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Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

FP_6397369_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

This Holiday season brought a bunch of bikinified celebs (from Bar to Rihanna just this week)!

Our beach treat for the day: 42 year-old model Stephanie Seymour, who enjoyed some time at the beach with her son.

FP_6397253_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

Must check out the rest!

FP_6397254_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

FP_6397258_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

FP_6397362_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

FP_6397366_TRB_SeymourStephanie_Beach_122710 - Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Dollthe

    Yeah!!!! first!

    Curvy yet skinny! great bod for being 42.

    • Dollthe

      i meant toned, when i said “skinny”

  • Priscila

    that’s a huge butt, she is hot ๐Ÿ™‚

    • leonore

      Funny; for me “huge butt “and “hot” donร‚ยดt go together.

      • K Justice

        Funny; for me “huge butt” and “hot” are virtually synonymous. Nothing speaks more of a feminine body than small waist, large butt, and full breasts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ida

    Hello nice butt!

    Her body is looking good, but I don’t know who she is … Should I?

    • Anne

      shes a 80s supermodel

      • Mirabela

        Yep! And if she was a model in the 80’s … I wonder?!
        When and how broke de line betwen a normal looking model (like S.Seymour) and the skinny models that running today?

        • Anne

          Kate moss in the 90s broke that line ๐Ÿ™‚

      • federica

        and axl rose (leader of guns n’roses) ex wife!she was something marvellous on the video of “november rain”!

        • They never got married.

          • federica

            true.they were only engaged.

  • Sophie

    wtf my body does not look like that when i gain weight, she seems to fill out in all the right places, lucky ho. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Ashes

      Agreed! She looks like she puts on weight in all the right places. Gorgeous :-).

    • Anne

      thats because shes an hourglass, her stomach is the last place she would gain weight ๐Ÿ™‚ and i wish i was around when she was a model ๐Ÿ™‚

    • eik

      maybe because her breasts and ass are not real? at least her breasts look very fake and her ass kind of does too.. anyway, she looks amazing!

      • Anne

        ya her boobs are fake but she always had big boobs so what?

      • Yazmin

        AGREE!! Cannot believe so many people think this is natural. BIGGEST LOL EVER. The breasts are FO SHO fake,without a DOUBT,and that ass is DEFO questionable too. Jesus. People are so naive these days.

        All that said,she does look good…Just a little extreme,tbh. And very clearly fake. Like two oranges shoved up top and down below,on a stick :L

      • Sophie

        Now that you mention it her boobs do sit kind of high in that teeny unsupportive bikini. Still…am I a freakazoid for thinking she looks kinda good?

        • Yazmin

          Not at all. It’s just kinda sad that people are so used to seeing fake everywhere in the media,it’s started to become ”normal” and we don’t know what a real body looks like anymore.

          • K Justice

            Speak for yourself. I think we all know what a normal body looks like. And generally, with 40 year-old boobs, we enjoy seeing fake ones better.

  • Nicole

    what an epic ass!

    • b

      Amazing bum!

      Also…what bizarre long arms she and her children have.

      • Bonnie

        Your arms look long when your torso is short. I am only 5’5″ and my armspan is 5’5″ too which is average, however my arms look super-long because my waist is way above my bent elbow… tiny torso ๐Ÿ˜€

  • emy

    See, if we could see figures like S.S.’s again in lingerie that would be great. She’s amazing looking. Actually, lets have the Seymours and the Kerrs all thrown in together. why not?

  • Faith

    I think shes more chello than hourglass, she has an amazing body espeically for in her 40’s she looks lovely.

  • ruby

    I think it’s funny how people congratulate her on having a big butt, yet criticise Kim K just cause she emphasises it!
    No one comments on Stephanie maybe having work done in that department.

    Anyways, am I the only one who thinks her breasts are looking rather high and pushed together for her age?

    I just think maybe she could have chosen a more flattering bikini.
    She obviously looks good for age and maybe a “stronger” bikini would have done her wonders! And by that I mean maybe one that was a little less flimsy looking.

    • Anne

      its because imo stephanie is tall, and more propotional looking than kim, so having curves looks better on her, she doesnt look as short and stubby as kim, and the curves dont look forced on her

    • mel

      I agree completely with what you said! My first thought was she had implants!

      • Nina

        Yeah me too. I don’t really like her it. She has such long legs though. Jealous…

        • Ali

          Me too. I’m 80% sure she has butt implants and I don’t like how it looks on her.

          • Yazmin

            Stick a few feathers on that silicone butt or whatever it’s made of,and she’d have the stance of an ostrich :L Lol…

    • flossy

      That’s because Kim has arse implants which she tries to pass of as natural which is insulting when she states women should love their body no matter what yet she didn’t love hers enough to demonstrate her point.

      • ruby

        And do you have any proof?
        I personally think Kim’s butt is natural.
        She obviously has a curvier figure, especially on the bottom half; it would be almost impossible for her butt to be small when her hips and thighs are that wide. (I know that can be possible but she does have large breasts and a small waist which obviously makes her an hourglass)

        Also If you look at Kim when she was about 14, you can see that she obviously has been well- endowed from an early age.

        • flossy

          Kim did not have that butt at fourteen and if you want proof that she’s had butt implants you would have endure the extreme displeasure of watching her sex tape a fate that I would not wish on my worst enemy!!

        • Anne

          i know plenty of girls with wide hips and fat thighs and a flat ass!

    • Victoria

      It’s because to most people, including myself, Kim K. is annoying lol. I’ve never even heard of this chick…

  • Clare

    Nice body! hourglass i think. great for being 42!

  • Hannah

    Minority here, but I do not think her body looks very good. Her butt and thighs are too large for my liking, and her midsection seems thick – for lack of a better word. Like, from the side her middle just looks wide.

    • Clare

      I see what you mean. But over all nice body and keep in mind she’s 42.

      • Bonnie

        With 4 kids!!

  • Annie

    When did she get breast implants? And her butt was never that round and perky back in the day, either. Clearly she’s succumbed to the plastic surgery knife.

    • Clare

      hmmm then. she appears to be an hourglass but maybe not if shes gone under the knife.

  • Hazal

    She has the body of an African/Middle Eastern/South American woman ๐Ÿ™‚ Please don’t get me wrong. This isn’t meant racist by any means!

    • jenp

      I doubt her body is natural though. Those boobs look fake and I’m questioning the booty too.

    • flossy

      I’m not offended I know what you mean. It seems to be a plastic surgery trend I think it started with the lip plumping and then came the but and boob procedures.

  • brainlessblogger

    (removed by admin). She has the hugest butt on a middle aged white chick I’ve ever seen in my life!!!

    • Clare

      i think she’s more proportionate than a pear even though she has a large backside. her breast are not too much smaller than her hips and her shoulders are equal width to her hips.

      • brainlessblogger

        Actually looking at the picture again, while trying to ignore her a*s, her shoulders are really broad.. and she has a balance going between her shoulders and hips, only when I look at her from the front. But you have to admit the picture from the side makes her look insanely pear shaped. Almost record breaking lol…

    • suzushii

      Wow, what a perfect name you picked there brainless!

  • Her body looks so weird…and in the face she looks older than 42 but it could just be all the natural light and lack of makeup etc

  • Clare

    I thought she was an hourglass but now looking at it im not sure. What is her body shape Versus?

    • Versus

      I would say that in these pictures she looks like a cello, which is very close to an hourglass, except the waist is not tiny. In her modelling days, she had lots of curves too, but a smaller waist, so she looked like a vase.

  • Beetlejuice

    ๐Ÿ˜€ what has she done to herself ???!! she almost looks grotesque… now, her butt is disproportionate to her body and her breasts are done poorly also… even thought she is a very slim woman somehow she manage herselft to look big (thanks to her PS-s)…

  • wonderwoman21

    Both her boobs and her butt scream FAKE to me. Her butt looks odd shaped, pointy almost. And her boobs have that circular look by the collar bone that women with implants have. At 42 I don’t think its a horrible thing to have implants, they’re not huge and fit her frame. But that butt is tragic. Butt implants are never good. Google ‘bad butt implants’. Yowza

  • sylvia

    i think that she has a great toned body, most women do have a butt, but in america the women want to be flat in the back with tons in the front… her butt is not abnormal…
    she looks like an average healthy woman to me..

  • Ramie

    her butt looks TERRIBLE. it’s like a shelf – I could set my drink on it!

  • Beans


    I will forever dislike her for what she did to Axl Rose


    • Balthazar

      what did she do???

  • Vic

    She looks amazing, what i would give for her life (meaning being with Axl Rose) but i must say, i think her butt look better last year: http://www.sexysestrellas.com/2010/03/stephanie-seymour-todavia-lo-tiene.html

  • pixie

    Great body……that booty is amazing.

  • HeyDiana

    Ladies and Gents this lady used to model for Victoria Secret:D

  • mel

    I don’t know, technically her body “should” look good, but it just looks very odd. It looks like her head was stuck on someone else’s body – it’s almost like it’s too small or her face doesn’t fit that figure. I really think she might have butt implants or chest implants because she just does not look very natural, especially for her age. And although she is not fat at all, she somehow gives the impression of being “large” when she really isn’t – the picture from the side shows this the best. This is going to sound bad, but her figure reminds me of a very bad version of Kelly Brook’s.

    • Nina

      Agreed. I do not like her figure AT ALL.

    • sara

      i agree too, she is very strange looking…and i really don’t like her butt XD

  • Anne

    lollllll btw the 3rd pic looks like that big foot report picture

  • Kimberly

    I loved Stephanie’s body back when she was doing VS and Axle Rose (ha,ha) but her body looks really strange here. Her boobs are clearly fake and I have always known that and I don’t care. However, that butt is almost comical! It doesn’t match the rest of her body! It looks as though she’s had butt implants! Her head also looks really small in comparison to everything else.

  • Lang

    She’s had 4 kids, and by the looks of things, she’s had work done on her butt and boobs. I remember her when she used to work for V.S. and date Axl Rose. Check her out in the Guns N Roses video “November Rain.”

  • machmalow

    She’s horrible.

    • Anara

      I think her butt looks really weird.

      • Anara

        Sorry that wasn’t supposed to be under here.

  • ginger

    Wow, those implants ae so obvious!!! Both her breasts and butt are fake :S
    Back in her modeling days she used to be so lean.. I know she’s got children and her midsection’s wider than before but I can’t stand looking at her butt…
    To be honest I’d kill for a body like her’s on her modeling years.. It’s curvy yet thin with an extraordinary round butt… Now it’s… fake and bizarre.

  • Agostina Belli

    Not sure she is the most stable person, but she DOES look great! Loved her in the November Rain video thoughรขโ‚ฌยฆ Merry Christmas…


  • Ophelie

    Her boobs were fake in the 90s too. However, she’s still got it as far as I’m concerned.

  • Kt

    I’d like to see her in a different bikini, i don’t think the string bikini suits her figure.
    She seems to be in good shape though

  • cesq

    those have GOT to be ass implants

  • Lucy

    eugh this is horrible! I would hate to look like this, even at 42. Her butt is waaaay to big for her body and she looks ‘thick’ in the middle giving the impression she’s larger than she is. I know lots of people like the look of this, but this just totally makes me cringe.

    • Lauren

      her body looks sloppy

  • I think she looks good – I actually prefer this to when she was thinner. She definitely has implants – always has I think, but they look bigger now. I’m not sure about her butt – it does look slightly odd-shaped, but not everyone has a perfectly round bubble-butt!
    She looks fit and strong and has just the right amount of meat at her age. I think it’s nice to see a figure like this and she’s still sexier than most of the current VS models, imo!

    • i don’t think she looks better than the models of victoria secret.

      • Cristina

        and she thinks she does; do you work for vs or why did you get all defensive over someone else expressing an opinion? god, you are pathetic.

        • why must you comment when i wasn’t being rude? did i say i worked for victoria secret? stop trying to argue with someone when it doesn’t concern you. damn.

          • Cristina

            Removed by admin and you are now moderated.

          • whatever

            this cristina sounds like a crazy stalker.

            where the moderator?

          • Cristina

            whatever: and you sound like an ignorant. congrats. i post all over this site, i happen to know all of the regular posters and this one particularly gets on my nerves. join her if you please.

          • mel

            Woah there, Cristina. How was what bigvinamac said at all offensive? She was just stating her opinion and there was nothing at all harsh about it! She just said, in her opinion, that she thinks VS models are sexier – in response to Erica’s assertion that Stephanie Seymour looks better. Both are just opinions, and I don’t see why you got so worked up about it. As far as I know, bigvinamac is one of the fairer, more tolerant users on this site, and he/she doesn’t just apply political correctness to defend skinny girls, but women of other sizes as well. Where is the evidence that bigvinamac is a fat girl trying to convince everyone that she is this skinny envied perfect one? Because I don’t see it at all.

          • all over me?? obviously you have something against me and i haven’t done anything to do and if you don’t like my comments then too bad. don’t respond because i’m not talking to you or about you. did i say something negative about erica’s comment? did i try to start an argument with her or anyone on this site? no and truth be told i try not to start nothing because it’s not worth my time. this is a website where people agree to disagree but i see if something bothers you, you want to pick a damn fight. and how do you know i’m fat? judging by your comments you must be some bitter ass female with nothing else to do but bother people because they may not agree what others say. you say i repeat the same thing but haven’t prove a thing. educate yourself and learn how to respect other people’s opinion because like it or not i will say what is on my mind. stop stalking people and leave me alone. versus should block you because you are disrespectful. 3 years? obviously you must be obsesses with me if you’re looking at my comments from the past. like i said leave me alone and grow up.

          • thanks mel. christina has nothing else to do but pick on someone for no reason. i don’t come here to fight and if i don’t agree with something i will say it. i may not agree with everything people say but i learn to let it go and not get all upset about it.

        • just disappear

          im glad that cristina character got moderated.
          @ bigvinamac you handled it very well.
          im still shocked about that cristina..

  • Calia

    Every black girl I’ve ever seen has a better butt than this. Nor impressed.

    • Kate1st

      I’m not sure her butt is actually THAT big, there appears to be some spinal alignment issues so that her butt sticks out more.

  • citygirl

    I dont like those big butts, they look wierd.

  • Lauren

    oh god. i do not find this attractive. she looks ‘good’, but not attractive to people unless u like
    ‘bigger/big boned’ girls.
    she has no butt. just wide hips.

  • padme

    Geez I hope her son didn’t mind staring at her nipples all day. How embarrassing for him lol

  • Everett

    She does have a butt – and it needs a lot of toning up. Join a gym, Stephanie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • mememememem

    this is really intimidating.
    i’m 19, an apple shape and i’d swap my body with this lady who is twice as old as me in a heartbeat…