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Doutzen Kroes Was Once Labeled “Too Fat”

doutzen-kroes-was-labeled-too-fat-once - Doutzen Kroes Was Once Labeled "Too Fat"

Yes Model Management says that supermodel and “Angel” Doutzen Kroes is a size 4 or 6. I am always PRO diversity, so I am really happy to see that there is at least ONE runway model out there who wears a size 6 (even if just occasionally). A successful model, since she was number 5 in Forbes’ Highest Paid Models in 2008 Top (in case you’re wondering, the first 4 were Gisele, Kate, Heidi and Adriana).

But wearing a size 6 also has a downside in the fashion industry – because a while back, Gucci basically rejected Doutzen for being… you guessed, “too fat”. Very, very sad. Doutzen’s words:

“I like the Versace show best so far. The collection is really beautiful and at Versace femininity is important. Feminine shapes are allowed. In contrary to Gucci where I got rejected because I was too fat! Gucci likes slim girls only.”

2 things are majorly wrong in Doutzen’s statement (but she’s so not the one to blame): 1. “Feminine shapes are allowed”, like they are some sort of sin and 2. “Slim girls only”… coming from the stunning slim girl in the above pictures.


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  • Instant

    “In contrary to Gucci where I got rejected because I was too fat! Gucci likes slim girls only.”

    OK, this just makes me think that Doutzen is probably a real sweetheart, look at how she worded that. If she was a bitch, I think she would have said “skinny”, “thin”, “skeletal”, “emaciated”, or what ever other derogatory words there are for someone that is smaller than slim(IMO, “slim” means “healthy thin”). This girl is slim, proportioned, long legged and long waisted. Personally, I’m not into models or anything like that, I prefer the fuller female form, but I gotta say, she is beautiful and I wouldn’t want her to change a thing about herself(especially what appears to be a sweet personality).

  • bebe

    In the fashion industry, it’s true that doutzen can be considered “fat” because of her body structure. Among the VS angels, minus karolina of course, she has the thickest body. But outside the fashion world, she’s very sexy and fit.

  • runner_girl

    She looks great. Gucci can suck it.

    • K.J.

      bahaha gucci CAN suck it, and her face is absolutely angelic (VS pun?)… anyway, bottom line: shes gorgeous.

  • Kellie

    I always wonder about the horrible thoughts that fashion designers must have about the ‘fat’ women who actually buy their clothes. If Doutzen Kroes is considered too ‘fat’ to display them . . . they must get utterly disgusted by the women who are three sizes bigger than her who choose to wear them.

    • Miranda

      You should take a look on some Fashion communities sometimes, it’s everyone in the fashion industry that feels this way, not the designers. They’re all brainwashed to think stick-thin is beautiful. It’s crazy.

      • Enrique Favila

        Miranda, more than crazy, it is sick. I have 2 beautiful daughters and I encourage them to do exercise and eat well so they can live better and longer. God knows what health problems these models will have in their elder years.

    • Natasha

      well said if designers think anything above a size 4 is fat then dont make anything in a size 6 or above and watch your brand PLUMMET

  • change.

    shes def thicker than the other girlss. i wonder how she looks on the runway. and yea she could of sed “anorexic models” or something veryyy cruel but she chose wisely. i def think shes bigger than the others. i personally dont see a slim woman i see a thick musuclar woman. shes deff thicker in the thighs then the restt. but still equallly gorgeous as emm. when will they learn, DIVERSITYYYY. we need to diversify the runway and not only have slim womenn. slim and curvy CAN walk in the same runwayy .

    • change.

      i take the muscular part backk. i just see a all around healthy woman. shes verii pretttty


    Doutzen fat? Now way!
    Slim girls only? she is a slim girl! I’m might even go so far as saying skinny.
    She is fine and sexy. now will officailly boycott Gucci!

    *oh, and with referal to jessica simpson. this is the example of “toned” she needs be regardless of size.

  • Serafiina

    She´s so gorgeous.

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  • linda

    Doutzen is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen; she’s got enough curves to make her sexy, she’s in shape, fit and beautiful. I’d much rather look like her than one of the emaciated girls that walk to couture runways. Doutzen, you’re not “too fat”, you’re absolutely perfect.

  • charlotte

    She’s perfection, and is one of my body icons. I find it disgusting that all those designer brands demand boy stick thin un-feminine figures. It’s just horrible…stupid..it makes me sick, actually. Doutzen, stay your shape. Please please please don’t lose any weight because the f—-g media dont understand that a healthy, athletic image is the RIGHT image instead of throwing bony stick thin girls in our faces and telling us that this is ‘fashionable’ and ‘beautiful’ because it goddam isn’t. I feel like writing a long, hateful letter to Gucci telling them that i think they’re clothes are disgusting, simply because of the girls looking ill while wearing them
    Truly, truly sad about our generation today. Keep rocking, Doutzen…

  • miss

    This is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever read

  • loda

    Her body used to be slim 2-3 yrs. ago when she was still doing countless fashion shows. But imo, it’s just a natural occurence that her body figure had changed cause simply she’s not that teenager anymore. She’s very pretty though, a classic kind of beauty and she has the face of a moviestar, better than some of those hollywood actresses i think.

    • Serafiina

      Her body is still very slim. She actually looks bigger in these photos than usually, and that´s tells a lot.

  • pOtAtO

    It makes me sad… really sad, cause it ain’t right! how can you be rejected from the runway with THIS body! They should be ashame to encourage unhealthy behaviours like that. People would kill for a body like that! The first time I saw her body I was amazed! Finally, models with a little more muscles that look toned and in pretty damn good shape! Gosh no wonder we, women, have distorted images and problems with ourselves and our weights, if this woman is “fat” then what am I ?? nonsense…

  • Ali

    I love Doutzen. I love how she isnt super skinny but still has a really nice body because she works out and stuff. I work out to try and look like her and its funny that she is considered to fat because she has like the perfect body imo. She also seems really nice and chillm my fav vs model!

  • VSfan88

    Yes, in the fashion industry Doutzen can be considered as being “fat”, but I would rather call it “muscular”. Doutzen doesn’t have the petit body anymore. Especially her upper arms and chest have become quite big.

  • margo

    OMG!!!!!! she is sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! wtf! id ont understand this… alessandra is totally gross looking! her body is way too skinny and doutzen is muscular and healthy! marisa is way to skinny too!!! they all say they watch there weight! theres nothing to watch! doutzen is the only normal looking one!! gucci for gross girls anyway!

  • grace

    i think what the designers said about her was unfair, she has a very lean figure which is great! she is beautiful and i hope designers will accept models for who they are and not encourage them to lose weight.

  • Susan

    she has really skinny calves and a little something on her upper thighs

  • s

    she is “fat” in the industry, just admit it. just because she’s slimmer than YOU doesn’t make her slim. i still think she’s a plus-sized model. i like her face though.

  • lacey

    What a shame, if we rewinded say 50 years we would see healthier woman. I mean lets look at Marilyn Monroe. So many people idolize her and she was pretty cuvy. It just ruins it for girls like me who are a size 2 and still dont feel skinny. When Doutzen was added to the VS crew I was happy to see someone who resembeled my own body. Yay for curvy girls we are what feminity really is!!

  • Marianka

    “she is “fat” in the industry, just admit it. just because she’s slimmer than YOU doesn’t make her slim. i still think she’s a plus-sized model. i like her face though”

    So what…. Anything above a size 2 or 4 is officially plus size? And size 0 is what, a model of sexy, fit and healthy? Nice… Funny how outside of the fashion industry, out of the dozens of men I know, I know of ONE who likes the stick thin, and EVERYONE else (I’ve asked!) seems to prefer curvier! Weird huh?!

    BTW, Doutzen is possibly the ONLY VS model and angel who looks remotely healthy, and she is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!

  • Leanne

    size 4 and 6 are sample sizes in the fashion industry. equivalent to a size 0 at stores, they’re just making you feel like you’re skinny

  • Enrique Favila

    Check the colombian lingerine site: http://www.besame.com
    I don´t know if those curves can sell apparel, but i am sure they can twist a guys mind. =) Respectfully

  • k

    I was watching Victorias Secret today and I was actually cringing at how skinny they were. They look quite normal in pictures but then you see them on tv and they look so abnormal that it was actually quite scary. Doutzen Kroes relieved me each time she came out because she had a great body that wasn’t abnormal. If I was interested in women I know who I’d prefer….

  • Neverwinter

    Right… And in 2014 she’s one of the legion of size 0 models. She gave up so easily.

  • Anabelle

    the last year the toned down very hard and look the best she ever been.