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Bridget Malcolm on VS Prep: ‘It’s like a boxer getting ready for their title fight’

Fridge yoga with @jasonleeparry — sneak peak for @playboy

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On how Victoria’s Secret models are like athletes training before a major competition:

‘We train like athletes. It’s like a boxer getting ready for their title fight. We train, we sleep, we eat very cleanly. I know that I’m the fittest and the strongest I’ve ever been. I feel the best I’ve ever felt.’

On being shamed on Instagram for being a super skinny model:

‘I think body shaming in any form is hurtful and so irrelevant to people. I’m all about body positivity. It’s about being healthy and happy, and ignoring the haters.’

On how last year she used to train twice a day, but this year, she is doing less:

‘This year, I am doing less, and focusing more on resistance and strength training, which has really changed my body,’ she said previously. You don’t want to arrive at the casting burnt out and cranky, you want to be able to live your life and show them that on the day.’

… said Bridget on the Today Show ahead of the Victoria’s Secret runway show later this week.

@thesocietynyc got me #preppingforparis ❤️ @victoriassecret — so excited!!!

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One more shot of super skinny model Bridget Malcolm inside!


super-skinny-model - Bridget Malcolm on VS Prep: 'It's like a boxer getting ready for their title fight'

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • C

    She looks slightly underweight IMO

  • Alex

    eh, really not my aesthetic, too thin and looks a bit haggard! But as long as she’s happy, i guess!

  • chris

    She’s pretty plain to me, Ive seen her pics several times and I can’t remember what she looks like.

  • a

    Athlete my a**, unless starving yourself is the sport…

  • Alyona

    Looks like the product of a lot of cardio and under-eating… or eating just enough to have energy to do the cardio, lol.

  • Asdf

    She is def underweight and bc of that looks haggard. If ahed gain like 10 lbs even shed be so much hotter…also why do they keep picking flat chested girls to show off their bras to only always add those stupid chicklets to give them cleavage.

  • Tara

    Um no girl, it’s not. Gawd they all sound so stupid for real. Is she seriously comparing herself to Mayweather etc? I didn’t even read the article but the title was just so annoying.

  • Calia

    These models are so insecure (and increasingly plain, exhibit A), always trying to make modelling seem taxing and difficult. Sorry, it’s not. Plenty of people train hard and eat clean all year round just because they enjoy it, and still have regular, stressful jobs to do.

  • jjj2

    Wow she looks really awesome! She is at a good weight here, not too thin.

  • oAz

    this stupid formated and hypocrit speech again ..we’re healthy blablabla “body positivity” blablabla… please stop. all those VS models talking like if the show was the achievement of a life are seriously starting to get on my nerves. no girls you are not athletes. athletes work out to build muscles that they gonna actually use to challenge themselves. you, you are working out to look the tiniest possible during the 10 minutes you’re walking a tacky runaway. see the difference?

  • sharlane

    All her quotes I’ve seen floating about the internet make me roll my eyes

  • angry_bird

    Yeah sure. You’re the next Ronda Rousey.

  • Bella

    Why do models bother talking? That’s not what they’re paid for.

    Lol I’m a jerk.

  • Sheri

    I understand what she was trying to say, but it was a stupid comment.