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Irina Sheik – Bikini Shoot for Victoria’s Secret

FP_3880366_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

I’ll let you guys convince me:

Name: Irina Sheik

Age: 23

Nationality: Russian

Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

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FP_3880371_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

FP_3880369_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

FP_3880368_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

FP_3880365_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

FP_3880364_TRB_De_Paula_Emanuela_EXCL_102609 - Irina Sheik - Bikini Shoot for Victoria's Secret

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  • noxa

    Um, that’s not a 23 inch waist.
    But she looks amazing, love her look, not too skinny with long long legs. pretty face too.

    • LuluS

      I agree about the not having a 23inch waist. Have you noticed how most models, (fashion, glamour etc) say that they have these measurements and yet never look alike body wise despite being all 5’9/5’10…..

      • m

        her waist does look pretty tiny in the 3rd picture though

    • anabel

      Where do they say it is?

    • Nkeon

      Yeah I think you guys have misread the stats.
      It says that her ‘age’ is 23 not her waist!

      • noxa

        Hmh, it had her stats when I posted my coment , bust – waist – hips, and it was about 33 23 35 I think. Not sure where the stats went.
        Versus, heeelp?

        • LuluS

          it had her stats when i posted my comment too!

        • Versus

          I’m sorry guys, I edited the post, since some of you said that this is Irina, not Emanuela. Apparently, the photo agency was wrong – sorry about that!

          FMD says tat Irina’s measurements are: (US) 34-23-35 ; (EU) 86.5-58-88

  • Kelli

    GORGEOUS! Her ass looks amazing…totally jealous.

    • Jaz

      …What ass are you refering to?

      • gabby

        You don’t have to have a huge ass to have one. She has a nice firm, toned booty!

        • Kelli

          Thanks gabby! Firm, tone and just right IMO. I see some roundness, it’s not flat. Plus, I’m not really into the Kardashian booty.

          • Alias

            Kelli I agree with you, her ass is GORGEOUS! So toned and perfect!!

        • Casey

          Anyone else have a desire to start doing butt crunches after looking at this post, or is it just me?

          • katie

            yes! and look at how healthy she looks! 🙂 yay for great body role models!

  • kelly

    This is definitely not Emanuela.

    • Versus

      Famepictures, the photo agency who took the pictures says she is. The pics are on many other websites as well.

  • Micaela

    she looks hot! whoever she is..

    nice slim body, she looks healthy, love the bikinis.

    the end.

  • Alias

    Perfect body, lovely face. She is indeed an angel!

  • Pina

    Umm…all the sites have this all wrong and I have to correct you. This is not Emanuela. It is Irina Sheikh, the main model for VS line Intisimmi in case you want to get your facts straight. Just saying, and Irina is even prettier than Emanels. Look her up, shes gorgeous! Like Adriana Lima

    • Kristy

      I didn’t think it was Emanuela either. Emanuela has a much darker skin tone I thought.

      • sara

        it’s definitely irina, she is a model for intimissimi,an italian lingerie brand very famous here in italy..so i can be sure of it 😉

  • jjj

    She looks great though.

  • Mizzy

    Just did a google image search for both models (Emanuela de Paula and Irina Sheik) and this is definitely Irina. Regardless, she looks really good and fit!

  • anonymous

    Any guesses on how much she weighs?

    • KT

      I would guess somewhere between 120 and 125. Anyone else?

  • b

    uh oh, she looks like an adriana lima replacement. noooo! adriana foreverrrr!

  • she looks Amazinggggggg! ah her body is to die for. forreal

  • gabby

    I love her body, it reminds me of mine 🙂 I’m just not as perfectly toned as her!

  • lola

    never heard of her before but love the long legs…one question: where is the booty?…lol

  • dani

    She is just sexy…i didn’t knew she was 23 (i thought 25 everytime i was looking at the VS catalogue) and i didn’t knew she was russian she doesn’t look like one 🙂 Europe is full of beautiful women 😀

  • Melanie

    She’s really pretty.. proportioned well.

    I’m thinking she’s not fully Russian, her surname doesn’t sound it and she’s pretty dark.. (Kazakh blood?)

    • Ella

      Russia is a huge country… There are plenty of dark-skinned Russians and their appearance varies a lot across the country. Her surname at birth was Shaykhlislamova. Maybe she was asked to change it because, if she’s going to get famous, she needs to have an easily pronounceable and memorable surname.

      • Eve

        You are absolutely right. I am from Russia and girls here differ. But for sure Irina does not have a “common” Russian face.

  • malibu

    I’d have though that this is Adriana Lima

  • maya

    I used to think Irina was BEAUTIFUL but then I saw some scary looking unphotoshopped photos of her…

  • Coola

    She looks like Adriana Lima. I see VS is trying to fool people into thinking Lima isn’t leaving in 2010, by hiring someone who looks exactly like her.

  • Coola

    She says she was mercilessly teased in Russia for not looking like a typical Russian. Her last name (the shortened and original forms) suggests middle eastern/Arab blood.