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New Mom Vanessa Lachey: “I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant”

Untitled-12 - New Mom Vanessa Lachey: "I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant"

On pregnancy weight gain and the pressure to lose weight:

I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant. And I will say to moms out there, “Don’t stress about losing it. It will happen when it happens. Cam’s 9 months, so it’s been a minute, and we’re working, and we’re traveling, and it’s just about maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle, not obsessing about it. I think that’s one thing I would like to convey to moms everywhere. It’s not about this ‘get skinny quick’ diet or these fads. Just enjoy time being a mom. You’ve just had this wonderful, magical moment, and you shouldn’t be stressing about that kind of stuff.

‘If you’re really worried, ‘Spanx are amazing,’ she joked. ‘Thank you to the inventor of that.’

As far as beauty, I think it comes back down to the foundation of knowing that you are a mother and you now support this child, and you’re beautiful in your skin. Part of the problem that we have is that we’re constantly telling these new moms to lose weight and look good and do this and do that, instead of just letting them be moms and enjoy having a child, and having their family, and having this new role in your life! It’s one of the hardest, if not the hardest, job in the world, and all the emphasis is placed on everything else as opposed to what’s important, which is loving your baby, and loving yourself and your body. My biggest tip is to know that you are beautiful and know that you are wonderful, and absolutely amazing for raising a child.

… says 32 year-old Vanessa.

Pictured: before her pregnancy (left), 8 months pregnant (center) and now (right).


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  • LXS

    I really agree with this woman! Being a mother is an incredibly difficult job, and this is just from my experience of baby sitting!

    Its sad how we live in a culture that now expects women to immediately snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. I read an article in Grazia UK about women who suffer from Pregorexia, where women will diet, fast and exercise vigorously in the fear that they will put on weight, which of course puts their baby’s health at risk. It made me incredibly sad to think of the pressure we put on ourselves to look good. I’m not saying women should completely let go whilst pregnant, as that isn’t healthy either, but I don’t see why some women can’t find a nice healthy middle ground.

    Also, if you were healthy to begin with, and continue to be healthy after you give birth, I’m sure the weight will come off having to take care of your new baby. But yeah, that’s just my opinion!

  • swissmiss

    THAT doesn’t look like 65 lbs! I call bull**t!!

    The rest of the comment is really nice, relatable and true and blabla, but she comes across as hypocrite. To lose these acclaimed 65lbs in 9 months she must have been on diet bigtime…She is as skinny as ever.

    • Emilie

      I honestly think she is referring to her weight at the last day of her pregnancy, lol, not necessarily after she had the baby

      • mary

        Yea but even so, I have to agree she doensnt look like she put on anywhere near 65 lb…shes a small girl and that is A LOT of weight…

    • babyvincer

      Yeah, that looks like only 35 pounds tops. And u totally agree with what Vanessa says. Enjoy being a mom and the miracle your body produced. Birth is one of the most beautiful moments anywhere anytime. Your body will naturally return to normal, but it takes time. Breast feeding and a couple workouts a week got me back in 6 months. Don’t stress about it.

      • babyvincer

        … *^ I not u

        • asdf

          that is 65 pounds. She is 8 months pregnant in that picture. Since you are usually pregnant between 37 to 40 weeks- with first time moms usually having a baby closer to the 40 week mark, that picture was taken 2 months before she gave birth. You gain a lot the last few months especially. In the picture she was probably 45 pounds in. Preggo chub looks way different than regular chub. You hold weight everywhere (your fingers toes everywhere). That is also why you pee out like 30 pounds the first 2 weeks. She is beautiful btw preggo or skinny- doesn’t matter.

    • GreenieWeenie

      um, no, just because something is not your experience doesn’t mean it is not within the realm of possibility.

      My very close friend gained 55 lbs while pregnant and went on to lose 60. With very little effort.

      I can absolutely see that being 60 lbs gained. My friend didn’t look ENORMOUS either; she put weight mainly on her stomach (which was huge) and somewhat on hips–not on face, legs or arms.

      So far, I’m having a very similar pregnancy experience.

      Quite annoying when people who don’t really know what they’re talking about presume to speak for everyone as to the realm of possibility. I’d venture to say Vanessa is probably fairly tall, as well, which also wears weight more easily.

  • Emilie

    Well said. I think she has a great attitude. I wonder though how much pressure mothers have in the real world to lose weight at a fast rate. I’m not a mother, but my friends who are mothers haven’t been too concerned about that

  • lc

    Well, her figure is great in the before and after pics.

  • roonie

    Hardly know anything about her but she seems really nice.. Nice figure.

  • Hazal

    Very pretty and nice figure! But that (i.e. the middle picture) doesn’t look like a 65 pounds weight gain to me.

  • xoxoK

    she has tiny frame and that picture in the middle is probably not when she was 9 months pregnant…. I gained 40lbs and people guess that I only gained 20, so looks can be deceiving. Plus a lot of that is water weight towards the end of your pregnancy.

    Either way, I like that she spoke out about this crazy. Its kind of disturbing to see other celebrity moms drop the weight so fast. Messes yours hormones up so much when you lose weight too quickly.

  • Sassy

    Maybe she she shouod have a convo with Kim kardashian

  • mary

    She look great in all the pics….paying I don’t gain that much…i feel like my lower back would snap lol.

  • Summer

    I don’t agree losing too much weight messing with your hormones at all! You should only gain like 6 pounds of FAT, the rest is baby, placenta, breasts, blood, fluid etc, which makes the recommended 25-30 pound weight gain. 6 pounds of fat is NOTHING, and you’ll burn through most of it if your breastfeeding (some will probably hold onto a couple while doing so) and if not 6 pounds is so easy to lose.
    A lot moms like myself who bounce back, just had a healthy normal pregnancy, we didn’t over gain. In my opinion over gaining is almost as bad at under gaining. Both show ignorance and selfishness. Over gaining, any doctor will tell you is not good for your body or baby, and i’m sure you’re not putting all that weight on eating healthy foods for your new baby.

    I’m on my fourth and pregnancy is pretty simple. They say only 300 extra calories a day, toast with peanut butter. THATS IT FOLKS. Wanna go crazy? Breastfeed, I can eat any man under the table and still be under the weight I conceived at. When I’m done breastfeeding I actually go up a couple pounds to my normal weight. Eat when your hungry, stop when your full. But everyone uses pregnancy as an excuse to relax and go crazy, “But I’m pregnant!” “My baby NEEDS this milkshake…its for them NOT me!!”

    But all these people who say “Relax, enjoy your baby don’t try to get your odd back” are crazy
    You shouldn’t really have to try. IF you did what you should have. Maybe do some ab exercises to strengthen the muscles, but it shouldn’t be this huge OMG why did she pressure herself to get thin after baby? How is she thin 6 months after popping a kid out? But most women want their excuses as to why they aren’t thin after a baby. They make it like the thin moms are actually ‘unhealthy’ not nurturing moms because they should be with their baby! Like where are these moms, sure some may be at the gym, but I’ve never gone to a gym in my life. They just want their excuses to make bad food choices, and to say it’s because they are good moms and aren’t putting pressure on themselves. Heaven forbid they eat an apple and not a bag of doritios. Why eat healthy? Thats what vitamins are for!!

    • snoops

      Speak for yourself. How much doctors advise you should gain depends on your starting weight. I started out underweight so they would hope to see a 40lb gain or higher (which sounded like loads to me but then again I am very tall) and so far I have gained 7 lbs at 17 weeks. Who made the rule “6lbs of fat gained tops”? I can not imagine any doctor making such a statement since every pregnancy is different. Thats practically their mantra.

      • mary

        exactly…i was told to gain more because my bf was too low pre pregnancy…I disagree with the notion that anything above or below the 25-35 lb range means you’ve failed in your pregnancy…my mother, a petite woman of 105 lb gained 20 lb with me and even less with my sister and we were both over 7 lb and born healthy . she ate and took care of herself, but just wouldn’t gain. Each woman’s body is unique and her needs will vary. Also crazy to assume your body will just snap back…you’re carrying a human being in you for 9 months, it may take that much for things to get back to normal…I would be thrilled to get my pre weight back in 3 months, but have accepted it may not happen.

        BTW, snoops, how is your pregnancy going? I found out I’m having a boy 🙂

        • snoops

          Thats so exciting Mary! A little boy! I can hardly wait to find out the gendet but alas my next scan isn’t until the 25th of july so will have to be patient! I am sooo tired and I’m back to work full time tomorrow, I think I will be falling asleep at my desk haha. And they say the 2nd trimester you are meant to get your energy back, not me lol. How are things going for you? 🙂

          • mary

            Aww well July will fly by and whatever the gender, he/she will be happy and healthy. I’m with you on the exhaustion and I have to say its refreshing to hear im not the only one. With a low maintenance 1st and no ms or symptoms I assumed the next few months would be a breeze but nope…the heat has been killing me. Hope you get some energy back and your week is a pleasant one 🙂

    • GreenieWeenie

      yeah, speak for yourself. I was underweight when I got pregnant, so I clearly do not have a weight problem. I have to be very careful what I eat due to health issues. I’ve gained weight this pregnancy not because of what I eat but because of changes in my lifestyle. I just HAPPEN to have made a career transition at the same time, and even though I workout every day at the gym, I just HAPPEN to be monolithically less busy than normal.

      No, not everyone packs on weight because they’re sitting around chowing down on Doritos. I haven’t had a Dorito since I was 8.

  • serena

    65 lbs sounds like a lot but keep in mind that includes the baby itself, placenta, amniotic fluid, larger breasts, etc. So after birth the mother has already loses a bunch from the baby, fluid, placenta. For the next few weeks the body continues to shed more (sort of like a heavy period). Well fwiw I think Vanessa looks great in the black dress picture.

  • Emily

    Wow, I can’t believe it been nine months since she had her baby! I really feel like it’s only been five or six. I think Vanessa is a beautiful woman with a good head on her shoulders. That said, I will echo some other comments and say that I think 65 pounds is stretching it.

  • AnnieC

    Here’s how to eat during pregnancy. Only put things in your mouth that are nutrient-dense and will benefit the baby. Fresh, local organic food is the backbone. And if you’re trying to get pregnant, that’s how to eat to maximise fertility. This is the time to be the most careful about what you eat, since you’re literally determining the health of another human being for years and years to come. There is no “moderate” amount of chemical crap that a fetus can ingest and remain healthy. It’s just not possible. Avoid all processed foods like they’re toxic, because they are. In the US, they’re filled with GMO and pesticides, not to mention chemicals that have never been ingested by humans in the history of mankind. Eating junk is not “fun”, it’s deadly to the state of health.

  • solaxia

    She has great legs! She looked so cute while pregnant still. I like her attitude.

  • bettie

    i’m sorry but 65 pounds is a ridiculous amount of weight to put on. a lot of these celebs seem to have a binge eating disorder triggered by pregnancy. it must have something to do with all the pressure on them to stay thin. they’re sick of feeling deprived then they go nuts.

  • annemarie

    People who don’t eat crap during pregnancy and actually stay healthy usually bounce back into their pre-pregnancy weight in a year or less, without any diet.
    Those who use pregnancy as an excuse to binge on hamburgers and what not, of course they get fat and then can’t lose weight effortlessly.

  • Aryn

    I really wish people would keep more of an open mind when it comes to women and their individual pregnancies. Just because somebody gains more than the standard recommended 25-35 lbs, doesn’t mean they ‘stuffed their body full of junk food’. I’m currently expecting, I’m 25 weeks (in my sixth month) and the first trimester I was in carb OVERLOAD because it was the only thing I could keep down with all the morning sickness. In the first trimester I gained almost 7 lbs alone because I ate so much bread/dry pasta/plain mashed potatoes. I also know other women who had difficulty dropping the weight for numerous reasons despite gaining the recommended amount of pregnancy weight. It’s not as simple as, ‘If you did what you were SUPPOSED to do, you shouldn’t have so much difficulty losing it’. If you did, than good for you, but a lot of it comes down to pure biology. I know older women, women who were forced to work full time right away, women with slower metabolisms, etc who had a lot of trouble losing their 25 – 35 lbs. In addition, it’s not always true that breast feeding allows lbs to magically fall off. Although many it assists many women in losing pregnancy weight, it has been proven in studies that in other women it can actually cause them to keep weight ON and make it more difficult to lose. So while you may have had an easier pregnancy when it came to weight gain/loss than others, try not to pass judgement on other people’s situations.

  • Samantha

    Aryn again excuses excuses excuses. I think summer mentioned some people hold onto a couple pounds while breastfeeding, certainly not 20! And the whole first trimester excuses. Been there honey, horrible ms, could only eat carbs. Still somehow only ended at a 25 gain. You type of girls just live for excuses! And god forbid someone shine some accuracy on it, you get so mad!! Like maybe youll have to put down the cheeseburger! Someone threatens you and your eating habits and the claws come out! Whats so wrong that some people said? Don’t over eat and eat healthy? Really?!

    And to the under weight girls…who are also not very bright…if you were UNDER weight and gained to be at a healthy weight after you have the babe you will still be slim bc you only gained to be at a normal healthy level. So you shouldn’t be over weight..get it?!
    As difficult as girls make pregnancy, its not!! yes I’m aware every woman’s body is different, but im also aware that, that particular sentence is how everyone has become so fat and lazy! Don’t pin me into that, everyone is different blah blah blah. I worked at the biggest loser ranch and all the fat women would come in talking of thyroid, hormones, this is my body etc and three weeks later they all look like a different person. I guess we’re all not that much different after all!

    Like the others have said, if you are eating HEALTHY food it’s almost impossible to gain that much weight. Vegetables, salads, fruits, they fill you up. Pair that with some good protein and complex carbs and you don’t have room for a 65 pound weight gain. What you have is actually a healthy baby…and mama.
    But what do I know? FIVE babies and counting, boys and girls, in my twenties and thirties. I know the deal, I’ve gone through pregnancy with no symptoms to ones with everything. But I always put my baby’s health first and ate as healthy as possible and my gain has never been over and my baby’s have come out 7-8 pounds and yes I do look the same as I did before getting pregnant a week or so later.
    But you girls go enjoy losing the ‘baby weight’ a year later and keep putting down the healthy mamas so you can keep pulling into the drive through

    • Sassy

      Samantha – I’m going to have to agree with you on this. The problem I have with your comment is the lack of education woman do have on nutrition. I work at WIC and speak to a ton of woman who genuinely don’t know about nutrition. And many of these woman are barely making it by and are living on rice and beans because of how little they have. We need to educate people. Education is the key for everything.

    • Aryn

      Excuse me but I don’t appreciate being told to, ‘put down the cheeseburger’ and keep ‘pulling through the drive through’. All I said was I ate more carbs during first trimester due to morning sickness, but it’s okay you can assume that I’m treating my body like complete crap. If you read my comment carefully I never put down women for eating healthy, that’s ridiculous. All I said was for others to have more empathy for other pregnant women since it is such an individual experience for everyone and a particularly sensitive time. I also never claimed that 65 lb weight gain was normal/healthy, but that women who go above the 25-35 weight gain goal aren’t necessarily treating their bodies like garbage, they can have excess amniotic fluid causing some of that weight,etc. Chill.

      • Tamriel

        I agree, samantha’s comment was totally mean spirited and narrow minded. one of my friend’s had an incompetent cervix when she was pregnant and literally spent the last 6 months of her pregnancy lying in bed and was only allowed to get up and move around briefly. no surprise she gained a large amount of weight from inactivity even if she wasn’t eating very much at all.
        AND just for the record my friend is and was a strict vegan so no cheeseburgers and drivethroughs for her and she still gained around 70lbs!
        Some people just have a tougher time of pregnancy and its beyond rude to imply they’re using it as an excuse.

    • amber

      I’m shocked that anyone associated with the biggest loser ranch would boast about it. Especially anyone professing to know about food, the human body, nutrition, and health.

    • GreenieWeenie

      I just disagree. Entirely. Like I said earlier, I have a fairly strict diet due to health issues (outside of pregnancy). I can’t eat preservatives and a whole list of other things. I eat fresh food that I make every single night. And I’m only 20 weeks and probably at least 25 lbs up. It’s because I’m eating much more QUANTITY than I normally would running around a hectic city all day. Instead, I’m sitting in front of a computer. I still go to the gym, but my overall lifestyle has changed. Therefore, the simple fact that I’m eating more–because God forbid I eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of coffee, my usual–has caused me to gain weight that I don’t normally carry.

      I therefore expect that I’ll only lose the excess weight postpartum if I go back to my former lifestyle. If I sit around like I am now, working on my dissertation all day, I doubt I will.

      I think you make a lot of assumptions about how/why people gain weight. Obviously, for some women it’s diet. But not all. And just because something works one way for you doesn’t mean that holds true for everyone. You’ve no idea what other people’s medical histories are, so you’re really in no position to judge how/why they gain weight.

      • GreenieWeenie

        and by the way, my “type of girl,” who packs on weight while pregnant, is normally 5’9″ and 120 lbs. I guarantee I eat healthier than you do–like I said, medical necessity.

        Tell me again how I live for excuses.

        • snoops

          Hi greenie my pre-pregnancy weight/height is almost identical to yours so we are in a similar situation 🙂 hoping to gain and be strong and healthy for baby.

          As for Samantha she sounds terribly unstable and I would not take anything she says to heart ladies. She sounds the opposite of healthy (seems to hate women and people in general and very, very angry). Of course she has had 5 kids and so is automatically smarter than anyone else and knows more than drs, scientists, and even other mothers because 5 kids right?!! So what….my mother had 4 kids all grew to be tall and slim and healthy and she has an amazing body into her 50’s, studied nutrition and thinks I am doing well. As does my research scientist sister, my midwife team, my dr, my friends and most importantly as do I. Samantha needs to get a life her unprovoked attacks on the pregnant girls on this site is just weird!

  • Siobhan

    Hi Versus,

    Can you do a post on the recent bikini pics of Lana Del Rey. Be interested to know what everyone thinks of her new body. Cheers @Versus

    • Versus

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the rights to post those pictures, but I will try to link to them in a future post.

      • megs362

        Hi Versus, thanks for some awesome diverse posts lately, really loving it! There is a terrible reality TV shoe called ‘Made in Chelsea’ and there are two girls on it with jaw-dropping figures. Their names are Kimberly and Natalie. If you stumble across any shots of them I would love to hear what others think of them!!

        • roonie

          I actually love that show!! Recently finished watching the latest series.. Anyways, Kimberly is beyond annoying but her figure is amazing. Natalie’s figure is really curvy for someone of her height so it’s not that attractive to me.. I prefer taller heights.

  • crumbcake

    Wow, not trying to be a jerk, but the tone in some of these posts are bordering on condescending and full of know-it-all-ness. And we wonder why women struggle with their bodies and feel like they have to starve themselves after giving birth to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothing? Why are we (women, mostly) so hypercritical of other women, especially regarding their weight? I’m guilty of it at times too, but I think everyone (including myself) sometimes should stop and think about what we’re doing to one another.

  • Raquel100

    I think she has 1 of the most perfect bodies of any celeb!

  • retrobanana

    i liked her..she looked good pregnant….i feel bad she doesnt really have a career however she was just a beauty queen turned mtv vj…but she was always pretty and had a good body