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Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-2 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo (both 21) seemed to have lots of fun while posing for the cameras at Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB collection launch a few days ago.

Both look thin and pretty! Who’s your favorite?

See so many more after the jump, then share your thoughts!

Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-3 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-4 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-5 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-6 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team-7 - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team Candice-Swanepoel-and-Behati-Prinsloo-Make-a-Pretty-Team - Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

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  • MeliBby

    Cute <3


      when i see candace’s face i think: “hey, let’s just go to your house and do it on the kitchen floor.

      but when i see behati’s face, i see: “hey, what’s up.” in a very modest way.

      she has those classic cat eyes that you don’t want to walk away from. that natural poise and stance that keeps you lingering around her..

      i don’t know..

  • camille

    candice <3

    (minus the punching poses)

  • Two very stunning and hot girls. I thought Candice’ legs would have a little more shape – did she lose weight ?

    Behati has a very cute smile !

    Is it just me or does Candice look a triffle airheaded in these photos ? Mind you she’s still beautiful but somehow a little out of it.

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    • Versus

      I’m sorry Fashion, but posting links with advertising purposes is not accepted on the site. I will have to remove them – please don’t post anymore. Thank you.

  • Lilian

    I just can’t find blond girls attractive… sorry.

    • Lia

      weirdest thing i heard in ages.

      • Lilian


      • You probably haven’t been on that site in quite some time then , have you ?

        • Lilian

          yes I have. Why? Is it a crime that I don’t find blonde pretty?

          • I wasn’t talking to you Lillian ^^ …. I meant Lia. And no it’s not a crime at all , to each theire own 😉

          • MaryBeth

            I’ve never liked blondes either. On men or women. Don’t know why. I think it has something to do with my mother being blond and wearing a ton of makeup. I just don’t like the “I wanna be Barbie!” mentality.

      • Agreed!!

        • Mello

          As a naturally blond girl w dutch heritage, I kind of resent the “want to be barbie” rationale for disliking blonds. Not being attracted to blonds, fine, I get that, but attributing your dislike of blonds to them wanting to be barbie in the day and age of so many ditzy, dumb, and superficial brunette personas with tons of surgery, makeup, salon visits, manicures, and fake tans(Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt…), I kind of find that stereotype insulting.

          • livefree

            I agree with you Mello. Though I may not be fully naturally blonde, I do get highlights. And I certainly do not have the “I want to be a Barbie” mentality, blonder hair just simply looks better on me. What a close-minded comment.

          • Natural blonde here as well who’s sick of always having her intelligence questioned based on a hair colour.

            Agreed, Why do we always have to put one certain look down to feel better about ourselves.

            @ MaryBeth
            What exactly do you mean when you say “I-wanna-be-Barbie-mentality” ? What kind of women do you have in mind that fit that describtion ?

          • yeah, what the fudge is up with that?

            you can’t discriminate people because of their hair and skintone. as a natural light blonde swede with finnish heritage i get really offended!!!

            nordic europeans have blonde hair to survive our climate, it’s easier to assimilate d-vitamin when your hair and skin is lighter.

            this is rascism, imagine the respons if i would have written (and ment it) “i just don’t find afro-americans attractive”

      • Mizzy

        At first I thought it was a strange thing to say, but the more I think about it, it becomes more rational. People have different tastes, and for some people that may manifest in preference for a certain hair color. A lot of people don’t find curly hair attractive, or they may have a preference towards red hair. They’re just preferences, it has nothing to do with “racism” or discrimination – it’s just taste.
        And I would just like to point out as a PhD student in sociology, that by definition you cannot be racist towards a dominant group member! racism is a system of oppression, and Whites are not an oppressed minority the last time I checked (at least not anywhere in the Western world).

        • yeah but i don’t contribute to the hierarcy outlook by thinking that’s a difference between rascism against whites and rascism against the minorities.

          but if you like, i can use the word “reverse discrimination/rascism”.

          actually some advocates of the concept (reverse d/r) believe that reverse racism is actually the most common and most prevalent racism, so common that most of the time people do not notice it. they often see it as an expression of political correctness to deny that reverse racism exists.

          • and yes it is discriminating to say that all blondes have a “i-wanna-be-Barbie-mentality”.

          • Mizzy

            well, I, along with many other sociologists find the concept of “reverse racism” to be antiethical. If racism by definition implies oppression, then you can’t be racist (or reverse racist) towards Whites. Even if there are certain policies or actions the seem to favor minority group members (which is a myth by the way – read Bonilla-Silva, Charles Mills, Feagin, Oliver & Shapiro), Whites are still not oppressed in terms of their opportunity structure.

          • Mizzy

            discrimination and racism are not the same thing. Discrimination is a cognitive process of classifying individuals into discrete categories and ascribing certain characterstics to each group. racism is a system that maintains a social/economic/political hierarchy that is racial.

          • yeah but racism is a word that conventionally is used as to describe someone might believe that there are races of people, that the races are very different and that people should be treated differently depending on their race. it can be both a way of thinking and a way to behave towards others. and racism may exist in an entire community. one can think and behave in a racist way because they want, but sometimes it is about something you do unconsciously.

        • Mizzy: so if a white guy attacks a black guy it’s racism but if a black guy attacks a white guy just for being white it’s not? then what do you call that?

          • H.

            Lovisa: I find it VERY hard to believe that “reverse” racism is more common. You, obviously, are a pretty white girl and you have no clue about what is like being inside the shoes of a afro-descendent, or middle-eastern, or latina, or asian (living in us or europe). No, you have ABSOLUTELY no clue. If you had, you would be talking shit.

          • H.

            Sorry, I meant, if you had, you WOULDN’T be talking shit.

          • Casey

            While I do not know how prevalent reverse racism is in comparison to racism, I think we can all agree that it exists and it is a problem…a problem that should not be belittled just because on the surface, white people seem to have it “easier.”

            H., you state that Lovisa would not know what it’s like to be in the shoes of a minority living in a white nation. Let’s say your assumption that she/he is white is correct…then no, he/she wouldn’t know what it’s like. But tell me, do YOU know what it’s like to be a white person going to an inner-city, all black/Latino school and having to face that? Or being white and living in a nation that is NOT white?

            Perhaps if you knew what THAT was like, you wouldn’t belittle the problem of reverse racism. It may seem like white people have an advantage…in Washington D.C., in Hollywood. And that is something. But what about what happens on a closer, more personal level? Like in one’s workplace, school, community, or relationships? After all, those are the things that affect a person a lot more than what people are sitting in federal offices.

            I am white, immigrant to the US. I remember an incident where I was in a Best Buy, and I went up to the line to purchase something. Standing in front of me were two older African American women. Behind me came up a younger African American guy. The two women decided to cuss me out for cutting the guy off (he came after us for sure), and proceeded to pull the guy away to lecture him about how he shouldn’t take my abuse and oppression.

            Tell me, what did I do to deserve that treatment? The women simply saw the color of my skin and assumed that I was some racist redneck who would like nothing more than to opress blacks everywhere.

            I’m not saying African Americans aren’t opressed or discriminated against, or that there aren’t white people who would actually do that. But. how is what happened to me not also a problem?

          • H.

            Casey: In fact, YES, I know what is like to be white and living in a non-white country. I live in Bolivia, in a city where almost everyone is black, native or mixed. But I am white. And let me tell you, I don’t feel any racism. But they do feel it. Not from me, but from other white people.

          • “actually some advocates of the concept (reverse d/r) believe that reverse racism is actually the most common and most prevalent racism, so common that most of the time people do not notice it. they often see it as an expression of political correctness to deny that reverse racism exists.”

            where do i state that this is what I think? i wrote that some advocates of the concept reverse rascism believes this.

            and yes, almost everyday i get harassed by islamic somali and middle eastern boys, they call me “f&&&&& dirty swede” “blonde fornicator” and so on.

            the bigger cities in sweden/norway´/denmark has a HUGE problem with illegal immigrants. the immigrants gets frustrated and takes it out on us. they burn cars, throw stones at police/firefighters, and so on..

            europe is burning and people are afraid a new war like ww2 isn’t that far away. the netherlands 3rd biggest political party is an anti-immigrant one and the same in sweden and denmark.

            there are huge clashes between islamics and secularized immigrants and northern europeans..

            so don’t tell me i don’t suffer from any racism!!!!

          • H.

            Oh Lovisa, poor girl.

            All this “reverse racism” is a reaction from all the centurys of white repression.

          • “Oh Lovisa, poor girl.

            All this “reverse racism” is a reaction from all the centurys of white repression.”

            why should i and the rest of the swedish people take the blame for what other countries have done? we’re very peaceful and we haven’t been in a war since 1814 when we lost finland to the russians. sweden didn’t even colonize any countries except a small part of ukraine and st barths, where the people lived happily during the swedish ruling. they didn’t even have to learn swedish ffs.

            ONE SINGLE swedish town called södertälje, accepts more iraqis than THE WHOLE UNITED STATES DOES! the only time the swedes even did something “evil” was during the 900th century when the vikings raised hell around europe, = no one other than the “whites” were oppressed there.

            sweden gives the most financial support to third world countries and has accepted immigrants from all over war-troubled areas since the 1940s= greeks, hungarians, finns, russians, jews, iranis, iraqis, afghanistans, balts, italians, spanish, chiles and so on. we haven’t done SHIT to repress any “non-white” minority so don’t you start talking about something you have no idea about!!!!!!!

            you as a white bolivian has ALOT more to be ashamed about then me as a 50/50 swede/finn. as an example, the swedes takes care, not of their native people..

            this is taken from the swedish governments homepage, Det svenska utvecklingssamarbetet med Bolivia under 2009-2013 ska omfatta ca 180 miljoner kronor årligen, varav ca 40 miljoner för forskningssamarbete. Utvecklingssamarbetet med Bolivia ska dessutom stärkas på klimatområdet med ett svenskt stöd om högst 50 miljoner kronor årligen 2009-2011. = Swedish development cooperation with Bolivia in 2009-2013 will include about 180 million annually, of which about 40 million of research collaboration. Development cooperation with Bolivia, will be bolstered in the climate field with a Swedish aid of up to 50 million annually from 2009 to 2011.

            so, what do you say now? we give and we give and give and all we get in return is shit.

            we’re friendly, giving and peaceful. but we get blamed for everything because of our “color”. stop making sweeping STATEMENTS

          • correction : you as a white bolivian has ALOT more to be ashamed about then me as a 50/50 swede/finn. as an example, the swedes takes care of their native people..

        • Lilian

          OMG. Gome on people… What an unnecessary fuss just about someone else’s preferences….

    • J-J

      lol 😀

    • Mizzy

      I dont know if this helps, but they’re most likely not natural blondes.

      • they aren’t natural blondes.

        candice is a brunette, but looks better blonde. the brunette makes her face look extra pudgy. :S

    • candycorps

      Well the one girl looks like she is brunette, at least on top and it strangely gets blond towards the bottom, thats what it looks like on my computer. Either she died her hair in the past and hasn’t done her roots or more likely she tried to put in blond extensions and did not blend them at all. She should fix that ASAP cuz it looks awful.

      Anyway, they are both really pretty however, and I love the skinny jean and high heels look on them cuz they actually have the body to pull it off.

      • Natasha

        Nope she probably did it on purpose and it’s called ombre hair. Hence the ombre its a gradation of color but backwards. Instead of from light to dark the roots are the darkest part of your hair with the the ends being the lightest here’s an article for reference

        • Natasha

          *hence the name*

        • candycorps

          Oh thanks I didn’t know it was an actual style. I still think it looks awful but at least I know it was intentional and not some salon mishap, maybe it’ll grow on me?

    • Aims

      I’ve gotta admit – I dont like Blonde guys and I find blonde girls seriously over-rated. It’s just so fried and dead looking. Overprocessed blonde hair is gross. It’s funny when girls think it actually looks good… Brunettes all the way. Dark and rich with awesome eyebrows and dark eyelashes to match! 🙂

      • Minnie

        What about natural blondes?

        Some people are blonde and have never bleached their hair.

        Though I do have to agree that dark eyebrows..frame the face better.

    • Ella

      I kind of understand where Lilian is coming from. It’s not that I find blonde-haired people ugly, but that even if they have identical features to a brown-haired person I find very attractive I will be neutral towards the blonde or think they are kind of pretty. I will still recognise that many people would find the blonde beautiful, but not find them beautiful myself. Of course, there are exceptions!

    • artemis

      dunno but blond guys are hot :X

  • Lia

    yeah i think its weird. really weird. sorry.
    so if you’d see a woman with the most beautifully shaped face and body, who is a blonde, you’d be so disturbed by some little amount of light hair on her head that you’d find her ugly?

    • candycorps

      That doesn’t sound that weird to me. I personally don’t find blond men attractive AT ALL, I mean not one little bit. However, I am extrememely attractive to men with dark hair that looks almost black and any guy with dark hair I find myself alot more attractive too even if their body or face isn’t quite all there. So I believe that she can’t find blonde women attractive, its just a matter of preference.

      • i just realized i never fell for blonde guys before..

        hm.. i think the brunette is sexier. i guess..

        • artemis

          haha i always think haired guys are soooo cute 😀 blond but light brown especially

      • artemis

        ahhh how could you don’t like that? ^_^
        paul walker
        ryan reynolds
        brad pitt
        leonardo dicaprio
        alexander skarsgård!!!!!!!! [hottest]

        • travis fimmel, jason lewis…

          BUT Ryan Reynolds isn’t blond!

    • Lilian

      Well, there are a few blonde I find pretty: Diane Kruger, for example. But she’s an exception. Yes, I am disturbed by a little amount of light hair.
      Even if I see a beautiful blonde women, I’m ALWAYS going to find a beautiful brunette/asian/black/ginger prettier. To me finding a blonde really pretty she has to be REALLY pretty. And I think neither candice nor Behati are special in this way.

      • snoops

        I’m european, of scandanavian ancestory, and yes I have natural blonde hair. It doesnt bother me that there is some lady that finds blonde hair “distrubing”, lol, it doesnt matter girls! we know how much men love us blondes!

        I think blonde, brunette, or red haired, a woman is very easily considered beautiful by me. I have nothing against any hair colour. I also dont come across people stereotyping me based on my blonde hair, I think people are over that stereotype now, as “bimbos” come with all shades of hair.

      • Padme

        I’m with you. I usually don’t think blondes are very attractive. And I don’t think that makes me racist lol

        • Helena

          To the anti-Lillian posters:

          Oh my gosh all of you need to get over yourselves.

          It’s a preference, chill. The original post said nothing about barbies or dissed the color. And apparently some of us don’t know what racism is.

  • Natasha

    Love them. This is the probably the most playful I’ve seen Candice even if the pics aren’t candid. It’s nice to Behati and think that it was very smart of them to make her the spokesperson/model for pink!

  • mEEEE

    I dont know or care who is who, or which is which, but as a die-hard Cubs fan (and White Sox hater) I will for obvious reasons say the one in CUBS attire!

  • aimdag

    sh*t…there 21`, Im 21…I missed my opportunity somehere, that is supposed to be ME!

  • CK

    Candice, love her. Behati is quite plain, i like her name though,very unordinary.

    • MNG

      totally agree

  • Eve

    omg:X candice candice candice:X

  • Jenna

    Sorry but I think their legs are both way too skinny. I mean having chicken legs used to be a bad thing but apparently now everyone wants them so they can wear skinny jeans. Behati’s shoulders look broad compared to her tiny hips and legs. Facially they are both pretty though.

    • GoGo2010

      OMG Jenna, you’re sooo right! I think we’ve been brainwashed by the media.

    • dayana

      i;m happy to see i’m not the only one who is thinkin that…they are way too skinyy, but theyr faces are cute

    • solaxi

      i was thinking the same. and not only that Candice’s hips seem to have shrunk a LOT! i like her figure usually…especially her waist. but i would actually be scared to look at her waist here if the t-shirt wasnt covering it up

  • Candice – slim and curvy. She looks like she’s gonna be the next big thing for Victoria’s Secret.

    • Soo right!!<3 Candice is somhow very slim yet very(kinda) curvyy.

      • beekay

        curvy? i dont see it at all.

        • I was going to say that the combination of loose shirt and dark skinny jeans was not working for her body.

          You can see she has some boobs, but the thinness of her legs steal your attention from them. Has she lost some?

          But the deal about her is her waist, unbelievably tiny in comparison to hips, which is totally disguised here!

          • Casey

            She definetly has lost some from when she first started working with VS. When you become an Angel you’re pretty much given a personal trainer to keep you super fit. It’s right around the time she became an Angel that she became really toned and it looks like she’s dropped around 10 pounds. Hope she doesn’t lose more, this is working for her.

          • kate

            Exactly, you can’t see the full extent of her curves here due to them being obscured by her top.

            When she is in fitted outfits or bikini shoots you can clearly see she has an incredible waist/hip ratio.

        • exactly what i was thinking.

          plus, the outfit isn’t helping her body. she has boobs. but no legs. eh..

          • artemis

            lol…the think is….she had legs more than boobs….but she slimmed them down very well…wonder how

        • It’s because of the waist-hip ratio. She does have curves, although she is a very slim girl. That’s why they are not so visible as they would be on a size 6 girl, for example. Try and look at other pictures of her, these are not doing any of them justice.

  • ladyfrommars

    Behati looks adorable! Love her smile and her hair.

  • Marisa

    candice is gorgeous

  • Behati is cute. Candice is just absolute perfection to me.

  • `carr.

    holy cow, they are genetic freaks of nature :O
    how are they so dang gorgeous !
    Haha, they’re kinda perfect xD

  • Casey

    Love both of them. Candice especially, she’s just perfection. Face, body, everything. She’s really coming out of her shell and growing into her new status as a top model.

    I do agree Candice’s legs look really thin here, but I am absolutely positive that’s because of the angle of the photos and lens distortion. Candice’s legs are her widest attribute, as well as her longest. Here, her legs look smaller than her head, and shorter than her torso. That can’t be right.

    I also think Candice is slim and curvy, when curvy is used in the correct sense.

    • artemis

      i know you do 😀

  • Anna

    Behati is adorable and Candice is gorgeous however her legs looks really really small. Not unhealthy by any means, just very small boned. It may be the angles and what not but even Behati who has done more haute couture runway in past years looks like she’s got more meat on her bones. Both are tiny but Candice looks exceptionally tiny!

  • Anna

    Behati is my fave. I think because Candice looks to me like so many others out there. Blonde, big lips, doe-eyes etc. I think Behati is maybe objectively less attractive but for some reason she just appeals to me way more, maybe just because her face seems more unusual?


      Behati interests me more. When I see Candice, it’s a typically very pretty blonde who people would obsess over with “xoxo’s” and stuff. Behati is something more than skinny legs and a VS model.

      What’s cool?

      They’re both African.

  • Jo

    I love Behati, I was so disappointed they didn’t make her an angel!

  • Aims

    They are both so pretty! I like Behati’s eyes – they aren’t large but they are very cat-like and pretty! Both very curvey-slim! I love the hips and their legs are so pretty and long!

  • Amarige

    Go Chicago!!

  • candice is just gorgeous! I’m curious though… how tall is she and how much do u guys think she weighs? she looks very slim yet healthy-toned c”,)

    • Minnie

      She is 5′ 9.5”

      Maybe it’s my imagination, but she seems to fluctuate a lot.
      I’ve seen her look like she weighs as little as maybe 123, but then later look like she weighs as much as 138. It could just be angles, lighting, clothing, etc…

      • snoops

        No way those weights cant be right, I’m the same height as her, wear a size 2, and would say I am bigger than her. I weigh about 110lbs, even taking into account differences in muscle mass, bone density etc, there is no way she ever weighs even 123 coz she is just so skinny.

  • aj

    candice has such beautiful lips. and figure… ahh i feel so guilty now for stuffing myself right now with grainwaves… erghh

  • mel

    They both look great but I have to go with Behati because she looks more high-fashion and less commercial than Candice.

    • mel

      I also think Behati is more beautiful just because she doesn’t have the things most people like about Candice, i.e. doe eyes and puffy lips; she has more refined features and a strong jawline.

  • Jenna118

    So pretty!!!!!! They both look great, especially the one on the left…. Not a fan of the two-toned hair of the brunette chick.. whats up with that?

    • artemis

      its a trend, i heard

  • samantha

    can somebody tell me how do they train to have such petite bodies?

    • It’s most likely their genes, so don’t sweat it too much.

  • Read about Lauren Conrads diet on my blog.
    See ya there!!

    • Versus

      Hey, we don’t accept comments with advertising purposes. Kindly comment on the subject – otherwise, I’ll have to delete your posts. Thank you!

  • aramantha

    Why are the blondes offended that a few people don’t like blondes? For heaven’s sake, brunettes have often been referred to as “less favorable” compared to blondes simply because blonde was big in Old Hollywood and that mentality has stuck. Personally, I RARELY find blondes attractive. Sorry, but the drama of dark hair is much more striking. A lot of people- MEN and women- would agree with me.

    • Casey

      I don’t think blondes here are offended because some people prefer brunettes. I think they’re offended because those people who prefer brunettes are saying blondes are bimbos, Barbie-wannabes, and other similar, highly inaccurate stereotypes.

      I agree that there was a preference for blondes in Old Hollywood, but I disagree that it has lasted. The 90’s and the “stupid blonde bimbo” stereotype made sure of that. I’d say today, there isn’t much of a majority preference for pure blondes (dark blondes and light brunettes seem to be the new “in” thing).

      Personally, I find it strange to focus on hair so much to determine attractiveness. To me, hair color is such a small part of the whole package. But to each their own.

      • Lilian

        I kinda started this disscussion and I NEVER SAID I think that blondes are bimbos or “wannabe-barbies”, I just said I don’t find them attractive. That’s all. God.

        • Casey

          I never said you said it. If I thought you had said it, I would have specifically stated your username.

          You didn’t say it, others did. I was merely answering aramantha’s question as to why blondes on this site were offended.

  • Jessica B

    Love Candice.

  • betsy

    anyone know where candice’s jeans are from?

  • Lene Stebbing

    I love Behati – she is my favourite model. GORGEOUS!!! x x x

    • Helena

      I second this!

  • Cara

    their faces… not too great!

  • Pen

    I think the reason Swanepoel looks curvy is cause she has a tiny waist, she has a great body! I Ilke both girls both pretty I wonder if they communicate in Afrikaans lol

  • Susan

    Behati is super skinny but somehow has a body which seems more attainable and not as thin as alot of other models. When I am really fit and quite thin I look like that at 5’9 and 130.

  • Hays

    I just find the fact that a lot of people tend to group all blondes together to be annoying. Saying so matter-of-factly that brunettes are more striking and blondes were only popular in the 80s. Some people are born blonde and should feel just as good about themselves as all the fortunate brunettes

  • Helena

    Behati x (insert largest number ever here)

  • gdf

    Behati has got to be one of the most average looking models I have ever seen!!!! OMG she would have never made it in the 90s when models were truly amazing. I can’t stand big fat wide faces on regular people let alone models! ugh its such an average girl trait. She really looks like a farm girl!!!! Candice will blow her away anyday. FYI: Candice is a natural blonde; look at her childhood photos. Natural blonde hair just gets darker naturally as you get older. Around 13 or so it will become a rusty/mouse brown color. That’s why its good to keep blonde in it, otherwise you will end up with Behati’s mouse color! eww

  • gdf

    oh I take that back, Behatis hair color is rather pretty here. (i didnt look at her with candice in the picture, lol) but usually she has a drab mouse brown color which even further makes her appear ultra plain. These blonde tips look better on her. I am sick of the blonde hate too! If blonde was so bad, why are half the blondes you actually do see natural brunettes in the first place!????? LOL why is blonde hair the most popular request at the salon? lol. Yes brunettes are sexy, but nothing like a beautiful natural golden blonde with green eyes and tanned skin. They are beautiful! (what alot of brunettes wind up paying for actually; blonde hair dye,tanning salon and colored contacts. lol) I do think blonde hair,pale skin and blue eyes is serioously overrated though. I love dark blonde hair,olive skin and green eyes. Its super unique and rare’er than both typical blondes and typical plain jane brunettes.

  • Sara Mova

    Candice is not a typical blonde, first she naturally has dark hair. But in comparison of these two, lol. Take a second look. Candice is stunning beautiful eyes, eyebrows and high cheekbones and super fit body. Behati is very average or below average of you compare her to Candice or Adriana Lima. She does not have a tone stomach. She’s just naturally thin. Plus she has wrinkle and crow feet around her eyes. I just don’t find them in the same level. Don’t think she’s hot but she’s a okay model.