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Bikini Treat: Gracie Carvalho

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Name: Gracie Carvalho

Age: 22

Height: 5’8.5″ / 174cm

Posing here for: Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts

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  • violet

    Ok, nothing special in my books.

    • linda

      Well, atleast she isn’t blonde.

  • Alex

    I think she’s all around amazing! Like the black, slightly chestier Candice! Pretty face, hair, and skin. Lovely, shapely legs! The holy grail on this site- a desirable WHR! a nice but not excessive amount of boobage and a decent butt! Only complaint is her ribcage could be less prominent but otherwise I think she looks phenom! 🙂

    • Emeline

      “The holy grail on this site- a desirable WHR” That’s true. But I’ve noticed that bodies with a nice WHR don’t have great legs most of the time. They are often short and/or thick (Candice Swanepoel and Elsa Hosk are exceptions), so I guess VS favors slim and long legs for models instead of a nice WHR when they can’t have both.
      Gracie is very pretty btw!

    • Casey

      As someone who likes WHR’s, I don’t think her’s is that desirable. She does have hips but not so much a small waist. To me, her WHR is comparable to that of Miranda or Adriana, who are considered to be pretty rectangular.

      • Gia

        Barbara Palvin>all theses other cookie cutter VS models

  • HH

    Great skin tone and a cute-ish face. But over all a little meh. Not a fan of her body…theres just not much to it.

  • serena

    Lovely body! Glad VS went with a darker model because there’s so many blond beauties already (Candice, Elsa, Doutzen, Erin, Lindsey). I’m sure some people will claim her legs are too big but I think fuller thighs can look nice too.

    • alyssa

      So glad to see a different genre than blond. It would be so cool if they got an Indian or Persian model, maybe even Asian!

      • serena

        Hah it’s funny you said that because I’m persian and was just thinking how there are no persian models or anyone who looks like me in hollywood lol. Well Adriana is similar in coloring but she’s Brazilian. There’s an Australian model, Shanina Shake who is south asian and did a VS photoshoot. VS used to have a black model Chanel who was very pretty but I don’t know what happened to her?

        • MissCoco


          Chanel recently gained weight I think. She was on a mission to get a “fuller body” because she herself claimed that she loves curves and more meat on a woman. Which made me REALLY upset when I found out that she was not running the VS fashion show. If you look at her instagram, she looks like a healthy normal girl and it seemed to me like VS dropped her once she gained weight last year… way to be supportive of body diversity, not.

        • Natalia

          Chanel Iman blew up, gained so much weight that VS wouldn’t use her, then she must have realized she had to lose some weight and is now not thin, but regular size.

        • Natalia

          Chanel Iman blew up, gained so much weight that VS wouldn’t use her, then she must have realized she had to lose some weight and is now not thin, but regular size.

          I got yelled at before for saying this, but I see now others agree w/ me.

    • alyssa

      But I don’t see how her thighs are fuller. When she’s standing straight she has full on walking space

      • Hazal

        Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well Alyssa. I don’t see full(er) thighs here. They look pretty small.
        BTW: Persian women are gorgeous. I wonder why there aren’t any famous models from that area (most Persians living in the West aren’t religious anyway. So, that couldn’t be the issue).

        • alyssa

          North Toronto has tons of Persians IMO they’re some of the most beautiful people in town. Most are total glam, but you can still see their features through. They’d make great models if you could find taller guys/gals

  • Lizi

    Anyone care to guess her weight?

    • Neri

      It’s really difficult to say, but perhaps around 127 pounds?

    • Nasia

      Def not 127 lbs, much less. I am 5’9″ and 120 lbs and she looks smaller than me, so I’d say around 120 considering she’s a bit more toned 🙂

    • Nicole

      It IS really difficult to say. I think alot of these bikini models, such as sports illustrated and victoria secret models, aren’t always the standard 120 and doubtly all 34-24-34. I’m 5’10 and 140 and people have told me i’m thin.. too thin. And I understand its possible to be that tall and be 120, but it depends on bodyframe, obviously. I think she’s about 130.

  • isabel

    Nice legs and skin. Not a fan of her torso though.

  • Sands

    She’s very pretty in a fresh sweet way, although quite young looking, maybe for the Pink line?

    Speaking of new angels when are VS going to make Shanina Shaik an angel? she was beautiful in their runway show. Love her 🙂

  • MissMarilyn

    She’s cute! Finally someone who’s just another long-haired blonde ahahaha she still has the cutesy look that a lot of VS models do but its a step in the right direction.

    loooooove her legs! Not my favorite shape of torso but she’s still got a great body 🙂

    • MissMarilyn

      actually I take that back I don’t love her legs for some reason. They’re fine but not “loooooooove” worthy haha.

      I do love her arms though. I wish I could be tall and have long, slender arms.

  • Pixie

    Pretty girl, nice body…..which could describe most vs models. Adriana and Barbara stand out to me the most though.

    • Neri

      Yes I agree… Seems that Gracie’s word is CUTE – which many seem to have written about her… It was the first word the popped into my head as well…
      But to me, Adriana is also the one who stands out the most followed by Doutzen Kroes.

  • Lauren

    Eh. She doesn’t have It.

  • retrobanana

    i like her body but her waist looks a little wide…brooklyn decker like which i am not a fan of ….but i have come to realize i prefer shorter legs such as marissa millers, miranda kerrs, and that of halle berrys to candice’s bambi’s…so i like this girls legs a lot…her complexion is gorgeous as well….she is different that is good but i agree something is missing…

  • Teiku

    She’s pretty.

  • I like her face – and it is really nice to see someone of different colouring in the VS line-up. Her body is nothing different for VS though – not my cup of tea – but she’s still very attractive.

  • Henny

    Umm…can just any girl who’s over 5’8 and under 130 pounds be a victoria’s secret model nowadays? I wouldn’t look twice at this girl in the streets

    • Sheza

      So true!!

    • Nobsnob

      Lol touché!

  • Winnie

    i like that Gracie is one of VS’ few “coloured” models, but Emanuela DePaula and Lais Ribeiro will forever be my faves.

    • Powwow

      lol “Coloured”? Like we’re in the 1950’s…
      Anyway yes, Emanuela DePaula was so gorge! And I love Arlenis Sosa for VS too. I still think VS could do with much more ethnic and physical diversity.

      • Winnie

        yes, “coloured”. i’m using the term loosely to mean NOT white. as a black woman, i take more offense in their lack of racial diversity than that word tbh. it seems that VS has a formula for their “black” aka predominately biracial-looking models like they do for their standard blue-eyed blonds and blue-eyed brunettes.

        Lais, Gracie, and Arlenis along with some other girls (who resemble Lais and Gracie) are being featured more (on the website, not the commercials). to the naked eye Arlenis would stands out because she’s the darkest, and the most recognizable of the three by name (IMO) you’d think she’d be featured in more commercials and be a lot closer to being an Angel than Lais considering they like “brand-name” models.

        Gracie and Lais have the same skin-tone and haircut going on and so do most of the other “black” models VS features. anyway, regarding my “coloured” statement, it wouldn’t hurt for them to feature an Asian or middle Eastern woman more often. the world isn’t just “black” and “white”.

        • Powwow

          Lol I didn’t imply or intend to imply that the world was just “Black” or “White”.
          As a Black women, I simply think using ‘coloured’ to describe any person who is not white is old-fashioned. Hence the ‘like we’re in the 1950s’ comment.

          • serena

            For some reason “colored” has been deemed racist but “people of color” is the new trendy term, and honestly, what’s the difference? I have white friends who are darker than me so the foolish terms people come up with to be pc make me laugh 😀

          • Powwow

            @Serena who mentioned racism..? You can call someone or yourself ‘coloured’ if you really want too but the term is out-dated to a lot of people, like so many other terms.

          • Ginx

            Sorry if this is a bit off topic… As someone who has never been to the US, I’m a bit confused as to what the preferred term is? I’ve always thought “black people” was the appropriate term, but there’s also “African Americans”, “colored”, “people of color”… and what do you call dark skinned people of non-African descent (mixed race etc.)?

            I’m a bit scared that if I were to travel to the US I would step on someone’s toes….

  • annemarie

    She’s cute but that’s it. Even though she’s not another blue-eyed fake-tanned blonde, she doesn’t stand out either and somehow gives off that “generic VS model” vibe. But I think that’s VS’s fault – they even managed to make Magdalena look average.

    • Casey

      They style all of their models the exact same way, which is why all of their models look “generic.”

      Even the blondes of VS look completely different..Doutzen, Candice and Elsa, for example, look nothing alike.

      But when they’re styled similarly (same haircut, same hair and length of hair, same outfits, same poses), it tends to look that way.

      In the 90’s, they let models be styled slightly differently. It wasn’t the models themselves that stood out.

      I wish they would maybe have a shorter haired model or a model with straight hair or one with super curly hair…slightly different. Maybe different make up too…”day” makeup and “night makeup,” or different colored lipstick.

  • Mary

    I’m no supermodel but she’s not that special. I think models these days got nothin on 90’s models. maybe because everything is so vulgar…nothing is special anymore. at least she’s a brunette… seems like all VS models are blonde these days

  • artemis

    She looks good body-wise for a vs model :))
    cute too

  • artemis

    it’s weird how her legs look nice from the side but bony from the front tho :/

  • snugglepup

    She’s very pretty! Prefer her to Candice

  • annabanana

    I think she’s super cute. And whats wrong with that? Lots of young girls can relate to “cute” more than “classically beautiful” so I think it’s find that VS uses that look. Whatever they did to her boobs looks ridiculous all pushed like that, but her skin is BEAUTIFUL and thank god shes not another blonde white girl!!! All around lovely and an improvement for VS if you ask me.

    • Natalia

      I agree, that was actually my comment before and I got laughed at, the more average a woman is the more the average women relate to her. I think before I was talking about byonce, or jenny lopez, but here is an example of a model that is average and relatable, was prob. even selected as a model b/c of her averageness, her ability to be relatable to the large market share of women. good point

  • annabanana

    **fine, not find lol

  • carrie

    id say 125-130 lbs too at 5’8

  • In contrary to a lot of you I actually don’t like her legs. (I like calves that are a bit more pronounced) I do love her smile, coloring and shoulders a lot. Overall I don’t think that the problem at vs is that they have models that all look the same, I think the problem is that they MAKE all the models look the same. Flirty, smiley, with beach waves, pink blush, same poses… oh well..

  • maggie

    well at least she doesnt look like a giraffe !!!! 😛

  • solaxia

    I think she looks identical to Miranda Kerr almost, just different colouring. I think their body shapes are similar, as are their leg shapes, and the rounder face.

    • CK

      i agree

    • Nobsnob

      Mmm Miranda doesn’t have wide hips she’s pretty much straight up and down imo.

      • solaxia

        Yea, Miranda is straight up and down imo too…however so is this girl. Like, her hips are slightley wider…but really nothing I would notice at all to say there’s that much of a difference.

  • D

    Cute girl…but thats it… she is just another pretty girl

  • Debbs

    Stunnning. Her legs look very slim in some pics and fuller in others. I’m sure she is super slim in person!

  • misscheeks

    She’s a cutie! Lovely face!

  • jamie

    shes cute and has a nice figure, but my god these VS models bodies are ALL carbon copies of one another…i swear they are all robots manufactured in area 51

  • retrobanana

    she is no emanuela depaula that is for sure that was my fave even selita was good when she first started before she became trashy…but i lobve emanuela..did vd let her go?

  • lc

    Eh, not a fan. I wouldn’t look twice at her if I saw her on the street.

  • Nobsnob

    She kinda has the body of Heidi Klum (particularly the waist and hips).
    I do not find anything special in her, she’s just not my taste I guess.

  • Sienna

    Nice legs! But her nose seems a bit unproportionate to her face and I don’t think her face is very striking, especially for a model.

  • Natalia

    At first I thought yeesh looks like a witch, long bird nose, fat inner thighs and outer thighs, not huge but not thin…looks like the type that could potent. blow up, give her a year or two, glowing clear complexion though, nice coloring, but clearly a pc choice, VS is feeling pressure to broaden the type of models they use, but they could have picked a thinner more beautiful ethnic model than this one.

    • lc

      I’m not trying to be rude Natalia, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought you said you weren’t commenting here anymore?

      • serena

        Gosh don’t be mean Lc, Natalia has lots of insightful comments, such as her recent suggestion that Candice Swanepoel get liposuction on her thighs : )

      • Natalia

        I really only have time to look, comment, not anything else, that’s the way I like it.

      • Natalia

        replied to somenoe else, i don’t have time to get into full blown discussion/debate like i do when I’m not working or sick, I still do like to be a casual memeber here, when i’m bored, in the airport, waiting for dinner, I keep coming back to this site, I think i have internet addiction! plus body image addiction too!, anyway, i really like this site when I read post and then comment, and then don’t get into discussions, then it’s fun,.

  • Jessa

    Short, untoned legs. Nothing like Miranda.

  • Liz

    I wasn’t a fan of her face in the first pic, but it grew on me, mostly because she looks really natural and happy. I get empathy pain in my boobs looking at some of these VS swimsuit shots. Dear VS, It’s okay if you hire some models who aren’t super chesty and just leave their boobs be, rather than chicken cutletting and double bra-ing them up to their chins so they look like boob job boobs. Small chested women buy swimsuits too and not all of them want a suit that squeezes their tits like they’re trying to pop a zit.

  • Natalia

    Yeah, I don’t think at 5′ 8″ she has short legs, they just look short b/c they are a little heavy/fuller whatever on thighs, the thicker the legs, the shorter they look.

  • Ginx

    You commenters have been spoiled by beautiful women on this site. 😛

    I love Gracie. I get a very good vibe from her and frankly, she could look worse/flabby – she could look better (WHR whatever) – I don’t care, I’d still be inclined to buy what she sells. She projects “fun” well. Not a classical beauty, but I do find her to be a very attractive young woman.

  • Jacky Daniels

    so boring..

  • Joy

    I think she looks great. Fit and toned without being a scarecrow, but more importantly, she’s smiling and looks almost carefree. Which is something, in my opinion, that the other VS women could do a bit more of.

  • anonymous

    I feel like all the Victoria’s Secret models have the exact same body… Or almost the same body… However some look more fit/toned while others look too skinny. I think they all have pretty faces, but none of them (apart from Doutzen and Rosie HW) really stand out to me… They’re beautiful but generic… Like seriously generic looking… I think I just have a preference for a different kind of beauty… The VS models are good looking, but I just don’t find them interesting to look at anymore…