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Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures

daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures-4 - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures

Bikini Treat: today, a rarity in the fashion world – a size 8 model!

Name: Daisy Lowe

Age: 27

Parents: Pearl Lowe, Gavin Rossdale

Nationality: British

Height: 5’10” / 178 cm

Size: UK size 10 / US size 6/8

More Daisy Lowe bikini pictures inside!


daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures-2 - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures-3 - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures  daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures-5 - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures-6 - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures daisy-lowe-bikini-pictures - Size 8 Model Daisy Lowe Bikini Pictures

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  • Snugglepup

    I like the bikini. I didn’t know she’s still modeling, she was so popular when I was a teen, together with Agynes Deyn. She still looks the same.

    • herpderp

      The bikini is gorgeous!

      • angry_bird

        I also like this bikini, but i think a different color would complement her skin tone more. This color kinda makes her look washed out

        • vic

          bikini is from agent provocateur 🙂

  • Hayley

    Wow! She almost has my dream body! A little soft maybe, but I feel like this is easily attainable with proper diet and exercise (if she exercised a little more to tone up, she would be my ideal :D). Her BMI is probably smack in the middle of the “average” section. If I had to critique something, then I don’t really like her calves (the seem a little shapeless). She also seems to carry extra weight in her arm – a problem I also struggle with, which again can be fixed with a little toning.

    Anyway, she’s the closest to my goal body as I’ve seen her in a while (used to be Kelly Brook, but she’s gained recently).

    It’s refreshing though to see average weight models. Keep the thin ones and the larger ones, but most people fall into this category and it’s one that we don’t see often enough.

  • Calia

    Perfect body to me.

  • Uma

    That’s how most girls/women look on the beach where I live. Nothing bad about it, though. But not model like, imo.

  • Mel

    Looks fine, but whom does she model for?

    • Harley

      Her mother Pearl Lowe I believe, among others

  • angry_bird

    She looks good. But I think she would benefit from strength training. Then she’d be a knockout!

  • Vlada

    I can’t believe Gavin is her daddy!!! omg

  • CarrieD

    I love this! Sure there’s nepotism involved, as usual, and I don’t find her all that attractive facially, but her body is beautiful and this is a welcome change of scenery as far as model bodies go. I like this healthy medium.

  • BASS

    She’s more of a celebrity than a model, no?
    Anyway, I love that she’s always so smiley, makes her even more attractive!

  • lyza

    She looks great.