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Ana Beatriz Barros: Weight, Height, Measurements and Sexy Pictures

Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Homem Vogue Magazine

Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Homem Vogue Magazine

Who? Ana Beatriz Barros, Brazilian supermodel (Bebe, Guess, Victoria’s Secret)
Age? 26
Height? 5 ft 11.5 in / 182 cm
Weight? 130 lbs / 57 kg
Dress Size? US 2
Measurements? 34.5-24.5-34.5 (US) / 88-62-88 (EU)

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  • Barbie

    to skinny! but she’s hot

  • Shannon

    perfection. i don’t think shes too skinny at all…god don’t make people like this anymore…

  • klara

    she’s definitly underweight for her height..but the weight left she carries very well 😉

  • runner_girl

    I wonder if that is her weight, because she looks good, not emaciated, and I wear a US size 2 and I am 5’6″ and only weigh a little less than that. Unless she has zero lean body mass. . . which I doubt. . . granted different people look different at different weights, but one of my close friends is 5’9″ very thin, and she weighs 135.

  • charlotte

    if i was that tall and had that body, i’d have no problem at all.

  • Barbie

    maybe she’s very small boned thus it suits her..who knows

  • change.

    i dont find a diferrence between her and any other thin skinny woman. except she has bigger boobs. whch for some reason makes her sexier =[

  • Barbie

    but she’s taller than most
    holy shit 182 cms

  • susan

    she’s perfect!


    I know skinny and that not ” skinny” at all. she nice,fit,toned..overall perfect.and those who disagree are jealous.
    **ok ok I checked her BMI and she may be underweight by a bit. but if thats underweight she should stay that way. not nor lose an once.

  • change.

    lol im guessing its just me. i find her weirdly thin. liek i love thin women, but for some strange reason i find her really thin! shes beautiful, so im not jealous, (freedom, llolz) but i find her skinny. =] yea theres no bones showing like other ceebs(posh?) but i still find her verii thin. not scary thin tho =]

  • jo

    she’s gorgeous. i wish i had her boobs!

  • Fashionista

    Wow, look at those legs!!!

    Where do you get these measurements and weights?

  • Versus

    I usually take the measurements from their official websites or from fashion model directories.

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  • Her measurements are tiny but she looks amazing admittedly (^_^)

  • Adriana

    Is it possible that they make her look like this?
    C`mon, her weight is waaaaaaaay to small for her height!!!!
    I know a person with 1.82 and around 70 kg and she`s very slim, i wonder how this model is in reality if you sit next to her!!!

  • Casey

    Her weight and measurements are incorrect. Models have a standard weight and measurement that is listed for all of them between 130-135 and 34-24-24 and 34-25-36. It’s the same for almost every single one of them, and the obvious differences between sizes proves they are not right.