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Barbara Palvin – Behind the Scenes VS Video

At high request, here is stunning Hungarian model Barbara Palvin on set, shooting her first Victoria’s Secret commercial while wearing lacey lingerie.

Check out the video featuring the 19 year-old beauty and share your thoughts!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Neri

    Just love her 🙂

    She’s so beautiful and has an amazing body. I really like the contrast combination of brown or black hair and blue eyes.

  • Lena

    Ultimate girl crush…lol jk I’m just a lesbian

  • Super cute, reminds me a bit of Jessica Stam…

    • Cat

      Well now that you’ve said it, I kinda see the resemblance. Though I prefer Jessica, I think they both have it all. Cute, sexy, sweet, seductive, girl next door beauty and edgy appeal. It’s really unfair sometime.

  • Aafje

    Very pretty. I hope she doesn’t follow all the other VS models and get even skinnier. Looks great at this weight.

    • Emmy

      I love her body. Maybe I’m being delusional but I think she has an attainable body

      • natalia

        yeah, that’s why she’s is liked, vs put an average size girl for pc purpose, soft, little fat, appeals to average women, vs ceo is very smart

    • Neri

      Yes, me too! Would be such a shame!

  • ary

    stunning woman. Miam.

  • natalia

    cute face, not gorgeous, shortish…looks 5 6, soft no muscle, tops of thighs spilling over boots int the vs show, but overall better than most

    • Candy

      I like her face but wonder how she became a model.

      • kate

        she was discovered in Budapest on the street by an agent.

    • Tea

      I loved the roundness of her thighs in her costume for the VS show, it gave her such a bombshell shape that almost no other vs model has, and it’s not as though her legs aren’t still very slim, they’re just a bit fuller than the average model.

      • natalia

        pc choice, but she is cute…just not beautiful.

        does anyone know why pixtures came out before the show came ont the tv??? that was weird

    • louise

      well…she is the one with the contract, not you…..

  • Pixie

    Gorgeous girl. And she has a great body, slim with curves, perfect!!!

  • Casey

    She has the kind of face that actually makes me jealous.

    I think she has a nice body, albeit I would like it more if there was a little more muscle definition.

    Unfortunately what’s actually going to happen is she will get muscle definition but lose weight, and then she will look like every other VS model. This happens to all of the younger models…they come in with a little baby fat and then just become scrawny. Very few maintain the same size but tone up.

    • Candy

      Thats because in order to tone up you must lose fat or build muscle. Its hard to do both at the same time and maintain your weight.

  • layla

    She’s a nice fresh edition to VS

  • HEYDiana

    I really hope she leaves her hair brown. Makes her stand out. I haven’t found someone who catches my attention since Adriana lima in her prime 🙂 I really like Barbara

    • La la la la

      same about the adriana lima thing. she has the same je ne sais quois. breathtaking beauty!

  • Marisa

    Barbara is one I my favourite model! Love her

  • Rachwestnz

    I find it creep that she’s not 20+ . Same with karlie, it just fuels this its okay to be a borderline pedo idea. Like men in their 30+ now think its okay, when its disturbing and again makes young gorgeous women with plenty of time feel as if they are past it when thy are only like 27!!! I’m 21 which I am told is still extremely young, only 2 years older, nothing really, but I feel this constant tick tick tick, my bf thinks its insane, he’s like wtf r u on about women! He dosnt understand, he’s got it easy with all these young women to lust after even if he’s not actually looking for them, there they are, in ya face all the time. Bloody men ay, like wine apparently, better with age. Pffffftt…

    • Aafje

      Pedophilia is people attracted to children before they reach puberty. 19 is nowhere near borderline pedo.

      • Candy

        Some people are so prudish.

    • b

      @Rach, I agree with you, and if you read criticism about using teen models or even models with young faces, you’ll see that many others agree with you too. I don’t mind a 19 year old, but I do mind hypersexualization of women with child-like attributes. Recently, an American Apparel ad was banned because the model looked so young. Doesn’t matter if she’s over 18 in my book, if she looks like a child, it gets too close to pedophilia territory for me, too. I think Miranda is stunning, but sometimes she looks like a little girl. WEIRD!

    • serena

      People misuse the word “pedophilia” it’s sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. For example 30 year old Miranda Kerr is baby-faced, but she clearly looks like a woman and not a 9 year old child. Barbara looks her age to me; she would fit in right on my college campus with other 18 – 22 year olds. It is extremely rare for a grown woman to literally look like a pubescent child (though I have seen a handful lol). The American Apparel ads are sketchy as hell but I haven’t seen any with girls who look like pubescent kids.

  • Rachwestnz

    But then I see women like Adriana who people still obsess over at 30 and it makes u feel slightly better, but even then people r like oh wow she looks so good for 30, there’s that depressing thing again, FOR 30, 30 is still young!!!! Kill me now

    • Candy

      A gorgeous woman who is thirty or forty is better than an average or ugly 20 year old. Yes youth is mainly seen as an attractive trait buts its not everything. People seem to think all 20 year olds are supermodels, which definitly

      • Candy

        isn’t the case.

  • barbie

    VS model= the easier job ever

    • barbie

      *easiest. She is gorgeous though!

    • Candy

      Come on, yes its an amazing job but the models work all day, constantly travel, must diet and exercise 365 days of the year. Its not like they go get there picture taken in 30 minutes and go home.

    • Gianna

      You obviously never modeled. I did, and it’s actually much harder than you think. After a day of photoshooting, you can’t wait to get off the high heels, wipe off the makeup and crash into bed to sleep. It’s exhausting to stand and pose for 7 hours in a row, change clothes I don’t know how many times, have your face worked on for 6, 7 or 8 times, your hair as well, be criticized if anything and walk on impossible shoes that kill your feet, when you don’t even wear high heels in your daily life. The worst I’ve had was in a January month when it was snowing outside, we had to be in this 19th century forsaken house with windows without glass, no heating system whatsoever, and I had to freeze my butt off for almost 8 hours wearing only silk and lace. Even more, I had to even lay on the ground for some photos, with a thin silk buttoned shirt and silk leggings. I also had to run down and up a long set of stairs for 8 times with a lace super long skirt that I had to be careful not to trip over, a suit jacket with nothing underneath, an umbrella and a pair of very high heels that I could barely even stand on, much less walk, and I had to run like that on the stairs. And believe me, posing in skimpy clothes on zero degrees celsius is a common thing in modeling. I remember after each day of photoshooting I was so exhausted that the first thing I’d do when I’d get home is to crash in the bed and fall asleep on spot. It isn’t as easy as it looks, trust me. Imagine them having to do this all the time….

      • louise

        woww i didnt know that, but how long have you been modeling?

        • Gianna

          Louise: I only modeled for about 2 years. Did it as a hobby, nothing serious, at least I wasn’t planning to make a career out of that. And even if I wanted to, it would have been very hard for me as I am actually too short to be a model in general. The only thing I have been taking in to model is because I’m built in such a way that I look tall in pictures. It’s just photography I could do. It was an interesting experience to model for those 2 years, but I don’t think I’d like to get back into it.

          • Gianna

            Oh, and sorry for my spelling, it’s not my first language…lol

      • Heather

        I completely agree! I’ve done some modeling as well and while it’s definitely easier than a lot of jobs, it’s not always as glamorous or simple as people think. Lol I can totally relate to what you said about being in the freezing house wearing very little. I had almost the exact same experience- Old, crumbling building with no heat,shooting in very little clothing in the middle of Jan. for the entire day! I was an icicle by the time I got home. It’s a lot of pressure as well, and sometimes a lot of criticism. I really enjoyed the work that I did, but I’m glad that it’s not part of my life anymore.

        I think Barbara is absolutely stunning, has a gorgeous body, and she is just very sweet and likable to me. 🙂

        • Gianna

          @ Heather: Kudos! Or, wait, actually, high five!

          Yup, I like Barbara. I like this fresh, almost child-like angelic look. Reason why I like Gemma Ward as well.

          • i don’t think Barbara will keep her child-like features forever like say Miranda. She is only 19 so she will probably mature in the face more like Adriana did as the years went by.

  • Faidra

    I think she has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. One of my favourite models.

  • Sandy

    She looks so much slimmer than in all the photos I´ve seen. I´m surprised. To me, she´s perfectly slim

  • Gianna

    Wow, whoever said she isn’t gorgeous, or that she has ”too soft” legs, is wrong…at least in my opinion. Anyway, she is really gorgeous. She has a much more feminine and delicate face than all the other VS models, and I don’t see anything ”fat” about her legs. She has a very fresh look about her and I think she is the best looking VS right now. The other ones look way too masculine compared to her. Glad to see that they are getting smarter about it and are starting to take in real beauties.

    • serena

      I agree Gianna, someone said she is a pc choice? To me she looks so feminine and lovely. I find her facially more attractive than those 3 blonde girls I can’t tell apart (Erin, Lindsey, and the other one who’s not Candice). Also I may be alone in this but I’d much rather be slightly tall (I think she’s 5’7?) than 6 ft and towering over most men. Though of course I understand why runway models need to be very tall/thin.

      • natalia

        yeah, actually, the fact that you and so many other s on here like her, proves that she is PC choice. The shorter, more plump ones are less threatening. VS gets a lot of backlash for their tall, skinnies….this is a way to appeal to the rest of the ‘average’ market.

        • serena

          Actually yours is the PC choice – the tall skinnies have become the expected default. There is no backlash for girls like Erin or Lindsey; they’re too vanilla to trigger backlash. Barbara is younger and has a distinct feminine look. Someone less “threatening” would probably be Miranda, who is more baby-faced cute than beautiful imo.

          • natalia

            I don’t know what to tell you…VS has been criticized for displaying unrealistically perfect body types in their models, women have actually boycotted VS for their failure to portray more regular looking women. Shorter, plumper, not toned is less threatening to women, b/c most women are not tall, thin toned and perfect. I can’t prove it of course, but it does look like a PC move to suddenly add someone who is short, and a little chubby, to an institution of overwhelmingly tall, thin perfect women.

          • natalia

            Interestingly….I remember a tall, gorgeous really black skinned bald headed model they had one year, they made her walk on for one trip down the runway, that was it, as if to say, see, we are expanding our views on what is conventionally beautiful, jbut not too much that’s whyshe only gets one trip.

          • serena

            You must be thinking of Alex Wek, an African model who is bald and very dark-skinned. But she is so very far from the VS norm, whereas Barbara is more conventially pretty. I don’t find her chubby; I think you need some curves to sell lingerie and that’s why she’s a good commercial model. Someone like Karlie Kloss who is super tall/gangly is more suited to runway of course.

        • Sheza

          Well almost everyone here ADORES Adriana and Doutzen and Candace too. Also ure comment seems to suggest that all women are jealous, insecure and can’t stand the thought of anyone being better than them which, ofc, is hardly the case.

        • Gianna

          Natalia, why are you arguing over preferences?

          Barbara is not PC, she is just another ”kind” of model, but model nonetheless. Her being short or having SLIGHTLY ‘#thicker” legs doesn’t make her any less than a model. 5’7” is still tall and only 1 inch under the norm for runway models, not a big deal.

          And your comment is rather judgemental and sassy to be honest, and this is unecessary, especially in this case.

          Thirdly, I don’t think that Serena and I or anyone who shares the same opinion as us two feels THREATENED by the other models. Why should I feel threatened? I have my own beauty and life going on, why should I feel threatened by a stranger I will never even meet in real life and who doesn’t affect my life in any way or form? Your statement implies as though I or Serena woould have such low self-confidence, self-esteem or security in ourselves as to feel threatened by a mere attractive stranger. Your statement is rather unfair and racy. Don’t try to fight your way to promote your own personal preference for super tall, thin women by demeaning and attacking our own self-worth or self-image nonexistent issues. We don’t need this.

          And frankly, I am going to sound conceited and I’m sorry, but that’s just how I feel, I don’t really count myself in the ‘#average” market. I never felt threatened by looking at models or by their beauty. Their beauty and success is their own. I modeled as well, and actually, I could have had a career in this if I tried enough, even though I don’t have the height to be a runway model, and don’t think that I like Barbara because she is ”short”. I also have model proportions, I’m super skinny and toned and ripped as well, and obviously, my face is good enough for modeling. If you think that I feel threatened by other models, you are miserably mistaken. Stop assuming things based off of people’s preferences and attacking their persona. Attack the opinion, not the person’s personality who expresses it. And nobody is attacking tall, skinny women here, since that’s why you’re probably dissing us for liking this chick for having more ”meaty” thighs. You’re probably tall and skinny yourself, am I right? No, our opinions do not mean an attack on super tall, skinny women, we love them too. But we prefer this model because she has unique looks. What’s wrong with that?

          • natalia

            wow, i have to say, sorry,……. i can see by the long comment i should probably keep to myself. i model too, 5 7, was w/ img when 14, did not tall enough for runway though, have lifted weights since i was 12, was mandetory for our school, that’s why i’m so ultra, ultra lean, on top of being ectomorph…even small amounts of fat stand out on ppl so lean, and generally those who don’t lift weights look soft and just squishy to me, so I notice everything…my parents & 5 otheres of us moved and live together now i’m in school and still mdel pt time. While I still think that every girl would give their right eye to be tall, thin model and be perfect, and if they say they different i think its just defense mechanism, but, you’re right, I sure preobably keep to it myself. sorry to have so offended you and didn’t mean to stir up any issues with you. sorry…truly

          • Gianna

            To Natalia: First of all, I’m sorry I write so much…lol I get this huge abundance of thoughts in my head all at once and want to express them all when I decide to write something to someone.

            It’s easy to misinterpret people over text messages compared to real life, face to face conversations. I am sorry if I misunderstood anything you said, and for jumping at your throat. I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion like all of us. I have no issues, that’s the point and is what I tried to explain my long post.

            I’m sure you’re a decent person in real life, I don’t want to judge you anymore, as I don’t know you.

          • misscheeks

            “While I still think that every girl would give their right eye to be tall, thin model and be perfect, and if they say they different i think its just defense mechanism”

            Wow! *face palm* It’s like you didn’t even read Gianna’s comment at all. I would rather be muscular, firm and shapely (with a plump, curvy booty and thighs) with the height I am now (5’4) than be super tall and model-thin. There’s no “defence mechanism” (against what may I ask?) or insecurity in that, just my personal preference Natalia, it’s not that difficult to understand.

          • natalia

            ok, fine, i beleive whatevery you say, really, sorry to you too, I only have enough time to come here every few months or so b/c of work and school, so I only had one weekend off with nothing much to do…

          • natalia

            it’s cool! like i said to another commenter, i have only a few free days a year to blog and had a long weekend, but now it’s back to things, so noworries:)

          • misscheeks

            Ok fine…

            and I’m on my xmas break after working ft and running a small business, don’t see what the correlation btw that and the nature of my comments on here but whatever *shrugs*

      • Sheza

        I think she is one of the most beautiful VS girls. I find her , Doutzen and Adriana to have the best faces of the lot n I honestly much prefer Barbara’s body to Doutzen’s. Can’t imagine why anyone would say she’s a pc choice. SHE makes me a lot more jealous than Lindsay, Candace or Alessandra do lol 🙂

        • Agreed she FAR from PC choice. Her body is like my dream body slender but still with noticeable ,subtle curves that she doesn’t have to contour, a not too tall or short height, and with an beautiful face to match. Heck she makes me more jealous than the other super tall and skinny models.

  • Gianna

    And, I find it kind of funny how people love to nitpick and criticize to the T every gorgeous woman. I see absolutely nothing to criticize about her, she is as gorgeous as one can possibly be.

    • natalia

      not really, even a couple of years ago she was thin, now…spreading out.

      • Nobsnob

        Girl you are sick.
        I’ve read many of your comments on different posts and you’re obsessed with fat to the point your view about what is fat is DISTORTED. Yeap, you don’t see people as they are. It’s like you see everything with a magnifying glass.
        You’re borderline scary.

        • natalia

          wow…I mean, it really must be that, and I am not trying at ALL to be snobbish, and I won’t be….
          ectomorphs, which is the body type I am, are very, very lean, naturally, they make up 5% of the population, that means they make up 2.5% of women. A lot, not all, but a lot of the models that are all over the media are ectomorphs. That means that the rest of women 97.5% are the other two body types, endomorph lots of fat little muscle, and mesomorph lots of muscle little fat. That means that I, an ecto, are dealing w/ and commenting on this website with mostly the latter two types…and they are not going to be as awarw of fat as I am, b/c that’s what they see everyday, themselves, an endo or a meso. This must be why I get comments like ‘where do you see fat’? I mean, to me, these people LOOK FAT.

        • natalia

          and to many other naturally very lean people I know, mostly everybody to them looks fat too. That could be the reason I notice it. But, it’s also true that a lot of the women I’ve commented on , are a little stodgy, because we all know, that thinner ones exist. You can’t say ‘no Charleze and who ever have no excess fat’ when we see examples of people who really don’t have any excess fat in life, in the VS show, they’re were quite a few. So look around you.You will see all things are RELATIVE.

          • Gianna

            Well, I have mainly an ectomorphic body type, with some mesomorphic tendencies, as in, I gain muscles very easily, but lose them just as easily. By definition, I fall into the ecto category as well. It’s true that I find some average weight women to look somewhat flabby, and I understand your point of view and where you’re coming from, because I also look much smaller than the majority of people around me, and I also perceive many much bigger than me. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t call them fat per se, and much less, I wouldn’t suggest that they are unattractive. There is beauty in every body type and I have seen it firsthand. People of different body sizes and shapes really can and do look very beautiful. I’d get bored fast if everyone were to be the same shape and size, I wouldn’t even notice them. I am sure you got insulted a lot for how thin you are, I have received insults, too, so, I know what it’s like to be in that position. It’s also true that a lot of women on this website tend to criticize, judge, put down and diss skinny women a lot, or imply that they aren’t attractive enough or woman enough, I get pissed off on here, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the same with them, it doesn’t make you better than them.

          • misscheeks

            I was just about to point this out Gianna, you can be a mixture of different body types. I think I might be an ecto with meso tendencies like you.

  • girl21

    I thought she looked good until the shot of her walking down the stairs with the other model, then I was like damn (I don’t know who the other one was but she was stunning!) and she looked so plain next to her. I like her face but her body is nothing special, especially since she is bigger her bum is quite flat considering.

    • The other girl she was with was Bregje Hienen and yes she is beautiful but not more so than Barbara. Barbara beauty and amazing figure tops all the other current VS models imho.

  • Hazal

    She kinda reminds me of Natalia Vodianova.

    • Sheza

      yea they could be sisters

  • mag

    She is super pretty and cute, i like her very much! And yes, she looks like Natalia Vodianova!

  • lc

    She’s cute at best, but that’s it to me. Not stunning.

  • °-°

    I think she’s gorgeous!
    But I have the feeling that VS thinks she’s too big, since they almost always cover her torso (In the show, ans most of her outfits in this video..)

  • Nobsnob

    I hope she is going to be one of the main faces of VS along with Candice, when unhappily Adriana and Ale leave.
    Look at her face and her body, she was born for lingerie. *___*

  • em

    i thought she was so pretty in the catalog that was sent to me. but then i watched her in the show and she didn’t look as pretty. now that i’ve seen her more, she’s not as pretty as the other angels. i mean, i was mesmerized by adriana, alessandra, miranda, doutzen,and even my least favorite candice. they just look flawless all the time. this girl may be really pretty in print but nothing else. i was really surprised she’s not in her 20’s. once she’s in her mid-20’s, she’s going to look so amazing. i like how she’s slightly bigger than the other girls in VS right now. but i have no doubt that she’s going to be slimmer in a matter of months after signing with them. she’s so pretty in print though. it’s also too bad she even has drama already.

  • clara

    soooo beautiful! and IMO she has the best body out of all the VS models. I can’t stand looking at Miranda Kerr’s figure anymore 🙁

  • Olivia

    I’m surprised by the comments on here but to me she’s cute. Obviously she’s not ugly, but victoria’s secret material? No way. She looks pretty but a little child like which is good for brands like Armani Exchange. Remember when Adriana Lima and Doutzen started. You can’t compare them to Barbara.