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Elle France: “The Plus-Size” Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

tara_elle_france-copy - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

Following the current trend, French Elle decided to dedicate an entire issue to plus-size women, put model Tara Lynn on the cover… and undressed her inside the magazine. Tara is beautiful (we’ve seen her in V’s Magazine Size Issue as well) and she does look plus-size (unlike other so called “plus-size” models).

slide_5623_76284_large - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

But NY Magazine makes an interesting point:

We’ve asked this question before, but we’ll ask it again: Why must so many magazines shoot plus-size models naked? The photos of Lynn that follow in this spread depict her wearing clothes, as she should since this is a fashion magazine, with presumably an aim to show women how to dress. When fashion decided to make the hottest models the skinniest girls they could find, they didn’t shoot them naked to flaunt their protruding rib cages. Why must it be different now?

Magazines choose to remove even the tiniest lump, booty-tentative, ounce of fat out of the skinniest models’ bodies, yet at the same time, they choose to glorify and not photoshop the bigger lumps and bigger bellies of the plus-size models… it’s like these 2 extremes should be as extreme as possible and what lies in between is a “forbidden territory” – why do you guys think that is?

See more pictures from this shoot after the jump!

tara-lynn-plus-size-2 - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

tara-lynn-plus-size-3 - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

tara-lynn-plus-size-4 - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

tara-lynn-plus-size - Elle France: "The Plus-Size" Issue with Size 16 Model Tara Lynn on the Cover

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  • hgft9ty

    absolutley gorgeous!

    • Milko

      she is AMAZING!!!!

  • Tia

    I agree why does she have to be naked? It’s a fashion magazine….not Maxim! And I love that gray dress on her…killer curves!

  • Yves

    Huh, whud? Sorry, I wasn’t reading the article at all. All I was thinking was how I really want that face!

  • Jay-Lisa

    I’m sorry to say that but she needs to lose some weight!! She has a very beautiful face but she’s a little too fat I think.
    I’m not saying she should be skinny, but just lose a little bit, especially on the leg area.
    Don’t get me wrong, she’s stunning, I would love to have her face!

    • balthazar

      totally agree with you. her face is gorgeous as is her hair but she is bordering on obese. to echo versus – where is the middle ground?

      • Jess

        Crystal Renn seems somewhere closer to “the middle” but sounds like she’s catching some flac (not the least of which from versus) for not being more plus-sized… IMO someone between Crystal Renn and Lara Stone would be an ideal middle-ground

        • Versus

          I like Crystal, I just don’t like the fact that she is called “plus-size” when she isn’t.

      • SG

        She’s bordering on obese?! She is probably healthier than you. The trend towards stick thin models (with little to no breasts) was started by gay male fashion designers of the 60s. I was watching a TV episode of Becker where the nurse (a grown woman) said ‘I have the ass of a teenage boy, and for some reason the men seem to love it.’ A lot of guys, particularly white guys, have been conditioned by the gay, male fashion designers of the 60s that a grown woman should have the body of a boy. They taped women’s boobs down and encouraged them to lose as much weight as possible, especially in those hips. Of course, the trend as of lately is a lot of these woman have grown huge breasts, which for most of them are really out of balance with their straight, boyish hips. Very little of this is natural, being either surgical or extremely unnaturally enhanced by starvation diets and regurgitation which are emotionally and physically UNHEALTHY. How can you even think that this is healthy? Obviously she’d rather be what she is than to be that. Grown women are not men, nor are they skinny teenage boys and girls with no hips and no booty. A woman should be allowed to look like a woman. They should be allowed to have a woman’s figure. Where is the middle ground? Who says she isn’t the middle ground? Grow UP! or go get you a drag queen. Why do you and Jay-Lisa get to determine the middle ground, or what obese or a ‘little bit too fat’ is? If the medical standards of the past are now considered controversial and unhealthy, you two most likely aren’t qualified to determine those standards, especially based on your vision of what a woman should look like. Stop using TV and Hollywood to determine your vision of what people should be (though it may be too late for that.) And empty your pitcher of all that haterade…

        • You’re just giving more fuel and justification to those that slate bigger women.

          The slender look has had its moment in fashion way before gay fashion designers of the 60s. It was very popular in the 1920s during the flapper era. In fact even during the bombshell era you still had women like Lauren Becall who were popular alongside Monroe.

          Women shouldn’t look like teenage boys with no hips or butt? Very old tune sung often on this site and you no less ridiculous than your fellow chorus. Some grown women were not built with any curves and they are no less women than ones with curves.


    • smarterthanyou

      I’m sorry to say but you need to learn more! You have a very beauitful writing style but you’re a little too ignorant I think. I’m not saying you should get your PhD, but just get a little bit of education, especially in the sociological area.

      Her legs are big because they have MUSCLE. They’re perfectly formed, just MUSCULAR under a HEALTHY layer of fat.

    • SG

      She’s a size 12 and works out including running, weightlifting and Bickram Yoga. Just because you don’t like her body shape doesn’t mean she should change it. Why do you get to determine exactly how much weight she should lose and where she should lose it? I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t like your body shape, and not even your size, maybe not even your looks or personality. Hey I’m sure there are plenty of people who do. Thank god there are people with varying degrees of standards for a mate. We all deserve love and admiration. She was a smaller size (size 8 she said in a video interview) but wasn’t happy with how it made her feel. Two people might have the same weight but look like they don’t weigh the same. There are skinny people I know who never work out and eat very poorly. I eat healthier than some people I know who weigh less and don’t work out. I have a muscle-bound nephew who subsists on fast food, ramen noodles and pot. He’s obviously not healthy, though he would appear to be. He might not be paying for it now but he will later. My weight is about the same as some people who look bigger than I do, but that is muscle weight gained from working out. She is obviously very beautiful and sexy, by her own standards and by many people’s standards. Get over yourself!

      • aj

        SG I loved reading these two comments, well said!!

  • ivankanka

    love her….. I don’ think she needs to lose any weight
    she looks great….. love her confidence and attitude

  • Lisa

    I love the red throw-over dress. She has the loveliest face. Still weird though to see a curvy woman in a magazine. We are brainwashed by the industry.

  • me

    If she was slim she would be PERFECT… :/

    • cus

      agree… not skinny, but just slimmer..

    • G.

      being slimmer would make her loose her job 😉 she’d be healthier and more good-looking after loosing some weight, BUT she’s making money looking the way she does and there has to be someone who models plus-size. so there she is.

  • artemis

    all i know is that i would never wanna be that big

    • kc

      Maybe you won’t ever be.
      Unfortunately, you probably won’t ever be that gorgeous either.

      • Anara

        Love your comment KC!!! 😀

  • donttouchmeee

    She is really Fat !!! Sorry ! Crystal Renn looks much waaaaaaaay better !!!

    • MIDORI

      Before you decide to comment on the way someone looks, perhaps you should work on your grammar a bit. Much way better? Really?

  • essss

    shes gorgeous! i´m glad they took someone else than crystal renn because I´m tired of her.
    But why naked? don´t know

  • Kelly

    WOW she is AMAZING!!!!!

  • KarmaChameleon

    Her face is stunning but she’s much too big for my liking. If she was a size 6-8 she would be amazing 🙂 I mean, particularly in the picture with the black bathing suit she looks funny – like her head is waaaay too small for her body o.o

    • Natasha

      Thats not plus sized though……… if you go to a multiple modeling agencies websites plus size is 10-14. Crystal Renn who wears a size 8-12 possibly is plus size Bar Rafaeli is a size 6 and shes a regular sized model according to her modeling agency one model management………

    • smarterthanyou

      If she was a size 6-8 she’d probably be to skinny for her frame and have to lose muscle which would be UNHEALTHY. Your opinion is waaaaaaay too small for the internet.

    • Rio

      That is right plus the height of many of the models is 5’8″ or taller. But this girl is way fat. You can shape the body thru exercise(body sculpting) and proper eating habits and a great deal of discipline.

      • summer

        ….or she could stay fit, beautiful, curvaceous and enjoy her life …..

  • Maria

    She’s absolutely stunning. Definitely prefer her to Crystal Renn. Crystal is a sensual woman, but I don’t really see her model qualities.
    Now, while that Tara girl is really really beautiful, IMHO she would look better if she lost some weight. Not too much of course, but she is overweight and could still easily be a BMI of say 22 without depriving herself. If that’s the weight she feels best at, though, that’s fine, she’s still gorgeous.

    As for the naked issue… Well, I think all these current plus-size shots are not only part of a pro-curves anti-skinny movement, but rather try to show the aesthetics of a natural ‘real’ body ,without ridiculous photoshop etc. Fashion magazines have always covered topics that aren’t really fashion related. But yeah, I would prefer seeing more clothes, too.

    • monkey

      I do think the NY magazine has a point, I mean most of the time it seems that they do this photoshots as if it was a favour to the women who read the magazine, or just to get attentaion by showing how responsible and sensitive they are to the issue, that’s why they usually put them naked, and then they save the real model job, showcasing the clothes or the fashion consept, to the skinny models. So there really might not be any change, they are not including different sizes, they are creating another space for them on the side.

      • monkey

        I think she looks beautiful btw, she is big, but she doesn’t look unhealthy to me. Gorgeous face! and the blue dress looks fantastic on her.

  • viktoria

    she´s not plus size, she´s obese and that´s not healthy. her face is cute but that´s all, these are not just curves, but plents of fat

    • RAchel


      There is skinny, normal, plus size and plain fat. This girl is that fat… Plus size is people who have a bit of chub here and there… she;s got more then that. The way she looks is NOT healthy and i think it’s a disgrace magazines are trying to pull this off as ‘curvy and plus size’. They shouldn’t promote skinnyness as to the point where there is only bones but they should neither promote fatness as to the point where there is only fat..

      As for the girl yeh she looks pretty, but that is all photoshop so i am not really impressed.

      • C

        It’s pathetic that our culture is so completely brainwashed by the manipulative media that we’ve lost sight of true beauty and consider skinny little twigs like Uma Thurman “attractive”. Tara Lynn is the epitome of beauty, TRUE beauty. During the Renaissance, women like this were heralded for their curves and feminine beauty, and now in our sad world women like this are called “fat” or “obese” (by the way people, do a little research before you start calling people “obese”, so you can learn the real meaning of the term and apply it correctly). Someday, though, our society will wake up and realize that this woman and women like her are the truly beautiful ones, and delicious curves like Tara Lynn’s will once again be the norm. Until then, I’m just going to say that this girl is unbelievably gorgeous with a FANTASTIC body and curves that most women would kill for!

        • I completely agree. As a singer, I’m more in the public eye, if you like, than most, and people feel they can comment about me, to me, whatever. I’m 5’11’ and a uk size 14-16. I get ‘statuesque,’ and ‘amazonian’ (wtf? lol! 🙂 ) amongst other, less pleasant comments. I’m not gorgeous, but I am happy with who I am and the way I look. And if BEAUTIFUL women like Tara Lynn and Crystal Renn help other women to realise that they’re not fat despite being a size 16, then who cares whether they’re wearing clothes or not? Women like to check out other women, because everyone is different. It’s human nature. Fashion magazines have always covered issues that aren’t to do with fashion, although these are fashion models, so it sort of is. Why not see the body beneath the clothes? I think it’s refreshing. Maybe if there WAS a naked photoshoot with ‘regular’ size models, some uproar would be caused by all the ribs and spines sticking out!

      • MIDORI


        • maddie

          leanr to turn caps lock off….writing your opinion in capitals doesn’t make it right……

          my guess is you’re a fatty trying to support the fatties….

          • And my guess, from the way you’re attacking people, is that you’re a stick thin 14 year old that has a lot to learn 😉
            I have nothing against skinny people, fat people, average people…Whatever. As long as they’re happy with the way they are, who are we to put them down? If they’re not happy, they can do something about it. Someone said clothes look better on skinny people…I think that depend very much on the clothes. I’m currently wearing a dress that shows off my best *ahem* assets. If someone with a smaller chest than me was wearing it, it wouldn’t look as good.

  • iz

    her head is so small compared to her bod!!! she’s too overweight imo, but she’s a pretty girl at the sime time.

  • Mazhazard

    If i had that much fat on me I would not look like that 🙁 How can she be so big yet look so good at the same time?

    • RAchel

      Photoshop 😛

      It’s all in the make up and perfect skin-like features!

    • Anara

      Because what she has on her isn’t all fat, yes there is more than on a “normal” sized person, but not as much fat as another person of her size. Looking at weight and height alone she would probably seem very unhealthy, but to look like this there has to be more muscle than average as well.

  • madeleine

    SHE IS FAT im sorry but THIS IS NOT CURVES
    she is obese and im sorry but in my opinion she doesn’t belong in a magazine because being obese is NOT normal. it is not healthy and it is not something so aspire to be.
    that sid im not saying get skinny like a model…not even slim if she doesn’t want to but just lose some weight because it’s a bad example i feel.
    and here comes the tirade of abuse….

    • Nkeon

      Ever occur to you that she’s ‘fat’ with curves, just like some girls are thin with curves?

      • madeleine

        you cant see the curves if fat covers them up…….just like if a super super skinny chick gets obscenely thin she no longer will have curves because all there is is bone..

        • kate

          Some of the pics she looks curvy and others she doesn’t. Wonder what her stats are?

        • Nkeon

          Well I think anyone with good eyesight can see her curves very clearly in these pics

          • madeleine

            there is not need to be bitchy here…i’m voicing my opinion so get over it.

          • Nkeon

            I wasn’t being bitchy, I was simply disagreeing with you. So I don’t need to ‘get over’ anything

          • Anara

            If your voicing you opinion it’s perfectly reasonable than another person can voice their own opinion that disagree with your opinion, well at least in my opinion.

          • MIDORI


          • maddie

            again with the caps lock chubby?

            seriously learn how to turn it off,,

        • Chloe

          not arguing or proving a point here or anything, just asking:

          what’s curves anyway? are they fats or bones/frame (as in wider hip bones)?

          • Nkeon

            Good question Chloe.

            The word has so many different meanings that it has become meaningless in many respects.

            In any case when I refer to curvy I mean shape i.e. rounded hips/butt, smaller waist and boobs (for hourglasses) or small rounded shoulders (pears)

    • smarterthanyou

      If you see her as “fat” or “obese” then there’s something wrong with you, not her. There’s a lot of muscle there, and she could totally kick your ass from here to Saturday.

      • madeleine

        just because you have muscle doesn’t mean you can’t have fat….clearly she has a bit of muscle otherwise she’d have a lot more cellulite (unless it’s been photoshopped) but she definitely has more fat than she needs. There is nothing wrong with me at all and how is it even relevent that you think she could kick my ass from here to saturday?
        you don’t have a very good argunment why don’t you just state what your saying as your opinion because everyone has different standards and preferences when it comes to body type. My bet is she would have a BMI that is overweight……in fact she definitely would.

  • kelli

    wow, those pictures are stunning! she’s so proportional and that last picture actually makes me jealous. i’m on the thinner side, but that last picture makes me wish i had her figure. weird.

  • Samantha

    She is absolutly gorgeous! Oh my, I cannot get over how beautiful this women is. She has a amazing body, cause personally I’m tired of looking at pin thin models. And, even though she is big, her curves are banging and she looks healthly!

  • suzushii

    Not my kind of bod, but dayum does she make it work.

    She’s definitely just as much of a genetic freak as the very thin runway models with tiny bones – JUST as of an unreachable ideal for the average girl as them.

    Actually, I think her bod is even more hard to achieve. Most people at her weight would just have a unproportionally large belly, rolls of backfat,and cellulite all over their lumpy legs.

    So yeah, nice, but my ideal still remains normal weight, with a good muscle mass (very achieavable for almost anyone).

    • Nkeon

      So true!

      I personally find bodies like hers, Beyonce and Christina Hendricks or more rare find than bodies like Kate Moss.

      In general to become really thin takes a decrease in calories and some exercise but you can’t just grow curves like this! You either got them or you go under the knife.

  • jenny

    my godness, her face is PERFECT.

  • violet

    she’s a very pretty girl with great proportions. yes she’s overweight but she’s still curvy instead of just being fat. but as someone “in the middle” at a uk10-12 (us 6-8) i would like to see some people my size as well. what annoys me most though is that it’s a “special” spread. why can’t we have thin (but not bony) medium and plus size just be in every spread?

    • suzushii

      We don’t actually know she IS overweight, I mean, I did some calculations on a bmi site, and apparently at a height of 5’10, the overweight cut-off is at about 175 pounds. She could very well have those stats, and actualy be in the healthy range.

      • Kristin

        Trust me, she is not 175 lbs. I’m 5’10” and at 185 lbs I was wearing a size 10. Now I know everyone’s body is different, but I don’t think there could be THAT much of a difference.

        • justme

          I agree… My guess would be around 210 pounds. She’s pretty, and decently proportioned, but not small by any stretch of the imagination.

          • kate

            I reckon around the 200lb mark.

    • smarterthanyou

      Most plus-sized models are about a US size 8-14, UK 12-16. She’s probably one of the larger high-fashion ones and she can’t be bigger than a US 16 which is pretty reasonable for a woman with her height and shoulders.

  • Natasha

    Adore her face and she has a nice body………I would have no problem with her weight if she was healthy……no one knows her height or body frame or weight. to deem her unhealthy……….If she was unhealthy I would suggest she lose weight.

  • mimi

    she’s gorgeous that’s for sure. however she is fat, not curvy for my liking. I believe if she was a size 6-8 she would be “curvy” stunning.

  • Sidney

    She looks lovely, i like these pics. I’m really crappy at estimating people’s weight and size, so i’m just going with how she looks here, and i think she’s looking beautiful, body and all. No idea about her bmi or anything.

  • DO

    Now that’s a real plus-size. Btw she’s gorgeous.

  • Emmy

    I ll agree with most of the girls. She has an amazing face!

  • p jane

    my first reaction is ‘another plus sized model joining the fad’. then, after looking at the photos, a very strong reaction: “she is absolutely gorgeous”. i love that more (variety) women are being publicly celebrated for being beautiful. hope the fashion and magazine industry learns a lesson from this that lasts….but as history has shown, its all volatile trend. for the time being, well done Tara Lynn for rocking it!

  • B.

    Yeah, we never really see in-between girls, such as a US 10 for example. 10 is by NO means at all chubby, but not thin either. Just a normal girl.
    I still think that they should mix skinny, plus-size, and in between girls together in magazines. Singling each body type out just keeps the whole body discrimination thing going. People can be naturally thin, people can naturally have extra weight on them. That’s just how it is. For some people it is truly difficult to get down to 10-15% body fat. People like this should be accepted too.

    • smarterthanyou

      Most plus sized models are size 8-14, that includes size 10. Plus they’re really tall, so that’s like size 6-12 in normal height people. Pretty normal.

      • Versus

        You insulted many visitors in your last comments – I can’t tolerate that, so I had to delete them. Please refrain from directly offending the other posters. Thank you.

        • balthazar

          oh my god – versus! i just revisited this post and i cant believe how many comments smarterthanyou posted insulting other members! but what is funny is that no one seemed to respond to her/him.

  • Coco

    She has a stunning face, I’m going to leave it at that..

  • M

    That is not what a “normal size” woman looks like. People are under the false pretense that plus size women are average.

    • Coco

      Thankfully not in my city. Our heads are fixed around reality. If someone of her size walked down the street she would not fit in with the “average” crowd at all.

  • Bibi

    i first saw her face on my screen and was thinking that she is gorgeous and than when i scrolled down i thought she was in a freaking fat costume in that white outfit

  • Casey

    She’s a little too big for my taste, but she has a remarkable face.

    One thing that keeps annoying me is these plus-size issues. I support the use of plus-sized models (and in this case she is actually plus-sized), but don’t make it a plus-sized issue. The more and more you draw attention to using a plus-sized model, the more and more you’re implying that using a plus-sized model is something novel and unknown, and the more and more you set the pathway to variety back.

    • madeleine

      i agree…
      in some magazines in my country they do do that…pretty much every second issue of one has girls aus size 12-16

      • madeleine

        i meanpretty much every issue of one particular magazine…not every magazine

  • sola

    they want to portray fat as bad. and they dont want to let out all the secrets of how imperfect the skinny girls actually are. they pretend they are embracing different shapes/ sizes. but they are not! they want to show how fat doesnt belong on the catwalk by makin g it look as bad as possible. yet at the same time making the magazine look great and ‘open minded’ pffft.

    • Sidney

      ? I think they made her look pretty here. Quite sure there’s some smoothing going on, just like they do to the skinny models. But i agree in a way, i think the plus models we’ve seen on the runways have often looked like they have clothes a few numbers too small on them. And like there was no consideration on what looks good on what kind of body (bc let’s face it, if you are more than skin and boned you do have to take your shape into consideration)

  • Kaelyn

    I never thought I would post a comment here but here it goes. Girl on the picture is very very pretty and I am sure she is pretty without photoshop as well, girl on the picture is also if not obese, than just an inch of being one (at least according to European standards). I would rather see her in an add for some make up company than “served” as plus size model, reason for that is simple, today, we either see super skinny aka starving to death models or models with almost extreme weight. Where are all those other women? I am sure many of you are or are familiar with women which are medium sized, super toned and might have large breast, now they have a hell of choosing and finding suitable clothes, i don’t see models like them. What about those tall proportional women? Try to dress those up! I am 182cm tall and have wide hips, yet you can literally count my ribs even when i am wearing woolen sweater and my jeans size is UK 12, apparently I belong to plus size, and who cares, but I am tired of buying a portion of clothes size of two bigger than I need just so i could cover my kidneys or reach proper length of my jeans.
    Point is, there is variety of women that aren’t built in 0 or 14+ sizes and still we have to be witty picking up suitable clothes.
    And another question which I noticed earlier above, how many women do you know that are 14+ and do not have cellulite, saggy breasts and facial cheeks like a squirrel? Can they afford designers clothes that come out just when pressure is too big over skinny models?
    And I repeat, girl on picture is beautiful but please Mr. and Mrs. Fashion Industry, please stop serving us with extremities, that is not how world looks like.

    • Tina

      I agree! I want to see healthy women as models. The in between sizes. The people that are at a healthy weight and at all the sizes that are discarded. This is not how the world looks. There’s more than plus size and model size. There’s a healthy in between that needs to be recognized.

    • Iva

      I am sorry but she is way too big… I also don’t like the skinny models but this girl is not helty.The same way that is not helthy to be verry skinny also is not helthy to be that big she will have a problem with that weight after some years…
      God has not made us to be very skinny or fat the truth is somewhere in between the skinny girls and that girl because for me she is fat whatever you say. I am 181sm and I am 65 kg I am a sportist and I know what is to look good not skinny or fat and Defenetly know what is helty and that’s not it no matter that the girl is verry pretty she is not loking good for me…

    • smarterthanyou

      There’s nothing extreme about her weight. She looks like a girl with some chub and a lot of muscle. She’s not an extreme unless you live in a skinny bubble. If you see her as unhealthy then that’s because you have unhealthy and just totally wrong ideas about weight.

      • Kaelyn

        word “extreme” was used to describe the jump fashion industry does today, we (most of the time) see models of size 0 or 14+. i would be an idiot to say skinny or women with extra weight shouldn’t dress up or have models to represent them. and i can not say based on someone’s picture if person is healthy or not. but point in this thread, and i see most of people agree on this, is there is still gap where “in between” sizes are almost neglected.

  • gen


  • nannou

    Im sorry but she looks huge in the naked photo, she has a very beautiful face though.. like most plus size models do.

  • anninana

    oh wow this model is really gorgeous

  • ame

    i’m no expert, but she’s not just “curvy”…..she’s clearly overweight. having that extra weight around the midsection has been proven to be unhealthy! i do appreciate all shapes and sizes, but she’s not in any way even toned or muscular, she looks like she needs to get herself in better shape. sorry….

  • DainaLi

    I’m kind of…..sick of this battle. it’s really tiring. she does not look healthy, i’m sorry. all of those rolls do not equate to a healthy look. this is not a role model for young girls just as extremely thin one aren’t either. why can’t they just put some other sizes, aka sizes 4-8 or something, on the covers? this is insane. it just goes from one extreme to another.
    just as some people don’t fancy seeing extremely thin girls on the covers, i honestly do not enjoy seeing really heavy girls either. there is no middle ground, so in my mind this is just a losing battle & it’s annoying to continually hear it. not all sizes, or heights for that matter, are ever represented, & maybe they never will be. it might take time, but for now i think they should stop trying to incorporate ‘plus sized’ & just put girls who have more healthy, mid ranged sized girls on the covers. damn,

    • pannonica

      I agree with you. her body doesn’t look very healthy to me or normal.

  • pannonica

    OMG her face is gorgeous!

    I think she is a little overweight

  • walnuts

    there’s something very fake about the fashion magazines “embracing” bigger (and sometimes fat) models. im guessing it is selling, giving them $ and that’s the only reason for it. probably the same reason they are putting the bigger models in nude photos. shock factor. and putting her next to a gymnastics horse (the pic where shes wearing red)… its almost like they are pointing out how big she is, she could never be a gymnast!
    very funny, vogue.

  • Suji

    Seriously why is the focus on super skinny size 0-2 or plus size 14-16? what about the 6,8,10 size girls??

    • Bianca

      Heyy us size 4s wanna be included too 😉

    • smarterthanyou

      Regular models are size 0-4 plus models are size 8-16. Most high fashion plus size models are size 8-12.


  • sarah

    Although i love that plus size models are getting more press these days, the fact that it has to be deemed the “plus size issue” is the problem. Why can’t a magazine include girls of ALL sizes. They claim that they do these kind of issues to show that they embrace different body types, however by making an issue solely dedicated to that specific body type like the “plus size” issue, it almost implies that using this type of body is so revolutionary or different. Instead of doing issues like this, why can’t the companies just incorportae girls of all sizes, skinny size 0 all the way up to plus size girls and everone in between. It would be refreshing to see a size 10 average girl in the same magazine as a size 16 and size 2 girl. Until we get to a point like that in media, I really don’t think these companies will truly be embracing the vast range of body types that do exist. As for this model being unhealthy, I don’t think that an assumption to that degree can be made without some more information about her.

  • 0??

    She is fat and that is a fact.

  • sarahsleen

    I love her in the grey dress!!!! Sex on a stick right there! And her facial features are just to die for!

    • fittingout

      Sex on a stick! I need to buy that dress and rub it in my cheating ex-boyfriend’s face! =P

  • terri


    • Anara

      Because it doesn’t ruin her.

  • Priscila

    The magazines don’t have lots of clothes (from HighFashion ) that fits plus sized models
    Her face is gorgeous.

  • maud

    for sure she is fat, but she is still perfect. It’s a matter of proportions. She has long defined legs, tight waist, probably a 0.8 ratio… She is really beautiful!

  • Allyson

    This girl looks morbidly obese, and not attractive at all!
    Why are there always the two extremes?

    • smarterthanyou

      She’s nowhere near morbidly obese and she’s probably not even obese. She’s got muscle and fat and wide shoulders and that’s how a HEALTHY woman with muscle, healthy fat, and wide shoulders looks like. BEAUTIFUL. Your opinion is a million times more unattractive than this model.

      • maddie

        are you tara lynn?
        or are you just a fat girl trying to feel better about herself….
        slim/skinny will always looks better.
        too bad,

  • saribird

    i think the reason why they always show the plus size models naked is that people are curios about these types of bodys. you’re not used to seeing girls of this size naked and i think if they also have fashion pics in it, it is okay. i have to say that this is the most convincing plus size shoot i have seen on this site. the clothes actually seem to be made for bigger women and she has a very well proportioned body! she looks very very good.

  • O

    ok so runway models are too thin i agree on that but this girl is too big! they should put healthy average girls on there. this is not healthy or average.

    • Jenn

      this girl is heavier than average, you are right. an average girl wears a size 12. wouldn’t the magazines be portraying a better message if they showed girls of many sizes, not just the average (even though night now below average is almost all we see)? all girls should have the opportunity to look great in beautiful clothes. There IS a notable gap between the skinny models and the plus sized models… why would an average sized woman (size 12) be considered plus when she is by definition average. and where do the size 6’s go? they are actually pretty far below average (in the real world) but pretty big for the runway (as it is now). If magazines actually cared about teaching women how to dress they would show what looks good on all different types of women.

  • Bianca

    Love this, but I agree about the naked thing. Anyway, so many plus size models in fashion magazines are wearing clothes for size 2s, and look too tight and make them look too lumpy. The clothes fit her well and flatter her here though.

  • Gorgeous face!! Would benefit from being a bit slimmer.. not tiny, just more toned. Don’t find the naked pic very necessary.

  • gh

    she’s hot i love her grey dress

  • fittingout

    I would just like to say that I am overweight. I know that, I’m working on it. This girl is plus-sized and overweight, we all know that. But seeing her here makes me feel a lot better about myself. Not in the sense that I’m going to stop working out or stop my attempt to change my food habits – but in the sense that there is someone who has the same belly I do. And another comment mentioned it earlier – people are curious. Hell, my body is similar but I still stared at hers because I’m curious. I keep going back to the picture of her naked (and I get the whole why is she naked thing, I agree) but I look at it and I see some similarities. I see the arms, I see the belly, I see the thighs. And I realized what I look like in a way that a mirror can’t show. And while there is photoshop involved, maybe that means I’m not as hideous as I think I am. Maybe when my friends tell me that I look fine in a t-shirt and don’t need to cover up with a cardigan they’re right. Maybe I can work a dress that’s actually above the knee. Maybe when people tell me I have a cute face I actually do – they’re not just saying it because there’s nothing else to say. Again, I’m not saying that I or this model are healthy, but no one knows how we feel about it on the inside and what an individual is struggling with. Hearing the “ewww” is hurtful (though I understand that she is a model, she is on display to be looked at) but this could all serve a different purpose. Of course the magazine has its own intentions but it did something different for me. It made me feel uplifted that until I get to the body of Bar Rafaeli, which is what I desire, I’m not too ugly as I am now… I can still be considered pretty.

    Just a very long thought =)

    • walnuts

      you sound like you must be prettier than you think 🙂
      good luck trying to get healthier, and its good to hear your goal is bar’s body instead of some skinnier models’!

      • fittingout

        Thank you! I appreciate the support :-).

        And yeah, with my ethnic genes I’ve got a baby-making body, I know I’ve got a limit to how small I can go, lol!

    • I love this comment. I am similar – she is beautiful and she makes me see myself in a different way. I go to the gym at least three times a week, eat healthily and still have lots of extra weight in me. She is beautiful and your reply is one that I relate to. x.

      • fittingout

        I’m glad that I’ve found a kindred spirit here :-). I wish you all the best!

    • ginger_anne

      and this, ladies and gents, is why we have models of all shapes and sizes. So that we can all find someone that we can identify with. Tara Lynn is a true plus size, and she is beautiful-the comments on here that she is fat, or ugly or untoned-that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is gorgeous. And “fittingout”: I’m glad that you found a model you can identify with. In a world where we’re bombarded with images of skeletal models, it’s about time the modeling world realises that all shapes are beautiful.

      • Casey

        You know, it’s funny, because you say that the world should realize that all shapes are beautiful, but then you use the word “skeletal” to describe thin models, which is equivalent to the people calling Tara Lynn “fat.”

        I too think it’s time the world realizes that all shapes are beautiful, but I also think it’s time for the world to realize that, that includes the thin women that they love to abuse.

      • fittingout

        I just saw this… thank you for your input, I agree 🙂

  • fittingout

    Versus – are her measurements available? I don’t really know where to look. Thank you!

    • Versus

      I couldn’t find them either – but I’ll keep on looking!

      • fittingout

        Me too! 🙂

  • vkat

    We’ve all heard of butterface. This is butterbody.

  • b

    ugh, I hate how it’s Amazons or fat women. She’s gorgeous but she’s huge. There’s no way she jogs 3x/week for 30 min. Not a chance. Why can’t we just be more accepting of beautiful sized 6 women?????????

    • gaby


    • walnuts

      i agree we should see more size 6 (and 4 and 8)
      but you can’t say that it’s impossible for her to jog 30 min 3 times per week. it seems unlikely because many girls drop weight fast by running. but when i go to the gym, i see some girls who jog who are probably the same size as this model. and although id hate to be that size, i have to give them a great deal of respect for getting out there and starting to make healthy choices.

      • Love this comment, because I am one of those girls. People look at me and assume, I must be a lazy arse… I go to the gym at least three times a week, running or on the cross-trainer for at least 40 minutes. Thanks walnuts.

    • smarterthanyou

      Look at her. She’s got a lot of muscle. She’s not a jogger, but chances are she does something like swimming or dancing at least 7 hours a week. If you think she’s huge then you live in a skinny bubble of fantasy.

  • Sam

    she is stunning. I think we all just have to be happy with our own bodies, and be in the best health we can.

  • Ally

    all the years i looked at skinny-mini-half-past-death models, its nice to see an alive and curvy woman, who embraces herself. i’m not used to it, so its just refreshing! shes a human being like all of us, no matter what size we are!

  • Padme

    She’s really pretty. I don’t agree with whole naked thing though. There’s pics of skinny naked models all the time. She’s clearly modeling lots of clothes too.

  • andra

    Let’s face it.She is FAT, too fat for a girl at her age.Onestly this girl make me wanna loose weght.Why they can’t find the middle way?We don’t want to see too skinny or too fat.We wanna see heathy women, at a normal weight for their height and constitution

  • Ali

    She is gorgeous! a little overweight but beautiful!

  • gaby

    i hate that you have to be,or a size 16 or a size 00 to get the job. i’m not saying she’s fat so she should lose weight, she should lose weight because she can’t be healthy at this one.

    • Maud

      We have a lot of ignorant people here.
      Healthiness doesn’t = slim.
      New studies showed that people with IMC > 26 and < 30 live longer than those with IMC < 25.
      Fat is good for your health, woman's body needs fat to produce hormones. It depends also where the fat is stocked. Near your stomach is bad. On your hips and ass is perfect.
      To be healthy you should eat well (not necessarily macrobiotic or whatever), exercise a little bit and BE HAPPY.

      • Maud

        IMC is indice de masse corporelle
        or BMI in english

      • gaby

        well as you can see it’s in both
        i know fat is good for you but i mean…if you work out and eat healthy your bound to be a little bit slimmer, that’s all i’m saying

      • Casey

        I agree with you that healthiness doesn’t mean being skinny.

        However, I’d like to know what studies you are referring to, because most scentific research so far has indicated that people within the healthy BMI range (18.5-24.9) have the healthiest and longest lives. After that, there is some research that indicates that those who are slightly underweight live longer than those who are slightly overweight.

        Also. body fat percent and BMI are also not correlated. You can be BMI of 18 and have a high body fat, or a BMI of 25 and have a low body fat. And your body doesn’t just stop producing hormones if you are low body fat. In fact, if you had 1% body fat, you would still be making hormones, as hormone production is a priority in the body. Of course you wouldn’t be alive, but just saying. Women need fat for other reasons besides hormone production.

        • smarterthanyou

          There’s tons more research that says a woman who’s in the 25-30 BMI range with muscle will live longer than someone who’s underweight or even ideal weight but has no muscle.

      • Jane

        Yeah, actually, the new studies DON”T show that. I hate to break it to you, but all the latest studies show that, actually, there’s no such thing a healthy, overweight person, and that the people that are thin live the longest and healthiest lives.

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  • Truth

    i find it funny how women always complain about men being the one that care. i find her to be beautiful just the way she is, and getting to know her i would probably find her more attractive. If women would just open their eyes and see, the pressure isnt from magazines and men….its from other women, look at all the comment above that say she is too fat, or not slim enough and notice the majority of them are from women. if you consider her fat or unattractive then you are the one with the problems. She may be ‘overweight’ but thats just a scientific number why should it be something we compare beauty to? its stupid what society is becoming today. people should just grow up and realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and weight should have nothing to do with it. sure she may be ‘unhealthy’ but im sure you all breath air, eat food you shouldnt, smoke, drink dont sleep properly, soo chances are your just as unhealthy. She is beautiful. end of story.

  • Eve

    This girl is absolutely gorgeous! She has such a pretty face and nice body. I like the proportions, so sexy. And as it was said here, finally the so called “plus-size” model is dressed appropriate (I would never call this Beauty “plus-size” or “fat”)

  • GoGo2010

    She needs to lose some fat. Her BMI can’t be in the healthy range.

    • Anara

      BMI isn’t the only, or the best, indicator of health and has nothing to do with body fat percentages.

  • cinderella99

    If someone is bigger than size 4 or 6, they’re automatically called FAT. I hate that! Yes, she is bigger, but she has feminine curves and proportional body… She is a real woman in every way 🙂

    I would definitely rather see someone like her on the cover then some skinny girl…She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  • Annie

    Honestly, if a nude shot of a skinnier model was put in a magazine, people would bombard them (the magazine & model) with criticism, because they are “not the average woman” and “their body hurts the self-esteem of others because the image is unachievable” However, even this girl has an unachievable body. Obviously photoshop has been used to get rid of cellulite and smooth the skin.
    This girl is not the average woman. Or I hope not. She looks very overweight, perhaps even obese. Obesity is extremely dangerous. And yet the magazines are practically promoting it by having her do this shot. It’s like they’re saying it’s alright to be overweight. Which it is not. It’s unhealthy.

  • hmm another plus size issue. i will say she is beautiful and i won’t assume she’s overweight like others are doing but honestly this whole plus size and anti skinny movement is annoying and not really doing nothing but make us believe that they want to embrace women from different sizes but they’re either too thin or too big. we all ask for balance but the truth is we’re not or ever will get that because hollywood goes to the extremes with body types. i don’t care for her being naked and just as much people are tired of seeing bony models, i wouldn’t want to look at this all the time as well. if she’s proud of who she is then hey that’s fine but i wouldn’t want to be that size just to impress society views of beauty or show you don’t need to be skinny to be beautiful. all sizes are beautiful and we need to embrace that.

  • CZ

    All of you that are saying bad things about her body, you sit in a chair naked, and look at yourself from the side. I doubt you would fare much better. And for the people saying there is no such thing as a healthy overweight person, you are just dumb; Morbidly obese is one thing, fat is another. The irrational hatred of fat people that makes so many of you lash out is rooted in your own self image insecurities. Please don’t take it out on other people.

  • laughinggirl

    All I can say is she is very pretty and girls this pretty do really well for themselves. And if were talking about the perception of men of who’s beautiful then I can tell you she has no problems. Other than that as a society how we judge beauty changes. The girl is what I would call Rubenesque if referring to her body. Nonetheless very pretty no matter how you cut it.

  • Kristin

    GORGEOUS face and well-proportioned body? Yes please!

  • ellen

    Her face is beautiful but where are the normal sized girls!!!

  • Nadine

    She is beautiful!! I don’t understand the need to fix her or for her to be thinner, people can be so JUDGEMENTAL, she is perfect.

  • sally

    Gorgeous. If you think she is fat, look at the last picture. She has a beautiful and well proportioned curvy body, not fat all.

  • Valentine

    I don’t think she’s fat. A ‘fat’ person would look horrendous in that dress in the last photo. It sounds harsh, but they would. And it’s not just that photo, you can see on most of them that she has curves, and at least some waist:hip ratio. Possibly less so than if she was slimmer, but it’s still there. I think the naked shot is possibly not really necessary as fashion magazines are about the clothes, but I think she looks great there too. Yes, she has belly rolls. Yes, she definitely has thighs. But I think she rocks it, rolls and all. She might be ‘big’, but she looks in great shape, and I’d never call her ‘fat’, she isn’t actually ‘fat’, in my opinion.

    • chels

      Agree. Plus in the nude shot, even a slimmer girl slouching like her would show some roll action too.

  • Nat

    What wrong with you people? Corpulence is a disease that injusres the body organs. This is not something to proudly be displayed upon a cover as famous as Elle France. It gives you ladies the expression that injuring oneself is absoutely normal and healthy. If this is another “trick” to make the thin models eat it’s not just foolish it’s also beyound idiotic. You see, obesity is unhealty. And yeah starving yourself is the same for sure.. Though all models are certainly not starving themself, but clearly a fat person are eating a whole lot more a day then necessary. And this isn’t something that we should uphold. If you wan’t health models… For goodness sake pick a healthy model for example Miranda Kerr whom is ever so healthy.. DO NOT CHOOSE A FAT PERSON WHO IS SUFFERING FROM CORPULENCE!!!!

    • Uma

      How is being overweight more unhealthy than being underweight? If you are going to preach, at least get your facts – and standards – straight.

      And no, i don’t think this woman is attractive and yes i do think she is fat. But everyone can love and admire whatever the heck they want.

    • smarterthanyou

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • jjj

    It’s amazing the she is being commended for being overweight, when healthy models like Miranda Kerr get put down for having a healthy looking body, healthy eating habits, and being beautiful. I don’t get it.

  • Nessa

    Sadly I really do feel like we are brainwashed that you have to be a size negative 2 to “look good” I understand that people don’t want to see her naked but she looks hella good with clothes on since she has the curves.. I think her body type looks better in clothes than a super slim model. or actress

  • Moony

    People need to get it out of their heads that healthiness doesn’t equate to how slender or fat you are. There are plenty of unhealthy slender people just as much as there are unhealthy overweight people. You cannot truly look at this model say “she must be unhealthy” because she is overweight (the same goes for Miranda Kerr — just because she’s slim doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy). People carry weight differently on their shapes and frames and really only our doctors can truly say what’s healthy for us and what’s not. Moving on, although I do find the model in this post extremely beautiful (face and body), she is still nonetheless large. My only problem here is that she may be too large for the average woman to relate to just as the size 2 supermodels are too thin for the average woman to relate to as well. I really wish the fashion industry would either A. Use models that fit somewhere in between, or B. Use a variety of models. Variety of body types and sizes is actually preferable. Lastly, everyone saying this chick is “ew” needs to get their eyes checked — she’s hot.

  • Nkeon

    Uncessary drama.

    Yes, she’s fat. I’m sure she knows it better than we do.
    But she still has great proportions (well in my opinion) and a beautiful face, so we can still say she looks good.

    What’s with the whole ‘because she too big or too skinny we can’t say ANYTHING positive’ ideology?

  • Lia

    Why does it have to be either skinny or fat?
    Sorry, I am all for being healthy but looking at the complete opposite spectrum of the skinny malnourished model isn’t helping.
    Most women are somewhere inbetween with different shapes. Glorifying someone who is very overweight is just as bad as glorifying someone who is very underweight but I guess it’s ok to critisise skinny people for being too skinny but God forbid someone says something about fat people. Oh the hypocrisy.

  • Fili

    This is disgusting.
    I don´t care WHY they put her on the cover, maybe it was the “fight tha anorexic models-hype” nowadays (which is bs by the way), maybe they just wanted to be special – I don´t care. This girl is plain fat.

  • Michelle

    she’s fat, and she’s gorgeous. it does happen, people!

  • anon

    I interviewed her for a local magazine–she is stunning, and very sweet and articulate. You wouldn’t think she was “big” if you met her in person–she was only about 5’7″ or so, and she told me she wears a 10-12 usually, sometimes 14 on the bottom. If you saw her walking down the street, she’d look like an average woman (in size), and more gorgeous than most.

    (BTW, I’m a size 2 and I couldn’t believe she wore a 10-12…she was bigger/taller than me, but not by a lot!)

  • anya

    This blubber should be hawking weight watchers or gastric bypass surgery, not filling up the pages(literally) of a magazine.

    • briamarie

      You should do a bit of research. You have to be at least 100 pounds overweight to be approved for gastric bypass. There is no way that she’s that big. There is room for us all, whatever shape or size we may be.

  • williamgosset

    Described as being 5’7 but looks incredibly strong as well as pretty. Not athletic, just strong. You know, as is if she would have absolutely no trouble carrying a normal adult in her arms.and yet be very feminine while doing it.

    Just as petite and pretty can be “sexy” so can strong and pretty.

  • Clare

    That naked photo of her is NOT GOOD, who wants to look at rolls of fat in a fashion mag. She looks so much better in clothes.

  • sparklegirl

    i swere they photoshopped the last pic to make her look fatter! the second last one as well!!

  • Morgan

    She is most likely not obese, overweight yes, but not obese. She is 5’9″ and IF she weighs 200lbs (which she probably does not, she is probably less) then she would have a BMI of 29.6, very close to obese, but still she probably does not weigh 200lbs she’s probably less.

  • JJ

    She is beautiful, I’ve never seen this woman before…wow! Just, wow.

  • Visaman

    She has big feet

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  • now thats a bumper. dig it.

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  • Kate

    i think that the media should show women of all sizes skinny fat normal athletic non athletic. and show real women not photoshopped!! but as a sister of someone with a eating disorder i am completly against size 0 its not healthy its not sexy and it can seriously damage peoples self esteem when they see all these perfect women wherever they loook. i have love handles and im proud!!!

  • mags

    Wow!! A majority of these comments are the epitimy of everything that is wrong with today’s society. Who are we to judge her size or health for that matter. You don’t know how she eats or if she exercises or anything. She is beautiful can’t we just for once leave size out of it??? Look in a mirror and judge yourselves for once and leave others alone. Maybe if we quit judging each other there wouldn’t be so many people with self esteem issues. GET A LIFE!!

    • Nkeon

      Mags, I agree that some comments on here are very judgemental and that the definition of beauty has a wide breadth.

      However, I do not believe that we should ignore what is plainly on the end of our noses. It is as basic as 2 + 2 = 4 that high food consumption + low energy expenditure = weight gain; low food consumption + high energy expenditure = weight loss; and moderate food consumption + moderate energy expenditure = weight maintainence.

      I’m not saying that we should thus jump to conclusions about people’s lifestyles but it is hardly impractical to assume that some of a large size eats more calories and that some small consumes less. That does not mean that she pigs out on chips and pizza but even nutritious diets can cause weight gain if they are high in calories. I’ve heard of many women that have eaten healthily, been confused that they gain weight, until they kept a food diary and realised they were taking in high levels of calories, mainly due to portion sizes.

      I’ve seen another post here where she states that she does exercise, however, depending on how often she exercises compared to how much she eats may still be the reason as to why she is the size that she is.

      In any case, I think people are too extreme. The girl may be a bit overweight but it does not look as though she’s about to keel over from a heart attack.

  • Lydia

    She’s beautiful THE WAY SHE IS. I hate when people say stuff like, “she’d be so pretty if she was just skinny”. I have personally been told this before and it’s rather aggravating. Why can’t all of me be seen as beautiful? Why must people zero in on the parts that don’t fit beauty ideals? Everyone is definitely brainwashed and I also don’t think people realize how insecure comments such as those can make people feel. It’s taken me a while to own my beauty but I know I’m beautiful the way I am just like Tara Lynn.

  • Jacqueline

    I love the one with the denim shirt, her face is amazing. The white jumpsuit is a bit unflattering but you can tell she’s bottom heavy. You cannot tell whether a person is healthy or not just by looking at them. But from these photos I can tell she’s flexible and a bit muscular because she has no rolls. I heard that more and more French magazines do not use photoshop and it’s a wonderful thing. And there have been plenty of nude thin women photographed in fashion magazines.

  • Eva

    She is absolutely beautiful. Period.

    • maddie

      she is absolutely fat. period.

  • Svengali

    I am so glad to see a “real” woman getting attention. I LOVE, CRAVE women like this! Gawd, I take one look at a woman with a body like this or even larger and I have to fight not getting carried away with arousal. Oh ladies, I beg you, don’t try to be skinny, we men LOVE your curvy bodies. MMMMM!!!!

  • Svengali

    Oh and by the way…I don’t care if anyone thinks she’s fat. So what? If she’s healthy then fat is beautiful. I LOVE fat women. And just so you know, I’m a straight white male. I’d find her attractive if she was 100 or 200 pounds heavier. Gawd, bring it on baby! Love big round women! MMMM!

  • Nikki

    I can respect if Tara Lynn isn’t everyone’s preference but who gets to decide what is healthy for other people? If she’s in good health (cholesterol, blood pressure, ect.), living an active lifestyle (which you can guess she does by the look of her) then how can you call her unhealthy just because her hips are a little wider or she’s packing a little more up top?

    Tara Lynn is my preference. She’s stunning. She should be painted. Photography isn’t enough in my opinion. I’d love to immortalize her on canvas. I don’t think a size 16 on a woman nearly 6 feet tall is a crime. Nor do I think it’s unhealthy when she’s probably exercising and eating better than most of the people who commented. Me included. Shame on those of you that called her a bad role model.

  • Normally I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to
    say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do it!
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    nice post.

  • Nick Boylston

    Give me the Curves!