Elle France: “The Plus-Size” Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

March 27, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Hot Models by Versus

Following the current trend, French Elle decided to dedicate an entire issue to plus-size women, put model Tara Lynn on the cover… and undressed her inside the magazine. Tara is beautiful (we’ve seen her in V’s Magazine Size Issue as well) and she does look plus-size (unlike other so called “plus-size” models).

But NY Magazine makes an interesting point:

We’ve asked this question before, but we’ll ask it again: Why must so many magazines shoot plus-size models naked? The photos of Lynn that follow in this spread depict her wearing clothes, as she should since this is a fashion magazine, with presumably an aim to show women how to dress. When fashion decided to make the hottest models the skinniest girls they could find, they didn’t shoot them naked to flaunt their protruding rib cages. Why must it be different now?

Magazines choose to remove even the tiniest lump, booty-tentative, ounce of fat out of the skinniest models’ bodies, yet at the same time, they choose to glorify and not photoshop the bigger lumps and bigger bellies of the plus-size models… it’s like these 2 extremes should be as extreme as possible and what lies in between is a “forbidden territory” – why do you guys think that is?

See more pictures from this shoot after the jump!

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