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Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

I really hope you didn’t get enough of the Victoria’s Secret models, because you’re about to admire a bunch of pictures with their super hot bodies in bikinis!

This is definitely the kind of post that needs no further comments!

Enjoy the “Angles in Bikinis” treat! And, once again, who’s your favorite?

Check the 13 pictures after the jump!

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-a1 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-2 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis3 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-6 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-7 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-8 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-9 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-41 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-1o - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-52 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-11 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

explosion-of-supermodels-in-bikinis-121 - Explosion of Supermodels in Bikinis

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Bob

    Klum? =(

  • mari

    Miranda Kerr is my favorite, she such a cute girl with an amazing body! But they all are stunning!

  • change.

    does anyone know the name of the indian supermodel? lol not sure if shes even indian. the dark tone one??? HELPPPP!

    • luisa

      Emanuela de Paula, and she’s brazilian

  • arianna

    DOUTZEN i freaking love her, she has the best body out of all of them…she is my new FAVORITE. Shame no adriana pics…but after D i’d have to say Miranda maybe? But Ale looks damn good for just having a baby! Not too fond of Marisa’s figure

  • anya

    to Change: She is my favorite model and is the most gorgeous girl on this planet. Her name i Emanuela De paula and she is not Indian, she is from Brazil:)

  • nima

    i love you!!!!!!!!

  • Barbie

    mmm what an inspiration 😉

    Too bad summer’s over!

  • CountryGal777

    I am so glad that Marissa Miller has been added to the group!! Thanks for the pictures! so inspiring to get into shape for next summer!!!!! Love it!

  • From these pictures. My favourite is Miranda Kerr. All of them look beautiful though with amazing bodies.

  • i would do anything 2 get either miranda kerr’s or marisa miller’s body…

  • sharlene_threase

    marissa miller is my fave but she is looking WAY TO THIN!!!

  • Versus

    You’re all welcome!

  • soopafly

    Give me some Doutzennnnn, I think we don’t have many ‘good looking’ girls out here in Holland, the famous ones I mean. And she got some ass too lol.

    Rest of em’ are pretty skinny, who’s on the left on pic 11? Damn just look at that, lol, but they all got nice faces. I’d go for curvy yea

  • jasmin

    these girls make me feel kinda big…and im not a big girl at 5″10 and probably weigh ten pounds more but i guess 10 pounds make all the they have near perfect so going on a diet!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    kurkova is getting fat.hit the fucking treadmill

  • Shannon

    They all look great but miranda Kerr is my fave she also has the cutest dimples!

  • Serafiina

    wtf how skinny is Marissa?! Look at her stomach at the side view! 😮 I don´t like her stomach from the front. It is (dare I say it?) too toned. Miranda looks really cute and Doutzen is insanely beautiful. They are all looking amazing but I´m not than keen on to Marissa.

  • Versus

    @ Soopafly
    That is Marisa Miller!

    @ Serafiina,
    Apparently, Marisa is 110 lbs at 5’8”, very thin indeed.

  • Serafiina

    Well that would make her BMI 16! 😮

  • kayla

    it is amazing how people say she is TOO TONED…this woman is GORGEOUS…..she has the BEST BODY EVERRRR!!!!! she has the face of an angel and the body of a goddess,(as they all do) i would kill for her body and face!! LOVE VICTORIA SECRET MODELS….. such inspiration

  • kayla

    *PS….im talking about marissa miller

  • Daniela

    i agree with kayla
    marissa miller has the hottest body ever
    & i LOVE miranda kerr i want her body & her boyfriend lol

  • Charlotte

    IMO, without a doubt Emanuella and Doutzen own the best bodies out of ALL of the VS girls. I just think that Miranda’s got a bit of a stick thin boy-look going on, and marisa miller has a banging body, bot not as athletic and healthy looking as E and D. They just epitimise everything VS are trying to promote: healthiness, glowing, beautiful…

  • luluS

    Marissa Miller has a very harsh face, not very attractive in my opinion. But her body is WOW.

  • Gapeach

    Anorexia.. Yeah.. ummm.. These girls need to eat.. One of them looks normal the others look sickly.. At least they have pretty faces..

  • Matt

    Yeah banging these chicks would be like banging bones.. one of them looks healthy though.

  • Miss-Lizza Jems

    Oh. SO , LOVELY AND NICE MODELS. . Being a young girl I liked all the models. Their figures are really very sexy too. To day was pleasurable day for me because one of my lesbian friend gave me her vibrator..I had never used vibrator for sexual pleasure. I can say vibrator is far better than manual fingering …..///

  • Orchidee

    Miranda looked really really good! But when doesn’t she…