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Alessandra Ambrosio in Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Catalogue



Model treat!

Who? Brazilian model Allessandra Ambrosio

Where? In Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Catalogue, so we can all go window shopping while admiring Alessandra’s figure!

And what does Allessandra do exactly to maintain her supermodel shape?

“Working out, eating really healthy. Now I’m in my normal routine. I try to do yoga once a week. Basically, that’s it right now. I’m back to my normal eating. Fries, barbecue, but I also like to eat healthy.

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  • Her body is great…but the boobs too small..hee…
    but pretty…

    • Ella

      Fun fact: smaller breasted women tend to have far more sensitive boobs than larger breasted women. Not good news for men that love big boobs. She may well get bored of her boyfriend playing with them!

  • Serafiina

    Boobs too small?!? She looks FANTASTIC! I admire her eyebrows!

  • anonymous

    I think she’s pretty(and nothing wrong with her boob size, considering how slim she is), but I don’t see what makes her a lingerie/swimsuit model.

    • red

      haha maybe the fact that she looks better in swimsuits than at least 90% of us.

  • cloclo

    What is about the eyebrows Serafiina? Because there is nothing abnormal about it or sensational either… Anyway, she looks great and I am glad to see that her breast are not fake!! At least, she is not afraid of staying with what she’s got, lol!

  • roxana

    She is perfect.She is an angel.

  • Ella

    Even though her butt shrank and her lower stomach area swelled a little after her pregnancy she still looks amazing.

  • anya

    Wow, talk about photoshop?! Now we all saw her at the beach and she didn’t look like that.

  • runner_girl

    Man people are so nitpicky and judgmental. I would love to see what all the critiques look like in swimsuits.

    • charlotte

      haha, i am agreeing with you one hundred percent. I can’t believe how crazy the generation has gone over with little details that no one else notices apart from body conscious and obsessive people. Alessandra is gorgeous and has an amazing body!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sorry, but she is perfection. And I know that I’m using that term subjectively, but you guys have got to admit that objectively, she looks damn good. I can’t believe you are all criticizing little details like that.

  • Kewlie

    Positive: nice tan(duh shes from brazil) Lovely body(wit help from photoshop of course) nice eyes

    negative: she has no upper lip,,eyebrows to thin,,weird teeth

    I mean,,,,Shes still hotter than 90 percent of people ha ha

  • Shannon

    She looks great and after having a baby, pfft haters can say what they want, also VS bikini’s look great this year!

  • Freedom

    I see no bones!. So looks perfect! Amazing even!
    good for her.

  • Pooja

    She looks absolutely gorgeous…smokin’ hot!!