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Glamour Model Keeley Hazell Has a 2009 Bikini Calendar

keeley-hazell-bikini-calendar-09 - Glamour Model Keeley Hazell Has a 2009 Bikini Calendar

… Of course she does.

After all these elegant long gowns on the red carpet, we do need a little photoshopped bikini treat, don’t we?

I’ve already made a selection for you – and I chose the classier, less garage-poster girl pictures; yes, that’s right.

The lucky winners happen to be January, March, November and December.

And a few modellish facts:

Age: 23

Height: 5’6”

Measurements: 32F-24-36, according to various sources

Check the rest after the jump!

keeley-hazell-bikini-calendar-04 - Glamour Model Keeley Hazell Has a 2009 Bikini Calendar

keeley-hazell-bikini-calendar-07 - Glamour Model Keeley Hazell Has a 2009 Bikini Calendar

keeley-hazell-bikini-calendar-11 - Glamour Model Keeley Hazell Has a 2009 Bikini Calendar

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Sara

    she looks like a fairly normal weight… gorgeous & lovely. i’m thankful she’s not a stick.

    • Sara

      she & I are the exact same age– she was born on Sept 18, 1986 and so was I!!! sorry, I just thought that was interesting.

  • steph

    If that’s how her body actually looks, it’s beautiful. Curvy and scrumptious.

  • Karina

    32F????!!?!?! holy moly!

    • nivii

      that’s what i thought.
      she’s pretty though.

      • HJV

        Really, that’s not too big of a bra size. They come in up to a J cup with many brands, you know! Even stick-thin models can have boobs above a DD, and that’s definitely not the end of the spectrum. It shouldn’t be surprising.

  • xo

    sooo sexy

  • Ivory

    Is her body natural?
    If it is she’s stunningly blessed:)

  • Kae

    I love Keeley and I’ve seen a lot of photos of her. I really doubt that waist measurement is correct and these pics are very photoshopped. Not that it matters…she’s gorgeous!

  • Carmen

    She is pretty and has a great body. But am I the only one that find amusing that all this models despite their appearances have the same measurements?

    • anabel

      I noticed that too. Though in this case, I have to say, she’s really short for a model and it makes sense that she looks curvier but has similar measurements then.

  • Ella

    She’s pretty, but they definitely played around with the waist and hip measurements. I’ve read before that her hips are 32 inches, which seems likely because in candid pictures she certainly doesn’t look as curvy as she does here in the waist and hip area.

  • jess

    Yeah I would say they made her curvier, although I remember reading that her breasts are natural – 75% sure
    And to an above commenter, yes all the models do have similar shapes because that’s what the ‘glamour’ magazines look for.
    She has a really pretty face!

  • Elena

    Could you please translate those measurements into cm?

    • Versus

      That would be 80F (but the bra size, not the bust circumference)-61-91,5 cm.
      However, these are standard model measurements, they all seem to have them 🙂

      • Elena

        Thanks a lot, Versus! Yeah, it seems all models have them. Either they look curvy or emaciated. And by the way, by measurements those seem like a huge pair of boobs! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    those boobs are not 32F! more like 32D. but F? i think not.

    • Ivory

      I’m pretty sure they are, I’m a 32D, and I’m much much smaller than her.
      When you go down a band you go up a cup. A 32D=34C, so a 32F=34E.
      I think she looks like she could be a 34E.

    • Kae

      I agree, I doubt she’s an F. I’m guessing DD or E.

  • xo

    im a 34 DD.. paid for. and my breasts are larger than hers.. Ive never even heard of an F??? is that measurement in europe or something?

    • molly

      well, there are cup sizes ranging from AA to G, but we’ve got the metric system, so “32 F” is not a European measurement. the smallest band is usually 70 cm, the smallest cup size is AA. So the 32 inches translate into 80 cm and telling from the pics I guess that she is a DD or even E (in European measurements), but clearly not a “F”.

  • if her boobs are an F, i must be wearing the wrong bra. my boobs are the same size as hers and i wear a DD

  • xo

    yaaay for DD’s Dinah : ) hahaha

  • Amy

    I find it hard to believe her waist is 24 inches and her hips are 36 inches. I would guess 26 waist, 38 hips.

  • coci

    She has a gorgeous V-shaped body with a tiny waist. I highly doubt her hips to be 36″ though…more like 34″, they are narrow but still proportionate to her waist…those pics are extremely photoshopped in the hip department to make her appear more like an hourglass….and her back/bust is most definitely not a 32…more like a 36D or 34DD, she has that wide, buff looking shoulders and back…her waist really is tiny though, that’s probably the only thing they didn’t lie about. But I hate when models and actresses photoshop pics and distort their stats to make it seem as if they have hourglass figures! Hourglass isn’t the only beautiful figure around, infact the hourglass figure itself is extremely rare. Pear shapes (like J Lo and Jen Love Hewitt), V-shapes (Keely, a non-skinny Angelina Jolie) and heck, even lean, almost rectangular shapes (like VS models, Jessica Alba) can all be very sexy too!

  • cabalavatar

    I’ve followed Keeley’s career since she was on FHM as a 18-yr-old. And she’s been a 32F from the inception. You guys can compared back and forth all you like, but she hasn’t changed. When around 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra, and he life is all about her breasts (as a topless model), I’m quite certain she and her agent are much better suited for the task of determining her bra size. Regardless, that’s just a number. She has the perfect breasts (if you’ve seen them in their exposed glory), with 45% of the meat below the nipple and 55% above. If they’ve been doctored, it happened before she turned pro at 18 and they’ve stayed the same as long as I’ve looked. Don’t bother doubting her waist, either. It’s very tiny and always has been, though her hips do vary. I could see either 34 or 36. I’d say she’s in my top 3 hottest women on the net and votes at FHM and IGN.com agree with me.

  • Mnemosyne

    It may be a matter of UK sizing. My bra size is 30E and she definately has a larger bust than I do. Cup size is also very relevent to the measurement of the underbust. I can easily believe that she is a 32F. I love Keeley! She’s gorgeous

  • bulletwithbutterflywings

    I agree with Mnemosyne. Thank God for UK sizing. They are the only country that sells bras in my size – 28E. The band does make a difference. My chest is where it is supposed to be when I wear the right size. And interestingly enough I think I look smaller!

    Anyway, these aren’t my favourite photos of Keeley but I do think she has got a fantastic body.

    • Ivory

      I’m so jealous of you!
      When I was fitted properly, I was told thats the size I need (28E), but I can’t find anything under a 32 band, (maybe the occasional 30, but they are always a style that looks bad on me) here in Canada!

      • bulletwithbutterflywings

        Hey 🙂 try the following websites:


        There is also another sister website of brastop that sells a lot of Curvy Kate. I love Curvy Kate. But the cups are on the small side I think.

        I am from Australia and I believe they ship to Canada as well.

        Trust me it makes such a huge difference. Happy shopping!

        • Ivory

          My main problem is I’m worried they won’t fit properly.

          • bulletwithbutterflywings

            No problem. 🙂

            Yeah I have a few that I wear around the house because they don’t fit too great. I have had to return quite a lot before at once but it was cheaper than hanging on to them. I think postage from Canada to the UK shouldn’t be as expensive as that from Australia.

            The other website I’m thinking of is:


            Enjoy 🙂

            BTW…are there any online Canadian stores selling bras in a 28″ back? I know there are Aussie ones but it’s cheaper for me to buy them from the UK.

        • Mnemosyne

          Thanks heaps!This helps so much

  • Lala

    She’s not 32F, I’m 32D and look around that size

  • Sally Rose

    I reckon her size looks about right to be honest!! Its amazing how many people are wearing the wrong bra size! I have always struggled finding bra’s that fit – I have just been measured again and i am a 34G! I think your better off getting measured in town then buying online as it’s much cheaper. Beau dame lingerie is a good site I think they do up to a K!!! they always have my size they do really nice bra’s and bikini swimwear.

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