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Bikini Treat: Glamour Model Bianca Gascoigne

Bikini-Treat-Glamour-Model-Bianca-Gascoigne - Bikini Treat: Glamour Model Bianca Gascoigne

Name: Bianca Gascoigne

Age: 24

Occupation: glamour model

Height: 5’5”

Nationality: British

Bikini-Treat-Glamour-Model-Bianca-Gascoigne-2 - Bikini Treat: Glamour Model Bianca Gascoigne

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Bikini-Treat-Glamour-Model-Bianca-Gascoigne-3 - Bikini Treat: Glamour Model Bianca Gascoigne

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  • these boobies are screaming: faaaaaaake! and they´re screaming very loudly… 😉

    nothing special this girl

    • Anne

      i agree, she has a very athletic figure, so the fact that she put implants on herself, doesnt make her more feminen, she should of kept her real boobs she would of looked way better!

      • hahahha that’s EXACTLY what i was thinking. because of her figure they look more like pecks.

        • layla

          exactly what I was thinking

  • Anastasia

    I don’t know who she is but that last picture is cracking me up LOL!

    • Anara

      Me too!

  • Charle

    It s just my personal taste, but I find her face really, really ugly. Her torso I have nothing against, but it s intriguing how torso size can vary (compare to Candice for example). I do admit she has nice skin though.

  • flossy

    She’s not even Paul Gascoigne’s daughter, she’s his step daughter she just uses the name for publicity and to cash in, it’s a joke. Shame she hasn’t tried to make her own name but then she has no talent to speak of.

  • vivi

    she reminds me a lot of J Woww

    • b

      Let me phrase this politely: Can anyone be a “glamour model” over there? Does “glamour model” mean trashy, not-good-enough-to-be-a-real model? I’m being sincere. Katie Price and the one with the weird nose–Katie Price’s arch rival–are both glamour models too. What do they model? Low brow polyester attire?

      • flossy

        Yes dear to all of the above!! Here in the UK to be a glamour model means having your photograph published in a tabloid newspaper wearing either underwear or a bikini. Higher paid glamour models are the ones who have slept with footballers (that’s soccer players for you Americans) and/or boy band members then kiss and tell for a few grand and a front page exclusive. There’s a number of trashy night clubs and the dress code is that same as the Housewives of the O.C. and the female cast of the Jersey Shores. Those are the basics but if anyone feels the need to expand please do!

        • Zoe

          Agree with basically everything you said. Also, I’ve always wondered what glamour models in other countries are like- are they all as ‘trashy’ as the majority of them seem to be in Britain? Or is it a more… ‘prestigious’ image in other countries. From the British impression of what I’ve seen of quite a few glamour models, the term often makes me a little confused and even amused- not meaning to cause offence but what is it that is ‘glamorous’ about posing (often in a very crude manner) in a bikini, topless or even bottomless?

  • Ida

    Her fake boobs make her upper body seem bigger, and it doesn’t suit her. Like her legs, though 🙂 And her skin is nice :p

  • Mirabela

    Oh my! What a beautiful skin she have! 😉

    • leonore

      What is it people love about her skin?

      • Anne

        i think they like it because its even toned and tan haha idk

  • NIKKI101

    Linebacker shoulders- check
    Terrible fake breasts-check
    Gaunt shapeless legs-check

    • Terra

      Loool ouch.

  • bella

    nothing special, in fact she’s U.G.L.Y…don’t know why bother to comment

  • joku

    fake boobs but otherwise nice body

  • missy

    Why do most of these british “models” look like sorority girls with fake boobs and daddy issues?

    • Hazal

      LOL… agreed 😀

    • Kimberly

      What’s up with the “daddy issues” comment????? It really makes no sense.

      • missy

        In my head, daddy issues= neglected girls crying out for attention from men, ie this “look at me, look at me” look they have geared to get men’s attention.

        It is my belief girls get these huuuuuuuge fake honkers and have that “easy” look about them to get guys’ attention- its certainly not really fashionable or even all that attractive; certainly not “beautiful”. Its “hot”.

        Sorry if I offended anyone:)

        • Kimberly

          I’m not offended but I’m not sure I agree with you. There are other reasons why women get fake boobs and it doesn’t have anything to do with daddy issues.

          • edith the elf

            It’s not the fake boobs that indicate daddy issues per se, it’s the whole package of these girls (which I think is pretty clear if you re-read missy’s first comment). Their insecurities are so obvious; the fake boobs are just one more thing that screams out their insecurities.

    • I don’t quite get the daddy issues comment but I do have to agree (even though I’m British) that pretty much all British glamour models are totally gross. I don’t get how any men at all find them attractive. I don’t know if any of you have seen a show called Snog Marry Avoid (Bianca was on it once), a lot of the girls on there are glamour models but they look horrendous!

      • I agree. The ‘glamour’ models are almost always quite fake and leathery looking! I also wonder what makes them so attractive to men – maybe because they come across as kind of low-rent and easy? Either way Bianca has come from the same mold as all the others – she looks quite generic and boring to me and why would anyone want boobs that are so obviously fake? They look ridiculous!

      • chelbell

        omg she was on snog marry avoid?! what episode do you know? I would love to see what she was like on there!

    • Anne

      British people aren’t known for being very pretty (generally) theyre very plain, i saw this thing on t.v. where this girl was giving modeling tips, she was a british model and she didnt even look like one, she looked so plain

      • snoops

        kind of a weird comment – speaking of normal people (not hollywood stars) americans are not known for being any more/less “pretty” than brits – both countries looks basicly the same just one has more overweight people than the other. Have you ever visited the UK? The average girl on the street is 1000 times better looking than any glamour “model”. Speaking from my experience in london/edinburgh/glasgow/bristol.

        • Anne

          lolllllll its funny cuz idk how shes even a model well maybe if they photoshop her a bunch ya i guess it works

          • Zoe

            I agree with Snoops- I’m from the UK and there a lot of gorgeous girls even just walking along the street. Yes, there are also some ‘plain’ ones, but you get that everywhere!!! I’ve watched ‘Snog marry avoid’ before and I get what you mean- though I think some of the glamour models do look quite good once they’ve been ‘made under.’ I watch a lot of documentaries and I’ve seen some about glamour models- I tend to notice that those in the profession or those aspiring to be glamour models are (by their own admission) not very intelligent and do it ‘for the attention’. Lastly to Anne just because you saw one British glamour model that wasn’t ‘pretty’ doesn’t automatically mean all British people/models aren’t- in fact there are a lot of models that are not renowned for being ‘pretty’ but ‘quirky’ or having an ‘interesting look e.g. bold features, facial structure etc.

        • Anne

          Zoe , i never said all british models are ugly cuz theyre not duh! i cant speak for 2 million people

          • Zoe

            Sorry yeah I know you didn’t say that- I may have been a little ‘broad’ when I said all… I guess what I was meaning was that contrary to the term you used “generally British people are plain” I was just meaning to say that the the vast majority of brits are not ugly- there are quite a few pretty girls and while there are probably a large proportion of brits that could be described as ‘plain’, I don’t think that’s something designated to just one nationality; there are probably many countries you’d go to where most people would look ‘normal’ rather than ‘pretty’ if that makes sense? Not meaning to be confrontational! 🙂

        • karoline

          but it is true…british girls, or british people have a special look…like polish people…or russian people…spanish people…and so on…nothing wrong with that…but unfortunatly british girls do look a little bit plain…

          • Ashes

            Umm… that’s not really true in this age of multiculturalism and national diversity. Yes, there is some truth in national stereotypes but I don’t really think that you can tell what country a person comes from by looking at them.

          • really? looking at my pic can you guess where i’m from? 😛

        • agree!

      • tee

        haha im british and i agreee lol when i think of bitian or england i just think bad teeth aqward comics and cheap glamour models and breadd it is true what you read

        • Zoe

          ? Ok… bad teeth, awkward comics and bread??? Obviously I can’t change peoples’ opinions of Britain- as I say, there are some ‘plain’, trashy people- maybe it varies with where you go in Britain but from my experience, Brits are not all that plain. Also, I agree with you to some extent that Britain doesn’t have much culture- for example I’m often wondering what we’ll do for the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony since our culture isn’t as definitive or flamboyant as others e.g. Beijing’s fireworks, dancers, chopsticks etc, but I can’t say that the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Britain is ‘bread, bad teeth and comics’. In fact your comment has left me a little confused!

        • mel

          Haha! Bread? That made me laugh (:

      • leonore

        Well, if you, for instance, watch Britain´s Next Top Model the girls don´t look any less pretty or diverse than the ones in the American version.

    • asdfkjh


  • holly

    She def isnt ugly oprah is ugly ellen D. is ugly effing paris hilton is ugly. This girl is cute shes no like megan fox or angelina but shes ok and shes got a nice figure.

    • Mello

      Ellen is so far from ugly…..she doesn’t really look feminine, but I think she’s quite pretty 🙂

      I agree with your comment though….funny thing is paris hilton is technically good-looking, I thought she was gorgeous when I first saw her how many years ago….I think it’s just now it’s hard not to associate so many bad things with her and now she seems ugly as a result….?

    • asdfkjh

      i can’t even understand what your comment means. is english not your first language or something?

  • ash

    I think the prob is that her boobs are too far apart
    but cute body

  • mia

    She’s a pretty girl, but glamour models are supposed to be much curvier (not talking fake boobs curvy, but WHR-curvy).

    • amazon

      no they aren’t. they are just supposed to be willing to take their tops off.
      i think in britain if you asked anyone she would be called a reality tv star not a glamour model anyway.

  • jude

    bleugh, here in the uk we say she looks like a chav. that\s classic chav makeup and hair.

    she really shouldn’t suck in either – it’s pushing out her chest and making her chest look manly.

    • I heard the term chav before, but forgotten what it is?

      • vi

        it’s like the british equivalent of trailer trash

    • karoline

      but then cheryl cole must be a chav too?

      • leonore

        I can´t really know since i´m not English but i would guess she´s too cute to be considered a chav.

      • jude

        indeed – cheryl cole used to be a chav. but then she became the nation’s sweetheart and almost all evidence of her chav roots are gone.

  • Princess

    Fake boobs,no hips but beautiful face especially those eyes!

  • ophelie

    She looks like JWOWW.

  • Eve

    She looks okay to me. I think many men find her hot. But I am not a fan of fake boobs, they might look good on pics but in real life a big no. At the same time she would have never got a job of glamour model without them.

  • Rebecca

    If she didn’t have the fake boobs, she’d be pretty. But they’re so big that she just looks top heavy and ridiculous, and any lower body curves she might have just disappear.

  • wonderwoman21

    Her stomach looks good!

  • I’m trying to think of something that would make her attractive, and I really can’t. Being someone else, maybe.

  • Eve

    Btw, she looks so much taller than 5’5

    • amazon

      maybe but i think she is actually smaller, by a good couple of inches.

  • juanita

    Not a fan of her body- she has no waist and her boobs don’t look great. I think she’s pretty though.

    • Clare

      She does have somewhat of a waist, shes not a ruler. Its just not very noticeable since she is bigger on top.

  • Minik

    I think she looks nice. I’m pretty sure she looks lovely with a fitting makeup and clothes on which don’t reveal her cleavage so much.

  • mel

    The rest of her body looks good, but she ruined it with the implants! I don’t really like her face either – maybe it’s the makeup, but she has that typical “glamour girl/pornstar” cheap look.

  • citygirl

    shes cute

  • Clare

    she does look like she is naturally an inverted triangle (bigger on top, broader shoulders than hips) and her implants just add on to that idea. I think her natural inverted triangle shape makes her look more athletic. I think glamor models should have a higher WHR, but thats only my opinion.

    • Kimberly

      Agreed. The implants make her more top heavy because she’s an inverted triangle.

  • Clare

    Versus, shes an inverted triangle right?

    • Versus


  • K Britt

    Wow, this girl is unfortunate looking. Everything about her looks fake — her hair color, tan, boobs. She needs a serious make under. Also, because her torso appears naturally wider, her boobs look more like pecks, making her appear awkward and manly. Overall, she appears trashy and ugly.

  • Kimberly

    She has a really wide rib cage, which is what I think makes her more athletic looking and top heavy.

  • Stereo

    She looks like a bad version of Katie Price as if she wasn’t bad enough.
    Eventhough she does have great skin and fab lower body, her upper body looks like a trans-man’s. :/

  • Emmanuelle

    Those boobs look so fake and umm… up there. Is that what they say under the muscle procesure? I found the great resemblance to Blake Lively’s.

  • Ramie

    she looks really greasy & she’s too meaty IMO.

  • alex de

    I love her stomach.

  • Claire

    Those boobs make her look like she’s holding her breath

  • Selina

    I’m 5’5 too but my legs look much more longer then hers?? R u sure she’s 5’5? She looks shorter no offence

    • Clare

      You legs may be longer because you have longer legs and a shorter torso and she has shorter legs and a longer torso but thats just a thought

  • Minette

    This girl just looks so trashy! She has a very athletic build and the fake boobs make her appear even more top heavy than she already is.

  • megan

    Does anyone know how much she weighs? Minus the implants she has a nice figure

  • cesq

    she’s a beast with the worst eyebrows

  • riotgrrrrl12

    i like her legs, but her boobs are fake as heellll

  • asdfkjh

    aughhh so trashy! is the term “glamour model” also known as “stripper”? i think her body is terrible too. there is nothing special about fake t*ts. she has such broad manly shoulders and kind of short squat legs. not a fan!

  • Not the mos famous glamour model but a glamour mode none the less!