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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Leggy Photoshoot

FFN_g_51033015 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot

Thin supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted hard at work this weekend in Santa Monica, where she posed in a casual & leggy outfit for a new Victoria’s Secret campaign.

Check out many pictures of Alessandra doing what she does best next!


FFN_g_51033006 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot FFN_g_51033008 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot FFN_g_51033011 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot FFN_g_51033013 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot  FFN_g_51033027 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot FFN_g_51033032 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot FFN_g_51033186 - Alessandra Ambrosio's Leggy Photoshoot

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  • Polska Blondynka

    How tall is she? She doesn’t look like 5’10. More like 5’7″?

    • Casey

      I believe she is 58-5’9…she is not too much shorter than other models.

      I think her short legs/long torso make her look shorter, because we are used to models having the opposite combination.

      It’s funny, up until I came on this site, I didn’t really notice or care about the length of legs. I used to think she had the best legs back in 2007, because her’s actually had shape.

      Nowadays, I don’t really like her legs, but I don’t think it’s the length of them that bothers me…I think it’s just the sinewyness.

      Anyway I just wanted to say that as proof that having long legs is not objectively preferred. If it was, I wouldn’t have liked her legs before I came on this site and became influenced by society standards.

      • Polska Blondynka

        Looking back, her torso IS pretty long. I’m not really a fan of her legs though. They look more muscular than normal here…

    • cloud9

      i met her, at first i didn’t recognize her because she IS so short, i’d say 5’6 or 5’7 at most

  • Debbs

    Love her. She looks amazing as always.

  • Alana

    Her kneecaps look pointy. :/

    • Debbs

      I noticed that too – though I find it endearing because my mom has knees like that.

    • PS

      My first thought were “knubbular knees” – she’s too thin.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Her legs look super aged for some reason and she isn’t THAT old! She lost a lot of weight after her second pregnancy. She also toned up WAY too much. Yikes!

  • I don’t get her popularity to be honest – she’s pretty with the sought-after very lean and toned VS body – but I have never seen a real wow-factor. I don’t really get it with Adriana Lima usually, but her face can look stunning – I’ve never seen Ale look stunning. She always looks super fit though – and happy too!
    This outfit doesn’t appeal to me – it’s like combining your pj’s and workout clothes!?

    • Mia

      As far as models go I like her for a couple of reasons:
      1. Most importantly, I feel like her personality comes through in her photo shoots, whether it is contrived or real, she comes across as fun-loving and laid back, and honestly, kind of “cool”.
      2. She looks athletic. Key word: looks. I don’t believe she actually is athletic, but she has the body of a long-distance runner, which I personally like, and I don’t see very often in other models.

      • I get your points Mia – she does seem like a fun-loving person, her personality does seem to come through, which is good (and more than I can say for a lot of models!). It’s something I don’t like about Kate Upton – I find her modeling very vapid, Ale does seem to have a ‘spark’, I guess.
        Obviously I’m not so into her type of figure, but I can appreciate your POV – she does have a runner’s physique and does *look* athletic. I just think quite a few models do nowadays – though Ale seems more so because her build is also quite narrow and fine-boned, perhaps.

    • Rosa

      Amen. I’ve never understood her appeal. She seems rather pedestrian as far as models go. Not exceptionally pretty and though she’s skinny, she has chicken legs, IMO.

  • An

    Perfect as always!!
    I have never seen an woman look as good as her after 2 babies

  • Ana

    She’s very toned and I love her body but her face is just starting to look old and haggard.

    • B

      I would love to look “old and haggard” like that!

      • Ana

        Then you must be 50 +

  • Hazal

    She’s lovely. I like her 🙂

  • Pixie

    Boring shoot. She has a toned body, but that’s the only thing I find appealing about her.

  • Nobsnob

    I never got why people rave about her legs when this is precisely one of her weak points physically speaking.
    Apart from being thin I don’t find them to be remarkable.
    To me, great legs are Adriana Lima’s ones, I find them long, shapely and with thin ankles.

    • Rosa

      True. She has chicken legs.

  • Tally

    Wtf those shoes and shorts!!?? SMH

    • Abby

      I have grown to love the sneaker wedge look but not with pajama inspired shorts! Those should always be paired with thin strappy heels.

  • hannah

    im usually not into wedge sneakers (or whatever u call them) but the ones alessandra’s wearing are actually pretty nice. I wonder what brand they are

    • lisa

      maybe dkny ..

  • Winnie

    she has knobby-knee syndrome lol, welcome to the fam Ale

  • mary

    I always feel conflicted about her…sometimes i think she is gorgeous, other times average. Her body is ok, but doesnt really hold a torch to other models. she has no ass, which is prob why I am not the biggest fan. Nice legs, a tad to thin in the knee area though

    • annabanana

      me too- i feel like she looks great when i can only see her face and legs, which i feel are her best assets. But bum, chest, stomach, and midsection are not so attractive to me, so her bikini pics are kind of yuh

  • lc

    Fabulous legs.

  • serena

    Lol at “knees too sharp”, y’all are reaching here 😀 Her legs are pretty nice, maybe not as shapely as Blake Lively or some other VS models but nice lean legs nonetheless. Hate the shorts though.

    • Adriana

      I agree with you. However I prefer sharp knees over thick knees but something in the middle is what I would find most attractive eg a lean knee area but without the protruding knee cap. Im being picky though.

  • Kik

    Her legs are freaky short. I am 5.8 and not a model, but my legs are longer. Alessandra is not a model material, but she is a model. That is weird.

  • solaxia

    She is a bit too thin for my taste, I think she would look awesome with a bit more weight. It would soften her legs and face a little (I think)…who knows! It may all just go to her tummy if she gained.

    Pretty hair too! She has a pretty face imo, but looks tired here.

    • Candy M.

      actually you can see when she’s heavier the weight goes to her thighs in older pictures. I also remember an interview where she wanted a bigger bum and and smaller thighs

  • Mary

    I happened to ride my bike past this photo shoot, and saw both Alessandra and Miranda posing. They’re so skinny! I mean, obviously, they are models, but seeing them in person they looked really, really skinny, and I live in LA where you see a lot of tiny people all the time. Their legs looked stick-like! The camera really does add weight. And the whole rack of clothes they had for wardrobe looked tacky, tacky, tacky!