Bikini Model Treat: Elyse Taylor

FFN_g_51176877 - Bikini Model Treat: Elyse Taylor

Name: Elyse Taylor

Nationality: Australian

Age: 26

Height: 5’9″ / 175cm

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38 thoughts on “Bikini Model Treat: Elyse Taylor”

  1. pretty girl. Not the best model body I’ve seen but she’s definitely beautiful. Looks short for a model almost.. maybe just an illlusion

  2. She looks healthy and happy, I love her glowing skin. But she is not “eye catching” to me personally, still pretty nonetheless.

    • Still, She is way hotter then I ever will be lol. But I’d rather look like Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Barbara Fiahlo, ect.

  3. She’s cute, her body looks nice and naturally slim as opposed to starved. A little more muscle would look better in my opinion

  4. Love her striped bikini. Very attractive beautiful lady. So cool, she seems to have a playful side to her as well. Australian women are super gorgeous (confession: I simply cannot get over how flawless Nicole Kidman is, although I know she might have had some botox done). Aussie clothing label Forever New is literally to die for. They use the most gorgeous models to promote their label.

  5. I think she’s pretty and I actually like her body. Slim and fit but not overly fit and also not hungry looking. She looks healthy and happy to me

  6. She’s not my “type”, but looks pretty much flawless. Slim, energetic, great skin, photographs well…
    VS would be more believable if they used models like her.

  7. I cant remember the last time I was in owe of a VS model. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I find beauty to go far beyond “skinny, blonde, blue eyed” clones.
    i always found the most exciting type of beauty to be catching, and different; against the grain.

  8. ah i saw her and i thought maybe after Toni Garn she could take a spin on Leonardo DiCaprio but then i saw her age and she’s about six years too

  9. Not a huge fan of models to begin with, most of them are not as lean or as musclarly developed as I strive for personally, or as I find attractive. And I usually dont like to be harsh, but she is just unacceptable for me as a model. Quite a bit of body fat, soft, squishy looking. A stomach on her too. No. I keep my body rock hard and super lean and I dont have to do swimwear shoot. Very disapointing indeed. Not a fan.

  10. I think VS is aware of the critisicm they receive for using so many super skinnies and this their way of trying to make good. Don’t know any other possible explanation.

    • I agree Candy we both think highly of models tho most of them do not have ideal bodies. Though she looks good her I cant believe she is a model. They are either not enough defines, or skinnyfat, or in this case, just plain ordinary, lovely but how on earth is she working??

  11. i love how everyone here assumes a model in a bikini equals VS model lol. she might be, she might not but i don’t think V mentioned anything about VS.

  12. She’s done VS, that’s why I think people are surprised at her body and how average/normal/ordinary it looks. Overall though, talking whole package, I think she looks good!

  13. her face is average pretty to me, but i love bone structure of her face, her skin, her body (not too thin, not too soft, not too muscly) and though she wouldn’t fall into category of models i love, imo she has enough to be in clothes ads/catalogs. I mean i personally love models, however if i happen to find a model i am a fan of in clothes campaign of a some brand that i love i honestly still care about the cloths themselves and if i like smth i try it on myself, however i’ve never bought anything just cos “omg it looked so good on this that model” or “omg, Gisele has this sweater too, yay”, i just hate shopping and i am very practical in terms of clothes and realistic about how my body looks and what i can pull off, regarding of the beauty or creativity of the campaign, so i think there is no necessity to have only incredibly beautiful women with only skinny bodies in clothes ads, the clothes must always be the centerpiece even if you use a well-known model but she can only bring attention to the brand and still fail to sell the clothes if her modelling skills are lacking.

  14. I dont get some of you guys calling her bloated or saying she isn’t toned! honestly to me she looks quite fit and really firm!

  15. She has a pretty good body. I know some people on here like the no fat/emaciated look and this girl doesn’t fit that definition, but she has a good body for swimwear.

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