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Bikini Treat: VS Model Magdalena Frackowiak (Gallery)

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Name: Magdalena Frackowiak

Age: 28

Nationality: Polish

Height: 5’11” / 180 cm

Modeling here for: Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts.

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  • Andi

    YAWWWN. theyre all the same. sure, i would kill to look like that, but im becoming immune to the so called “perfect” VS proportions

    • sia

      theres nothing perfect about her imo then again people have different kinds of preferences. I think ther stomach is broad, she looks like a square. If she’d have bigger boobs and more body fat she’d look like kate upton. Also i doubt she’s 5’1 lol.. It says 1.80 cm and thats 6’1 so they typed wrong

      • sia

        5’11* ๐Ÿ™‚

      • La la la la

        Agree. They both have scrawny/borderline shapeless limbs and a wider stomach. My least ideal shape.

      • Tea

        Eva Longoria has a square torso, whereas I see some subtle in and out on Magdalena, though obviously her waist is not of Candice-like proportions.

      • Nobsnob

        I don’t like her body either because she has a square torso, no boobs and no ass. In the picture 13 I don’t like her from behind either. As for her face, I just don’t like her extreeeeemely large and square jaw and her wide-set eyes. She always makes me think of a fish for some reason. ^^’

    • Jacky Daniels

      in the supermodel-world she kinda is yawn but as a girl from the street im shure she is drop dead gorgeous.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JaneParker

        Exactly. I’m sure she would turn some heads walking down the street. I wouldn’t mind having her body, although it’s not my favorite type, but it’s good enough. I’d keep my face tho ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oh yeah

    She must be tiny if she’s only 5′ 1

    • linda

      Shes 5’11

    • linda

      She’s 5’11

      • Tinkerbell

        I’m still waiting patiently for the day when a 5’1 model would appear on this site…. or anywhere. (I’m 5’1 & stick skinny like a model) :/

  • Lucy

    It’s nice that the shorter gals are given a chance to model. They’re a more accurate representation of the public.

  • Priscila

    Magdalena always looks amazing. I love her face!

  • kiwi

    guys she’s 5’11 or close to it… there are no 5’1 models taken seriously in commercial or high fashion.

  • Nat Shermans

    She’s Five ft. Eleven in. guys. She’s an amazon. not 5’1

    • serena

      Yep I can’t believe people thought she was 5’1 – I’m 5’4 and she looks way longer than me, look at her legs! She’s just under 6′. Facially she reminds me a bit of Miranda Kerr, but blonde.

  • Lila

    Dang, these girls are becoming a dime a dozen….
    she is beautiful and has a great body but they are all the same.

  • ary

    Woaah those are some ridiculously long legs! Too long, tbh. And i think she has a striking face.

  • MissCoco

    She’s like a blond Miranda Kerr. VS is looking for model doppelgรคngers now apparently.

  • I don’t know how vs did it but they made a strikingly beautiful girl look average.. (for a model) She actually looks nothing like the other vs models. She has wide set eyes and a great jawline.. I feel like vs is actually trying to make all the girls look the same.. YAWN

    we can all agree she looks better here:

    than here…LOL

    • ary

      agree, here she looks like a fairy… i don’t know, just so strange and beautiful at the same time! Love her eyes.

    • Ludivine

      Cilla B, I coudn’t agree more with you,. Haute couturisch she looks so stylisch and gorgeous. Vs-shoots make her look average. They are really responsible for making the models look average, cheap, and like barbie,. While most of their models are probably special and unique.
      You’re comment is spot on, and the links you put there as well.

    • KK

      Likewise, agree completely. She’s actually one of my favorite haute couture models because face-wise she’s so interesting.. but [despite all its flaws and prejudices] the fashion world is a place that admires uniqueness in beauty, whereas VS tries to mask it.

      An example:

  • MissMarilyn

    Not my favorite facially or body-wise but I do like her long legs.

  • She’s pretty, blonde and very tall and thin, but nothing stunning – predictable for a VS model. Their new model choices are so boring lately.

    • Ludivine

      @Erica, look at her haute couture photo’s. She looks stunning there. I’m pretty sure the VS-photo’s make her look average. I think she is an amazing beauty normally. But I totally understand your feeling about the VS models.
      I have come to the conclusion (also see Neri’s comment) that Victoria Secret makes their models common, average, and vulgar, while some of them are really stylisch and unique. Btw no doubt Magdalena is to skinny. I have seen some frightening photo;s of her on the catwalk. I hope she will get a more normal weight soon.

      • Ludivine

        Sorry I meant Cilla B’s comment.

      • I googled her and her face does look much better in most of those shots than here. She has an ‘elfin’ look – very East-Baltic, to me. She is pretty, I just don’t find her figure anything special because she’s a bit thin and straight for my taste – but you are right that VS manages to make all their models look similarly bland. She’s better than these photos make her out to be – I’d never seen her before this post, so now I know she can look a lot better, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • CK

          it just sorta “dawned on me”, what if this “blandness, plain-Jane” thing is their intention, to make models look more like sweet girl next door, maybe more girls would relate to that rather than sexy vixen (which they still have but rarer) (esp cos VS orientation these days seems to be younger generation) and guys would be more attracted, make ’em easier to fantasize bout this models, like they could have a shot with her, easier-to-approach kinda gal (“a like” from guys community=more media attention for VS, less to spend on promotions). and maybe with such an image they also try to diverge our focus from the girls’ bodies, which sometimes gives lingerie companies negative attention (“they’re all very/too skinny, non-relatable, promote unrealistic image/expectations, etc) to “the whole picture”, i.e. awww she looks so cute, free, happy, her skin is so clean, such a nice smile, she looks natural/barely any make up(of course we know its not true but we “see” first than “process” the info, it gets imprinted somewhere on our brain, in subconscious, and the more you see, and the weaker your own self is, the more difficult it is to “think” otherwise)
          oh, and more focus on models and the image they’re selling=less concern with a design and quality of fabrics and work (i’ll repeat, more and more of their customers- young girls (teenagers or young adults (cos of absence of right upbringing or such thing as an “present-but-absent parents) lots of them are prone to buying whatever some celebs or magazines promote as “the dream”, “the trend”, “the new thing” or whatever their friends are buying so they’d “fit in”, so they overlook the quality.
          gosh, i prob sound ridiculous, haha, but with such a competition for a client nowadays, i wouldn’t be surprised if i were onto smth with this, um, “theory”.

          • Ludivine

            you’re comment sounds very intelligent and is very interesting CK, I read it very quickly, so I am gonna read it again and think about it and let you know.

          • solaxia

            I like your comment CK. I think it seems like you are a thoughtful person =o). I like a person who can think outside the square of what they see/ read/ hear. It’s really not that common imo.

        • lol

          “I just donโ€™t find her figure anything special because sheโ€™s a bit thin and straight for my taste โ€“”

          How many times are you going to repeat the same old thing.? everyone is already aware of “your tastes” how can we not be? you have told us enough times.

          • georgi

            ha, ha so true.
            It doesn’t even annoy me anymore, it’s just gotten ridiculous and I get a laugh out of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ludivine

    Her face is sooooo beautiful. At the VS show of 2012 she really stood. Her proportions are not my ideal. Futhermore she look to have gained a bit of weight which is good, because she has been extremely skinny.

    • Ludivine

      *stook out

      • Ludivine

        jesus * stood out

        • solaxia

          ha ha =oD don’t ya hate that!

  • Tally

    What they need to do is get a girl like me in there, with some color & some ASS lol spice it up a bit,,,& it could work cuz im 3 inches taller than this chick!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • artemis

      well, she’s not actually 5’1″. but you’re right about the rest :))

    • misscheeks

      Lol Tally! xD We’re the same height (5’4 right?)…I lost a little bit of butt when I had a horrendous stomach virus but I’m hoping to *really* get back into lifting solidly and consistently to build a nice, firm one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • misscheeks

        *so I couldn’t hold anything down and lost some weight

  • La la la la

    She’s pretty but soo gangly. She looks like she might blow away in the wind. Too small IMO, she doesn’t look healthy skinny, just skinny

  • lc

    I LOVE her legs.

  • Pixie

    Cute, and nice body…that’s about it.

  • lisa

    she looks amazing. flawless nice proportioned lean body.. skinny but natural skinny looking and also toned.

  • Neri

    Her face is so childish… Doesn’t look like your average 28 year old! She looks very Polish to me… Don’t know how to pinpoint it though.
    She appears to be ok healthy… She could do with some more muscle tone – she has no butt to speak of…

    • Ludivine

      Neri, she doesn’t look 28 I agree, but its better I think. Its better to look younger, because it gives you advantage in the future. When you look like a real woman-woman at 28 you are going to age sooner, than where you are a girl-woman. When you are a girl-woman you will look younger for a long time. At leasts that is what is my conclusion.

      • Neri

        I guess so yes, sure… People mostly mistake me for being older than I really am… Which is pretty annoying! So when I turn 30… Will I then look like a 35 year old…? I sure hope not!

        • Ludivine

          Neri, sorry didn’t want to make you insecure. I think it mostly also has to do with health. If you (I mean ‘you’ as in general) live, or start to live, healthy you will keep looking young much longer. The body and skin aso rejuvenates when you start to live healthy.
          So at 35 you could look like 25, I know two people from work who do.
          In the end what is most important is how you feel and if you’re happy.

    • swissmiss

      I was thinking the same thing! She looks so eastern european to me too. I think it’s the high cheekbones and the heart shaped face, maybe? My sister and I get asked a lot if we are from Poland, and I think it is because of our cheekbones/face structure. A couple of weeks ago, a completely strange woman approached me at the train station and started to talk to me in russian. She was really surprised to learn that I am not from eastern europe. My family on the maternal side has its roots in Czechoslovakia though…

      • Ludivine

        Definately she looks Polish

  • Romi

    She is absolutely beautiful!

  • Love her face, she is just so pretty! And I agree with Ludivine that she really stood out in last year’s show.

    Her skin is just gorgeous too

    • solaxia

      I know! Her face is so striking and gorgeous. Usually I find models boring, but she is stunning imo. Just like Jessica Stam imo.

  • Emily

    Her face is pretty but she is similar to quite a few other VS models. Though those legs are gorgeous!

  • Ana

    Unlike most of the time, i actually this this model looks a lot different from the other boring VS models. Her face structure and features are unique and i like how young and innocent she looks, not 28 at all! But with the said, her stomach is really broad, which isnt very appealing, however her legs are PERFECTION!

  • Polska Blondynka

    Beautiful face but her body is nothing spectacular. I’ll always prefer Candice’s + 10lbs.

  • ashlei

    She is beautiful. But VS made her so… i don’t know… average? I prefer her other work.

    • Missmarilyn

      I agree, I googled her earlier today and really liked a lot of her stuff, she looked absolutely stunning in most of them! But here she looks very meh, especially compared to her other work. I don’t find her particularly beautiful in these but I thought she was stunning in her other work.

  • Tea

    I LOVE her face, her colouring and her height. I don’t find her facially similar to any other VS model at all. I just love that combination of her greeny brown eye colour with blonde hair.

  • Kimberly

    In other photos, her jaw looks very strong. Not a fan.

  • Magdalena looks good although she lost some weight recently and @Versus can you pretty please do a post on the latest Victoriaโ€™s Secret Swim video of the angels lip sync of Maroon 5โ€ฒs Woman featuring Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin, Karlie Kloss, Lais Ribeiro, among many others showcasing their bods in swimsuits. Here

  • Winnie

    i’m surprised people think Magda looks “average” and “the same” as other VS girls, because to me she really stands out. she and Sara Sampaio really stand out to me in VS and HF because while they’re “unique” looking with distinct, memorable features they’re still attractive without being off-putting. yes, she’s been somewhat cheapened by the uniform VS make-up and styling, but she is still one of their more “unique” girls imo.

    • Tea

      Totally agree, both those models are conventionally beautiful to me but at the same time can pull off an editorial or more edgy shoot better than say Kate Upton (well, Magdalena at least, I haven’t seen much of the other one’s work). They’re the kind of beautiful I’m most envious of, so versatile.

      • lc

        Yep. Ita.

  • anushka

    How do models get so slim and still keep their boobs?
    Mine are always the first to go. Well , unlucky me. :p

    • anonymous

      Its the pushup bras and bikini tops… They actually work… Some of them also use “chicken fillets” and padding… MOst of them actually have smaller busts than what they look like in photos. For example Candice Swanepoel looks like a C cup in most photoshoots and even the red carpet, but in candids when she has a regular top on (not push up or padded), she’s barely a B cup… It doesn’t matter if their chest is big or small though…

      • anushka

        Its so crazy the amount of difference the make! Are those cutlet stuff even comfortable? xD

    • swissmiss

      +1 :-/

  • anonymous

    She’s cute and while I do like natural looking blondes such as Magdalena, I think VS always has the same models – skinny, fake tanned, same poses… Its just boring now… Anyway Magdalene has a pretty face and her body looks nice from the front, but standing up her legs are too thin and she has no butt, so not to my taste.

  • artemis

    I don’t like her body, her legs look weird.

  • Adriana

    Nice legs, im obsessed with long lean legs.
    For me to find another womans body attractive they must have long lean legs (relative to their high but they don’t necessaily have to be tall) and a good set of perky medium size breasts.
    Even when it comes to men, I simply don’t find men with huge thighs like two big hams together attractive…actually it is a huge turn off.
    The males I find most attractive have long, lean legs (relative to their high but they don’t necessaily have to be tall, just my height or taller) and perky medium sized pecs lol.
    I feel like im the only girl who really doesn’t find whr’s & butt’s important.
    Sure a little curve between the waist & hip looks nice but when I see someone with out that it doesn’t bother me.
    As for butt’s in particular larger ones im just not into them on anyone.
    I grew up watching my mum agonize over her butt, always saying how big it was, how I could here her upstairs dragging it on along the ground to “break up the fat cell’s” then ridding her exercise bike like a bat out of hell.
    She always covered it up & always winged when she couldn’t get it into certain clothes because of her bigger butt that made her “fat”.
    She always hid it too & the only time I ever saw her get dressed up was when she was at her thinnest which came from the result of stress, once when I was younger for a period of about a year, then she gained the weight back & then when my parents divorced she lost around the same amount of weight for about a year then went back to her usual size which I would say is slim but not skinny & definitely not fat.
    Anyway during her small butt phases, she got excited & spent a ton on new clothes and was always flaunting her figure so I guess her butt is really an insecurity for her…
    I guess all that made me HATE big butts.
    My butt is not big, just average but when im lean it is small, that is when I like it best.
    I guess im just like my mum.

    • swissmiss

      ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m a slim pear and I’ve always been very insecure about my butt too. I totally understand your mum! It just doesn’t look proportionate and I am always scared that I look vulgar in clothes that are very tight. I keep imagining guys starring at my a** everytime I turn and I do squats and run like “a bat from hell” too ๐Ÿ˜€

      Seeing Kim K flaunting her behind so aggressively, both fascinates and disgusts me at the same time…

      • Adriana

        Im so over my body ๐Ÿ™
        I was so self consious over my butt & legs during the summer that I lived in jeans even though we had some days that fell over 100’F
        For some reason I look proportionate in jeans and can hide my small muffin top with a loose shirt.
        I just came off the Paleo diet, it gave some small results but I quit due to fatigue and feeling a bit consumed by CARBS this carbs that.
        The normal SAD leaves me feeling hungry all the time so I don’t know what to do next.
        I wish I cared less about my health because if I did im sure it would be easier for me to live off just protein shakes, they fill me up but I know it’s not healthy.
        Also im struggling with food sensitivites, my naturopath says im gluten sensitive, I think im senstive to all carbs especially sugar, makes me feel more tired than Paleo style eating. The only carbs I can handle is beans, fruit & multigrain GF bread…
        Ahhh time to find another way of eating, a healthier, sustainable one before I decided to give up & go back to protein shakes ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hopefully I can figure this out before the stress leads me back to cigarettes!

        • swissmiss

          I have some similar food problems (when I eat sugar, milk products or white carbs (e.g. rice, bread, pasta)) my skin gets very irritated and my digestion goes crazy). This all led me to a vegan nutrition and it really changed my life! I feel the healthiest of my life and I really stopped obsessing about my weight. Still I need to exercise in order to stay strong/fit but I don’t start gaining weight without it. And it made me somehow a lot more relaxed and self-loving, it was really one of the most important changes in the last years. It sounds like you tried different diets and your body is also a bit sensitive…maybe you can look into the vegan lifestyle?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Another positive side effect is that you can totally feel good about yourself for not eating animals (or their products) that suffered all their lives in a small cage! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Adriana

            Thanks for taking the time to share your exp & advice.
            I like hearing what works and doesn’t work for people especially when they have a similar body type or similar food intolerances.
            Anyway im not sure if being vegan is right for me but eating less animal products and making the animals products I eat organic does help.
            Thinking about it I did feel/look better when I just ate moderate amounts of mostly seafood, organic chicken and eggs off of my own chickens.
            I think I will go back to that rather than stuffing my self with copious amounts of red meat, pork & animal fat.
            One thing I will take away from the paleo diet was the use of coconut products.
            They have always worked well for me. Have you tried them?
            Anyway I guess experimenting does help even though it’s frustrating!

      • MissMarilyn

        @Swissmiss!! Doing squats actually makes your butt grow; especially weighted squats.

        Although it can turn a flat/square/fleshy butt into a toned round one. But still, it will make it grow because those muscles get bigger.

      • anushka

        Swissmiss, do you like being a pear? I believe I am a pear with rather broad shoulders.
        And honestly , I really dislike being a pear ๐Ÿ™ I havent been able to wear my shorts in confidence! I love the butt but the thick legs is such a annoying factor. My upper body is slim and my legs are not in proportion. My most preferred body part on girls is legs And almost everyone seems to have this super long lean legs. Ugh :l

    • misscheeks

      It’s nice how tastes differ Adriana…when my butt is smaller that’s when I like it the least haha!

      • Adriana

        It is good though that we all have different preferences.
        I mean like everybody else says it would be boring if we all liked the sames things, also if everybody including men liked or disliked the same body parts ALOT of people would be left out. I know physical attraction isn’t everything but yeah it does play a part so variety in tastes is good.
        Anyway I don’t want to winge anymore because it won’t fix anything plus there is more to life than the size of my a**.
        I will work it out, my a** that is lol.
        Btw just because I like small butt’s doesn’t mean im not into a nice shaped a** haha ok I will stop with the a** talk, im going coocoo from staying up too late ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sienna

    Her body type and level of is thinness is perfect. If only she’d be 10cm shorter (1m70), she’d look so much more feminine. I’m sort of over the whole super tall model look; it makes their head look to small for their bodies and it looks horrible next to a man who isn’t at least 1m90.
    So shrink her down a couple of inches and keep the proportions: that’s perfection!

  • solaxia

    I think she has a beautiful face. Not mad keen on her body, but it’s very HF.

  • Debbs

    Her face is perfect. Body is not too bad either.

  • CK

    she’s ok, though in my book more like meh, by that i mean she pretty-Ish, nice body, but she just doesn’t impress me at all, “no pop!”….VS new girls these days kind of remind me of the Eminem’s “the real slim shady” performance on vma circa 2000, it opens up with him and a bunch of guys looking exactly like him (his clones as in video i guess) following him on the stage. Just like nowadays VS, all the same, of course they are not The Same literally but the Image/Type is the same.

  • retrobanana

    i just dont like bodies like this anymore….

  • Anon

    So many nasty comments, obviously highly insecure people out there. Models are generally the perfect height and weight (if they donot over diet), to fit into all those runway clothes, be it lingerie or any other clothing type. Strange that everyone here googled Magdalena to see her bikini range, yet many tend to criticise, as I am assuming, not everyone here is supermodel standard. She is a strikingly beautiful girl, no doubt about it. All negative people should notbe googling any supermodels profile with the intention of criticising them. Its cruel, and it sounds bitchy.