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  • x

    On here you wrote 5’1, I believe you meant she is 5’11. Just letting you know

  • Alias

    I think she gained some weight for Victoria’s Secret, and honestly I prefer her body here to how she usually looks. Was never a fan of her face, but it’s starting to grow on me a little. For some reason she reminds me of Behati, but prettier features. And even though her face isn’t the most gorgeous to me, I do like her confidence, and think it’s perfect for fashion.

  • Pixie

    Great body!! 🙂

  • jojoLzZ

    I really like her body here she looks healthy and glowy.her face is very unique with nice features . I would like to see her with darker hair I think it would be interesting on her . She looks about 140-145 if she’s indeed that tall

    • Sanne

      No way her weight is 140-145. I think her BMI is 19,5 tops, but more between 18 and 19.

      • Alli

        I am 5’10 and 125 and she is MUCH slimmer than me, although I do work out and life weights regularly. I agree with others at around 115 as she looks like she has little muscle mass, which weighs more.

    • Alias

      No way. Vlada is 100 pounds and the same height, there is a picture of them together and they look to be the same size, Magda even looks a bit thinner because of the angle. That was at her skinniest, so here I would say she is 110-115 MAX. She’s also not very toned/fit so whatever “excess” weight she does have is not going to be muscle.

      • Dani

        I totally agree. 115 is her MAX weight.

        • lillaliket

          but that would give her a BMI of 16! is she really that skinny?

          • Alias

            Yup Magdalena has always been very skinny. Fashion models generally eat very little to stay very very thin, so any amount of weight gain tends to make them look bigger than they actually are. And here you can still tell that she’s still quite thin since she has small arms, a bit or ribcage showing in some shots.

          • charlotte

            i don’t think she’s that skinny. i’d guess her bmi is around 17,5-18. a bmi of 16 looks sooooo much skinnier with much more bones showing. also the world health organisation classifies anyone with a bmi under 17,5 as anorexic. and she doesn’t look anorexic to me. skinny? yes. unhealthy? no.

          • Uma

            charlotte: Bmi under 17.5 is just a criteria for anorexia. The WHO definitely is not so stupid as to say that everyone with a bmi under 17.5 is anorexic. How could you even say that? You probably do not even realise that you might know people in real life with a bmi of around 17 and they look perfectly fine, especially if they are average height. People are so over-dramatic about weight on this site, and so politically correct, everyone wants to believe that HF models are a bmi of 18 so it makes them feel better about themselves and admiring those girls. Just be honest, people who look like Magdalena (who is gorgeous, imo) do not fall into the “healthy” bmi range, because that’s a pretty bull measurement. I am not talking about the extremes, one would probably be very sick with a bmi of 10, but to act as if a bmi of 17 is near death is hilarious.

    • Zoe

      I’m 5’11 and about 135-140…. I can only wish I looked this slim. 🙁 I mean, I don’t even look this slim in real life, and certainly not in photos, so while I’m awful at estimating weights, I can definitely say she weighs a lot less than 140!

      • Tori

        Well I met a woman who works in the fashion industry a couple of weeks ago and I asked her some questions about the whole fashion world and ended up talking about model’s weights. She told me commercial models usually have a bmi of 17-19 whilst runway models have bmis of 15-17. She said that it was more about measurements though. But I’m still somewhat shocked to be honest… I’m quite short so I wonder if it’s easier to be skinny when you’re tall? Since you can get away with a higher weight than a short person…

        • Zoe

          I guess it is kind of easier to look skinny when you’re taller; a lot of people comment on how skinny I am; however, in pictures, unfortunately, I look kind of big! 🙁 I’ve noticed people have the tendency to underestimate tall girls’ heights; I remember once, I told my best friend how much I weighed, and she simply said “Fuuuuuuu*******kkkkk!” in reply- ha ha 🙂 My friends also constantly tell me I should model, bless them- I don’t think they realise I’m not actually as skinny as I might initially seem; it’s all really an illusion due to my height! 🙂

        • megs362

          This is a weird myth that just won’t go away!

          Yes, tall girls will look skinny at a higher weight than short ones – but it isn’t any easier for them to maintain that weight because tall bodies also require more calories to run! We get hungrier a lot faster. It isn’t any easier, we still have to feel just as hungry as a short person to be thin, even if we are eating proportionately more.

    • Katya

      I agree.. she’s about 135-140. There is no way she’s 115 pounds.. she would look like death.

  • Mera

    I prefer her body over Candice Swanepoel’s.

    Gorgeous long legs and v feminine.

    I didn’t like her face at first either but she has grown on me. She is so very unique and sensual.

  • CC

    I like that her face shape isn’t super long and super narrow like with so many other models

    • Tst

      True. But it is a growing trend, the high cheekbones, short facial structure. Behati Prinsloo, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Natalya Vadianova (was she in VS though?). A lot of new age supermodels have beautiful youthful features. I guess you were thinking of Giselle Bundchen, and a certain well known italian model (can’t remember her name), They have long small faces.

      • Mera

        Caroline Trentini?

        Rachel Zimmerman has a particularly long face, almost horsey, but I still think she’s gorgeous.

      • Nene

        I get what your point.These models you listed all have square faces,which is said to photograph better than other face shapes.
        Take Adriana Lima and Douzten for instance,people are so caught up by their sensual face that they don’t notice they have a bit of a strong jaw.Square face always have high cheekbones just like this model.
        On a side note,why are almost all VS models blonde,is it a trademark something?

      • CC

        Yes I especially had a few in mind like Alessandra Ambrosio and the 90s supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri

    • Tst

      Had to google: italian model lady (supposedly half eastern european, though she has 100% italian facial features ) = Allesandra Ambrosio

      • Gabriella

        Caroline Trentini and Alessandra Ambrosio are brazilian, not italian! They are of italian descent, but both were born and raised in Brazil.

    • Dorothy

      Michelle Pfeiffer has a similar facial structure to Magdalena. Not the eyeshape, but the high cheekbones.

  • Iana

    I was trying to think of who she reminded me of. Anyone remember there was this platinum blonde girl on the ANTM season with the petite models? i can’t remember her name, but she made it close to the end of the competition. Anyhow, her face looks a lot like hers, though Magdalena’s like 5-6 inches taller

    • annabeatrice

      I think you’re referring to Erin Wagner 😉

  • SA girl

    Typical Bond girl! Exotic, beautiful Polish lady! She has one of the most unique faces in the supermodel business.. My favourite supermodel at the moment!.

  • Em

    NO WAY is she anywhere near 140-145ish. probs 125…..

    • Mera

      I am 6ft tall and 140. I would probably have to drop to 130 to look that slim.

      • SA girl

        Off topic, I would love to be 6ft tall…you must be stunning! I think really tall women can look regal at times, long legs, etc..

        • Mera

          I wish I was small petite and shaped more like Miranda Kerr or Jessica Alba:p

          I feel so unfeminine due to my height.

          • SA girl

            So many women wear heels to look taller, you have height naturally. . I am 5ft8, would have loved to grow till 6ftin. Uma Thurman, Brooke Shields, Saffron Burrows, Geena Davis, Elle McPherson…etc are all around 6ft, and they were outstanding beautiful women at their prime.. Why settle for average, when you have the ability to be statuesque!

          • Mera

            I feel like a moose:P

            Being tall, I take up way too much space:P

          • Iana

            I’m 5″3.5 and it’s…okay. I don’t hate not being tall like I did when I was younger, but my ideal height would be 5″7-5″8. For the most part I’ve gotten used to being short and sometimes I kinda like feeling small and fitting into little spaces (and yeah, I know I sound nutty)

          • Zoe

            Aww, that’s really sad, Mera. 🙁 I’m 5’11 and used to feel the same as you, but at the end of last year, something just kind of ‘clicked,’ and I came to accept/begin to be comfortable with my height. Kind of random, but I was browsing a website and saw a beautiful pair of 3.5 inch heels, which I’d normally avoided like the plague, but as they were £10, I decided to buy them… and hence by love affair with heels began! At first, I reserved my heels only for the evening, but now that it’s summer, I’ve also started getting some pretty wedges, without checking the heel heights. 🙂

            It might sound weird, but I just feel amazing in heels, and yes, I do look crazy tall, and sometimes people stare, but I simply tell myself that, if people choose to take personal offence at the sight of a tall girl in heels, then they’re the ones with the problem, not me! 🙂

            I really hope you find confidence in your height soon… I’ve found that one thing that makes me feel a bit more confident is (it might sound really lame) but I pretend I’m a model and put on some heels and a nice outfit and just feel amazing. And before anyone jumps down my throat, yes, I know I’m *not* a model and don’t think I’d qualify to be one, but y’know- a girl can always pretend, right? 😀

          • Carla

            I feel the same, I’m tall and not model thin and I’ve always felt big, clumsy and not elegant. But at your weight 140 for 6ft is very slim, I bet you look great. We are always our own worst critic 🙂

          • Winnie

            don’t feel that way Mera! femininity and being petite are not mutually exclusive. i know a lot of people associate short women with girlhood and youth (in the extreme), so it’s ain’t always a picnic on the other side 😛

          • Tanya

            Petite girls are far more feminine than tall ones in real life, tall women look good on runways though…

          • Ellia

            Mera, I come from a tall family (my grandmother was 5’11”–one did not mess with her, ha!). In fact, at 5’8″, I’m the shortest of my siblings–sisters and brother are 5’10”, 5’10.5″, and 6’3″–but I just wanted to say that, at 6′, no doubt you have long legs…which are always beautiful! Please disregard what Tanya said. Femininity does not solely belong to one shape, size, or height.

            Trust me, a woman’s features are definitely distinct from a man’s…the shape of a woman’s calves, neck, even fingers vs. a man’s…huuuge difference. Even our natural vocal registers are distinctly female.
            Try not to get too hung up on one feature…I used to wish my feet were as small as my friends’ feet, but I finally came to appreciate that they were fitting for my height, that they had a pretty shape and arch, and that they were great for dancing when I was younger.

            I hope you eventually own your height! Use it to your advantage. (It gives you a lot of presence…my sisters look so powerful when they enter a room, heels or not. And one of my sisters always poses a certain way in pictures–she sits with her legs crossed a certain way, and her legs seem to go on for miles!).
            Okay, end of rambling post. 🙂

  • Lillaliket

    My least fav of the VS girls. I can see that she’s “technically” good looking, she just doesn’t do it for me.

    • popo

      Agreed. I like absolutely nothing about her. :S

    • JaneParker

      Same here. I actually like her body. But not her face. Like, at all. Not trying to sound mean, but from the VS models this one is the least attractive, facially, for me.

      • sofie kittie

        I don’t like her face either. And I don’t like the way VS models overarch their backs in an attempt to look sexy… that just looks painful.

  • jojoLzZ

    I was just guessing since when I was at my absolute thinnest 5’10 and 112 I looked way skinnier whereas she looks very thin but ‘full’ so I’d say 135 at the least and 145 if she has muscle ,she’s very tall . Anyways only she knows what’s her weight 😛

  • mary

    I dont see the appeal…shes thin and the legs are nice and long, but she doesnt have good muscle tone.

  • carie

    she is really pretty!i would guess 5’11 125 lbs-i have a friend who is similar build and height and weighs that

  • Mo

    Her face in the first picture REALLY doesn’t do it for me. She looks better in the other pictures, but I’m not obsessed…

    I dunno, she’s a bit skinny for me. She looks good, but I prefer a little more meat on the ol’ bones.

    • Mo

      I just Googled her…. NOW I am obsessed.


      These pictures really don’t do her justice.

  • Mila

    I miss Tyra Banks and the old VS angels. Now is just 85% blond, skinny girls.
    I wish there would be more different body types when it comes to selling lingerie. Maybe some Kelly Brooke, Beyonce, etc. I don’t mean no more VS angels, but that they would include different body types.

    I’m doing graduation thesis in school and when I asked people if they want different body types in ads 95% said yes and 99% said they wish to see more bodies like in Dove’s commercial. 80% said that models which appear in ads are unrealistic and too thin + overly computer retouched.

    This girl: body yes, face NO NO NO. I think she has more high fashion face.

    • sofie kittie

      I like how the old VS models actually looked like grown women who owned their sexuality. The newer ones look like ditzy little girls trying to be sexy.

      • tequilla

        well thats true, i noticed that too

      • Alias

        I agree. Even Adriana and Alessandra have gotten ditzier and more bubbly over the years. I remember when they first started, they were the sexiest things ever. Still more gorgeous than most of the new girls in my opinion.

        • Alias

          I didn’t say they weren’t sexy anymore, I just thought that the mature confidence they had before was more sexy than the personalities they present now. They have always been both beautiful and sexy, and will always be.

        • Alias

          And I don’t see why you are trying to cause an argument with me constantly in these comments. First of all, I do not find Beyonce or Kelly Brook to be anything close to what I consider suitable for modeling, and I did say Robyn is a pretty girl just also not my ideal for modeling either although more suitable than Kelly/Beyonce. I don’t know why you are constantly trying to put words in my mouth.

        • Alias

          “And yes alias even admitted sexy is about persona” No i did not. You need to a) stop putting words in my mouth b) trying to pick arguments with me that are nonexistent. I find it to be quite rude.

      • Mila

        Completely agree.
        i know Tyra Banks only like a model (didn’t watch top model or her show), but look at this:
        and this:

        VS who are you selling lingerie to? Teenage girls dressing like Barbies, listening to Justin Bieber, trying to ‘seduce’ boys who never saw boobs before wearing padded push up bras OR grown women who know who they are and love they body?

        • sofie kittie

          “VS who are you selling lingerie to? Teenage girls dressing like Barbies, listening to Justin Bieber, trying to ‘seduce’ boys who never saw boobs before wearing padded push up bras OR grown women who know who they are and love they body?”

          Definitely the former lol. When I was a little girl, the VS store seemed so classy. I thought to myself, “when I grow up and get a job I’m gonna shop here”. But now the store just seems so juvenile: candy-colored bras, undies with rhinestone encrusted words, ditzy models…. just sucked the appeal right out of VS

        • Alias

          My god Adriana and Tyra are stunning in that picture. I also like Cara, but she’s not right for lingerie, or for HF.

        • binks

          This!!! VS don’t have the same vibe it did nor do the models. I basically see the store on the same level as stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Rouse, etc. because it caters to a younger demographics than it use too. I don’t view it as a “grown woman store”…lol I rather get my lingerie fix from specialty boutiques or higher brands. VS has become way to commercial and “teenish” for me. As for Magdalena she is pretty but doesn’t do it for me model wise she doesn’t stand out enough.

      • Winnie

        “I like how the old VS models actually looked like grown women who owned their sexuality”


        • Lea

          There are actually other models that work for VS other than all the basic blondes like Shanina Shaik, Daniela Braga, Sara Sampaio, Barbara Palvin, Xenia Deli, ect. Versus just never or hardly posts them here :(.

          @Versus I know I asked you about a million times but can you please do a post on Sara Sampaio and her latest VS lingerie picture PLEEEEEAAAAASSSEE!!!!

          • Versus

            The Sara Sampaio post is scheduled for next week.

          • Mera

            I just googled Sara. I notice that she can look incredibly beautiful in some photos, and rough/hard looking in others.

          • Mera

            Just googled Braga – holy crap she looks like a dark haired Magdalena!

          • Winnie

            i’m familiar with some of the models you mentioned. i find Shanina paticularly stunning. and Sara is gorgeous too, she reminds me of a youtube beauty guru, AndreasChoice. but the VS models of the past had a more “mature” kind of sex-appeal i guess you could say than the current ones. google Helena Christensen, Karen Mulder, Stephanie Seymour, Eva Herzigova, etc for VS and i’m sure you’ll see what i’m talking about

          • sofie kittie

            VS itself also doesn’t prominently feature these models as much, thus they are lesser known. You don’t find pics of these women in stores, they don’t have the “wings” or whatever, and they aren’t selected to wear the million dollar bras. Those honors go to the usual ale, Miranda, Adriana, Candice etc

          • Ellia

            @Winnie: oh my goodness, Helena Christensen was always so beautiful and smoldering! (Still is, if you’ve seen any recent pictures of her). I remember looking at her when I was younger and thinking, “Wow!”
            I also remember the days when Laetitia Casta was all over the VS catalogue. (And Claudia, Stephanie, etc..)

          • Winnie

            @Ellia yes she was! i’ve loved her face shape. they all had great bodies too (like Claudia, best figure of the 90s hands down). Stephanie Seymour was my personal fave. she had the most captivating, vibrant sex appeal. and her body was to die for. still is, actually, she’s aging exceptionally well

    • cfp

      But ultimately as a woman I am buying the clothes. Anything can look good on a beautiful hanger…I want to see how it will look on someone with MY body because designing solely for someone that looks like a model isn’t going to make me want to buy your clothes…

    • tequilla

      well i find magdalena and beyonce both pretty, why there is always this skinny or curvy battle, they are both beautifull and attractive to me.

      • Alias

        That’s how I feel too. Beyonce’s body is perfect for a powerful performer, dancer, singer type, but not right for the runway. While Magdalena has the perfect couture body I honestly think her bones might break if she took on the same choreography Beyonce did.

    • Alias

      Don’t think Robyn Lawley would fit the Victoria’s Secret image either. I think Irina Shayk is the perfect model – look and body, for lingerie, but I can’t ever see her being an Angel because her personality just doesn’t fit it, and she stands out too much from the similar looking blonde bunch: Lindsay Ellingson, Toni Garrn, and Erin Heatherton. I wish VS would use more Sara Sampaio, and Lais Ribeiro more, but they also stand out too much, and Barbara Palvin would be perfect as well if she just toned up a bit more. Marloes Horst would also be a great addition.

      • Alias

        How is beauty so different from sexy in your opinion? I see that some people are considered beautiful, some sexy, but to me the VS girls are both beautiful and sexy. And the dictionary definition of beauty states that beauty itself can mean a lot of things. I can say that strawberry is beautiful, and that would be a valid statement.

      • Alias

        Correction: meant that I think Adriana, Alessandra, Candice, Rosie etc are sexy. Lindsay Ellingson, not so much.

      • Alias

        Well I didn’t say Beyonce would make a good model, in fact I think she would be less of a good fit for VS than Robyn Lawley. And are you really putting Robyn next to Kate Moss? I haven’t seen Robyn Lawley in anything big, and I don’t think she’s right for modeling either outside of commercial.

      • Alias

        Sexy = Sexually attractive or exciting. Beautiful = Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. Nope they are not mutually exclusive. Something sexy can also be pleasing to the senses. Actually the definitions seem very subjective if you ask me. It really depends on the individual.

      • Mera

        it’s because sex/glamorous is often a matter of ATTITUDE and not just beauty

        for instance, some of the most successful strippers aren’t that hot – but they know how to work it

        same with the porn stars

        they are not ideal beauties, but they are ‘sexy’

        and Monroe was defninitely not the most beautiful back then, but she had overwhelming sex appeal, which is one reason why she became so famous

        rita hayworth was super sexy and super gorgeous

        ingrid bergman – beautiful, but not sexy

        jean harlow – if you look closely, kinda average, but i guess she had mega sex appeal

      • Alias

        In what part of my comments are you getting that I prefer Beyonce or Kelly Brook? Robyn has a pretty face, I’m just saying I can’t see her walking down the runway with Magda, Vlada, Sigrid, Frida etc and she probably never will.

      • Alias

        Yes I agree that in general there are people who can fall into beautiful, and sexy and not both, and there are people who are both, but I also think that sexy/beautiful can be very subjective as well. For example, Vlada, most people can agree is beautiful, but not sexy, but her boyfriend probably finds her sexy. Or pornstars are sexy to some people, but I will never find them beautiful or sexy.

      • sofie kittie

        “Sexy is a complete different definition than beatiful- that’s how they are different. The two are exclusive though they may both be present in the same person”

        I agree. There are people that are both sexy and beautiful, but I’ve also seen women that imo are not particularly attractive, but because of their confidence and the way they carry themselves, I perceive them to be sexy.

      • Mera

        “sexy but not beautiful’ is especially apparent with guys

        Ryan Goslin
        Ryan Reynolds
        Vin Diesel
        Sylvester Stallone
        Jean Claude van Damme

        All of the above have been sex symbols. And none of them are what I would think of as beautiful men. But they are confident, and muscular. Actualy, I suspect that for a guy, muscles and a tan can even make a below average guy look ‘hot’.

      • Alias

        @Mera What I’m saying is that different people find different things sexy. For example those men might be considered sexy by most women, but I personally prefer men who may be considered more beautiful like RJ King, Clement Chabernaud, River Viiperi etc and to me those men are sexy, so it’s more a matter of opinion! 🙂

      • megs362

        Sorry, but your comments about proportions are a bit off. If a woman is ‘bigger’ in terms of, for example, cm circumference around the hips, but also taller – then the reason she will look good is because she is still effectively slim.

        This is an issue with a lot of ‘plus-sized’ models. They might be “size 14″, but they are still skinnier than most size 8’s because of their size.

        In photos, you cannot tell the difference between a 6″ size 12 and a 5” size 2. So it’s not about proportions – or rather, it’s only about ONE set of proportions: thin ones!

    • Mila

      I was referring to ads that target women who buy products. and not just clothes.

      And it’s not about skinny/curvy battle. I didn’t mention plus size models, I said diversity of models.
      Models look good on photos but in real life some of them look scary skinny. (Yes, I know some are natural like this.)
      And let’s say I want to buy lingerie to suprise my boyfriend. I want to look and feel sexy. VS sells sexy lingerie. But when I walk into their store they have posters/ads of these tall, beautiful, skinny women.
      I have normal body and a round ass which my bf loves, but when I see models there I don’t feel sexy. It makes me think I’m huge, overweight. The lingerie which I try on doesn’t look that sexy on me as it does on the model.
      It’s great to see sexy bodies of slim models, but who says that different body types can’t be sexy? We don’t think they are sexy, because all we see are slim, tall models and magazines are full of articles about losing weight.

      VS is a company that sells lingerie to all types of women, not just the ones that look like models in the ads.

  • Mara

    Her figure is not bad but looks positively shapeless from some angles. Plus I don’t like the VS styling on her at all. With her strong features, commercial work just doesn’t work, she’s not a bikini bombshell type of pretty – but interesting-looking and definitely good for HF.

    • Alias

      I agree she’s perfect for HF, but I don’t blame her at all for doing VS, the money is good, same reason why some models become actresses if they have the chance like Rosie.

  • Maud

    I don’t know how to appreciate her beauty… she looks she is going to break into pieces!

  • Magda

    @ Versus: I had a question concerning her. What is her body type ? Is she a thin apple ?
    Thanks for the answer 🙂

    • Versus

      Apples have big tummies 🙂 and Magdalena seems very fit. The definition of an apple shape is that the circumference of the waist is higher than the circumference of the hips and bust. I think Magdalena is a column shape, as are many models… with slight pear shape features (rounded, wider hips).

  • tequilla

    i like her and do believe she is naturally this skinny bc she looks tipically slavic, blonde, wide facial bones, thin, i always liked that look.

    • Alias

      I do think she’s naturally this skinny as well, but I do not think she’s naturally as skinny as she usually is.

  • belle

    she’s soooooooooooo gorgeous !!! ,3

  • Carla

    This woman is ridiculously good looking.

  • Winnie

    she is freaking stunning, and i’m always in awe that she’s 28 y-o! she’s having a good long run in the industry

  • Isabelke

    Not a fan of her body, a bit too tall for me, and her limbs are shapeless. I don’t think she fits for VS. I’m obsessed with her asian eyes though, pic on the left:


    She almost has a Mongolian look to her: slanted eyes, high, broad cheekbones…

    And I loved her with dark hair
    : http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/F2008RTW/JLSANDER/DETAILS/00380m.jpg

    Wish she would dye it back. Her face is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Winnie

    Magda is far more attractive than the average “coat-hanger” catwalk model. if she weren’t, she would not be getting any commercial work

    • Winnie

      Meh. I mean, I see your point but I also think that the models who are able to branch out do so because they are conventionally more attractive than their peers. The VS girls who do HF also usually do a lot of beauty (like Joan and Constance) because they have the kind of features (bone structure) to do well in HF yet the more sensual features. I just feel like whenever I watch any runway show the “pretty faces” are rare. And the ones who do stand out in a positive way are the girls we already know by name. Maybe it’s the make up and styling, but attractive faces like the models you named above are not in the majority. However, I tend to find the models who walk on swimwear shows tend to be less “striking” but prettier than those who walk HF runways

    • serena

      Anna/Candy I don’t think anyone is saying hf models are ugly. Many hf models are quite stunning, all the women you named for example, also many Victoria S. or SI models started out as hf models, Adriana, Candice, etc…

      Honestly what I think bothers people is when you act like ONLY hf models can be beautiful and anyone who doesn’t fall into that category is ugly, which I know you haven’t said, but your comments often imply. For example Hilary Rhoda is gorgeous and I adore her but I think Hilary Duff is also quite pretty (obviously she doesn’t have a figure for modeling but I mean facially) whereas you would automatically lump her into the ugly category for not being a model.

      The ONLY model in your list who I personally don’t like is Liu Wen who I think is overrated. Monica, Joan, Bianca and the rest are obviously stunning.

      • serena

        Liu Wen is not ugly btw, I just think she is average. I live in NYC where there is a huge Chinese population and other than her 5’10 height Liu Wen blends in – not outstanding. Ziyi Zhang is a Chinese actress/model I find quite pretty and outstanding facially, not a hf model though.

      • Alias

        @Anna Liu Wen is far from beautiful by Asian standards, and that’s pretty much how I feel about all the Asian models. Honey Lee would be an example of a beautiful Asian woman, she is 5’9″ not as thin, definitely not HF material, but she is definitely more beautiful in my opinion and in the eyes of many others compared to Liu Wen.

      • serena

        I’ve said before there are Objective criteria to beauty – symmetry, healthy size, clear skin, youth – but the Devil’s in the details which are subjective. Our unique brains and experiences create the difference in our mind’s eye. All the VS models are attractive but who is most beautiful? Candice? Miranda? Adriana? This is where subjectivity factors in! You think Liu = Joan whereas I think Joan > Liu. Their facial structure is similar but Joan has a warmth and charisma I feel Liu lacks, she is bland in comparison – but to you they’re equals! Objectively both attractive (we agree they’re not ugly) but subjectively we see them differently.

        What I said about Hilary/Britney was that as a little kid I adored them. As an adult I see neither are very talented but Hilary is still really pretty, she has a healthy happy glow, Britney I have a soft spot for lol. This was to explain why Selena Gomez has a lot of tween fans – my 12 yr old sis loves her 🙂

        Also like many Westerners I have a subtle bias – the Black and Asian women I see as beautiful often look like they could be part caucasian. Like Liya Kebede, East African, looks like a Barbie with dark skin…Alek Wek I’m not a huge fan of. In Ghana it may be the other way around, Alek the sexy one and Liya bland – this is where subjectivity plays a role.

        • Mera

          Once you get the past the objective ‘standards’ of beauty, it really does become subjective.

          And when you reach that point, beauty is really just about decoration.

          Hair is pretty. Jewellery is pretty. Luscious lips, long eyelashes – lip plates, stretched ear lobes – are all considered ‘pretty’ by various cultures, and are all forms of *decoration* in the end.

      • serena

        Also I love Hilary Rhoda but honestly she’s not unique or stunning. Her face reminds me of a lot of affluent East Coast girls I’ve met – a classic all-American look that exudes confidence, health, and well-off upbringing. She looks classy but easy-going like someone I might want to be friends with. Same with Hilary Duff, she’s pretty in a happy way. I’m only comparing faces not body – Duff ain’t got nothing on Rhoda’s legs 😉

      • serena

        The margin of subjectivity is wider than you think. I don’t think Karlie and Joan are equals for example – honestly I find Karlie kind of ugly. There is something elegant about the way she carries herself sometimes but I don’t like her face – squinty eyes, weird nose, no upper lip – I would rather have Hilary Duff’s face than KK’s. And I know you love KK and I’m not trying to insult you – just pointing out that looks are more subjective than you think. I do think Karlie is striking in a way that makes you want to look at her. For one thing she towers over most people which commands attention.

        Also I didn’t say Hilary R. is stunning – I said she exudes a sense of confidence, healthy, vitality, I find very appealing. But she only looks stunning in ads that are airbrushed to death. That said, I find her very attractive.

        I do agree with your overall point though – Hilary, Alek and the rest are on a level above Oprah and Beyonce. No denying that! I’m not trying to argue, just share my opinion. I wish Hilary Rhoda would be featured here… 🙂

      • Zoe

        I agree with a lot of what you’re saying Anna. However, I can relate to the statement that Karlie is “elegant and not beautiful.’ While the definitions of these words may be quite similar, the way I personally interpret them differs greatly. With Karlie, I feel that the word ‘elegant’ suits her perfectly; to me, the world elegant refers to someone exuding a kind of grace and class that I think is quite rare these days. The way Karlie carries herself is indeed classy, and elegant.

        However, I do not find her face or figure to be beautiful, or even attractive, as I personally think her tallness/thinness is exaggerated, making her give off a kind of ‘lanky’ aesthetic. I am a fan of slimmer but also curvier figures; when I think ‘beautiful,’ I usually think of someone I would love to look like; despite Karlie’s ‘elegant’ aura, I have to say I am not envious of her figure or face at all. I would merely describe her as ‘cute’- she has a kind of ‘pixie-ish’ look to her, which is why I personally do not think she is beautiful.

  • Tea

    I love her short squarish face, pouty lips and youthful features. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I just love that look on Magdalena, Miranda and others.

  • Angela

    Now this is a supermodel. Damn she’s tall.. but her body looks great with her proportions. I don’t think I’d like being that tall though

  • Alias

    Not angry, not sure why you would get that impression. I am though over this discussion, which I’m not even sure how it started since my first comment was just about how I thought someone like Irina is more suited to lingerie modeling. Also Clement is beautiful AND sexy, at least I think so, and you totally butchered his last name.

    • Mera

      Irina has the perfect butt.

      My boyfriend loves Irina’s butt, and Kate Upton’s boobs.

      See, it’s possible for guys to appreciate many different kinds of beauty:P

  • serena

    @Versus what body shape is Magdalena? She’s got long legs and shorter torso, but still a defined waist. Like Elsa Hosk.

    • Versus

      I think she is a column shape – I don’t see her torso as short, to me she looks quite proportionate.

  • solaxia

    I just LOVE this girls face. Yes, she has strong bone structure, but her feminine features really soften it and make her so unique and just stunning imo. I’m not a massive fan of her body, but it sure is nice and slim!

  • lc


  • Winnie

    @Versus why are so many comments missing?

    • Versus

      There were a few visitors who were offensive and / or banned from the site.

  • anonymous

    It makes me laugh how everyone on this site thinks supermodels started in the 90’s, when the coined was actually termed in the 70’s. Models like Gia Carangi, Christy Brinkley, Iman, etc, were around long before, even 60;s models and before that too, Cindy Crawford, made it big because of her resemblance to Gia, Cindy was named “Baby Gia” in the start of her career, Every decade before claims the models were better then, 10 years from now people will be bad mouthing those models saying they are not as great as today’s models.
    Supermodels were around long before the 90’s.

  • Kimberly

    She is really pretty but a little flat from certain angles. I do not like her butt.

  • serena

    @Versus why have you deleted all of Anna/Candy’s comments? too bad I wanted to see the pics she was going to post….although if you’re upset we were going off-topic I will refrain in future.

    • Versus

      It didn’t bother me that it was off topic, but I received many complaints regarding offensive comments in the Kate Moss post, so I removed them.

  • Jui

    Beautiful, healthy looking ectomorph w/ slight pear features.