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Real Versus Photoshopped Jessica Alba!

real-versus-photoshopped-jessica-alba1 - Real Versus Photoshopped Jessica Alba!


A few days ago, we had the pleasure to see a bunch of Campari ads featuring Jessica Alba. Today, we get the chance to enter behind the scenes of the same Campari photo-shoot!


So let’s see the differences between real Jessica and photoshopped Jessica (I am aware that these are not the exact same pictures, but they’re the closest thing to it):


Picture 1:

Completely different knee, thinner leg, narrower and leaner hips, smaller waist, extra collar bone!


Picture 2:

Taller, slimmer arms, slimmer legs, slimmer waist… in fact, thinner everything and hip removal!



real-versus-photoshopped-jessica-alba-2 - Real Versus Photoshopped Jessica Alba!



Real Versus Photoshopped Jessica Alba! Choose your side!


Versus votes for real Jessica – because she’s real, that’s why!



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  • sharlene_threase

    no wonder girls get eating disorders and self esteem problems! they shouldnt be allowed to photoshop.

  • raluca

    i am horrified… they even reduce slim persons as jessica alba..:(

  • Linda

    Real Alba is obviously the winner. There was nothing wrong with her actual body! Argh damn photoshoppers! She’s so naturally beautiful I mean.. if her normal self isn’t enough then what hope do us even normaler people have?

  • maya

    Wow! Why did they need to photoshop her?

  • stella

    I really do wonder what these performers think and feel when they see their pictures after the photo-shopping? And has any one ever said anything about what’s been done to their pictures, besides when it’s a sleazy tabloid that has doctored the pictures?

  • Barbie

    I think the arms and legs looks almost the same, they only narrowed the waist, pushed up and maximized the boobs

  • Jasmin

    wow..i didnt know it was that bad!!! its like they are saying that she is not good enough to present the real..i would be offended if they messed with my pictures that much!!!

  • Jasmin

    wow..i didnt know it was that bad!!! its like they are saying that she is not good enough to present the real her..i would be offended if they messed with my pictures that much!!!

  • change.

    aww jessica got chubby, im so happy for her. cuz she really needed like a few pounds on her. she looks healthier and her boobs look so much better!! and about the photoshop so waht????? they changed the lighting and stuff which also alters the picture. its not a big deal. it would be one thing if they photoshopped jennifer lopez’s body to look liek jessica alba’s but is there a real difference?? and if alba doesnt mind, why should we? she could of easily said, NO. or even complained after.

  • Gabe

    Changed, she is in no way chubby, she just has hips now. Still slim, but with hips and boobs! She looks waay better than in her twiggy days.

  • stella

    They did more then change the lighting, they made her look 2-3 dress sizes smaller in the chest(excluding her breasts, they didn’t really change those too much:P), waist, and hips, and made her legs smaller. It doesn’t look like they did much to her arms in the first set but they did make her collarbone more prominent. In the second set, they made her arms slimmer. And why are people using “chubby” to describe women that aren’t chubby?

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    I aghre with CHANGE about the different lighting. her expression even seems to be slightly diffrent. and if you notice in picture set 1 and 2, they all have diffrent settings. therefore i don’t know if we can make definate or exact analysis.

  • Rebecca

    The colors are wonderful! Makes me thirsty for campari 🙂

  • Serafiina

    I can´t stand Campari, it makes me want to puke 😀 The first photo is better with real Jessica. At the second photo the photoshoped one might be better, but they was no need to change Jessica´s body that much. Cause that thing what makes photoshopped picture better is only her height.

  • kayla

    i hate her…she looks like a bitch…her body is average but the photoshopping is not necessary…she looks fine in the original one

  • change.

    lmao she looks like a idiot in the second original picture . THANK GOD FOR PHOTOSHOP!!!

  • siobhan

    they might as well only use jessica’s face and a model’s body if they are going to crop out so much! they should be banned!

  • People shouldn’t be offended with retouching. The goal of a retoucher is to naturally handle the model and enhance the colors and placement of the background. What you are really seeing is just a few cleanups with minor reshaping and intense vivid color work. Color work is essential to drawing in consumer eyes.

  • stella

    Retouching is fine, changing the shape/size of a person is another story. If they thought she wasn’t small enough, why did they even use her to begin with?

  • Mirabela

    i know it! 😀

  • Monique

    The only thing I agree with is the knee job. It looks big in the real picture. Also they made it to be bony. Something in between would be perfect.

  • e

    I agree with the first post by Sharlene. I honestly didn’t know that photoshopping was THAT popular. Now I can’t believe anything I see in a magazine. Why can’t we all drop this superficial nonsense and get down to reality?! Everyone WANTS to see Jessica Alba’s real body. Why wouldn’t we? Why can’t we compare ourselves to real celebrity bodies and shapes, how can we compete with fake technology? I’m so frustrated that celebrities would be so shallow and self-conscious that they can’t realize how gorgeous their realness is!

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  • susan

    Wow what a difference…lol, at least her boobs are real:)
    Honestly though I think everyone needs to calm down. Theres nothing wrong with photoshopping, theres no denying that she looks WAY better in the retouched pictures and im sure she would be the first to agree.
    No one’s saying that she’s not a beautiful girl or that theres anything wrong with her but the ads look much more beautiful once they have been retouched and im sure Jessica prefers them that way as well.

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  • cc

    Weird but I’m comparing my hi-res behind the scenes with your ones and your ‘before’ ones make her look heavier that mine.

  • Versus

    I can guarantee you that I did nothing to the Before pictures AND I took them from a reliable source.
    Furthermore, the exact same Before pictures appear on a bunch of famous sites.

  • RCDC

    i agree that photoshop is overused. BUT.
    This is Campari. The heightened color, shape, and overall sharp perfect aesthetic is part of their branding. It’s not meant to look like reality, it’s meant to be hyper-real – extra color, extra contrast, extra light, extra everything – even extra pretty.

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  • ilovesugar

    thats tricky (of photoshop).. it really did downsize her.. she’s tiny enough already..

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  • class A hot

  • Corina

    i like the real her, is not neccessary to be photoshaped for alba, she`s cute and her body look great.

  • brittany

    the real photos where so much better i think. this is just crazy!

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  • Nyree

    I think its discourraging when magazines photoshop pictures. It sets a standard that all woman should be big and busty- and have a size 0-2 waistline. Grrr it irritates me to no end to have to look at these “Already” amazingly beautiful woman- in their natural state, and have some advertizing company make a statement that an unrealistic figure is better then the real thing. Screw those pictures, seriously.. if i looked anything remotely close to the before pictures of Alba- i would be completely blessed to have that figure! The media is ridiculous. It makes you realize exactly what they want woman to see- and feel about themselves. JERKS

  • Nyree

    Oh and one more thing..

    Changing the color, to add to the them and desired look and feel that campari is looking for is FINE. But altering jessica alba? are kidding me? shes friggn gorgeous already- There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the before pictures.

  • i would prefer the real jessica, she doesn’t need to be photoshopped

  • Norma

    I guess she is a little hippier than she was before the baby. She used to have an eating disorder according to her bio I read. I understand why companies do it, because the photoshop pictures look better. However, to blame that on why girls have eating disorders is ridiculous. Girls have eating disorders because they are obsessively insecure. Their brain is not operating at full capacity.

  • These aren’t true before/after images.

    Not to say that the final images aren’t photoshopped. Obviously. But the “before pics” are not the same images as the “after” pics.

    The before pics look like they may have been snaps done by the director or the stylist. The “after” images were taken by the photographer under his lights and direction.

    They’re from the same day and pose. Probably taken within minutes of each other, but the “after” images would have been much better under the photographers lens than are implied by the “before” images.

    cynicdesign is a professional designer and photo editor in California.

    • SidDVicious

      Hey don’t forget – she’s Messican. Squeeze out a couple more bambinos by that ALLEGED Yalie before she’s 33 and by 38 guaranteed she’ll look like a Mamacita Gordita with boobs down to her navel (try Photoshopping THAT).

  • Heidi

    “The goal of a retoucher is to naturally handle the model….What you are really seeing is just a few cleanups with minor reshaping”

    LOL well, that goal is not being achieved. When tons of people see a final product and go, “wtf?? that is not her body; that’s not even a human body at all?!” then I’d say a model is not being “handled naturally”. ‘Retouchers’ and others in the magazine industry have gotten lost in their own world and have totally lost perspective — like staring at a painting too long.

  • fox

    Cropping off large chunks of Jessica Alba’s pelvic bones and ribs — which completely changes the entire shape of the human skeleton — is considered just “a few cleanups”? lol… and they wonder why they’re losing so much business to paparazzi pictures. People like to see and admire REAL, actual, human bodies.

    ‘Retouching’ should be just that — touching up skin blemishes — like pimples, razor burn, bruises, scars, bloodshot eyes, uneven makeup, skin cellulite… that’s already rather generous 🙂 and results in a very ‘ideal’ and polished version of the person. But this “Reshaping” of the human form has gotten so exaggerated that the resulting images don’t look like photos anymore, they look like characatures.

  • ohhh my god thats my fav star….

  • Denn

    If ever I could enjoy two women together, my two favorites are
    Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles. Though built contrastically
    different, they’re both gorgeous and harbor right on the border
    lines as to what I consider size acceptable. About the same height,
    maybe Jessica just a hare taller if that, Jessica, probably at around
    110 lb, you wouldn’t want any lighter, and Beyonce, around 140 lb,
    you wouldn’t want any heavier. As to a catfight like in “Obsessed”,
    though, Jessica would have even lesser success than Ali Larter and
    would get totally creamed by the heavier woman. It still takes nothing
    away from either one’s sexuality. They’re great with their own styles.

  • alba je shum e mir shum shum e bukur je elktegjente dhe e bukur prandaj je aktorja me e preferuarja e imja

  • alba je shum e bukur je aktore shum e bukur je ma e mira e te gjitha aktoreve dhe je shum shum modeste ke pamje te bukur ke fer te bukur ke foto te bukur ke nje karakter te fort ke nje stil ke nje trup te shkelqyer alba je aktorja e preferuar e imja te pershendes shum shum dhe done me se shumti alben se esht shu e bukur te pershendes na nita

  • te dua shum alba te pershendes nga kosova dhe je e bukur mos harro mos i thuaj vetes qe je e keqe ti je ma e bukura prej aktoreve tedu per semersisht alba

  • Lemon

    She got fat legs&arms…

    With photoshop is perfect.Without she needs to work.

    • Instant

      Really? You think her arms and legs are fat? o.O

  • sable

    they also made her biceps even less defined in the first shot…and in the second with “slimmer arms” they did the same.

    they actually made her less toned… :s why?

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  • Eve

    Come on, her body was already flawless!

  • Johnny

    There’s no much difference at her face in the photos, but at her body it is.
    Jessica has a very common face, she looks like a normal person, nothing interesting at her but her body is ok.

  • alia

    i am really in shock right now!!
    i cant belive this…..these photoshoppers they are definatly mentally disordered!!!
    if jessica alba wants to see herself more flawless then thats her thing…but dnt publish it
    it makes ppl think thats normal or flawless is achivable when its not…..so either they publish the real ones or they dnt piblish at all!!!!

  • Chifa

    I don’t think She’s fat at all. I think the editing is pretty with the brightness and contrast, but her body is Absolutely Perfect.! She has a perfect body. Photoshop should be banned to such beautiful people like this. Haha.(: Miss Jessica Alba is Beautiful.!<3

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