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Crystal-Renn-Does-Look-Magazine - Crystal Renn Does Look Magazine

Now-slim model Crystal Renn is still on a (very popular) roll and in a wide range of magazines each month, which explains the multitude of ‘Please post Crystal!’ requests.

Crystal-Renn-Does-Look-Magazine-2 - Crystal Renn Does Look Magazine

Check out these pictures and tell us what you think!

Crystal-Renn-Does-Look-Magazine-3 - Crystal Renn Does Look Magazine

Crystal-Renn-Does-Look-Magazine-4 - Crystal Renn Does Look Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • ivankanka

    no more plus size model !!!!!!! she looks great average size

  • artemis

    i love animal print
    she looks pretty

  • Her face does nothing for me. She’s only really famous for selling her story, and If she hadn’t, you wouldn’t look twice. Very average.

    • CéliAmbre

      that’s what you think. i understand and consider your opinion- but i think she is very very gorgeous, both face and body-wise.
      i would take her for my collection or advert or cover or whatever- her story and message are good, and so is she. imo.

    • I agree that she wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for selling her story.

      • snoops

        I agree also – come on she is hardly sensational looking enough to get all this hype just on her face.

        • Laura

          I’m pretty sure that there are a great deal of people that do think her face is that great. I personally think she is gorgeous. I prefer her look to Gisele, Heidi, Bar, and many other models. I like the look of dark thick eyebrows and her bone structure.

          Maybe her story has something to do with it, but your opinion that she could only do it with the story is just an opinion because I am only vaguely aware of her story. I never fully read it. I just like her looks.

          • michelle

            IMO she is very very beautiful.

          • CéliAmbre

            Plus, when you consider it- no face is really “sensational looking enough to get all this hype”. i just think she is one good example to get attention at all.

          • kayleigh83

            Although when you think about it, YOU may not know her story, but lots of people do, and I’m also of the opinion that that’s how she got as famous as she is. If she just looked the way she did, I don’t personally think a lot of people would know who she was – it’s the story that got her here and into the public eye, to the point where now people (such as yourself) recognize her. Not the other way around.

    • b

      Still think she’s beautiful, but I think her face looked better when she weighed more.

      Like her body better now, though.

    • neutra

      I completely agree. There are so many high fashion models (and everyday people) out there who have faces that are a million times more stunningly beautiful (and versatile) than Crystals. We’re not talking about the commercial looks of VS models like someone else compared her to.- there’s a major difference. If Crystal had originally had to compete against other high-fashion models on her looks alone, she never would have made it.

      • amazon

        there are loads of high fashion models who are not particularly good looking. they are picked for their body and I agree looking at her body compared to theirs she wouldn’t have made it.
        But also most models aren’t famous, don’t get known, they just do the work. maybe she wanted more.

        • neutra

          I didn’t say ALL high fashion models.

    • I don’t have a problem with her face but I absolutely hate the first picture. I hate that model pose with a passion. Who invented that? It’s the most annoying, unattractive pose ever and it’s especially annoying when every model in the whole world does that pose to be “edgy.” It’s not edgy because everyone does it!

      *rant over*

    • chels

      @miranda – i know that’s your opinion but i’m one of the many people that find her bone structure absolutely breathtaking

  • Her eyebrows are so strong!! If they were a bit longer it would be perfect to me!

  • Nina

    I think her face is GORGEOUS !!! She is very sensual 🙂 Love her !

    She might have lost some weight, but she’s still considered in the fashion industry as “a plus size model” because she’s not a size 0 (or size 2 tops). So she is a very healthy young woman of normal size, but a “plus size” (god I hate those words!) model because she doesn’t fit the actual mold…

    She’s so very beautiful 🙂 I remember reading an interview of a man working in a model agency who said that lately, they would hire any model on the condition she is skinny, but that most of them were ugly, he said that their faces were generic and they inspire nothing and no one ! (harsh but true). Their only redeeming quality in the industry was their size 0 !

    Well, Crystal Renn is no size 0, but at least, she inspires beauty 🙂

    • Bar Rafaeli isn’t a size 0-2 and she’s not considered plus-size… I don’t think plus-size is just anything above a size 2, you have to be above a certain size

      • lc

        Yeah I think it’s a size 8…?

  • maddie

    she is so gorgeous and looks better no she’s lost weight..imo she didnt look good when she was bigger

  • Lisa

    She’s really pretty. I’d like to have her face but keep my body. lol.

  • Confused

    She’s beautiful but I don’t like her as a person. First she was normal, then anorexic, then very healthy, and now slim. It just confuses young girls and prevents them from being happy with their bodies. If she wanted to endorse a “plus size” body she should have not lost all this weight. And then she gets her publicist to tell others that she lost the weight because she went hiking. Like yeah right.. stop lying.

    • Essence

      LOL Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Laura

      I can’t stand comments like this. You’re expecting perfection out of a human being and that’s not possible! Everybody, men and women, has their body size, fat, and muscle defintion fluctuate throughout their lives. Some only slightly and some with a bigger range but EVERYONE fluctuates.

      So you are suscribing to a culture that demands perfection if you expect her to be such a meticulous robot that she has to pick one size and look and stick to it until her death.

      I think her message is to be happy with what ever size you are as long as you feel healthy so that you’ll never stress about what the number is and develop obsessive behavior. In other words, she was happy as a 12, felt like exercising some more and eating healthier, and now she is happy as an 8, and maybe in a couple years she’ll vacation more and relax and be a size 10 and be happy then too. The focus here is on her happiness not the number and that should be everyone’s focus.

      How in the world is she a bad role model for promoting happiness, displaying weight fluctuations like a normal person, and beginning to delve a little more into fitness? That sounds like a normal, healthy, happy person to me and just fine as a role model.

      • ladyfrommars

        Amen! People are so harsh in their judgment sometimes that they forgot that people aren’t static, they CHANGE. And if they change in a way that’s healthy, which I think Crystal has exemplified, then more power to them!

      • TJ

        I double that amen. Just because se was bigger before, doesn’t mean she was healthy. She gained the weight but wasn’t exercising. Don’t understand why people hate on her so much. If someone judged my ability to be a role model on my weight over the last seven years, I guess I’d fail too. AND… Renee Zellweger goes up and down in weight, shes get nominated for an Oscar.

        • Nik

          I triple that amen, people can change their minds. Maybe she wanted to be healthier But not necessarily lose so much weight. Well I thought she was fab before, now she’s amazing- such a beautiful face and body, I’m so jealous.

      • Casey

        I don’t think it confuses anyone unless you put your entire self-worth into how much Crystal Renn weighs and how proud she is of it. Which is a stupid thing to do because self-confidence comes from within.

        I think the fact that she is a successful model at anorexic, plus-sized, and average should say more than her quotes. The fact that people LIKE her at a multitude of sizes. And the fact that people CAN fluctuate and still be successful.

        I really hope people aren’t focusing on the wrong thing, because there is a lot of good things to see and learn from, from her experience.

    • Confused

      I agree that everyone fluctuates and she is trying to convey that women are beautiful in all sizes. I just don’t like how she spend months and months denying that she lost weight. First she claimed it was photoshopped and she’s still a size 12. I think she should have come out openly and said “Yeah I lost weight.” She spent like 2 months denying that she lost weight. The pictures of her where she claimed she was a size 12 tells girls that that’s how a size 12 looks when really that’s what a size 8 or 6 looks.

    • Confused

      Also I’ll like to add that I don’t think she lost the weight in a healthy way. If the solution for going from a size 12/14 was really hiking, we’d all be much skinnier. I’m pretty sure she did something drastic because the weight was lost only in 3 or 4 months. Let’s hope she doesn’t loose anymore or return to her anorexic ways. Now that she is getting campaigns from Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier, she probably will want to loose more.

      • Padme

        What does that even mean? Hiking is hard work and if everyone did it every day then yes, everyone would be much skinnier.

        In any case she has such a beautiful face she manages to look great at any weight.

  • AlexD

    for some reason i like looking at her pictures, although im not as enamored as most. however i think its so selfish to say she should have stayed a plus size model. yea i think her message was lost somewhere there but saying someone should stay overweight is very inconsiderate. maybe she will motivate other overweight girls to lose the weight now.

    • lc

      “maybe she will motivate other overweight girls to lose the weight now.”

      Well, I agree with this sentiment. Maybe she will.

      But saying that HERE on this site will only get people telling you overweight people are fine the way they are, they’re beautiful, they shouldn’t need to lose weight, blah blah blah.

    • Essence

      Really? If anything she is inconsiderate for lying, making people think she was fine at her weight when I’m pretty sure she wasnt.

      “maybe she will motivate other overweight girls to lose the weight now.” Yea now all the big girls are gonna go hiking!! (sarcasm). If anything, this will push bigger girls to lose weight in an extreme way like an eating disorder, because their role model out of nowhere lost weight. Think about it. She’s not promoting anything good in my eyes.

      • snoops

        agree with essence

      • Laura

        Out of nowhere?? It’s not like this happened in a week! And she’s not an unhealthy weight! How is she promoting anything bad??

        Whatever happened to personal responsibility? This sounds a lot like that court case where the mother tried to sue McDonald’s and blamed them for making her children fat.

        Why on earth do so many people expect the fate of all young women’s bodies and health to rest of the career of Crystal Renn??? That is just ridiculous. She is happy and healthy. That is a good enough role model in my eyes. She can do whatever she wants with her body as can everyone else, and that’s the point. You can choose to eat poorly, eat too little, not exercise, exercise the right amount, go extreme and run a million miles a day, but at the end of the day YOU chose it, and if you are mentally unhealthy enough to pick up bad/obsessive behaviors, then you should seek treatment, not blame Crystal Renn or whoever else!

        P.S. I mean “you” in the universal sense.

        • amazon

          so glad someone else said that, this role model nonsense is getting out of hand. its just an excuse to bash on someone to make yourself feel better. i don’t even know who all these impressionable young girls are because everyone on this site definitely already has their own very strong opinions and its damn near impossible to change them.

      • Casey

        ” If anything, this will push bigger girls to lose weight in an extreme way like an eating disorder,”

        Although it may cause bigger girls to go on a temporary crash diet, it won’t make them develop an eating disorder, because an eating disorder is beyond just weight and size.

        Actually, most anorexics are within normal BMI when their illness starts, not overweight.

        But either way, I highly doubt that anyone would change their weight simply because of Crystal Renn. You’d be surprised how much people can rationalize. “Oh, Crystal Renn looks UNHAPPY, SICK, MALNOURISHED. She was healthy and now she isn’t. She’s giving in to Hollywood.” We’ve all heard those statements, and they all serve the purpose of defending one’s right to be overweight.

  • lc

    Never quite understood the appeal here…aside form her weight, just her as a whole.

  • well even though she did lose weight, fashion industry will still considered her plus size. i don’t even care for the word “plus size” at all. what i don’t get is when women do have curves, sometimes they come off as bitter and then trash women(thin women, mostly) who doesn’t look like them and always claim they love their bodies. it’s cool but then they turn around and lose weight and don’t have the shape they used to have. i have nothing against crystal and if she lost weight for health reasons, then i can understand but don’t sit here and say one thing but do something that’s different.

  • effie

    FINALLY! this is what all models ought to look like. she looks like a healthy, normal-sized human being, and thankfully doesn’t fall into the ‘obese’ or ‘anorexic’ category. and as for everyone complaining about her no longer being plus-sized, her physical changes are very common to anyone who’s had an eating disorder. it takes years to bounce back from the physical ramifications of starving yourself. she’s finally healthy. she was only ‘plus-sized’ because she no longer had any muscle, and after eating again, her metabolism was undoubtedly still in a state of confusion, and therefore any food she consumed when straight to fat (aka, starvation/energy-saving mode). i’m sure before she was anorexic, she probably looked like she does now. furthermore, once you recover from an eating disorder and your metabolism is back in action, it’s only natural to want to be healthy, active, and eating. she looks like a normal woman, fully recovered. let’s just hope she doesn’t slip back into the habit of starving herself now that losing weight is easy for her again.

    • trisia

      i completely agree with everything you say
      she is so beautiful with a desirable, healthy body
      i love her face too

    • Casey

      I also agree effie,

      People forget the effects of anorexia on metabolism.

      Like you’ve said, when you starve yourself for a prolonged period of time, your body starts thinking it will never get regular food and clings to every bite you eat.

      Also, recovering anorexics can’t just eat healthy and go for a hike. First off, they’ve got to get their weight up. Second of all, they have to learn to control their “cravings” to go back to disordered eating and exercising. So you typically do see this process…anorexic to a little plus-sized to average. It’s not her being a super bad human being, it’s her recovering.

      And quite frankly, if she was super skinny, everyone would be complaining about how she’s anorexic and needs treatment, even though the treatment makes her a super bad human being in their opinon.

  • Laura

    I really wish the users on here would stop being so redundant and come up with something else to talk about.

    We get it. She lost weight. Is she plus sized or not?! Can we please talk about that some more! I haven’t seen enough debate about it…

    Here I’ll start:

    I really like the look of the simple navy dress with the fun animal print belt. I also like the editorial aspect here with the peeling walls in the background. The blues and orange/yellow tones of the paint peeling are a nice setting for her looks.

    • i do agree with what you said but that doesn’t change the fact that she is supposed to be some role model for plus size women because that’s who she was representing for but now that she’s lost the weight, some people feel she’s a hypocrite. yes she is human and have their issues. who doesn’t? but she should’ve thought about that before she said she wanted to be a role model for bigger women. i’m not judging her because she can do what she wants but unfortunately there’s consequences for your actions.

  • jessica

    she’s still “plus sized” cuz she’s obviously still quite bigger than abbey lee, chanel iman etc but she was never a “big girl” to begin with, just normal sized and a bit bigger than “slim”, now the “big girls” aka fat girls are pissed cuz she now “slim”,

    • Casey

      I think she may actually be average-sized in model terms now. She doesn’t look to be much bigger than Doutzen or Bar, or Tyra in her days, and none of them are considered plus-sized models.

  • aj

    I deteste her eyebrows they’re so strong, fine in like these glamour shots but in real life it’d be yuck. Pretty I guess though, don’t see the hype

    • aj

      Also, I reckon she sends a better message now that she’s slender but not too skinny. It says that you should look after your body and be healthy but not gorge yourself. There shouldn’t be these huge extreme of the really skinny Chanel’s vs Chrystal, it should be like average is good and pretty.

  • Queen Mab

    She looks like a very healthy size now – I think this is the look all girls should be aiming for, your natural size and fit – not anorexic or obese!

    Also, I’d like to thank skinnyvscurvy for your continuous coverage of curvier girls and plus sized models. Reading about how these women are proud and confident of their bodies is very inspirational for girls like me who often feel pressured (by peers) to be a certain size and stick skinny. But women come in different shapes and sizes and we should acknowledge and celebrate that!

  • udkcoco

    Some of you irritate me to no end! She was a spokeswoMan for the EVERY WOMAN, not just the plus sized woman! She represents all women in the world, basically saying, I wasn’t born thin, and that’s okay! And if you were born thin, that’s okay, too! Her natural weight fluctuation after recovering from a severe eating disorder is NORMAL! What do you think, she just decides she wants to eat again, and its all good? She royally effed with her metabolism, and it takes years to fix that. Others have explained it, so I won’t go into the scientifics of it. What do you want, her to eat more to make you happy, because she isn’t ‘plus” enough for you?! She was told to eat less to be in fashion industry because she wasn’t ‘small’ enough for them. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If anything, you all saying this are the hypocrites, not her! She is a healthy size, has a beautiful face, a blossoming career, and has gotten healthy again. She’s an amazing role model. So suck it! >.< Okay I'm done 🙂 ps, love the cardigan!

    • laura

      I agree. All these people seem to have it in their minds that she chose to be the ultimate spokeswoman for plus sized girls and she made that choice written in blood and she can never change her size! (I’m only being dramatic to reflect how dramatic some people can be about this!)

      And even if she DID says she wanted to be THE women for plus sized girls… someone please explain to me why she would be a bad role model because she said she started exercising, such as hiking, and over a few months she dropped a dress size or 2?? (No one needs to correct me on what size it was, the point is, it wasn’t from size 12 to size 4)

      That sounds fine to me… any normal healthy minded (key phrase “healthy minded” because if they were that obsessive about weight, they most likely would not look to Crystal Renn at all anyway, they’d be looking to someone like kate moss) plus sized girl that loved and looked up to Crystal Renn would just think to herself, “ya know, I don’t do outdoorsy active stuff anymore either! Maybe I’ll start to run outside or go for a hike or play volleyball! I’d probably become fit like Crystal in the process and I really should get more active!”

      That is what would happen if a normal girl who liked Crystal decided to follow her example. How is there anything wrong with that at all? If someone looks at Crystal and thinks “oh she lost weight! I do too and I need to be anorexic! or overexercise!” then they are out of touch with reality and need treatment because that is not what Crystal just did or promoted. So can people stop saying that she will be the downfall of plus sized girls in America because they will apparently all obtain eating disorders from her?

  • Ell

    I don’t understand how people can say she has an “average face”. I’ve never seen many people who look like her, she’s very striking.

  • Lisa

    The fact that she DOES have a stunning face, made her become a plus size model in the first place. Her body looks better now, but her face is beautiful no matter what size.

  • jay

    i cant wait for people to defend petite-sized models too!
    women of all shapes, sizes AND heights should be able to model with confidence!
    i would love to see both SEXY and ADORABLE women in the same shoot!

    • aj

      I know! I do not understand why everyone wants super long legs and why only they can be models. THere are such cute and gorgeous girls who don’t get shown unless they are famous like eva longoria or whatever

      • jay

        im sick of looking at an outfit on a model and wanting the same look, but then realizing i need long legs for it.
        the day will come, im waiting =p

        • Anna

          How about developing your own sense of style? Just because an OMGModel! is wearing something, doesn’t mean that you personally have to wear the same thing.

  • Snigdha

    i love her face.. but i wish she would put on a different expression for once..

  • holyvirgin

    I think that few other models can top her. She is gorgeous, a really good model and she has sooo much class!

  • Halle

    Hi Versus,
    I’m new to this site and I really wanted to know if you could tell me my body shape. I entered my measurements in some type of calculator because I was really curious, and I got “hourglass,” but I wanted to get your opinion. (also other readers’ opinions would be helpful, heh 🙂

    I’m 5’3″, probably going to grow a few more inches, and my measurements are 34-22-34. My waist goes from 22 to 23 sometimes, but it usually stays the same size. I gain weight in my butt/hips/boobs. I have a pretty good sized bust, a C cup, and visually it looks the same size as my hips. My butt is I guess what you would call a “bubble butt,” haha, but it’s on the larger side. My shoulders are very slim and not broad or wide at all, and I am overall slim but not “skinny,” since I have apparent curves and am at my healthy weight for my height. My weight changes from 95-110 pounds, it fluctuates constantly, usually I stay at 100 pounds at the most.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really petite lol, so I don’t know if that changes my shape type. If you, Versus, or anyone else can help, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    • Versus

      Yes, you really do sound like an hourglass – your bust/waist/hip ratio is 0.64, that is quite rare and what is below 0.7 is, in most cases, hourglass.

      • Halle

        Thanks, I’m so glad I got your opinion 🙂

  • amy

    I wonder what size she is. Do you think she’s big enough to be a size 8, or maybe a size 6?? Speaking as someone who’s lost 30 pounds in three months, going from what Crystal was, a size 12 (almost a 14, actually) to a size 8 now, I know that’s a lot of weight to lose. She looks like she’s lost even more than me, so I was just wondering what size you guys think she is now. I would say 6/8? From these pictures, more like a 6?

    • laura

      I wouldn’t think about it too much. It’s hard to tell from professional modeling photos. Angles, lighting, and photoshop are in the mix. She could be a size 10, 8, or 6 for all we know. We’d have to see her in person before us, or have her tell us.

  • Black Essence

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and opinions are just like assholes.

    In the end, she is considered a plus-size model in the industry. I think people are reading too much into her weightloss. She is a regular woman, most women fluctuate in their weight. I think her biggest message is health first…not all this foolish discussion of based on a few inches.

  • Kimberly

    She looks great!

  • i know this has nothing to do with this, but are my hips wide? my hips are 38in.

    • depends on your height. but as a general rule (IMO), no.

  • erika

    lovely, amazing! she looks sooo good and healthy!

  • sillylilly

    I think she has a really pretty body

  • Karsten

    Requests? I have one. Please DON’T post Crystal.

    There is nothing curvy about this model. Losing the weight, she has turned up to be a flat-chested girl with no actual curves, just a body like a refrigerator. That’s no prettier in a size 6 than it is in a size 0.

    And that face? Eww. I’ve seen skulls that are prettier.

    • Ikram


  • Beckers

    she has played the fashion industry at it’s own game and came off the winner. She told it what was desirable and as a result she got work no matter her size. So yes maybe she did lose weight but I think she represents more than just plus size, she represents a positive change and she’s also I think gorgeous