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Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

agyness-deyn-in-vogue-magazine - Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

Who? English mode Agyness Deyn

Where? Vogue Magazine

Wearing what? Prada, Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, Dior and so on.

Enojoy Agness and the outfits!

Check out the rest of this spread after the jump!

agyness-deyn-in-vogue-magazine-2 - Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

agyness-deyn-in-vogue-magazine-3 - Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

agyness-deyn-in-vogue-magazine-4 - Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

agyness-deyn-in-vogue-magazine-5 - Agyness Deyn in Vogue Magazine

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  • Christina

    I like her style, but don’t like her face, it’s so masculine!

    • Liif

      exactly my thought!

  • Grey

    She kind of looks like a tranny. Not very feminine at all.

    I guess some people like that kind of thing and that’s why she’s making the big bucks.

  • Kaiser

    She looks like a goddess, as if someone built the perfect fashion model.

    Her hair and make up are great, her expression is mere elegance. And look at that legs and face! Timeless beauty.

    The last picture ist awesome, great scene.

  • glam

    She has great legs i think!

    • notino

      Really? She looks very Barbie-doll to me…

  • sara

    actually it’s from february 2009 😉

    • Lily

      Yeah, I was just thinking the same! Good editorial, but it’s been out for a while. Also, is the Oct ’09 Vogue even out yet?

  • KG

    Yay! She is one of my favorite current models. She looks amazing here!

  • Sidney

    the pics R nice, she’s a good model. Not a fan of most of the clothes though, the man is cute 🙂

  • Liif

    her head is too small!

    • Sparkie

      Yes!! When you look at the top half of the first picture it looks like either one of them has been photoshopped in cause their heads are so different in size. Has a weird look to it…

  • suzushii

    What an amazing look.

    I admire striking-looking women

    If everyone went for the feminine doll look the world would be a boring place.

  • Juliette

    I guess this is that pretty/weird thing Tyra is always talking about.

    • artemis

      haha ur comment is funny

  • Belle

    Wait.. why is her head so small compared to his?!
    That’s more than a little strange if you properly look. I know men and women are naturally different sizes, but come on that’s ridiculous.

    • KG

      . . . but she’s also a model. Designers describe them as freaks of nature most of the time. It’s “ridiculous” to outsiders, but totally amazing to those who get the concept.


    are u seriously joking me. those pics. are so OLD. SHE’S NOT EVEN DATING THAT GUY ANYMORE. UPDATE PLEASE.

    • Versus

      I am sorry, my source said they were from the October issue. They could be reprints from a national Vogue.

  • anabel

    I love it!!! She looks amazing here…completely stunning. And I like the whole style here.

  • harlow

    omg! that guy is albert hammond jr. from the band, the strokes. yeah, this pics must be old. they used to date. as far as i know, they’d broken up.

    she looks good. i always thought she looks like a very pretty boy. not an insult really. it just mean she looks very androgynous in a good way.

    • sara

      yeah it’s from february…:)
      i agree she looks good but..strange..XD

  • Jemima

    She looks awesome. Love her in the orange printed dress.

  • Memo

    I donno why the heck I LOVE HER LEGS SO MUCH !?