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Debenhams Launches Campaign with Models Over 40

Debrenhams-Launches-Campaign-with-Models-Over-40 - Debenhams Launches Campaign with Models Over 40

To complete the title, the campaign uses models in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s in order to prove that the brand’s clothes aren’t solely destined to the youngest ones. Daily Mail has the scoop:

Debenhams believes it is the first retailer to use models in their 40s, 50s and 60s for a campaign like The Style List, which the high street chain says is targeting ‘forgotten women’.

The launch campaign features three looks – power dressing, casual and party dresses – and uses models Valerie Pain, 66, Caroline Josling, 52, and Maxine Smith, 41.

The message of the campaign – standing up against beauty standardization:

‘It’s important to challenge what we see in our media with a broader reflection of beauty. ‘Enjoy the magic of these women, their confidence, their attitudes and their allure. ‘These wonderful faces express the joy of getting older – not something we see enough of.’

… says fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, who came up with the concept of the campaign.

What a great idea! After all, these women do look great in the clothes. What do you guys think of this initiative?

Debrenhams-Launches-Campaign-with-Models-Over-40-2 - Debenhams Launches Campaign with Models Over 40

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Debrenhams-Launches-Campaign-with-Models-Over-40-3 - Debenhams Launches Campaign with Models Over 40

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  • lizzy

    i really, really like this.

    it reminds me that models are there to present CLOTHES… and they look great doing it, nice to see them smiling! and the clothes are beautiful too!

    we spend so much time picking apart what a model looks like that we often overlook what they’re wearing.

    i LOVE that purple bag and the black/tan coat.

  • southerngumdrops

    LOVE this!!!! This is a wonderful example of diversity.

    So often diversity = grossly overweight women who do not have a health BMI.

    • Amen! This is a great high street campaign. 🙂

  • oana

    One word: COOL!

  • Lisa

    Lovely women!

  • sara

    I LOVE it!! i think there should be a lot more campaigns like this, it’s kind of demotivating looking at 18 y.old models all the time (and i’m 20 lol)!! and i need that beige sweater dress in the first pic in my life XD

  • Wow – Valerie Pain, the white-haired lady, is striking!

  • Lucy

    I love this. Really awesome idea.

  • angela

    WOW, the silver-haired woman and the darker woman are absolutely GORGEOUS! i better start now if i wanna look that good later on 😛

  • Well of course they’d launch this campain, their clothes are marketed to 40+ year olds.

    It’s not like you’d find the latest teen/20s fashions there. Though the ones in the images aren’t half bad.

    • Minnie

      This is appropriate and expected.

      Having 16 year old models in a Debrenhams campaign is like having 50 year old plus sized models in an Urban Outfitters magazine.

  • esther

    and no I’m not 50, I’m 22

  • bst

    I think the model in the middle has a beautiful face.Like,real beauty,from the inside.
    Appropiate ,most of the people are going to love it.

  • Katy

    I think this is great! I’m 18 and I think more mature women are gorgeous! Like my mother, she’s turning 53 this year and I think she is so beautiful, she’s got really great eyes and beautiful skin and fantastic legs. But she thinks she’s too old to look good in nice clothes! I hope to see more campaigns like this so she knows she’s still got it.

  • holly

    It is about time!’Forgotten women’ is so true…lets change this.We will all age,and this is one step closer to our society changing our attitudes in this area.LOVE IT!!!!

  • maddie

    i think this is great….i always thought when i saw some add campaigns with young women modelling older womens clothes that it looked funny….this seems for appropriate

  • Lise

    I love this!!!

  • Lang

    It’s time older women got the respect they deserve! Let’s face it, we’re all going to be old someday unless we die young. Should we just wither up and disappear like society tells us to do?

  • Len

    They look gorgeous, it’s an absolutely brilliant idea!!!!

  • Priscila

    Valerie- amazing! So elegant and beautiful!

  • alana

    This is really cool BUT I’ve never seen my grandma in leggings and shorts and I might be a little creeped out if I did. But everything else looks great, I really like these ads.

  • siennagold

    Fantastic! Women in their 40s 50s 60s etc, should also be given importance in the fashion industry. Hopefully, other retailers would follow suit!

  • Versus, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but you’ve misspelt Debenhams in the title

  • Rachel

    These clothes might be considered too old for someone who is younger? Heck, I’m 19 years old and I would love to wear those types of outfits; they’re so sophisticated.

  • I would love to wear those types of outfits; they’re so sophisticated.

  • But everything else looks great, I really like these ads.