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Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures

natasha-poly-bikini-7 - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures

Mid-Week Bikini Treat: Here are a few Natasha Poly bikini pictures, featuring the thin supermodel on the beach with family and friends in Miami.

Step Back in Time – the 31 year-old Russian beauty definitely changed a bit since her super skinny days on the runway – here she is in 2007, rocking the catwalk:

super-skinny-natasha-poly - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures

Check out THIS super popular post featuring Natasha from a while back!

More Natasha Poly bikini pictures next!


natasha-poly-bikini - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures natasha-poly-bikini-2 - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures natasha-poly-bikini-3 - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures natasha-poly-bikini-4 - Natasha Poly Bikini Pictures

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Chlamydia

    She is a good illustration of the skinny fat phenomenon

    • Mag

      No way, she is fit, you can see lean muscle, but she is not overdoing it and has a little fat over her muscles. Skinnyfat is Emma Roberts probably, very thin but no muscle visible

      • maria

        I agree…. And I think she is quite beautiful and natural to look at.

      • Alyona

        Seriously – lean muscle? If anything it is because she has maintained a low enough body fat to see definition… but clearly she is not working out rather eating in moderation in order to stay some-what slim. I agree that she looks skinny fat. She may watch what she eats but does not workout. She has gained since her modelling days so her diet is not as strict as prior clearly.

        • Mag

          Well, I can see muscles there, not everyone has to be like izabel goulart to say that they have muscles. It’s softer ofc, but I can clearly see that she is having some exercise.

          • jjj2

            I agree, you can clearly see she has ab muscle and calf muscles. I don’t know how people can say she doesn’t have muscle.

          • Chlamydia

            There’s no abs muscles at all, come on ! Her belly button looks so deep, you could use it to store your keys !
            She isn’t fat of course… but she is far from being lean and definitely not muscular. Typical cardio bunny here.

      • Chlamydia

        Srsly ? Are you joking ? Have you ever seen muscles in your life ?
        Go get a gym membership ^^’

        • mag

          Well, i am a gymnast and fitness expert, so….. Not every body has hard muscle definition and not everyone does the same kind of exercise…she could do just some cardio and yoga and look like that. Dont be so ignorant

    • maria

      What is wrong with you…. seriously..

    • kgm

      ya totally disagree i think she looks pretty fit and healthy but probably naturally thin / small framed

    • angry_bird

      Agree with the skinny fat comment. Muscles??? Where? lol

  • sasha

    lololololol at ppl saying she looks fit… omg i’m gonna die.

  • cheeze.wiz

    I think she looks awesome… Way better than before. Go gurl

  • Agatha

    Good for her, she looks way better now.

  • liss

    Be nice, she just had a baby

    • polly

      What? For real? In another life you mean? Wow

    • Tara

      oh wow. no way! thats awesome then. good on her she looks great.

  • Sun

    Amazing how much younger she looks now. In the before picture she looks like she could be her own mother.

  • Calia

    Her body looks way better now.

    Don’t why people assume she doesn’t work out. A lot of cardio bunnies I see aren’t any more toned than her. And then there’s Kate Upton who seems to work out but can’t build muscle to save her life. Women are different.

    • chris

      Thanks for saying that, it seems to be now that fitness gurus are giving a one size fits all approach. The truth is some women have a very hard time building muscle and need to lift as heavy as they can and some women bulk up very easily and already have a naturally muscular figure. Kate Uptons an example of the former, Ive seen videos of her doing heavy hip thrusts but she has little to show for it. A year ago I wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve been amazed how you can put 10 people on the exact same program and have 10 very different results. Personally my upper body bulks up too easily so I do not target it with weight training whilst i do weight train my lower body.

      Its the same with men too, I see men who work out a lot and aren’t particularly toned and then i see men who do next to nothing with ripped six packs.

    • aa

      maybe she works out, maybe she just does cardio.. point is she doesn’t *look* fit. At all. but you can’t tell someone’s cardiovascular fitness from looking at them. You can’t totally assess their muscular fitness/strength either just from looking at them, but you can get a general idea. Her look indicates she doesn’t strength train, thats probably what people mean when they say “work out”.
      As for kate upton, yes women build muscle differently, but we don’t know exactly what she does. If someone actually trains (not exercises) with weights they will build muscle, some slower than others. I think she is looking better with more muscle than previously, and i doubt she is on an aggressive program because models are more concerned with being skinny than building muscle.
      I do not build muscle easily at all, but I can still do it with consistent effort on the right program, as can anyone. Point being, natasha and kate aren’t working that hard at it. nothing wrong with that. for all we know they can run a 7 minute mile

  • chris

    her face is one of the most beautiful in the world. i believe she’s a new mother though, in which case she looks very good for that,

  • ule

    She looks good, seems naturally small framed with little muscle. I think my arms probably have about as much as her thighs, shows how differently we are built. But I guess she would look more “muscular” if she was of average height.

  • Mel

    She looks great now and carrying a bit more weight will serve her well as she gets older with facial youthfulness.