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Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins – Naked and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Beauty-Queen-Jennifer-Hawkins-Naked-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire1 - Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins - Naked and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Name: Jennifer Hawkins

Title: Miss Universe 2004

Age: 26

Nationality: Australian

Height: 5’11” / 1.80

Beauty queen Jennifer Hawkins was brave enough to go 1. naked and 2. un-retouched in and on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine. Even more, she pointed out her “flaws”, trying to prove that not even the most gorgeous women in the world are not tiny-creases-free, cellulite-free and picture-perfect. Also, Jennifer’s unphotoshopped cover picture will be auctioned to raise money for an eating disorders support group, since the idea behind the shoot is to promote positive body image and confidence.

“I’m not a stick figure – I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident.” … says stunning Jennifer.

The Huffington Post adds:

Editor Jackie Frank told The Australian the images were inspired by a survey of 5500 readers, which showed that only 12 percent of women were truly happy with their bodies. Marie Claire put Hawkins on the cover to make a positive statement about body image.

Let’s watch the video for more info (and see some more pics after the jump)!

Beauty-Queen-Jennifer-Hawkins-Naked-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-2 - Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins - Naked and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Beauty-Queen-Jennifer-Hawkins-Naked-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-3 - Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins - Naked and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

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  • maggie


    • rosie

      this site has mostly been devoid of these annoying, unnecessary “first” comments, so please don’t start.

      we get it, you’re first, congrats, feel good about yourself? how about writing something worth reading?

      • bke

        haha seriously!

      • maggie

        This was the FIRST time I did this, so please don´t start about how stupid it is, It would be repetitive. Just take it easy and don´t waste your time and keyboard to educate someone who doesn´t need it.

        Btw, Jennifer looks great even unphotoshopped.

        • nania

          LOL! i plan to make ‘first’ word too when i have a chance.
          and yes,Jennifer looks great..

        • Marissa

          oh get over yourself, you were the idiot who said first and i’m sure everyone on this website wouldn’t be unhappy if you never did that again nobody cares.

  • vkat

    She looks great and I fully believe the photo is not altered. It’s great that she’s willing to do this and raise $ for the eating disorders support group, BUT, I think it would make more of an impact to have someone more “average” do the cover. Now THAT would be impactful: cellulite, stretch marks and all. Not a 5’11” beauty queen.

    • Just Me

      My thoughts exactly. Even untouched she looks perfect so the whole purpose of the shoot is defeated.

      • sarahd77

        I completely agree. I mean, seriously. She’s still 2 percent of the population look like that – in the prime of her life, and genetically blessed. And that bit about a roll of fat I think in the video – dumb….dumb…dumb….

        I personally think women look more beautiful/vulnerable/mysterious with a few rolls and weight. Enough to make them soft. I don’t think women should look like boys.

        • Vo Bacon

          Im sure people look at pics of her on mag covers photoshopped and all and feel down because they dont look like her, then they look at this pic without the photoshop and feel even more crap because she looks that good without the retouching…She is a beautiful girl maybe not the best person to pick for the picture…

        • dom

          Do you honestly think Jennifer Hawkins looks like a boy?

          Time for new glasses.

        • This woman doesn’t look at all like a boy.

          I have a similar body and a lot of girls do, I don’t think it’s a 2 percent of the population.

          But I can see why you all think she is not a good example for this…they should of chosen some actress…one of the ones that always gets a whole lot of photoshop and actually needs it.

    • Brittany

      Not everyone has “cellulite, stretch marks and all”

      • Cathy

        But lots of women do .

        Otherwise I agree, she looks fabulous. She has a great body and it’s kind of sad that she very nearly apologized for not having a “stick figure” . Anyway she has an amazing figure and beautiful face. And it’s even better that she donated the earned money *thumps up*

      • amazon

        the point isn’t everyone- lucky for being so perfect- the point is the average women does!

    • I think it’s better that they used a beauty queen rather than an average person.

      Think about it. If an average person did this, with their cellulite and stretch marks, most young girls would think something like, “Oh of course she has stretch marks, she’s just an average person.”

      They would still continue to think that the supermodels/beauty queens of the world are magazine-perfect, and since most magazines feature models and not average women, it would still create an unrealistic expectation of perfection.

      Using a beauty queen is saying, “Hey look, this supposedly perfect person is not quite perfect, she has flaws.” It kind of destroys the “perfect” image of the supermodels/beauty queens that we typically see in magazines.

      • Alias

        Casey your comment says it all! Awesome!!

      • erin

        very true.

      • maya

        yeah but also in a way, because the model is “flawed”, its kinda makes uglier people think.. well if JENNIFER HAWKINS is “flawed” and people see a tiny crease as a “flaw”, well than what the hell am i? super mega crazily disgustingly flawed?!

        • Well yeah if they were trying to say “this beautiful person is ugly.” In that case, ugly people (I hate using that phrase) would feel even uglier.

          But I don’t think they’re trying to make Jennifer look ugly or flawed, I think they are just trying to show reality. Genes/exercize/whatever can only get you so far…the rest is photoshop.

          If anything, I feel like this article brings the beautiful people and the ugly people closer together, and makes them both see there are less differences between the two since both have cellulite, uneven skin tone, pimples, imperfections, assymetries…etc.

          That’s why I think using a beauty queen was better. They’re not trying to say that average people aren’t perfect. We see average people all the time…we know they’re not. They’re trying to show the reality that even the most beautiful people in the world don’t actually look like the way they do in magazines after being photoshopped. A lot of young girls don’t quite realize yet that the beautiful people are not picture perfect. This is a good lesson for them. I wish I saw something like this when I was 14.

    • Anna

      I’m not saying you would say this but The image of an average woman on the front probably would get more insults and I think probably wouldn’t make an impact, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be great but don’t you think us seeing someone who looks good all the time showing us her as she is without photoshop is still awesome! I think that the best person for a photoshoot like this would be a high profile celebrity who’s status is more down to earth than a Beauty Queen

    • Sophie

      Yeah – but no one would buy the magazine.

    • Jay

      i totally agree. i think she looks great and is a great role model for living a healthy lifestyle and its fantastic that shes raising awareness for eating disorders, but i hardly think that that another perfect image is going to make anyone who is insecure about their bodies feel good about themselves. i know i dont. im not fat or anything and dont think unhealthy people should be on covers, but i feel like im the only person with scars and birthmarks and imperfect skin. and i hardly think it is “brave” for a lingerie model to pose naked. she walks around in her underwear on catwalks anyway and that isnt airbrushed.

      • Rebecca

        Yeah, I have to agree, posing naked really isn’t all that brave for her. However, I love that it’s not photoshopped, and I love what Marie Claire was trying to do.

  • emily

    yes, of course it’s wonderful that she spent a day untouched by artists, but the normality associated with a past beauty queen and successful supermodel is far removed from what us regular people see when we look in the mirror!!
    but, i guess average sized women with saggy boobs and stretch marks dont sell magazines.
    good effort marie claire, but not quite good enough!!

  • Lizzy1293

    omg i thought it was fergie when i saw the first picture

  • “im not a stick figure” she’s smaller than 90% of the women i no, its great that she’s doing this but she isnt exactly my idea of “average”.

    • ann

      LOL, yeah that did make me laugh a bit. She’s on the low end of BMI.

    • alexad

      idk, i live in Miami, the fattest city of United States
      and i see many, many skinny girls all around me
      they make me, at under 130 lbs, feel fat
      i honestly see so many girls in better shape than me all the time, many of my friends are teeny.
      i just dont know where all you guys standards come from, i honestly think there are more skinny girls out there than you think..
      just an observation

      • ann

        Go look at the data. The majority of Americans are overweight according to the CDC. Do not assume because people around you aren’t fat there is not an abundance of fat people.

    • Jay

      the average woman is overweight. everyone should stop going on about how its such a bad thing not to look like the “average” woman because the average woman is not healthy and doesnt do enough exercise. she isnt a stick figure and she is the same size as 90% of the people i know. but then most of the people i know exercise regularly and actually, eat fruits and vegetables and actually care about how they treat their body inside and out.

      • Mina

        Very well said, I think and see exactly the same.

  • Sidney

    She seems pretty “perfect” to me. Maybe her tiny tiny flaws show us nowbody’s perfect, but i think a person with more obvious flaws and still loving her body (though maybe some celeb as this was done to raise money and attention, and celebs tend to have a bit more perfect images) would do a better job at telling you don’t have to be perfect. More than anything i was thinking “oh so skin folding when you bend is considered a flaw too, great” 😀

    • Andra

      :)) i agree with the “oh so skin folding when you bend is considered a flaw too, great”. funny!
      btw, that’s just stupid,REALLY, REALLY STUPID.. considering that a flaw, i mean.
      Also, if you show someone who’s basically perfect in terms of the contemporary beauty ideal but is still insecure about some things proves what? That no matter how beautiful you are, how much you work out, bla, bla, you still won’t be happy about it, you’ll still find( invent) something that you don’t like.. like “skin folding when you bend”? I’m sorry, but that’s not a healthy way to see things.
      SO.. eat your veggies, take your dog to the park and play with him/her, talk to people, use sunscreen, and enjoy life more. Make it more about what life feels like than how you look like while living it.

      • Jay

        well said

  • Nic

    I think this could only make ppl with an already unhealthy body image feel worse, she clearly has no flaws!

  • Sara

    I love that she would participate in a shoot like this! She obviously works hard for her body (look at that stomach!), but she’s not too shy to admit that even she has flaws – albeit very minimal ones 😉
    She’s quite beautiful too, face-wise.

  • molly

    she looks great and healthy – and I applaud Marie Claire for not photoshopping a already beautiful girl.

  • ellen

    she looks perfect but her face looks photoshopped even though its not she just must look that good haha

  • CECE;

    she looks great, & im sure not many of women would do that. To have the world look at her flaws, that takes a lot of courage. (:

  • sof

    shes very beautiful but shes still a skin thin model

    if she was anyone else people would be saying shes too thin
    i think she looks good
    but saying “im not stick thin” is a lie lol

  • H

    She’s gourgeous! Yes, she has that bit of cellulite, but she’s toned which shows she works for her body and doesn’t starve herself

  • Stacy

    She’s a beautiful woman, but where are the flaws? When I look in the mirror I don’t look half as good as she does so would Marie Claire put me on the cover with all my rolls celluite and flab. I don’t think so. I get the point that they’re trying to make, but why pick a woman who has a great body that probably doesn’t need a lot of photoshop to begin with?

  • terri

    she looks great

  • Jo

    It’s even more distressing to see that a woman can be so perfect WITHOUT photoshop, actually.

    • Rebecca

      Agreed. I appreciate the effort, but to make it out like she’s got all these flaws when she clearly doesn’t is ridiculous.

  • Alias

    She looks wonderful, tight, toned, “skinny” – and I think she looks like a glowing healthy woman…. What a babe!

  • Vlada

    I disagree with the comments saying that she’s too perfect and they should show somebody “more ordinary.”

    The whole point of models is that they are MORE beautiful than the average person. That’s why we want to look at them. The fact that 99% of the world can’t compete with them is intrinsic to the nature of their jobs; just like 99% of the world can’t play sports as well as the best athletes.

    Of course they could have picked someone overweight and ordinary, but what would be the point of that? We already know what that looks like – it’s all around us. Jennifer Hawkins is showing us the limits of human beauty – that even someone who is endowed with the best beauty genes still has flaws. I find it extremely reassuring that even though she is really thin, her skin still makes cellulite when she sits with her leg bent back.

    If you really want to see more flawed women, you can look at European art. Most painters drew exactly the sorts of women that would appear on a magazine cover – slim, with a nice shape, without cellulite, with perfect skin, etc. But some went for less perfect women. Here is an example (cellulite, lumps, bumps, protruding stomach…):
    (Courbet, “The Young Bather”)


    • yeaitsme

      hmmm i disagree. i think its closed minded to say models are perfection/ better than average. thats saying the human race has decided there is ONE way to look. ONE ideal. that EVERYONE or MOST like/prefer. the reason we seem to think everyone prefers it is cuz the media has decided to dictate this to us. im sorry, but to me a model is no more beautiful than a ‘normal’ girl in the flesh

  • Vlada

    Here’s a better link to the overweight, cellulite-ridden “young beauty”:


  • camille

    her body doesn’t look touched up, but her face certainly does (to me anyway).

    you can see her inner thigh is looking quite normal and not freakishly porcelain smooth.

    • padme

      Yeah I think they must have touched up her face a bit. It looks too perfect to me. I could be wrong though. I appreciate that they didn’t erase every flaw on her, but I don’t think this picture will do much to help eating disorders. She’s awfully skinny.

  • She’s GORGEOUS! WOW! She is pretty thin however, I am amused by the stick figure comment because she’s far from “average”!

    If she has flaws I can’t see them. Beautiful.

  • aimdawg

    She didnt NEED to be photoshopped! Wow, perfecccttt body!!

  • anadeau07

    She has really good curves! I never would want my photos photoshopped cause then when people meet me they wouldn’t understand why I looked different. I mean, take out a zit or two if its present but nothing like making noses smaller or messing with the face or fat… etc.

  • Scary_doLL

    What’s up with her foot in the first pic it looks swollen.. and btw what are her imperfections? a bit of cellulite and skin folding? wow. To me she’s showing how near perfect she is if I looked like that I wouldn’t mind everyone seeing those imperfections because they’d know how near perfect I was LOL

  • amazon

    as someone with low body image, i can say this might actually make me feel worse not better. if i am too believe that this is just how she looks minus any help, then i feel seriously unattractive. i have so many flaws in comparison. how does this help anyone. how did anyone think it would?? this is worse than those stupid victoria secret models telling us why they love their bodies!! its actually if you really stop and think about it, hilarious, that in our so called war against unhealthy body images we have women in the prime of their lives whose job is too essentially look like sex on legs in lingerie telling us how they ahve learnt to love their bodies and we all nod and say seriously, how reassuring, how comforting. aren’t we all happier with our short portly stretchmarked, pockmarked, cellutlite ridden aging figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ann

      Look within to find your capital. Beauty is one form of capital, it is the most powerful for women but there are other forms that are useful as well.

    • padme

      lol, thanks I loved your comment. I agree entirely!

    • CoffeeGirl

      I couldn’t agree more. Give us more nearly perfect ladies with “flaws”. It will certainly make me feel better

      • yeaitsme

        i agree. but these women arent ‘perfect’ or more perfect etc. its just the media has hailed them that way and then the population follows. im sorry but many models are noit all that in the flesh excpet they have been pushed upon us as perfection. WHO SAYS YOU NEED TO BE TALL AND THIN WITH BIG TITS TO BE PERFECT!? c’mon! think about it objectively! how ridiculous is it to say there is one type of perfect! I totally get what you mean and i think that the media is cashing in and using this ‘healthy’ outlook against women even more so. they are NEVER going to show the extent of their secrets! they wouldnt sell sh!t then!…they are cashing in and saying…’these women really are this perfect, this is how they are unairbrushed’ (i call bs!) and sorry, but who are they to say whats perfect?!
        i agree with you but dont let the media bring you down more! its their aim! its how they work and make money! QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! x

        • It’s not just the media telling us these things. Part of it is biological.

          Does the media tell the female peacock that only males with the biggest feathers are attractive? Lions with the biggest mane?

          Symmetrical faces, height, and big breasts are indcative of good genes and reproductive ability. As for body size, if there’s a food shortage, bigger bodies are preferred, and if there is a food abundance, smaller bodies are prefered. Body type seems to be cultural.

          You have to remember, the media is only a reflection of what people already want. The casters in media select the people ALREADY considered “attractive” by biological and cultural standards. They don’t really come up with their own attractiveness and force others to follow it. How many crooked/uneven faced individuals do we see in the media? Or ones with pimples? By your logic, they could essentially make those people the new attractive, but, in reality, that’s not going to happen because we have a biological instinct against those things.

          • yeaitsme

            yea i dont agree with this…in reality there are a lot of different ideals of what attractive is…of course there is a limit…but biological/ evolutionary theories are just that imo…theories.

          • yeaitsme

            if you look at ideals over the years they have changed…to me, that is not because people want that its because the media tell them they want that. quote in a series about the media.
            worker #1: ‘why cant we just ask people what they want and then give it to them?’
            boss: ‘because they dont know what they want yet. we havent told them.’

            by your biological/ evolutionary theory women who are more voluptuous like Kim k would be more popular and considered more attractive because the waist-hip ratio of around 0.7 is deemed more attractive and suitable to mate and more sought after.

            I believe that humans are past any biological/ evolutionary ‘instincts’ as such. and i dont think that the theories that we throw out there are even that accurate. But im not going to argue it with you because generally people will believe one way or the other. im not going to change your mind and you will not change mine!

            also, i have never found tall skinny people with big breasts to be the most attractive at all. never did. never had a bf that felt that way either… my ideal has changed more so with my over exposure to media images!

          • Whether or not you agree with the beauty theories is a different matter but to say human beings are past any evolution and natural selection is plain stupid. We are animals, with DNA, subject to envrionmental pressures…we cannot be past it. I don’t know how much you have studied evolution, but if it’s not much, then all I can tell you here is that it’s not simply a matter of “this white moth turns brown after generations.” Look up the field of animal behavior if you’re interested.

            Anyway, hourglass figures are not favored by natural selection. That is cultural, because there are plenty of cultures that don’t prefer hourglass figures.

            As for clear, symmetrical faces, there is a strong evolutionary basis for it.

            1) There is not culture in the world that values pimply, assymetrical faces.
            2) Newborn babies stare at objects longer that they find important/interesting/attractive. Newborn babies stare at beautiful and symmetrical faces longer. Even at a day old.
            3) There are more but can’t remember, sorry.

            I know I’ll probably not change your mind if you have decided on it. But I’ve found that people who don’t believe that biology influences things in our lives usually don’t understand it or aren’t aware of the evidence, so I thought I’d post the results of some replicated studies, just in case.

            I hope you don’t take this to be be attacking you or anything, I’m just spreading info and I’m trying to be as lighthearted; I hope it’s translating into text. 🙂

            Some things have changed, because some things ARE cultural/social. But there are things that have remained the same since the first time we could document beauty. Full hair, red lips, clean skin, big breasts…these seem to be the norm. Of course, there will always be exceptions and people who don’t prefer these things but the average person’s preference on those things hasn’t varied.

          • Alias

            Casey I love reading your comments 😀

          • Thank you, Alias! I think it’s because usually we think alike. 😀

          • ann

            If you are Ugly you are just Ugly. There is no way to reason with society about it. Just get over it and accept your lot in life.

          • Kae

            Show me evidence that humans do not prefer the hourglass figure. I have been reading evolutionary psychology for years and I have read that it is the most preferred body shape by men and women.

            And if you think that my comment is accusatory, it’s not meant to be, I’m just curious.

          • Fluffykins

            “Symmetrical faces, height, and big breasts are indcative of good genes and reproductive ability.”

            Large hips are indicative of reproductive ability also, hence the term “Child bearing hips.”

          • purpur

            casey, you had me until you said that humans are not programed to prefer hourglass bodies. you are right about humans’ facial preferences. but not about body types. large breasts indicate the same thing as hour glass bodies – fertility! they say ‘female’ as the hip to waist ratio is somewhere close to the ideal .70 range (or even a smaller waist). this shows a high proportion of female sex hormones. just as rounder (vs. long with large chins)faces, full (vs. thin) lips, large (vs. beady) eyes, smooth, even skin, and full (vs. sparse) hair, indicate youth and femininity, and therefore fertility. real age (and even weight) don’t really matter – only the PERCEPTION of fertility. scary as it sounds, whether you are 16 or 56, if you look like you are fertile (due to indicators -even if false! – of youth, but with sexual maturity, and distinct femininity), you will be attractive to men.

            there are, in fact, a select FEW cultures who do not prefer the hourglass…but this is odd, like our cultural preference for a tan (actually an unhealthy trait, as it is bad for our skin – it looks healthy due to situation; we work inside and avoid outdoor activity in favor of tv and sitting on websites such as this, lol. so a tan looks ‘active’ and as if we have leisure time outside of work, meaning we have more than sufficient resources to survive).

            the actual favored body fat percentage of the hourglass varies depending on situation. you are right to say that that when there is a scarcity of food, higher body fat percentages are considered attractive (they have access to food which will support the pregnancy and, later, the baby). when there is an abundance of food, lower fat percentages are considered attractive, as they are a sign that the woman is active and healthy and will carry a child to term and will protect it instead of being lazy and just eating (her activeness has supposedly been proven by her fitness).

            no matter what the fat percentage preference, the hourglass shape is preferred. biological/psychological fact. believe me, my education at a well ranked university backs this up. you may find obscure sources which state otherwise as a rule, but any generally accepted theory states that the hourglass SHAPE wins in MOST cultures, with varying weights idealized.

          • Casey

            Purpor, I wasn’t saying it, research is saying it. For something to be considered “programmed,” it has to be universal since all humans share the same genes (we don’t have “species”). This is a requirement that comes from Tinbegen’s 4 biologies…basically there are 4 parts of biology that research has to be covered to understand a particular aspect of human nature. It’s widely used in behavioral research as it provides the entire story, rather than random parts.

            Preference for hourglass figures is not universal. Therefore it cannot be a programmed preference. I forgot her name, but there is a famous reseracher at Harvard that has studied this.

            Also, another research tool that is often used is using newborns, because they haven’t had any cultural learning yet (everything in their behavior is programmed). It is also another of Tinbergen’s 4 biologies. Newborns don’t distinguish between hourglass figures and other figures, therefore, again, it’s not programmed.

            Your education may have taught you that because for a while it WAS believed that an hourglass figure was a programmed preference, but that’s being debunked. Currently, the field of animal behavior, which is a subfield of psychology trying to figure out what behavior is programmed, does not consider hourglass-preference as a product of evolutionary history. And if it matters, I’m well educated in evolutionary psychology from a top ranked university as well.

            Also, pale vs. tan preferences are cultural.

          • Casey

            Oops, I reread my post and noticed it was really convoluted. Let me try to simplify it.

            For a trait to be considered a part of evolutionary history, research has to provide evidence in 4 ways: in phylogeny, in adaptation, in mechanism, and in ontogeny. (it’s just methodology).

            Research has disproven hourglass-prerence as a byproduct of evolution on the grounds of phylogeny and ontogeny. Therefore, it is no longer considered an innate preference.

  • blair

    nice idea in theory but she’s hardly the average woman…i’d love my body if i looked like that too

  • damnnn. ha
    she’s amazing. very natural looking.

  • tinyballerina

    This irritates me. OK, the magazine wouldn’t sell with an average nobody on the cover who looks more like the majority of women……….but they could have picked SOMEONE famous who actually doesn’t look flawless un-photoshopped. As someone who suffers from an eating disorder, this does more damage than good because I see this and think “well, she isn’t photoshopped………and she still looks awesome………then why the f**k can’t I look like that? What am I doing wrong??” It brings up a lot of pain and hurt that people who aren’t suffering with an eating disorder can’t quite comprehend. The donation is great of course…..but the person used does not represent IMO the message they are aiming for

  • I’m honestly tired of everyone complaining about ‘a real woman equals being overweight, having cellulite, obviously not skinny’. Everyone can be at least kind of fit by just watching what you eat and watching over your lifestyle. Being overweight isn’t healthy, and rolls don’t mean you’re a ‘true woman’ and you embrace your feminism. They really don’t.

    Sure beauty comes in all sizes, but instead of booing on thin girls why not make a little effort to cut the cookies.
    I’ll probably get raged at, but I had to say it.

    Jennifer is beautiful, but I’m sure if she didn’t diet or exercise or make a little effort to take care of her looks she’d not be where she is now.

    It’s also great she’s doing charity. I hope it goes great!

    • Julie

      I think you are right on some level. I mean she obviously has good genes. By that I mean bone structure and facial features but if she didn’t exercise, eat healthy, practice skin and hair care, use make-up and keep on being so confident (confidence by the way is a trait which will make anyone more attractive) she wouldn’t look near as good as she does which is why I HALF agree with K-taken.

    • tinyballerina

      Yes…everyone CAN be at least kind of fit by doing what you mentioned, but that doesn’t get everyone to where Jennifer Hawkins is. This girl is obviously genetically blessed, and probably works out a lot and takes care of herself a lot more than all of us can because thats what her job implicitly demands. So, DUH she is going to look better than most of us because we have lives, jobs, school, etc. that keep us from being at the gym all the time, getting mani’s and pedi’s, getting our hair and makeup done…blah blah blah. So it makes sense that a lot of people are complaining because this was done to try to make us feel better……for an eating disorder clinic…..and it just fails

  • Rooshie

    I think shes beautiful! 🙂 very nice fresh face…something about her complexion though that makes me feel like she doesn’t eat many brussel sprouts! haha jk. the only thing i dislike about her body is her hips/thighs. i don’t think they’re big i just don’t think they’re athletic like she sits down a lot. of course…all my assumptions could be, and (probably are) totally wrong. shes a natural beauty though!!

  • Sophie

    Thanks for posting ing this 🙂

    There was a big debate in the media (much like on these comments) about whether this would have a positive or negative effect on body image.

    For me it has a positive effect – she may look beautiful but the creases at the hip, tiny dimples on the thigh and uneven skin tone (even if it just caused by lighting) remind me how fake photoshoots are. The models often look like their skin has been spray painted on!

    When I was a teenager I’d flip through magazines, longing to look like the models in the shoots – nowadays I realise they’re not even real images and this is a big reminder.

  • gabby

    For the love of god people, she is 26! never had kids and is a model! why shouldn’t she look great?!! no shocker here! I have had three kids am 20 yrs older and I would pose naked and donate to charity! I have some stretch marks on tummy but other than that it is all good!

  • yeaitsme

    she is not my personal taste but i do think she is fit and healthy and always liked that about her (tho for a time she did actually get too thin)…she is in great shape, however i do think they are slightly altered…especially facially…there is nothing stopping them from altering certain things and not altering others to look more real. i think that the lighting has also been made more flattering and her hair and face have def been touched up. as nice as it would be for the fashion industry/ hollywood to come out with the ‘truth’ they will never completely come out with the whole truth. how are they going to sell their products etc if they let us believe that we are just like the models and actresses out there (and that tehy really look ‘perfect’)…

  • rachael

    “im not a stick figure”


    She couldn’t BE more thin


  • saidtruth

    ummmm this is selectively photoshopped – how avant garde…

    • yeaitsme

      see! thank god someone else sees this!!! it’s scary that people just take the medias word for things. no wonder we have so manyinsecure screwed up girls (and guys) in this world trying to meet this ‘perfection’

      • julia

        you are right!
        this photo is photoshopped! the skin colour (face & body) is too perfect, even the best foundation for photos and shooting sessions can’t do this…. the lights are perfect arranged ……. the camera is very good…and the photographer is an artist, cause he knew how to arrange and photoshop without giving whatsoever the impression of fake & cheap
        these are not ordinary photos and i know cause i was also a model
        still…. maybe in the future magazines, television (media) will stop lying and staying on the side of fashion & beauty industry sellers……and promoting the extremeties too fat (under the name curvy) and too skinny (under beauty queens modelling queens or i dn’t know what) too perfect and too ordinary
        Jennifer Hawkins is very beautyful, i am sure of that,,,she didn’t need this slightly photoshopping

  • spanktacular

    she looks perfect to me in this pics
    thats pretty amazing. i like that she picked out flaws to help the rest of us feel better too 🙂 ha ha

  • kate

    It doesnt make me feel better to have an untouched, un photoshopped woman on the cover if she is Miss universe! She still looks as damn near perfect as its possible to look! If u have sokmeone with stretch marks, a bit more of a tummy and non perfect non styled hair, now that would make me feel better!

    • Casey

      I don’t think the point was to make people feel better, I think the point was to show the difference between photoshopped images and nonphotoshopped images on people who you would typically find in a magazine.

      Jennifer Hawkins is a woman who is typically on magazines. An average woman is not.

  • Kay

    Considering she had surgery and used to look like this…


    It’s pretty hypocritical

  • JJJ

    Wow. How dumb or naiive would you have to be to believe this is an untouched picture? LOL. Do a google image search for “Jennifer Hawkins Secretary” or “Jennifer Hawkins Cheerleader” and I’ll guarantee you’ll feel hot again because you’ll realise how average Jennifer Hawkins is and all it takes is peroxide, fake tan, cosmetic surgery, makeup and good lighting to be “perfect”. She’s far from it. She got lucky and now she won’t go away. She’s good at the “innocent” publicity stunts though, I’ll give her that. First the deliberate wardrobe malfunction and now this. She must be as stupid as she looks if she thinks people can’t see through it. But then again, they can’t. It’s amazing how the glare of an orange spray tan blinds people. Can we talk about naturally good looking people please? Maybe Miranda Kerr or someone like that?

  • sophie

    all these comments make me sick, so because she’s healthy and pretty she can’t be on the cover of marie claire untouched? we have to have someone chubby with cellulite so we can feel good about ourselves? no wonder the u.s & australia both have the highest obesity rates.
    look how good she looks!
    eat healthy and excercise once in a while instead of complaining about beautiful women and maybe you might look this good too!

  • purpur

    she is in great shape and looks fantastic, even without photoshop! i think this sends a great message – even beautiful people are not perfect! they should start this program in mens’ magazines!

  • Pingback: Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins – Bikini Photo-Shoot! | Skinny VS Curvy()

  • Alex

    I see fat people everywhere.

  • wtf…
    hahah yous are all so sad, shes gawguz her body is absolutley stunning soo all you jelous people put there and get over yourslef and stop judging
    noone can can anyone what to eata nd how to exersize they do hwat they want when they want.
    i never exerseze im always eating and im not obese so yeaahh get ovah yourselfs:)
    toodles now

  • wtf…
    hahah yous are all so sad, shes gawguz her body is absolutley stunning soo all you jelous people out there and get over yourslef and stop judging
    noone can can anyone what to eata nd how to exersize they do hwat they want when they want.
    i never exerseze im always eating and im not obese so yeaahh get ovah yourselfs:)
    toodles now

  • Elle

    I think she looks great. And I agree with her that she’s NOT stick-thin. She looks like a woman, not a stick. For one, she does indeed have round thighs, and breasts. How you can call that stick-thin is just ego.

  • brad

    hey mate dont worry about these jealous ppl i’d giv my left nut for a 1 night date with you keep it real jen jen luv ya long time! b.d

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