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Esti Ginzburg and Jessica Gomes – Sports Illustrated Mega Gallery

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esti-ginzburg-jessica-gomes-sports-illustrated-mega-gallery - Esti Ginzburg and Jessica Gomes - Sports Illustrated Mega GalleryOur Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition posts definitely didn’t end with Irina or with Cintia!

Here are 2 equally beautiful hotties that embraced the pages of the famous issue this year: Esti Ginzburg (the blonde) and Jessica Gomes (the brunette). Let’s find out more about them:

Age: 20
Nationality: Israeli
Dress size: US 6
Height: 5’8” / 1.73 m

Age: 25
Nationality: Australian
Dress size: US 6
Height: 5 ft 9.5 in (1.77 m)

Take a look at the mega gallery and tell us what you think!

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  • Mia

    Esti is cute. Jessica’s breasts are out of control, I can’t get over how large they are!

    • anon

      hahahahahah i know me too! however to me they look too big for her body? maybe thats just me…. she’s still got a slammin bod and so does esti. both are facially gorgeous as well.

    • haha, yeah, they are really big, like 32 J!

  • Hazal

    Never heard of Jessica Gomes before but WOW -that’s a body. Very feminine.

  • Brittany

    Great pics…but I don’t think either of them really look like a size 6? Maybe size 4’s. They’re still tiny!!

    • Brittany

      Oops, I meant only Esti. Jessica looks like about a six; however, Esti not so much.

      • Yeah, I’d say Jessica is a 6 and Esti a 4… but I’m just guessing… They definitely don’t look like they are the same size, specially when the bigger girl is also taller.

      • paulette

        Yeah, they DO NOT look the same size at all. I cant imagine the same dress fit both girl´s boobs LOL

  • kell

    Jessica Gomes- I have never seen an asian lady so voluptuous! Esti is okay.

    • anon

      she could be of latino heritage maybe?

      • kell

        she’s half singaporean-chinese and portuguese

      • anon

        she looks so awesome and exotic!

        • kell

          exoctic is awesome! she has a beautiful face for sure, but it looks like her body type may not age well… you know, saggy big boobs and she looks like she has no muscle definition whatsoever.

          • lizzy

            i agree i don’t think her body will age well at all.

          • anon

            yeah i’m not a fan of big boobs myself…i wouldn’t want to be anything beyond a C, but i’m in the same boat of lacking muscle definition =( I’ve tried weight training and moderate cardio; my diet does me in probably! and 8 hour a day desk job doesn’t help.

  • anon

    oh woops you’re right! shes of chinese and singaporean decent!

    • anon

      aaaaaahhhhh and portugese!! sorry for the comment overload!

  • lizzy

    i like the suits in 8, 9, 10, 12, and 24 is ok… the others are pretty lame for SI i think. i feel like i’m the only one who comments on the suits…

    neither of these girls stand out to me, i find them both pretty average. esti has a really nice body and pretty hair though. and jessica’s boobs are way too big for her body. she’s also a bit too soft for my preference.

    • Personally, they don’t drive me crazy either, but I would never say that they are just average, they are both beautiful women, and yeah, if you look you will find defects, but nobody is perfect.

      • lizzy

        i guess you’re a better person than me.

        • That wasn’t my point. I just don’t think they are average. If you walk around the street you’ll see the average person looks worse.

          • lizzy

            well then we just have different ideas about what “average” is. we’re all entitled to our own opinion.

  • Sidney

    They both look nice, i don’t feel much about them one way or the other. I like the bikini in the 15. pic, the green, but Jessica has such a different bodytype to mine in every way possible it’s hard for me to look at it from a consumers point of view. What i don’t like are the squeezed boobs pics, they’re so obvious and they’re curvy enough as is, i think the squeeze poses just makes the models look ridiculous.

    • mel

      Agree about Jessica and the squeezed poses, they just look awkward!

  • a

    Once I get a boob job my body will look a lot like Jessica’s haha.

    • a

      minus the fact that hers are, obviously, real.

    • Anne

      ew i once felt a impalnt on a chick i was like WTF is that..

      • a

        Really? Bleh. I have 3 sisters and they have ALL gotten implants. So I’ve asked them about it and will have lots of advice if I ever so chose to get them done. I’ve never felt them though haha. I’m still young though and it definitely isn’t a priority. We’ll see what happens.

    • mel

      I’m assuming your boobs are pretty small if you’re getting a boob job, so I think Jessica’s won’t look proportionate on you if you have a smaller frame/ribcage. I’m not trying to criticze you, but I really don’t think choosing huge implants is the way to go. Maybe a bit smaller size?

      • paulette

        I say, ditch the implants and use that money to travel! So much more fun! 😀

        • Yeah, traveling would be a much better choice. Implants that size look absolutely horrible and cheap… I doubt they are going to look like Jessica’s, more like Heidi Montag’s.

      • a

        34C but im a size 8 so while 34C may be big on someone else they look smaller on me

        • mel

          That sounds great for your size! And I think 34C is like the top desired size for most women, according to plastic surgeons. Don’t change anything please! I’m sure you look really proportionate as is.

        • Ana

          i’m a 32D and it’s a pain to find a bra since most Ds have extra support on the back and look ugly and i don’t need that extra support. 34C is a great size!!! don’t get the implants. and yeah, it is a most desired size for most women

  • Nikki

    Hooray! Finally they didn’t use size 0 or 16, but somewhere in between 🙂 They’re still skinny of course, but it’s just nice to see diversity and more “normal” girls.

    • a

      I agree 🙂

  • Ophelie

    That first pic of Jessica is not flattering but she looks really good in all the others.

  • vi

    jessica makes me drool

  • Ginger

    Well, according to what if found in google.. Jessica used to be simmer and with smaller boobs..?? I like her better with a few pounds off.. But, that’s just me… I like thin people.. which is why I try so hard to be thin..

    • Cam

      I just googles her and have to agree.she looks absolutely breathtaking when slimmer,she has a lovely face that you can see more and yet she still looks healthy.I’m not knocking down her body now cause she still looks fine but I prefer her slimmer look to now.if they showed her pics that I saw on google she would far surpass esti and even bar rafaeli.look her up everyone !

      • Yeah, I agree with you on the last things you said.. She’s even prettier than Bar when slimmer.. She’s not ultra skinny on those pictures but in a perfect place weight-wise. Now she looks good, but, as I said.. I prefer her with a slimmer body.. It’s just what I like..

  • Jessica does absolutely nothing for me. Her face is okay I guess but I don’t like her body at all. Esti, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous IMO. Her face and hair are so lovely! I would like her a lot better if she was a bit thinner, she gives off a bit of a puppy-fat-softness kinda vibe at the moment. But who cares, she’s a knockout anyway. 🙂

    • Okay, having looked at more of Jessica’s pics her face is quite nice. Replace ‘her face is okay’ with that. 😛

  • Brit

    Both beautiful! Very jealous of Jessicas assets

  • I really don’t like Jessica’s body, especially in pic 17..what an unflattering photo. Soft bodies can be nice but her softness reminds me of a chubby teen who hasn’t grown out of her puppy-fat. Her face is beautiful and exotic though. The bikini in pic19 is awesome. Esti is ok and has a nice body but Jessica is a more interesting to look at.

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  • Leigh

    Esti and I are the same height and have similar bodies and I usually wear a size 2. So maybe that “6” isn’t accurate?

  • Eva

    Versus , what is Esti’s body shape??

    • Versus

      I think she is a column / ruler shape. She is proportionate, lean and has subtle curves.

  • their bodies are okay to me. there is nothing wrong with softness to the body but i like it toned and in shape. like bar or candice.

  • Versus What body type is Jessica? Her bust would put her into a “V” shape right? Esti looks like a slim pear figure to me.

    They are both beautiful 🙂

    • Versus

      You need to have both broad shoulders and big boobs to be a V-shape, but her shoulders aren’t broader than her hips. Hourglasses and vases are proportionate shapes that have very large boobs, but they are not ‘top heavy’. Jessica doesn’t have the typical long, thin legs of a V-shape either. I actually think she is a vase shape.

  • Effie

    Check out photos 14 and 16. Esti looks about as toned as you can get to me. Like Bar or Candace, with a bigger frame 🙂

    • Effie

      That was meant to be in response to bigvinamac, whoops!

  • babycakes

    Im not a fan of these bodies, especially Jessicas.. She is alright looking like pretty, but here body is like most average heavy women on the street.

    Much prefer a body like Irina Shayk’s body and the VS models bodies also their faces much more.

    Im not a fan of the whole plus sized models period.. they are just so average in the body that they could grab any chubby lady on the street and photoshop her.
    I dont like the whole ano look on models either like Chloe in the post before this either though!

    Thats just my opinion.

    • Zeka

      Um, in what world do you live in where a tall, size 6 woman is considered heavy? I don’t really care if you have body preferences because we all do. But I can’t see how you equate that with heavy.

      • babycakes

        im not looking at sizes, sizes are silly to judge by, sometimes im a 6 (UK) then other times im a 10 (UK) so really.

        in looks and appearance i dont rate Jessica. she just seems like an average looking chubby girl who happens to be tall.

    • Wow, I can’t believe you think these women are chubby! You must live in a place with mostly thin people – because these girls look thinner than the average women I see on a daily basis!

      • babycakes

        Esti has a lovely figure!
        Jessica not so much, she is pretty average.
        TO ME.
        My views in no way are that of the world.

  • CheyChey

    you know whats weird Leigh im 5’7 and about a size 6 and i was thinking me and Esti have about the same body too only a bit more slim/toned but our busts are def. about the same or so it looks

  • m

    Versus, I have actually been wondering what my body shape is – I look similar to Esti (same height). What would you consider her?

    • Versus

      Esti looks like a slim column shape / ruler shape. she is very proportionate, has long limbs and subtle curves.

      • Anne

        esti is sooo not a ruler hello! shes some kind of pear, she gains weight in her hips and thighs, plus her chest is like a 33 and her hips are like a 36, doesnt sound like a ruler

  • Zeka

    I love that they used size 6 girls (okay, mostly because that’s my usual size). It’s annoying to see either thin girls or plus sized girls. They both are absolutely lovely. My body is more comparable to Jessica’s, with much less boob and more behind, so I’m biased in a sense.

    • Zeka

      Ugh, I hate when my computer erases my entire post. I meant to say that I’m more comparable to Jessica but my bod is actually a combination of Esti and Jessica, only with more butt. =P

      I also wanted to pose a question to the general audience: Why are some people turned off by figures without a lot of muscle definition? I’ve never actually understood this.

      • babycakes

        I think soft feminine figures are beautiful but there is to me a different between a nice soft figure and a chubby figure.

        Rosie from VS has a lovely soft figure who still looks healthy as does kelly brooks.
        I dont think major health freaks with muscles for women is attractive, it doesnt look feminine.

        everyone is different though. and as long as the person is healthy thats what really matters. but on here we all talk more about aesthetic appearance (i do to) than the real fact of aslong as they are comfortable and healthy then good for them.

      • CurvyMom

        Personally I love the curvy, soft body. I think it’s much more feminine. The super-skinny boy body is just a big turnoff to me.

        • babycakes

          of course you would say that curvymom 🙂
          I always find that curvier women like to stand up for themself and calling themselfs real women.. while others have a body of a boy..
          maybe its just insecurity.

          • babycakes

            and you often find that these ‘curvy’ women are just larger women. curvy is not a size its a shape.

        • Anne

          i love a athletic body like irina shayk’s because theres nothing to hide, its just nice to see the muscle definition i like the way it looks, but i like irina shayks body i dont mean a super soft body like esti, or a super toned body like cameran diaz

      • Chrissy

        For me, it’s not a “turn off” so much, I can see the beauty. I simply admire the more muscular bodies.. I admire the dedication, the power behind it… but then again I’m one of the few the liked Cami’s body in her bikinis. I’m never going to have an athletic figure, so it’s something that’s not me/hard for me so I find it intriguing and admirable. it’s what I don’t have, so it’s what I want/like.

        I like both women’s body’s above, though I don’t find them “ideal”.

      • mel

        I’m not into soft figures that much because in general I really like the whole sleek, streamlined look. It’s just my aesthetic preference in everything – architecture, fashion, art – I really prefer modern, compact, and minimal. I think more muscular human bodies reflect this ideal more than softer, curvy ones.

  • mel

    I don’t like either one very much, either in face or body. I have to say although I’m not a huge fan of Bar, she works the bikinis way better than these girls. I like Irina Shayk and Cintia Dicker is growing on me, so I prefer them to these models. Jessica has a cute face, but the softness doesn’t look quite right on her. For some reason she looks short even though she’s tall. I think someone like Kelly Brook pulls off that soft look a lot better.

  • Sheridan

    I prefer the look of Esti, however they both look good.
    These are the types of people who should model bikinis because they actually look HOT! With boobs and curves etc.

  • Shannon

    Okay I know it’s annoying when people compare celebrities’ weights/sizes to their own but I’m going to do it here…I’m 5’8 too and I wear a size 6 when I’m about 150-155 pounds. At 135 I wear a size 0-2 and I’m still not as small as Esti looks here. So, I just don’t think she’s a size 6, at least not in mainstream stores that you could find in your average mall. I think that across the board everything is SO vanity sized that most celebrities are probably smaller than a size 0 that you would find at an average store, but that “sounds” too skinny so they arbitrarily pick a size that “sounds” good. Same with weights–like the “magic” weight is somewhere around 120 so every celebrity from 5’3 to 5’9 claims to be that weight even though you know many of them are lighter or heavier.

    • Zeka

      Haha I know I do that too much. But sometimes when I see someone in a magazine who kind of resembles my body, I get a bit excited.
      But you are right about vanity sizing. Sometimes a size 6 dress will fit me like a size ten would. I find that mostly with mainstream department store women’s clothing.

  • megan

    I love estis body 🙂 its like my motivation of what I want my body to look like when I lose some weight, because its toned, but not emaciated

  • Well..maybe in dresses fitted at the waist they’re a 6, because I’m a 6 with a 24.5 inch waist, but there’s no way my 37 hips can fit into one that is more fitted at the hip.

  • I really like the soft look, so I think Jessica is great – though I don’t like her face all that much. I guess I like women like Jessica as she is a true body inspiration to me – I have similar proportions.
    To me Esti is not so soft – her face is, but her body is more like Brooklyn Deckers with the high hips and toned stomach. I don’t see the ‘baby fat’ people are referring to, except in her face.
    I don’t really find either of them very attractive facially – but I like to see the diversity in bodies and sizes that we seem to be getting lately!

  • Icarumba!

  • wow, i do not think either of them look good at all, sorry.
    what would separate them from anyyyy other chick with oversized boobs anywhere?-nothing. not even cute.

  • Sen

    I like Esti (nice name btw) more than Jessica, both facially and body wise. As others mentioned, Jessica looks a bit too soft to be a bikini model(especially her tummy).
    I love Esti’s body, slim and lean but not too skinny imo.

  • Grey

    They both have ideal bodies to me. Men also love bodies like these.

  • BBF

    Wow both the girls are amazing. Great body types. hot hot hot

  • honeyv

    Jessica looks better in my opinion, i don’t like her belly, but she’s more feminine. I love that they put in Sports Illustrated a girl with big boobs. You know, in fashion, girls have no boobs and it’s frustrating because I have big boobs myself, and they make me feel like there aren’t clothes to fit me properly or I feel like I can’t look as good as them. Women with big boobs are not bitches or tramps or whatever, I felt like I needed to say that, because I know what some people think.

    • salma’ben

      I feel the same,I know this blog is not about you and me lol and what do we feel about our bodies but what you said touched me and I felt like it was me who wrote every word 🙂 and we’re not trushy 😉

  • burckybear

    stunning – pair

  • Ophelie

    Esti is not a size 6. There is no way. I do think Jessica is a tad chubby.

  • Ellen

    Love them both. As someone said above, it’s nice to see some size 6 ladies modeling bikinis!

    • Ashes

      I agree with everything you said! They both rock their bikinis and their faces are super cute :).

  • kugum04

    i kind of agree with babycakes. although i would not call these models “fat”, there are so many girls where i live that have faces that are just are gorgeous and bodies that are better (whether that be curvy or more slim). i know si is trying to appeal to men, but really jessica gomez needs to tone up a bit. im just shocked they picked her out of all the people who would kill for this job.

  • solaxia

    im not a huge fan of Jessica, but i love the fact they didnt airbrush her skinny, and i do think she has a sexy body. I didnt like Esti when i first saw her but she has such a cute face, and a nice body too! love her hair, she looks French to me (I know she isnt though)

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  • JBF

    Jessica’s boobs are definitely fake! She was probably a B and went up a size or two. Google her and you can find her pre-implants pictures.

  • liiila

    to me the best model of all the issue was kate upton

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