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We’ve seen Angels Adriana and Alessandra in super expensive bras, Candice and Doutzen looking flawless and also singers Ariana and Taylor rock the VS runway – so now it’s time for the rest of the hot bunch!

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32 thoughts on “2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Mega Gallery”

  1. Isabel Goulart is so ripped compared to to the rest, lol. The majority have a slim but soft-er look. There are a few that look out of place. No stand outs other then Elsa Hosk IMo.

  2. I wouldn’t buy any underwear from them, since it mostly looks uncomfortable and like it’s just waiting for a body part to spill out, yet squeezing the b❆❆bs so tightly they probably stay in same shape for 3 days after you take off the bra.
    The girls would all look gorgeous if they used a bit less makeup on them. I know they need to be vibrant and visible on the catwalk, especially with all the costumes and crazy lighting, but I feel that it mostly does not enhance their beauty.
    But Joan Smalls and Lais Ribeiro cannot possibly look bad, even with the crazy body contouring.

  3. I will never understand why a company that mostly sells bras uses mostly models who barely have any b❆❆bs at all. And this is coming from a small-boobed girl

    • They want very tall and slim/skinny girls, but those girls have much less chance to have big b❆❆bs than curvier girls. So some of those girls get a b❆❆b job and some others use push-up and chicklets.
      I don’t mind them, I just wish there was body diversity.

  4. The first girl has stretch marks but they have all beautiful bodies, iza goulart is too muscular, others are a little too soft or pale but it’ s obvious they are not average! I love Behati, Candice, Adriana and Ale

  5. VS’s been moving towards very thin/thin&fit look past few years, but this year is the worst, all i see is extremely skinny (in many cases nice body type but painfully obvious the weight is too low for girl’s frame) or skinny and overly worked out. Only few girls i see who are the way they used to be/ok weight wise Adriana, Ale, Doutzen, Candice and 1 or two unknown to me. The rest are parading a sickly skinny/too “tight” look, imo. The outfits don’t help, majority are awfully unflattering to their bodies it’s embarrassing to look at, and as usual some pieces are ridiculous while others are cute but nothing we haven’t seen from other brands or VS itself. I’m surprised with faces too, usually lingerie/swimsuit brands go for commercial faces, and have a mix of gorgeous&oozing “dirty” sex appeal type of girls and girl-next door pretty&sexy types of faces, but all non-angel&few angels models here are either undewhelming or even unattractive facially, and no one oozes anything at all, imo.

  6. i love Sui He-her skin is so beautiful!!!!

    the outfits are ridiculous tho (as expected) 🙁 I miss the more minimalistic VS shows like circa 2000-they were way cooler outfits……

  7. They look very orange this year. No outfit sticks out to me either. Karlie is really beautiful and so is Elsa. I’m really tired of Adriana and Alessandra… Just retire already! Candice looks boring in this show and she put on some weight which unfortunately went to her nose and face.

    The outfits look really cheap this year and don’t fit the models well. Ah… The VS show isn’t that amazing anymore!

    Also what’s up with only ONE Asian model?

    • Agree about the outfits. Case in point: Karlie. It’s as if they designed the most unflattering costumes for
      Karlie’s body type. (Just like last year…did she make someone in Wardrobe mad?) Esp. the knickers. Same with Doutzen (in the gold outfit): in the final fitting, couldn’t they adjust the straps so that her knickers don’t cut into her hips?

      Actually, with most of the models, the knickers are just terrible–too tight, unflattering, and cheap. And the bras are pinching them. I noticed this last year with Candice’s Fantasy Bra–it pinched her sides in an unflattering way.

      It makes no sense for a brand that markets these girls as the “chosen ones”–don’t they want to make them look their best on the runway?

      My theory is that they’re trying to make these tiny, toned women look “normal” or “healthy” by having them wear underwear that’s a bit too small and wear costumes with unflattering lines for their body types.

  8. I love isabeli fontanas body, it’s very vs before everybody got too thin. It reminds me a bit of laetitia casta. But! What I don like is her panties, showing way too much, even for a lingerieshow. I saw another pic of lily, also showing almost her whole v—-. Not sexy. Other then that I actually like most of the costumes.

  9. Isabeli is the only one who stood out for me- what a gorgeous woman with a knockout body! Bredge’s nose looks very big here. Lily A. hips are too narrow to model lingerie, imo.

  10. I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Izabel Goulart, she looks like she’d rip you to shreds. Some of them look like they will blow away with a gust of wind, or a fart will shoot them across the stage. The new ones are super thin- the “angels” all look slim and healthy to me other than behati/

  11. agree. vs has become the “CVS brand” of housewives in training (who get married … get a b❆❆b job/new lips/new face….then get divorced at 39). it’s so sad that young girls look up to this kind of display as some form of royal christening. instead of strutting on a catwalk basically naked, how about walking across a stage in cap/gown? i don’t think more than 1 or 2 of the VS models have actually graduated (highschool even)… sad.

  12. So. many. beautiful faces. But I have to say that some stand out to me more than others…

    Lais Ribeiro is freakin gorgeous.
    Magda: I love her face.
    Jac: wow. She is stunning. She should have a starring role.
    Sui He: so ethereal and beautiful.
    Maria Borges looks so fresh and youthful.
    Romee Strijd is hot. Ditto Bregje.
    Irina Sharipova was so underused…grrr..
    Ieva Laguna: also underused.
    Josephine Skriver’s waist/ribcage defies human anatomy.
    Shanina Shaik has beautiful eyes.

    Everyone else is lovely, lovely, lovely.

  13. As an ensemble, VS is a sea of either blonde or dark-haired beauties…it would be nice to see more light brown hair. Esp. the angels–I wish Behati and Karlie would quit with the highlights. Also wish there were some redheads.

    Also, the hair styles–boring. The ubiquitous blowdried-straight-then-curled hairstyle negates a lot of the diversity of the models. I would love to see some girls with natural curls (slightly frizzy and untamed), some girls with their hair up, etc. I agree with other commenters who said that Jourdan’s short hair made her stand out.

  14. VS is doing a good job in manufacturing underwear that even very slim and toned women look awkward in. I’m embarrassed for the brand.
    As for the models: Some look good, some look surprisingly bad. Some are looking way too thin and/or unfit to be modeling lingerie for a brand counting on the “healthy, fit, curvy” image, unpleasant to look at in those unflattering suits.
    I don’t understand. Who is responsible for these crap decisions?
    My favorites are:
    46/8 – gorgeous, looks vaguely like Aishwarya Rai I think,
    21/22,15, Karlie, Candice, Isabeli (!)

    Don’t like at all:
    14 – very pretty, but her figure is better suited for HF. She doesn’t look sexy or toned or anything other than skinny with a pretty face to me.
    18 – find her facially unattractive.
    19 – might just be a bad picture, but she looks so gaunt – again, not a good look for a lingerie label.
    53 – sorry, but WTH was whoever hired her thinking. If you’re going to let someone walk in a big show, wearing barely-there underwear, you might as well make sure they make an effort to not look emaciated. Not appropriate.

    Disclaimer: I’m not trying to bash anyone’s body type, I’m just bashing VS for choosing girls with a body type that contradicts what the brand is claiming to represent. They are trying to save their image by emphasizing fitness and embracing so-called “curves”, but then go ahead and hire a bunch of super-skinny, straight young girls and try to sell that as “body love” and “the perfect body”. It’s ridiculous. Some of the models look great, but many of them just look lanky and bony with spaghetti legs, and that’s not ideal for this kind of “fashion”. It’s as if Shape magazine decided to make Emma Roberts or someone like that a cover girl, because hell she’s slim and who cares if she has actually ever worked out in her life (sorry, couldn’t think of a better example. Nothing against Emma, she’s just the first person who came to my mind when I was trying to think of someone with a thin, but soft and untrained-looking figure).

  15. This show is so NOT sexy….it’s filled with gorgeous girls in lingerie and yet it’s a snoozefest. I check the pictures but don’t even bother with the show anymore. Being sexy is at least as much about the behaviour, the body language, and most of the girls don’t get it right. They fake it (don’t know if it’s clear), or they play the cute bubbly girl card instead.

  16. who is 53 her legs are oneo fthe best….I disagree with everyone I think the girls look thicker this year…they still all have that same general look….same wavy vs here, same shiny, overly sparkly bronze thing, I agree about that, that very commercial, almost half sorority girl half model thing…but I think they all gained a little from the past few shows,whoever 53 is, Jordan dunn, Lindsay ellingson, and a couple others look the thinnest

  17. Do you think she had a nose job? I’ve been looking at her pictures from this year’s VS SHOW and she has a faint red line on her nose…

  18. PIC 66 IS THAT A VS MODEL !!!

    OMG she’s not skinny / has some boobs.. fake or not / some meat on her thighs with no thigh gap

    my favorite !!

    • Yes, she os Devon Windsor and I thought she wouldn`t fit the show all , very gaunty hf-girl usually. But gotta admit, she looks beautiful and radiant, alltough her bodysuit is very hard to pull off, so propably she would she would look more standard model with other kind of outfit. But anyway, she was one haoy suprise for me.

      Pink (ex) spokesmodel, apparently now transferred to the main line, Elsa Hosk is so pretty and godness that body and eyes. Despite my fedding up for all blondes in the line up, this girl I really like.

      There were few models so out place, like Stell Maxwell, Kasia incredible hf girl, but so not VS material. Thank Gd Anja Rubik wasn´t there anymore.

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