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Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd in a Pink Bikini

danielle-lloyd-in-a-pink-bikini - Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd in a Pink Bikini

Who? British glamour model and winner of Miss England (2004) and Miss Great Britain (2006)

Age: 25

Height: 5’6” (168 cm) (although her agency says she’s 5’8” 1/2)

Bra cup: 30DD (65DD)

Clothing Size: US 4, EU36

danielle-lloyd-in-a-pink-bikini-21 - Glamour Model Danielle Lloyd in a Pink Bikini

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  • Holly

    She’s chubby, like most British girls.

    • VK

      She’s not at all chubby! She’s healthy. Admittedly she doesn’t have a very good waist-hip ratio and without her fake boobs she’d have quite a boyish figure but with them she looks good.

      • Holly

        That’s your opinion & I respect it.
        She looks a bit chunky to me, that’s what I think.

        And btw, to answer to the idiot that commented below, I’m no American.
        However, if you were offended by my comment, you must be a typical Brit’.

        • fi

          go on…how would you describe a typical brit? cause if thats to suggest that im “chubby” then you’re sadly mistaken.

          anyway, regardless of what nationality you are, its pretty clear you’re a typical b*tch.

          • Holly

            The proof that truth hurts…….

          • nin

            Wow ‘Holly’ you have major issues – go and sort them out.

    • fi

      who the F*ck do you think you are??just another ignorant american by the looks of things.

      • Ilana

        ignorance is making sweeping generalizations, fi.

    • Emily

      ooh, feeling a tad bitchy are we? such a sweeping generalisation just screams ignorance!!!

      • Holly

        If you were living in the UK you would know this ain’t ignorance, just honesty.

      • lori

        “generalisation” ???? who’s the ignorant one here???? hihihhi!!!

        • Emily

          yes, generalisation. it appears you have a problem with my statement – unfortunately you’re not articulate enough to actually explain what this problem may be…

          oh, and by the way , I’m from the UK, I’m slim and most of my friends are also slim.

    • dannii

      ouch!!!! careful with your comments!
      seems like we’re not even allowed to express ourselves freely anymore around here 😉
      Big Sista watches you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anya

    She looks great, but those measurements are old, because she (as said by herself) gained weight.

  • Thai

    Not too big.
    Not too small.
    Just right.

    lol she should be little red riding hood.

    • Erin

      my thoughts exactly… a perfect figure. She’s anything but chubby and she sets a good example for young girls. More women should aspire to have a figure like hers instead of rail-thin models

  • Natshka

    America is the fatest nation in the world.
    Britain is the fatest nation in europe.
    Danielle looks good, mainly coz she’s smilling.

  • anonymous

    She looks good, but those low slung bikini bottoms really emphasize her lack of waist/hip ratio.

  • salma’ben

    I am not American I am not english but i do really know that AMERICA IS THE FATEST NATION in the world but it’s not something bad those are just numbers I am from MOROCCO (north africa ) girls are geneticly curvy or thin or maybe cus we are all bellydancers lol I don’t know well guys the point is there is nothing bad with being fat or slim or curvy it’s just who we are and this website it’s just for fun stop cursing each other … again i am just an arabic white african girl so Please don’t make fun of my decent english lol

  • Rellie

    She looks great
    and to the person who says “chubby like all english girls” i presume you’re from America? When i went to America last year, all i saw was FAT FAT FAT. seriously, in the restaurants the portion sizes were disgustingly huge and everyone gained a whole load of weight just from going there for a holiday. so don’t criticise our country when yours is one of the fattest in the world. Obesity problem? I think so.

  • mEEE

    everyone gained a whole load of weight just from going there for a holiday

    Don’t you know that when you come to America, you have to finish everything that is on your plate at knife point or else you will die!!!! Also, we kidnap foreigners that visit Disney World and feed them to Mickey Mouse.

    • Rellie


    • danii

      ahahahha!!!!! I love you mEEE!!!!

  • klara

    she looks good, like her little belly, average face though. i agree with holly that a lot of british girls are “chubby”, even when they are slim they often don’t have muscle definition. i don’t know if its due to genetics or due to doughy food. americans i find too diverse though (by genetical heritage) to make a standard comment, although there’s a lot of obese people too.

  • :)

    I love her bikini, anyone know where I could buy a similiar one?

  • Lizzie

    She looks soft and feminine. I like her body

  • Elena

    She looks awesome. And stop fooling around with all your nationality issues! Being a human is enough.

  • B.

    I dont see the “chubbyness” i love her figure.. Americas beauty ideal is completely out of whack.
    HOW TO BE HOT IN AMERICA: FIRST AND FOREMOST: Take the body of a ten yr. old boy. Step 2: slap on some HUGE grossly misporportioned fake tits. Step 3: bleach the shit out of your hair…. or add fake plastic blonde hair. Final step: make sure that your skin tone is tannish orange and youll be a winner!
    Fuking SICK.

    • salma’ben

      right right right ! it’s an artificial beauty

  • mEEE

    She has a nice body….it is just the shape/style of the bikini that is unfortunate.

  • steph

    this girl is very average to me. looks like an average girl.

    so why is she a glamor model??
    Not to sound concieted, but I think I have a better figure/better proportions than her and a prettier face… maybe i should move to the UK and become a glamor model!

    • fickle

      Totally agree.
      She is kinda pretty, but not so special.

    • supergirl

      couldn’t have said it better!

  • alesha

    she’s a fat ass with fake boobs

  • alex

    i’m made exactly like her except i’m 5’2 and my boobs are real (34D).
    she’s very pretty!

  • Cheryl

    I don’t get it… She seems very average looking but with big boobs. I know lots of people who are prettier than her who are not models.

  • Sandra

    She is not chubby at all!!!
    I mean, come on… size 36 is definently not chubby!
    She looks healthy and happy.
    ”Fat ass” you can’t even see her butt!

  • lori

    eeeeeewwwww! she should slow down on fish n’ chips and beer

  • Jadey

    all english girls are chubby?
    Wow last time i looked i was skinny :Z:Z
    i like danielle shes isnt photoshopped to hell like most people
    shes just working what shes got witch is a nice figure since when when a size 8 chubby?

  • lola

    i don’t think any of you guys calling her fat are near pretty enough to win miss great britain! she has a fantastic figure, and alex you are so lucky to built like her!

  • salma’ben

    it’s so stupid ! i don’t think her boobs are fake i am size 38 and my boobs are actually bigger than hers … and she is beautiful i really respect the UK for giving curvy/chubby/healthy girls the opportunity .

  • tell

    she’s not chubby, she just gains weight on her stomach instead of her hips or thighs. that’s why she has nice boobs. DUHH

  • sasha

    she is so adorable.with cute curves…not a fan of the bikini though

  • kat

    It seems that Americans have a dichotomy consisting of the very physically fit and the obese. My impression from BBC shows and other media is that the British are more accepting of what I think of as average-weight women, beyond the rail-thin and overweight.

    Also, my impression of a glamour model was more of a men’s magazine model than a fashion model (i.e. Page 3 girls). Of course their curves are going to be exaggerated compared to a model who works in high fashion (with the exception of full-figure modeling).

    I do agree that a different bikini bottom would have been more flattering. I’m a high-waisted hourglass, and extreme low rises result in instant muffin-top.

    • Kae

      Kat, you are right on all accounts.

  • oana fiona

    she’s perfect for me..i wish i had her body!!!!

  • K.

    Guys…for a model or else…she IS overweight, in everyday life she’d look normal, but not in a magazine…

    • Kae

      She is a glamour model, not a runway model. Have you ever checked out Nuts Magazine??? Men’s magazines typically feature this body type. She is not overweight at all. Unflattering bikini bottoms, yes, but overweight, no.

    • boohiss

      If she is “overweight,” I am a freaking obese! Please! She is a very healthy weight. She is a ruler (maybe apple) shape, who is very fit – just no waist. Her BFP is probably IDEAL. It is just her body type and pinch-y bottoms – there is like one centimeter of fat! – it is not that bad. And if it is in that magazine – let me tell you, there is something men like about it! And they don’t like women who are ‘overweight’ generally speaking!