individuals attributes. Even on a moving camera, they’re gonna put your body in the best light possible, in all respects.

  • Elizab

    Well I don’t think she looks unhealthy….not too skinny, true very low body fat, but in shape and strong. I’d honestly like to see her pre-children, though I’ve seen woman after given birth and I simply think she doesn’t have the best mid section, nor the best body shape. But she’s still a healthy attractive woman.

  • This is definitely NOT what she’s always looked like. Remember her in Happy Gilmore or the dozens upon dozens of Neutrogena ads and commercials? I had to remind myself that she used to be that woman by Googling her. She’s definitely hasn’t always been this gaunt, but I still think she’s a lovely woman. I wish she’s put on a few pounds, because she used to look much softer. Still skinny, but very soft.

  • amazon

    like her as an actress, though haven’t seen her lately. looks like she has gone over board with the exercise, friend of mine did this, even scarier in person. when i see pics of her i keep thinking maybe she is getting better, but no just the magic of the camera lens. it is dangerous, and often a symptom of anoerxia. just an opinion, but thats what i see when i look at those pictures. as for her show( haven’t seen it) but they can change a lot of what you see.

  • Nat

    After being pregnant, especially with twins (!) the ab muscles can tear and it takes time to heal before you can do crunches/sit-ups to tone them up. That’s what makes her stomach look distended.

  • Jules

    I like her arms.

    I would never have guessed she looks like this. In Modern Family, she looks normal. But then again in MF she’s not in a bikini so I guess it hides the skinniness.

  • poupette

    yes, she should skip the protein an go for some peanut butter for a few weeks

  • Amy

    her stomach looks malnourished, like the pictures of kids you see in third world countries – super skinny arms and legs then a huge bloated tummy.
    a tankini would be much better for her as her legs are incredible.

  • Lesserloo

    Proof that not every skinny attractive person looks good without their clothes on.

  • Bonnie

    She needs a burger

  • mickie

    she looks like a ninja turtle man!!!

  • Annie

    There comes a time when a woman looks much nicer and flattering in a one piece swimsuit.Many are beautiful and sexy.

  • Laura

    I’m not trying to be mean, it’s great that she “got in shape” after giving birth but her body looks disturbing.

  • YWanon

    I’ve had a lover with a body like this. Was amazing and beautiful.

  • random guy

    Hm, I like her ripped figure. Everyone seems to think she has an unhealthy lack of body fat. What they fail to realize is that people exist on a continuum of body fat content and this could be perfectly healthy and normal for her, which I suspect it is. People also fail to realize that most women will have “issues” with their stomach skin/muscles after pregnancy. It stretches tremendously during pregnancy. If you’re not noticing it post pregnancy on a woman– there’s too much fat to know the difference or she has had work done. The smaller the woman’s frame– the worse the damage.

  • Wow, what happened to all her body fat?! There is nothing there!

  • Rachel

    The stomach is from malnutrition.