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Elle Macpherson Looks Amazing at 45

elle-macpherson-looks-amazing-at-45 - Elle Macpherson Looks Amazing at 45

From the series “Elle will make you say I hope I’ll look like that when I’m 45“, here’s a great looking Elle Macpherson in a little black dress.

And in case you’re wondering about her supermodel measurements (which were kept in great shape), Fashion Model Directory gives these numbers:

Height: 6’0″ / 183cm

Measurements: (US) 36-25-35 ; (EU) 92-62-89cm

Dress Size: (US) 6 (EU) 36 (once again, size 6 US is bigger than size 36 EU, so I’ll say she’s more like a US 6, given that she’s so tall)

2 more pic oh hot Elle after the jump!

elle-macpherson-looks-amazing-at-45-2 - Elle Macpherson Looks Amazing at 45

elle-macpherson-looks-amazing-at-45-31 - Elle Macpherson Looks Amazing at 45

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • supergirl

    I hope I’ll look like that when I’m 45… 🙂

  • red

    i hope i look like that too!!!

  • Bruce Johnathan Fick

    45 ? Or perhaps the 24th anniversary of her 21st birthday would be more accurate. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to know that we all live in a Time Relativity universe. Time moves faster or slower for different people, and so the time it takes to age them will vary depending on some factors you can control, and some you would want to even if you could. Elle obviously takes great care of herself, and has all the right stuff to age more gracefuly than many others typicaly would. Fresh air, Sunshine, lots of antioxidents in liquid form, regular exercise, balanced diet, stress reducing
    with meditation-all can maximize what genes are meant to do.

  • Tessa

    absolutely stunning!!!

  • i think she’s a 38 eu size. 🙂 she’s very tall, and i’m a 36 so she must be a 38. 🙂

  • larisa


    i want those shoes……

  • pia

    she looks like 20 🙂 very pretty

  • Monique

    My God, that hair….it stands out on its own. Perfect

  • MELA

    45? OMG! SPLENDID!

  • kristin h.

    so—- u can’t accurately guess someone’s size by a picture. different body types photograph heavier/thinner than reality. secondly those measurements are fro her heydey. they do not change them typically. even after the model has multiple kids, ten yrs went by. Lastly they refer to intage sizes. not vanity sizes. she was, at one point, a sz 6.

    I am 6ft tall, a sz 24/25 in jeans. eu 34/36. I do not look that thin in pictures. I photograph slim/curvy. considering she is very small boned, as seen in younger pics in her—- we have NO IDEA what sz she is. She looks gorgeous though. the writer of this blog should feel free to email me w/ sz questions. I work in fashion as a stylist… in high fashion, dressing models. You have made these errors continuously while addressing measurements. I can let you know wht they mean, when agents lie, etc.

  • kristin h.

    i will say , udging by pics of her from her youth, she appears to have gone up about two dress sizes. at that point…. she would possible have measurements 36-27-38. most of the weight seems to have gone to her hips/waist

  • alli

    looks like shes rockin the rebecca minkoff studded clutch!!! i want that and its hard to find, looks like the celebs snagged em up….she looks great tho!

  • nybeauty

    She is sublime. Absolutely a natural beauty. she is not a size 6…more like a 4.
    I can tell!

  • absolutely stunning

  • Kae

    She’s gorgeous, her body looks toned and natural, beautiful!

  • Jinn

    She seriously reminds me of the older version of the Serena van der Woodsen.
    Blonde, tall, completely and utterly gorgeous, with legs that go on forever.

    Jeez, I’m jealous.

  • Dee

    I love her style! shoes, hair, clutch, outfit, wow, she looks stunning, amazing! at any age