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Alessandra Ambrosio Does Vogue Mexico

Alessandra Ambrosio Does Vogue Mexico

Model treat for the weekend: skinny supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who embraces the cover and the inside pages of Vogue Mexico.

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  • Melanie

    WOW looking good! Especially love the close-ups – beautiful!

  • Charle

    I usually dont like her, but here… my..,, shes stunning! Really pretty!

  • O_o

    She should have put away those teef in at least one shot

    • Melanie

      Now that you mention it her mouth is open in every shot even though she is not smiling and her teeth are very noticeable. i don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing b/c her teeth are quite nice but if she was being critiqued for variation of poses someone (like Tyra) would probably suggest that she change things up a bit.

    • mel

      At least it looks somewhat natural on her because her upper lip is short. I think when Doutzen Kroes does it, because her lips are really full, it can sometimes come off as forcedly sexy. And some people have mouths that naturally fall open … I have full lips, but for some reason it doesn’t feel right for me to close my mouth over my teeth. It actually takes some conscious effort and if I don’t pay attention my lips will part again. I think this may also be the case for Alessandra, where it’s not like she’s really conscious of doing it, it just happens.

    • EllaLaLa

      She has nice teeth because she has veneers. I quite liked her natural teeth though. There was nothing wrong with them and when she first got the veneers they made her teeth look a little too big.

      • Melanie

        Oh I don’t remember her old teeth…post a link if you can pls :)

      • Casey

        I don’t think she has veneers…I think she had her teeth filed.

      • EllaLaLa

        I don’t remember when exactly she got them. I think was somewhere around 2007ish.



        You see that she is grinning just the same but there is less space between her upper lip and the top of her teeth and her teeth are larger. Ignoring her two front incisors, her original teeth were also not perfectly straight: they were angled slightly.

        I remember when it happened and I was posting on a few message boards where she had a lot of fans and everyone was discussing her veneers. I don’t think any of them were experts and neither am I, but I think the pictures show that something was done, whether it was veneers or not.

        • Comments that include 2 or more links go to moderation first, because most of them are Spam. Of course, if they are related to the subject, they get published.

          • EllaLaLa

            Thank you for the explanation, Versus. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

        • Maybe she’s had that procedure to fix a gummy smile.

          I’m thinking if I should have that done too.
          My teeth are too short and my gum shows when I laugh, it sucks.
          But then again, why would I? To look like everyone else? I don’t know. Also, if I had that done, it would make sense that I fixed my nose bump and under eye bags, which would pretty much turn me into someone else. I really can’t decide. I’m trying to learn to accept those flaws, instead, on the while.

          • Melanie

            Don’t do it! I have a friend with small teeth and gums that show and I always have been jealous of her – I think it gives you a youthful appearance. I have very large teeth that fill up my entire mouth and I have heard it all – “chiclet teeth”, “horse mouth”. Be happy with your smile, you are lucky. Look what everyone has said about Ale – they prefer he old smile. And you are right about the slippery slope – once you change one thing where does it end. From what I can see you look great – stay the way you are.

        • Melanie

          Thanks for the links Ella! You are right and I do prefer he previous smile.

      • bronzedbela

        I loved her original smile…it was so cute, and it really matched her squirrel foxy face!

        • agree. such a cutie she was!

        • b

          Totally right on comment. Although her teeth weren’t perfect, they were more…mischievous. She looked wily.

          It took away character, even if it was an objective improvement. Hm.

  • ilovemilk

    She has something that remindes me Elisabetta Canalis (Clooney’s girlfriend),even if Alessandra is preattier than her.

    • leonore

      You´re right, they do resemble each other but alessandra´s face is less harsh. I guess alessandra is, to a large extent, ethnically Italian, so it makes sense that they would look alike.

      • gaby

        she’s brazilian.

        • EllaLaLa

          By nationality (place where she was born). Her parents are of Italian and Polish descent.

        • kate

          her parents are italian/polish so she’ll look italian/polish

          there’s a lot of germans, italians etc in brazil so a lot of the “brazilian” models aren’t really brazilian by ethnicity. i can think of bruna tenorio, and there’s one other i’m sure is brazilian who’s name i can’t remember,

          • lc

            Yes, Cintia Dicker and Gisele Bundchen are examples of women who were born there but probably not ethnically Brazilian.

          • bronzedbela

            @kate “brazilian by ethnicity” is a mixture…more than 50% of Brazilian population came from Portugal and Italy, and the Polish population here is probably larger than in Poland…Brazil is a continental country. And she looks Brazilian.

          • gaby

            wow. some people know way too much about celebrities.

        • leonore

          I know she´s Brazilian and that Brazilians are a mix of ethnicities; no need to educate me on that, believe me. Still her family had to come from somewhere before they landed in Brazil, unless you think she has indigenous blood. It´s true she looks Brazilian and hot, but her surname happens to be Italian. People need to chill out.

          • lei

            Leonore, totally agree with you. It’s akin to me saying, “I’m American.” Nevermind the fact that I’m half Croatian. I hate when people get all uppity about a celebrity’s ethnic background. It’s great that people want her to be “Brazilian” but like you said, unless she has indigenous blood, her background lies elsewhere as well.

          • bronzedbela

            Most of the indigenous pop of Brazil was exterminated as soon as Portuguese people came here…I am sure you never really saw an indigenous Brazilian look lol

    • Leah

      i always thought so too. when elisabetta was first on Leverage i thought she was alessandra until i checked imdb

    • Kimberly

      They do resemble one another facially. Elisabetta has a way better body though.

  • I can only aspire to have a body like that someday! (why is her mouth open in every picture though?)

  • fukujama

    The green dress is WOW!

  • Nik

    She has the most amazingly beautiful face. Though i wish she wouldn’t use the open mouth pose in EVERY shot 😀

  • she looks a bit like bambi :)

    • Melanie

      She does resemble a deer…luckily not one that is caught in headlights lol

    • bronzedbela

      true hahaha!!!!

    • snoops

      I agree with you about the bambi comment and this is going to sound really weird but my family have a little dog who looks like bambi (and named bambi for that reason ^^) and so because of that alessandra’s face always reminds me of my dog! Haha in the nicest way ofc :) it makes me like her more

  • mel

    I love her! She is so gorgeous, especially in that first picture. Perfection. I didn’t really notice the mouth thing, and like I said above, for some people it kind of happens naturally.

    • mandi

      As a model, it’s not about her “natural” facial expressions, she’s posing. So it wouldn’t kill her to close her mouth more often.

      • Yeah, but she could well have closed her mouth in some shots, but these ones just looked better. It’s kind of Ale’s thing, but if the photographer wanted her to close her mouth, s/he would have said it to her.

      • mel

        Agree with you Ellie, the open-mouth thing actually seems to work for a lot of models because Adriana Lima and Doutzen do it, and they are really successful. I actually don’t really like the open-mouth pose myself, but I don’t mind it that much on her either.

        • lei

          Well, I think it looks distracting and silly. And I think with Doutzen it looks worse- it makes her round face look even rounder. But to each his own, I just don’t see any good “modeling” when the facial expression is simply someone’s mouth hanging open in every single shot. /shrug

          • mel

            I actually agree with you. I think it looks horrible on Doutzen (makes her look kind of bimbo-ish) and it doesn’t look good at all on Adriana, but I’m just pointing out that some people must like it, because fashion models do it all the time.

          • lei

            It’s true. They use that look all the time. I really wonder why?

  • Just when I think I couldn’t love her more. <3

  • I didn’t even notice that she has her mouth open in all the pictures haha. That first dress is amazing.

  • Christyy

    She’s ok. Not that pretty and her body is not that great. HER mouth is always open lol. She needs work done in her boobs and butt

    • Nik

      Come on, nobody NEEDS work done. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same? I think the differences are what makes us beautiful. Of course u may prefer a different body type, but that doesn’t mean Ale should change herself. And if a girl like Ale needs work done, then pheew, i don’t want to start on myself 😛
      Or maybe u were being ironic? Hard to tell.

      • Judging from Christyy’s comments elsewhere on this site, I don’t think she was being ironic. Of course no one “needs” work done. I call TROLL!

    • I hope you are joking Christyy! I am not a fan of Alessandra’s body, but I don’t think she needs work done! I don’t think anyone should have cosmetic surgery unless absolutely necessary.
      Alessandra is very thin and very toned – it’s the way she wants to be and the way lots of fans want her to be. Personally I think she would look better with a little more body fat, but that’s not how models are generally supposed to look.
      I agree about her mouth though, but a lot of models are like that, it’s very fashionable to have a short upper lip! At least it looks natural on her, I guess. But a different facial expression would be nice!

    • Inanna

      No she doesn’t, she ‘s perfect the way she is in my opinion!!

    • i do agree that her boobs look pretty flat on these pics but she has decent sized ones as long as theyre not completely flat, i dont think she needs to get work done. because for me i actually like that her boobs are not massively big like marissas esp when doing what they do, its at least more comparable to how the bra, swimsuit etc would fit into a more average sized boobed person like ale’s.

      and she looks great though. although she kinda became way too skinny for my taste.

    • mel

      I am not seeing the flat boobs? Are we looking at the same shoot? In every single shot she has cleavage and looks like a decent B cup.

      • I think the B cup appearance is due to photo shop. She’s more of an A cup in candids. Either way it’s what she has naturally so there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Lauren

    Her body is so boring.. and flat?

  • Katy

    her face is very pretty but her body grosses me out. It’s like a cartoon of a thin person. Yikes.

  • Carrie

    …Pretty sure it should *graces* the cover and the inside pages of Vogue Mexico, not embraces.
    Anyway, I can’t help but think of a rodent when I see these pictures, with her long skinny face and prominent teeth. Not my favorite model, that’s for sure.

    • KatoAto

      Oh wow, I just said this below :) Great minds think alike!

      • Casey

        “Great minds think alike!”

        I wouldn’t consider someone a “great mind” for comparing a woman who has not resorted to plastic surgery to an animal typically not found cute or attractive. Just sayin’. There were plenty of better ways to have worded your displeasure with the way she looks…a behavior that is typical of people with great minds.

        I don’t mean to be rude, but the fact that you take so much pleasure in being insulting is kind of off-putting.

  • Katherine

    She is gorgeous, no doubt….but wow, she is a little too thin for my liking.

  • KatoAto

    She looks like a rodent

    • Nina

      I agree, I find her face unattractive. Always have. Whenever people say she’s gorgeous I am in total disbelief.

      • solaxia

        i always thought that about certain celebs…i never understood it with claudia schiffer or even cindy crawford (tho she had a good body)…never liked their faces! Or kate moss…wierd how different people’s perceptions can be

  • kim


  • Jane

    She look like a starved deer..

  • lc

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I <3<3 Ale! The shots are amazing, and the cover is GORGEOUS. Her face is so flawless.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t care for Ale’s body but comparing her to an animal is kind of rude.

    She looks pretty in the scarf. They made her look more feminine. Usually I find her face to be really masculine.

    The open mouth is really annoying though. It’s overused.

    • I agree. Comparing her to an animal is somewhat offensive, even if you don’t like her look (like me) there is no need to resort to name calling. It’s childish.

      She does look quite pretty here, usually I find her harsh looking. But the constantly open mouth is annoying!

      • Kimberly

        Yep, agreed.

  • Sims

    She’s so beautiful. I have a hard time believing her body was photo shopped… she’s naturally thin and super in shape. I like her cheekbones. She’s most definetely got the “supermodel look” for sure.

  • aj

    She’s pretty but a bit thin for my taste, I would bet good money that in the second picture with the green dress they’ve photoshopped away her zylophone (or however you spell it chest) in pap shots her chest bones are soooo visible its kind of gross imo.

  • Issa

    Too thin! gross!

    • Casey

      Too thin? Maybe. Gross? Hardly.

    • lc

      Gross? Nice. Way to talk about a thin woman’s body who appears to not be able to help being thin. Not everyone is freakin’ Tara Lynn or whatever.

  • Casey

    I had fallen out of love with her back in 2009. But then after watching the VSFS a week ago, I fell for her again.

    Aside from looking a lot better, younger, and a lot less rugged..she has the kind of personality that makes you want to pay attention to her. There’s plenty of VS models that I consider more attractive than her…but then I still found myself watching her on the show over those other models.

    She’s still a little too toned for my taste. If she would just relax with the work outs, I think she would be so hot. Her waist seems to have finally gone back as close as it can to the way it used to be, so she has her hips again. Just with a teeny bit more flesh and she will be the Ale that I loved even more than Adriana.

  • Inanna

    I hear a lot that I look like her and that I look Italian. I’m Norwegian and Spanish though, maybe that mix looks Italian? :)

  • Emy

    Amazing model! She looks gorgeous

  • Lang

    How come my teeth only show when I’m smiling.

    • mel

      It’s just the structure of your mouth. My teeth show all the time and I actually think it’s kind of annoying because it takes conscious effort to close my mouth without it parting again when I’m not paying attention.

    • solaxia

      yea my teeth dont show! I always was envious of ppl that could have their mouths open and show some teef! If i try that sexy open mouth pose i look like im trying to catch flies…or a fish drowning

      • Cristina

        lmao; i am the same, i can never do sexy looks in pics, it comes out ridiculous because of that. but great way of putting things into perspective.

  • flossy

    She is beautiful but her facial expression is the same in every photo, and I thought models were supposed to be versatile with their facial expressions and body poses. Shame really.

    • Ikram

      I agree ! And she looks way too skinny on the first two pictures

  • megg

    no booty

  • Hazal

    Actually I’m no Alessandra fan but in this shoot she looks amazing! I like especially the cover.

  • Yazmin

    Love the green dress,never understand the hype around the woman though-I’ve seen ”hotter” or at least more unique-looking women in real life many times before.

    I don’t find anything offensive about her or anything stunning about her either. It’s a bit of a yawn…She’s as exciting to me as a glass of water or something…Now,Lily Cole or someone like that??She’s a definite firecracker.

  • Fleaur

    Why she always has her mouth open?

  • lilly


  • Sofia

    Err, maybe close your mouth once in a while?

    All her poses look the same.

  • K Justice

    She’s stunning but I’m bored to death of her.

  • Anca

    She is so skinny and she never closes her mouth >< But since she is the only model at VS with brown eyes she must be special in some kind of way…

  • Anna

    she should shut her mouth for once, god it’s becoming ridiculous. need another facial expression, please!

  • Mike

    I think she has a damn pretty face!

  • Jahliss

    It’s something really really strange with her, I don’t find her “pretty like a model”, she’s more like an actress or a singer..and she’s waaaay too thin! her face has like no fat at all!! :

  • keira

    Damn, I think she is soooooo great. She’s so beautiful and stunning….really admire her. She’s unique…..

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