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Bikini Treat: Lily Aldridge

Bikini Treat of the Day: Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge (27), who gave birth to her first child 10 months ago, looking slim and fit on the beach during a photo-shoot.

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  • D

    Both Adriana and Lily have great bodies post-giving birth.Its weird, Lily has all the right things going for her – great body… nice hair… attractive facial features… but as a whole/overall she is nothing special IMO despite nothing being wrong. Very generic? I guess it could be a good thing as a model as the target audience will be focused on the garments being modeled rather then the model herself.

    • Leah

      agreed. whenever i see pictures of her i wonder why i don’t find her more attractive. i’m not sure what puts me off

  • Hazal

    Well, she has a great body -no doubt- but her face is so plain imo.

    • artemis

      yep, she has a nice body shape and isn’t that bony but her face is plain and too masculine at the same time, imo.

  • Pixie

    Her body is amazing!! Pretty face too :).

  • Winnie

    she has a way nicer body than Adriana. but her face is what holds her back from being popular. she is prety, but sooooo boring somehow

  • I think she’s a pretty girl, but…she is so bland and boring.

    • Mishael

      Maybe she seems so because she is a model. Her body is great and face is really pretty with some awesome cheekbones. And I find her hair lovely. I believe if she wasn’t a model but just a regular girl doing some other job for a living she would be considered very hot by her friends and acquaintances.

  • Daniela

    Her body is looking much better than Adriana´s. She has a great waist and stomach and looks toned and slim. I think her face is very pretty as well, but she is nowhere as sexy (face-wise) as the other angels.

    • artemis

      definitely better than adriana’s average skinny body

  • zz

    Come on!

    She is pretty, and has a very very nice body compared to the “average” let alone compared to those having had a baby 10 months ago!

    Besides, those bikinis, especially that WHITE one, are all bland !! Pretty hard to pull of a bland white bikini and not look bland!

  • serena

    Her body is pretty good but the white bikini is unflattering – the bottom looks like underwear, and the top makes her look flat-chested with an ugly fringe to boot! She looks better in the other bikinis. I think she’s a skittle shape, gains on thighs but not hips, and smaller on top with a lean midsection.

  • Puppe

    Pretty good looking 🙂

  • mary

    Sorry don’t get the hype…Im a fan of many lovely VS girls but she is not one of them

  • Tea

    Probably my least favourite vs model. I’m not sure what it is either…her teeth/smile are definitely off though. And she’s possibly a little masculine looking in the face. Maybe she’s more captivating in person. It’s amazing how her body bounced back for the last vs show, though.

  • wb

    shes cute! she doesnt have my favorite look, but i love her personality. she seems so nice 🙂

  • Sofia

    Is this a vs photoshoot? If so, why didn’t they stuff her bra?

    • artemis

      as if she needs it

    • HB

      They’re known to photoshop them (or at least one of them in) later 😉

  • siobhan

    She is attractive. She just doesn’t stack up to the other VS angels. Adriana, Candice, and Doutzen would make almost anyone look plain in comparison.

  • Lana

    I love the way she looks in the leopard bikini. Plus, she is so gorgeous. One of my top favorite VS models. I think she’s very exotic looking, kinda like Adriana. She is such a natural beauty with a fun, bubbly personality. I don’t think she’s bland or boring, I think the opposite. For me Candice S is boring, she’s too typical blonde looking (except for her body). Lily on the other hand, has great facial symmetry. It took me a while to realize just how beautiful she is only because she doesn’t stand out as much like other VS models (for instance, she doesn’t have colored eyes or blonde hair or a 0.40 WHR). But she is damn special otherwise she wouldn’t have been an official angel.

  • lc

    Eh decent body, plain face. Adriana is soooo much hotter imo, face and body.

    • lisa

      Thats ridiculous. Would love to See your body and face. Oh and dont bother to andere “its called an opinion blaa bla” its quite obvious your green With envy. Shes a real natural beauty and her body is amazing. 😀

      • mary

        your comment makes no sense. first of all, one does not have to be a supermodel to have an opinion on another’s looks. And lc praises tons of women on this site, she JUST did by sighting Adrianna (who I agree is 100x more striking that Lily and clearly VS thinks so too or they would feature Lily more than once in a blue moon)…its hilarious how offended people get when one doesn’t share their viewpoint.

        • My thoughts exactly mary! So tired of some people’s assumption that someone must be envious if they don’t have the same tastes! It’s so ridiculous to me when someone can’t fathom that their preference is not objective fact, but subjective aesthetics!

          • stfu

            In your case Erica you are envious since you only praise obviously unattractive people and body shame all the hot women. Ic doesn’t do that. you however DO so stop making yourself out to be a “victim” because you aren’t. You always have to make everything about you. you have such a big ego.
            but you can’t like yourself very much otherwise you wouldn’t keep projecting your own insecurities on to others, while these models etc are making money from the way they look all you are doing is pointing out their flaws on a daily basis.

          • lux

            Why do you get constantly bullied on this site?
            Its ridiculously unfair and I wish the site owner wouldn’t allow it.

          • I seem to have a stalker, lux, who pops up whenever I happen to criticise someone they think is indisputably hot. Just like Lisa, they can’t accept that people have legitimately different tastes and there is no objective ‘hot’. They are also fat-phobic.

            I wish this bully would be permanently banned too, but I guess she only bugs me and not everyone else like Natalia! And that would only confirm lol/STFU’s assertion that I am in fact in league with vs and and I post under different names to bolster support for my own ‘hateful’ and ’anti-thin’ comments!

            In short, this bully is obsessed and paranoid and I’ve learned to just expect the comments and laugh them off 🙂

          • artemis

            I agree with you, Mary and Erica. STFU/lol/whoever you are, you are a delusional stalker

          • Adriana

            I have been visiting this since 2009 & I have never seen you post anything offensive so im not sure why you are targeted.
            From your comments you seem so down to earth, rational & open minded so imo you don’t have a problem. Just keep being you & comment the way you do.
            I enjoy your comments & have learnt a thing or two from you 🙂

      • lc

        Haha oh shutup lisa. Go troll somewhere else. I have my opinion on Lily, and it’s NOT changing. Guess you’ll just have to (gasp) deal with it. Oh and btw, I am attractive. Not that it matters 😉

        • Adriana

          WOOHOO GO LC! I like your strength & confidence.
          I hate bullying of any kind. Some people need to learn to accept a difference in opinion & not to take things so personally. I feel like some people go crazy when a body type that they like or relate to is critisized. Some people are too senstive, not good in a world full of different opinions.

  • Eden

    Does anyone know how this bikini top style called? thanks!

  • Mara

    She’s probably my favorite VS model, I like her cute, natural look. Same with Behati. I never understand why people call her plain – she’s not to me, just has a different kind of beauty than Candice or Adriana.
    But both Lily and Behati are looking a fair bit thinner than they used to. Unnessecary 🙁

    • li

      Agreed! Behati and Lily are my favorite VS models too. They´re not “in your face”-over the top sexy (don´t like that too much), but IMO just very beautiful girls and I like that much better than just being a “bombshell”. Though of course all the VS girls are pretty and have nice bodies!

  • Miss x

    She is pretty and has a great body. But she doesn’t have the it-factor to me. But I think the only VS angels that has it is Adriana and Doutzen.

    • paola

      agree..all this vs models thing is very overrated. agree for doutzen and adriana,they are super beautiful(even if I preferred doutzen at her slighty higher weight)

  • tequilla

    yeah ,pretty girl but im not impressed. not sexy to me.

  • Sophia

    Whenever I come to this site I realize how completely absurd my body image is. :/

    • Mishael

      What do you mean?

      • Sophia

        I just realise how much I reject my body for all the flaws which are probably only seen by me. Then I look at these supermodels and again see nothing but flaws. I really don’t know what I expect a body to look like. :/

        • Coldnipzr

          Sophia, yes I get what u mean. Sometimes on this site and some others i get the impressing no one is good enough! Lol even all the models have ‘flaws’ so it’s hard to evaluate your own in a rational , clear way.
          And then the Photoshop dosnt help either. We are all probably way to hard on ourselves – and others. Lily is beautiful.

          • Miss x

            I also just had a moment. Im so tired of thinking about dieting 24/7 and think about my flaws. My body is healthy, strong, and I have some good assets. I wish it was the good stuff I could see when I look in the mirror. We girls shouldn’t be too hard on us self.

        • HB


        • Adriana

          I use to feel like that about my body until I started to place my selfworth in me as a person rather than how I look.
          I still take pride in my apperance, I changed what I could to fit my preference & what I couldn’t change I learnt to accept & find the good inn. Please remember beauty really is objective. Funny thing is what I like about my body most people on here would default as a flaw but it doesn’t bother me because I like “insert body part” for whatever reason also im more than a body part so really im not offended

  • Hh

    She’s gorgeous and a pretty body. Get why others think she’s sort of bland though. Still, natural and cute. I just didn’t think she was only 27 though! Thought she was in her early 30s

  • paola

    I’ve seen better. in pictures and in real life. not thinner,I mean more beautiful. nothing wrong with her but she looks just really really flat…boring..almost invisible to my eye. beauty catches me in a different way

  • HB

    So pretty! Every now and then, usually between meals, I have this irrational thought that I could totally do this. Like, she’s just standing there looking happy/cute.
    Anyway, she looks great.

    • Miss x

      That you could model for Victorias secret, or what do you mean?:)

      • HB

        Kind of, haha. I know I’m not nearly as beautiful as they are, but every now and then, I don’t see what’s so perfect/special about them. They’re pretty and thin and fit, sure, but sometimes I feel like anyone could do this. I’m tall, thin, and fit, and sometimes I delude myself into thinking that with the right makeup and lighting, I wouldn’t look so different posing for a couple hours and making a ton of money for it.

        I know it’s silly, I just don’t understand why our society idealizes the property of beauty. It’s so much less important than intelligence or ambition or skill. It’s just weird! I love talking about it, and of course looking at pretty things/people is pleasant, but sometimes I wonder why standing around being pretty is more valuable than something like doing important scientific research, or teaching college students. Just thinking!

        • Miss x

          Why not go to a good photographer and take some good shots? First to a makeup artist, and then take some shots? Life is too short to not try to make your dreams come true. I know modeling is a dream for many, but if you don’t try, you never know. And there are lots of other categories then Victorias Secret. You can do catalogue work for smaller chains, and still make a good amount of money. Go for it, girl:)

          • HB

            You made me smile 🙂 I love your attitude!

  • ary


  • I don’t find her stunning. Her body is standard fare for a VS model – very toned, tan and not very curvy. Attractive in a predictable way, but not my cup of tea.

  • Laura

    She’s a pretty lady and there’s something about her that reads classy and sweet and not overtly sexy, which is kind of refreshing for VS.

  • lillaliket

    I think she is cute and looks “fresh” somehow, and I like the fact that they didn’t stuff her bra like crazy, like they usually do!

  • snugglepup

    Well… I’m not a fan of “model bodies” and she’s not an exception. Cute face but I don’t really feel it.

  • lizzy

    really surprised that ppl here dont find her attractive. she is STUNNING! she has such a beautiful unique look. her cheeks, her nose, her smile. and her body is amazing!!

  • Andrea

    I think her face is stunning and her body looks better now, it’s funny how the bodies of all vs models look better after they have their first child, I guess that is because tey are so skinny and with the extra meat yo got an amazing body!!

  • anushka

    Im not sure what it is about her, but theirs something about her body that makes me really really like it.
    Overall, dare i say, my second favorite angel 🙂

  • Nobsnob

    I don’t particularly like her face, and her body is rather square and flat….

  • Cathia

    She looks a bit like a young Paulina Porizkova in her prime.

  • carrie

    she is pretty. probably 5’7 130ish..looks toned and healthy maybe even 125 lbs at about 5’7!!

    • carriee1

      She is about my height and I think she’s around 118 at the most.