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Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls

doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-4 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls

Double Bikini Models Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls posed together on the beach in Miami earlier today, looking enviably fit and toned in bikinis.

31 year-old Doutzen and 28 year-old Joan share the same height (5’10” / 179 cm) and they are used to working together, as they both modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

See more photos of these gorgeous bikini models inside!


doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-2 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-3 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls  doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-5 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-6 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-7 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-8 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls-9 - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls doutzen-kroes-joan-smalls - Double Bikini Treat: Doutzen Kroes & Joan Smalls

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Bella

    Doutzen looks a lot healthier than she had been….she is always ripped, though.
    Not too familiar with Joan Smalls, but she is beautiful and I really like her figure.

  • claud

    not surprised that they both seem to be naturally A cups. cracks me up to think how much padding is in those vs bras when they hit the runway… google it, the difference is from a to c cup. of course there is also makeup cleavage painted on.

    • Vlada

      yes, hilarious!!

  • herpderp

    Doutzen has this strange combination of looking half bloated and half ripped.

    • Kia

      She looked much better when she was more natural. Her proportions were all in the damn right places, and she was sporty, but no…designers wanted her to resemble the other models’ body types.
      She was an angel, now she is a weird gym freak with a beautiful face

      • b

        agree 100%

      • Sheza

        haha excellent description

    • dalia

      bloated, really??

    • chris

      i think the belatedness you refer to is in fact her large rib cage and broad torso.

    • a

      I don’t think she looks bloated, she just has a different body type and bone structure than joan, who is much narrower. Doutzen looks best when she is more filled out and muscular. She’s been fighting it for years :/ if she relaxes on her diet and exercise she starts going back to what her body is supposed to look like… which isn’t like joan’s. Personally I prefer Doutzen’s body type by a LOT – I wish she would do more strength training and build more muscles, I think she’d look amazing (though not for the modeling world’s standards sadly!)

  • Snugglepup

    I’m shocked how similar they actually are in size. I like legs to be more visible toned.

    • b

      I think Joan is a clearly a size smaller

  • Amalia

    My figure is similar to Doutzens back in her “heavy” days, especially the thighs. However, I just don’t get them to shrink, I wish I knew how she did it!

    • crissy

      if ur figure i like that, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHRINK.

  • Leighton

    Doutzen looks good!! There was a time she looked too skinny and too ripped, but dayum she looks healthy and happy and still skinny, but more carefree if that makes sense. Love it!

  • flamingo

    Joan has the better figure, clearly

    • dalia


  • Arina

    It must be so nice to look like this…

  • Sheri

    Doutzen’s body is amazing

  • jjj2

    They both have awesome bodies, they really look amazing!