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Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria’s Secret

Karlie-Kloss-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-053 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret

Model Treats of the Day – different beauties Karlie Kloss and Barbara Palvin in the most recent Victoria’s Secret catalog, looking picture-perfect in lacey lingerie.

Barbara-Palvin-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-201 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret

Who is your favorite?

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Barbara-Palvin-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-200 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret Β  Barbara-Palvin-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-202 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret Karlie-Kloss-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-050 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret Karlie-Kloss-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-051 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret Karlie-Kloss-for-VS-Lingerie-December-2012-052 - Karlie Kloss & Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret

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  • Puppe

    Very pretty Barbara πŸ™‚ Karlie…i would not buy those bikini she presents to be honest, that’s all i can say πŸ™‚

    • sofia

      I did not know, that Karlie had an ass and breasts like that. where did that come from??

      • Casey


        • Pau

          ^ agreed

          And I feel like a pedo lookin at those photos. Their faces look like 10….

        • Candy

          Look at her vogue italia spread she has a butt due to muscles. Not a fat jiggly butt.

  • sarah

    I absolutely prefer Barbara:she’s more feminine and sexier with no effort.

    • Soph

      Agreed. Barbara has my dream body, and her face is to die! I really like that VS has added a curvier model. I may lift the boycot I currently have on VS. Maybe.

      • sia

        It wont be much of a surprise if barbara looses weight soon because she tweeted: ”… i look sooooo like fat!” recently. Which is sad because she looks great.. .

  • natalia

    I really like Karlie’s body, it is close to mine, I am little leaner, and she is 4 inch taller, and we both love bi-cycling

    • Tally

      Awwwwwwwwww :L

    • Nobsnob

      I find Karlie’s body unappealing and bordeline ugly. She’s to tall, stick-thin, lanky, absolutely no boobs (thx photoshop), no waist, high hipbones, no hips and shapeless legs. She’s the exact opposite of what is sexy and feminine.

      • Nobsnob

        In fact I love Karlie for high-fashion stuff she’s got it but I hate her for commercial stuff and also when she does naked editorials, trying to make it happen. She’s no bombshell but her modelling agency won’t admit it and they’re shoving her down everyone’s throat.
        I-don’t-know-who even nicknamed her “the body” after McPherson, this is so try-hard.

      • natalia

        I actually agree w/ some of what you said, I think she could have little more muscle definition, like we should be able to see her muscles more considereing how lean she is

      • lc

        “She’s to tall, stick-thin, lanky, absolutely no boobs (thx photoshop), no waist, high hipbones, no hips and shapeless legs.”

        I find this look incredibly appealing. But then, I prefer HF bodies to ultra feminine shapes anyway.

    • Duchesss

      Wow you must be tiny natalia. I prefer Barbara’s body

      • natalia

        omg i can’t tell you how many have used that word, tiny to call me, which is weird b/c it’s not a size #, or like thin or fat or something it’s just a word, but I have broad shoulders 17″ in suit jacket, 24″ long arms, 32″ outseam/inseam? can’t remember, so…idk if I’m tiny, my measurements are small tho so maybe that’s why i get that, but i;;ve seen pix of Karlie where she looks leaner….i think they were older than these

        • linda

          That was a strange comment.

          • annabanana


          • natalia

            idk…just i spend so much time around clothes, we never use words like ‘tiny’, we use sizes, inseam, outseam, arm/leg measurements, ‘tiny’ is kinda vague, that’s all, could mean slim/short/small bones? who knows you know

  • karlie

    Geez, we get it already.

  • Magda

    They both look good. I prefer Barbara though.
    I would love to see an official VS’s ad without photoshop.They look great and the there is no photoshop disaster in those, but I am tired of airbrushing, especially in VS’ads.
    If with all the best makeup artists, all the professionnal lighters photographers and hair dressers you still need airbrushing, then you do not look that great IMO.
    The last candid pics of Erin were great. I feel like buyings their stuff when I see it. But not here.

    • serena

      The issue is most VS models are A cups (some like Barbara are B cups but no bigger than that) and when you’re modeling bras, they want fuller breasts to fill out the bras with, hence the photoshop. Of course smaller-breasted women wear bras too, and it would be nice to see that represented. I also think the airbrushing is unnecessary; of course get rid of pimples and the like but it’s ok to have skin folds!

      • Robin

        I think they still have kinda small boobs, but that’s maybe because I am large-chested myself. I would love to see plus-size models for Victoria’s Secret. When I see all the models with their B cups I just wonder how their bras look in a DD-ish cupsize.

        • Soph

          There needs to be more representation all round. We should not be shoving images of tiny models with huge boobs (courtesy of photoshop) in the faces of female teens. I would not want my daughter feeling inferior because of some damned computer jobs. Yes the woman are beautiful. But if they are thin and a cup, show that. If they are curvy and DD, show that. A wide array of representation is the key to making women feel comfortable with themselves.

        • Leah

          they look utterly ridiculous. i’m on the larger end of a d cup, and i tried the “bombshell” bra on just out of curiosity, and it looked absolutely ridiculous. unless you’re selling bras to make boobs look fake, it’s better to put them on smaller-chested models

  • jenna

    They are both very pretty, but Karlie reminds me of a young teenager who hasn’t really developed fully yet, and Barbara looks gorgeous overall. Prefer Barbara.

  • Annabella H.

    To me it’s quite clear that they photoshopped Karlie to look softer than she really is. And plus, she has pretty non-existent boobs: if those bras really work like they do in these pics… you get my point.

    • Tiina

      I was thinking exactly the same thing! A lot of photoshopped boob going on with both girls. Especialy with Barbara Palvin. Her agancy still lists her as an A cup and this is what she looked like in her last VS ads:

      Over all this feels stupid. The kind of girl they want for these ads only seems to exist when they add draw-on breast on a slim/thin girl. When the body type they’re looking for just doesn’t exist, wouldn’t it be a goot time for a little reality check?

      My second rant is the quality of their photoshopping. I have absolutely no idea why on earth they always photoshop silicone-looking breast on their models? If your boobs ain’t filled with something unnaturally hard, you don’t have a visible shadow line above them. Or a pinch-in cleavage that goes half around your boob.

      • Nobsnob

        You said it all.
        Although Barbara’s breasts look pretty good here compared to those fake breasts they put on Karlie.

      • Anastasia.

        What body type doesn’t exist? Thin with big boobs? It does exist, I’m thin and I have a D cup. I think VS would love to find girls that are as thin as their models with a large rack, but it probably doesn’t happen too often like you said, so they have to settle for thin girls, and then just draw on the rack.

        • Robin

          I think there are quite some thin girls with big boobs and also models.. (Kate Upton?), but VS is also really looking for facially pretty/unique models with radiance.. especially for their angels. So maybe there is not a slim, large chested, gorgeous and nice model yet.

    • natalia

      yeah i was wondering in the nude photos of her online, is that breasts from maturity or photoshopped, they didn’t look it tho

  • C

    I find it funny that none of these shots of Barbara are below the waist. Her thighs must have become a mess. She’s gained A LOT of weight since she started, which is a shame.

    • natalia

      she has gained, but she is now a good role model/representive for fuller figures

      • Powwow

        Lol ‘fuller figures’

    • Magda

      I thought the same about the pics and the gain weight. However I do not think that she has became a “mess”. I am sure she looks fine.

      • C

        Mess was a harsh word, I didn’t think that one through very well. I think she’s a beautiful girl and in the real world she is definitely not big, she’s just big for a model.

        • Magda

          Now I agree with you on this one. She is “big” for the fashion industry.

    • Casey

      Actually, VS has done plenty of pictures of Barbara taken below the waist.

      I think it just so happens that they wanted her to model bras in this shoot (maybe because she has cleavage?)

      I have no idea why people are so critical of Barbara Palvin’s thighs. This is the third time I’m hearing it and I just don’t get it, because if there’s one thing I like about her, it’s her legs first of all.

      She’s slim, toned, and her legs actually have shape.

      I really hope she doesn’t hear comments like that and decide to lose weight, because then she’ll look like just another pretty model, kind of like what Candice did to herself.

      • Casey
        • Mishael

          Agree, Casey. She has very slim and nicely shaped legs. Don’t get where they are big. They don’t look much bigger than legs of the other models on the show.

          • natalia

            you know, i spent a lot of time thinking about relativity, i guess b/c the classes i took, and it’s absolutely incorrect for someone, me or whoever, to say ‘…so and so’s thighs are big’, it really only has meaning as to compared to something, so ‘big compared to Karli’s, or whomever’ would be correct. Barbara’s are small, compared to, idk, Robin what’s her name, plus size model. I guess I’m saying, the statement ‘she has big thighs’ has no meaning, ev. thing is relative.

      • Nobsnob

        Yep I don’t get it either.
        Someone explain me what is the problem with those thighs:×0-2.jpg
        If this is not skinny enough then I don’t know what is skinny. o_O

        • annemarie

          I remember seeing pictures from the show and some of them were just shot from rather unflattering angles and it looked like those boots were too small for Barbara.
          There were many flattering pictures, like the one you linked, but on some reason everybody seemed to only pay attention to the unflattering pictures :/

      • natalia

        And you won’t hear it again from me! but seriously I think also, that outfit from the show, the boots by their nature are constricting at the top, they’re tight up there, so they constrict everything and emphasize everything

        • Casey

          Oh don’t worry Natalia.

          At the end of the day, I know not everyone is going to share my opinions or views and that’s okay. If you don’t like Barbara’s thighs, you should be able to say so, just like I can say that I do like them.

          I liked her outfit in the show, although I agree that the boots were a little constricting at the top. I think her thighs also look bigger because her hips are wider…she has a thigh gap.

      • Emmy

        I love her legs, she has the best legs amongst all the vs models imo

        • Agreed Barbara has the most amazing body imho out of all the current VS models.

          • MissMarilyn

            its hard to pick but I think I agree. she’s so hot!

        • Winnie

          i agree! i love Candice’s legs as well. but Barbara’s body is my overall favourite at VS right now

          • Soph

            Me too, I love her legs and I think she’s one of the most stunning VS models that has ever been before.

            Reality check to all the die hard dieters who think that a girl who has a BMI of over 19 is ugly: not everyone shares your views. Some people really do think that a girl with some more meat on her bones is sexy. I certainly do and I’m pretty over super thin girls thinking their superior because they have thinner bodies and eat less calories. Get a life.

    • melia

      You can lose weight or gain weight anytime, but you can never change your face or your body shape. Barbara has a beautiful face and an amazing body shape. If she decides to lose weight, she can

  • Barbara! No contest here πŸ™‚

  • Pixie

    I’m partial to Barbara, as a fellow Hungarian, plus she’s gorgeous. The other one is cute, but, imo, looks like a little girl.

  • Sheza

    Karlie is pretty and I like her but I think Barbara is insanely beautiful.

  • Powwow

    Karlies butt is weird looking…

    • annabanana

      rather non-existant i think. thats why it looks so weird

  • Chelsea

    I think Barbara is gorgeous! I wished I looked like her. Although, my mother thinks she’s ugly. I guess beauty is in eye of the beholder.

  • ary

    Honestly? I find Karlie sexier. I prefer Barbara’s body, and she suits lingerie better, but Karlie has this naughty look while Barbara seems to be forcing a weird innocence i’m not a fan of.

    • lc


  • Am I the only one who thinks Karlie looks better?
    There’s just something so intriguing about her.

    As for Barbara.. She gained some weight and her upper body looks a lot like mine, but she gains mostly in her thighs and VS is definitely making sure we can’t see them. Which is a shame because I’m sure she looks great regardless of the weight gain.

    • ary

      i agree Cilla. And it’s funny, while some commentators are saying Karlie looks like a teen / underdeveloped women, i get a totally contrary feeling. Barbara looks too young / naive for these ads, and Karlie gives me this sexually alluring woman vibe. Maybe bad girl archetypes (Γ  la Megan Fox) have brainwashed me or something lol…

      • justme

        I thought the same thing! Karlie has a more angular face, and I think it makes her look more mature/sexy. Barbara is super pretty, but looks a bit young to me. I don’t get the fuss about her weight gain either, she looked really great in the fashion show pics (I didn’t watch it), and I like her figure. It isn’t the only attractive shape in the world, but she’s hardly a fat cow like some seem to think.

    • lc

      No, I think the same, Cilla B. I just think Karlie has this thing about her and Barbara looks young and innocent, not exactly sexy.

  • Nobsnob

    Barbara was made for VS, she’s perfect for them.
    Her body is bangin’ and her face is quite universally appealing; she can be cute but also sexy.

  • snugglepup

    These girls are so pretty… Their faces are so unique and quirky πŸ™‚

  • Mara

    No doubt, Karlie is great for HF, but I don’t see why anyone would hire her for lingerie/bikini stuff. She is attractive in her own way, but her figure is clearly not what’s usually considered ideal for commercial work. Really, why would they pick a woman with a rather unfeminine and hard body, just to copy-paste boobs on her and digitally soften everything? Or has she actually gained a noticeable amount of fat?

    As for Barbara, she’s nice for VS, but she’s always looking so young to me. Actually she resembles a girl I used to know when I was about 12. Just the face, obviously.

    • natalia

      2 reasons i think, 1 is even tho hi fashion body, commercial face, appeals to larger mass, and 2, she’s very popular right now

      • annabanana

        yes, i think its mostly because shes so popular in modeling atm. people will recognize her, so she brings attention to the brand

      • Mara

        Ok, that makes sense.
        I don’t think her face is *that* commercial, but it’s not too quirky for the masses I guess. I didn’t realize she was so well-known outside the fashion world (and this site πŸ˜‰ ), but that’s probably because I never followed her.

    • lol

      So you complain about both of them.?
      So predictable

      • Mara

        You complain about me?
        So predictable.
        I really try to like humanity, but whenever I feel I might actually do it some insecure, immature trolls decide that everyone should have to deal with their grumpiness.

        I don’t even think I “complained”. I was just wondering about the Karlie thing – I think she looks nice here, but not like her usual self, so why didn’t they just pick another naturally well-endowed model? That was my question and instead of stupidly b-tching around natalia and annabanana actually offered an answer.
        And about Barbara, what part of “She’s nice for VS” did you not understand?
        Doesn’t sound like a complaint to me, but clearly I’m not the only one who thinks she looks pretty young in the face.

        Now go be bitter somewhere else. -__-

  • Mel

    Barbara looks like a lil girl to me when she acts all smiley and bubbly especially because i can see her gum when she smiles… She gained definitely and I would prefer if she would lose a few pounds but she still looks pretty, way more feminine than Karlie. Barbara can look sexy too but here she just smiley… i prefer her serious, sexy face.

  • Emeline

    I prefer Barbara’s body but Karlie’s face. The combo between Barbara’s face and body is weird because she looks 14 in the face to me :/

  • MissMarilyn

    Karlie doesn’t really have the VS body but her face looks so amazing in these pictures.

    Barbara has an amazing body and face, always been a fan haha.

  • d

    Barbara looks a bit chubby/soft but maybe its only next to karlie

  • goldfish

    i think karlie looks much better here, maybe she is a little thin for underwear ads, but she looks like a model.. i don’t think barbara looks like a model, and she looks like she is playing dress up here

  • Kate

    Karlie’s boobs aren’t photoshopped. The wonders of chicken cutlets and a good push up bra helped make Karlie’s AA boobs look….A cup.

    BTW I really want to shoot who ever popularized “she has the body of a 12 year old boy”. I have no problem with actual curvier women ( I’m not talkin Stella Boonshoft….I’m talking actual WHR 0.o ) and I prefer their bodies to the very skinny prototype but to make skinny women feel less feminine because they lack a big chest and bottom is pure BS.

    If you think its ok to compare very thin women to “12 year old boys” don’t get mad when people refer to larger women as “beached whales”

    *drops mic*

    • lc

      Amen to that.

    • Stephanie

      Completely agreed.

    • annemarie

      I completely agree.

    • Mara

      Do you really think it’s just the bra? Because if bras can do that kind of magic, I might need one to make my AAA boobs look like AA’s.

      And about the 12-year-old-boy stuff: Obviously yes. Though I wonder where that came from, because nobody here compared her to a premature boy, did they?

    • jenna

      Kate, nobody said she looks like a 12-year old boy on this thread, so not sure why you just got on that soapbox. I’m one of the people who said that her body reminds me of a younger girl (like early teen), who is still not fully developed. You know what I mean, skinny, almost lanky, not womanly yet. That’s not really an insult, but an observation. I even said in my earlier comment that I think her face is very pretty.

  • ash

    To me the winner is Babra: In my opinion, I think Babra has a beaming and natural smile. Karlie looks a little too serious and like she is being forced to smile though. However both have amazing bods.

  • Alex

    Karlie looks like a little girl???!? Barbara literally(if one was looking solely at her face) could pass for 14 and under with ease. Yes, I agree that she has cleavage and a nice curvy body. But Karlie def has more sex appeal. Her face sorta reminds me of Megan Fox with her high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes. I think she would look better with a couple extra pounds but I still find her attractive in an otherworldly sense.

    • jenna

      Not one person on this thread said that Karlie’s face looks like a little girl. Her body!

  • Candy

    Karlie had gained weight, she was only super skinny when she first started around 2007. Seeing her in person she looks fine unlike some other models. 6 ‘1 135 lbs I’m betting.

    • annabanana

      actually i think she was bigger a few years ago and has actually lost weight.. her legs look bigger to me in this photo

      • Candy

        Next to sigrid anyone would look big, girl is full blown ana, barely eats more than lettuce and tea. Karlie’s perfectly fine on the other hand .Karlie has more muscle than other high fashion models and looks amazing in real life . Anja Rubik looks like a piece of paper in person.

  • Candy

    Im 6’1 and when I was 135 I looked a lot like Karlie, even same body shape.

  • elen

    yeah, yeah…whateva’ bitches…so you’re perfect looking, have wings and all… genius!!!

  • Rosie B

    I prefer Karlie’s face and Barbara’s body in this shoot.. For some reason Barbara’s face and smile make her seem a bit too angelic and young to be advertising lingerie, and Karlie’s bottom look super weird in the second to last pic, thanks to PS of course. Her body does look great in the pic before that tho, again, thanks to PS πŸ˜›

  • vivi

    Barbara is nice, like her and think she’s a good addition to the VS blonde femmebot army. I really like Karlie, she’s a very talented model and I’ve seen her in real life and she’s just GORGEOUS. I don’t know whats been going on with the VS photoshopping of her though, maybe they’re trying to downplay her thinness but in some of their shots her body just looks plain weird, especially in the hip area (not sure if its bad ‘shopping or girl just had odd looking hips)×754.jpg

  • Polly

    Am I the only one having trouble telling their faces apart? It must be the makeup/photoshop. Barbara has an amazing body for 18 years old.

  • Michelle

    as some people said before, I agree Karlie works better for high end fashion, but not as a Victoria’s secret angel. I think more curvy and femenine bodies, like Barbara’s, do best in lingerie modeling, it looks sexier
    I like both bodies, but my heart will always tend to go Barbara’s way because her body seems more “approachable” than Karlie’s

  • mary

    Karli is so plain looking to me, and does not have the body to model lingerie….she has absolutely no chest or butt…that pic with the blue striped panties, her arse looks like a pancake. barbara is super pretty and curvy, though I prefer more tone, she is far ore attractive that KK and imo a great addition to VS

    • Anastasia.


  • Anastasia.

    Karlie’s butt in picture 6 makes me so sad. πŸ™

    • ary

      It’s just a flat butt. Cheer up a bit πŸ™‚

    • misscheeks

      Lol Anastasia! πŸ™‚

  • vanessa

    The younger one is much more pretty. But she looks 12, which makes it hard to look at her in a bra. I don’t like the look of the other girl. Her face isn’t that pretty.

  • lol

    It’s obvious why these two have been pitted against each other because nobody is going to choose Karlie over Barbara.
    So this is an obvious attempt to ridicule Karlie Kloss imo.

    • serena

      Hmm not true, several people stated they prefer Karlie, though my preference is Barbara. Why would we ridicule Karlie, she’s one of the most famous fashion models right now. She is just an odd choice for a lingerie model.

      • lol

        I wasn’t even talking about you. I was talking about the person who chose to pit them against each other. Read in future.

        • Mara

          So when someone “complains” about both of them (like I did, apparently) it’s not right, when someone chooses one over the other it’s not right. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me. Why so negative, did your boyfriend break up or something?

    • natalia

      I’m a fan of Karlie, but even to me, she is a little to hip straight, even my hips at just under 34″ have more dare I say curve than Karlie’s, and her whole body could use a little more muscle? or just maybe muscle definition? idk, so close to perfect w/ the height and all, but still needs some more muscle, and I rarely say that of anyone

      • Jay

        her body could use a little more..dare i say it… fat. she’s so bony. very unattracive to me, especially for underwear modeling.

        • natalia

          actlly she’s go enough fat, b/c i can’t see that much muscle def and tha’ts when you see it, when you’re reallly lean, but she just has an extra narrow shape to her, she’s even narrower than iam, her hips are realllllly narrow, and she’s realllly tall, so she’s ultra stretched out, i think that’ s it,

          also, i remember you, and no, i wouldn’t say that your height and weight you listed would be considered fat, i don’t remember it now, i just remember thinking, i can’t see you, you have to see someone, it could be mostly muscle! anyway….yeah, karlie is ultra stretched upwards, I think that’ swhy she looks a little odd shaped

  • serena

    I honestly don’t get why VS hired Karlie. She’s great for high fashion; 6 ft tall and ruler-shaped lol. But what’s the point of hiring her for lingerie and then photoshopping her body to the point where it’s unrecognizable? This is not Karlie, this is a computer-generated image with Karlie’s airbrushed face stuck on top. If they wanted a softer model with curves, why not hire a model like that? They could give some no-name struggling model a chance at fame. Instead they hire big name models and photoshop, edit, airbrush them like crazy.

    • lol

      Barbara is hardly big is she? she’s not plus size or a size 12. I bet she’s about a size 4. Maybe 6 at the most. She is still very slim compared to most women.

      • serena

        I didn’t say Barbara was big – didn’t mention her at all actually πŸ˜‰ Just saying that Karlie is an unusual choice for lingerie, she’s suited to high fashion. VS hired her because she’s so famous. There are no-name models out there more suited to modeling lingerie and could really benefit from exposure. Yes Barbara is slim too, but a lot softer/fleshier than Karlie.

        • lol

          I just think you have to be careful calling Barbra “curvy” or “soft” because then you get size 12’s or bigger women thinking they are the same size as her. When she is less than half their size. As for VS it’s up to them who they choose. It’s not as if all the models look like Karlie, then I could see your point. But they don’t all look like her.

          • natalia

            but she is curvy and soft, that’s why it’s best just to stick to terms that have clear meaning, like size #’s, inches, avoid curvy, soft, tiny, etc. when discussing peoples sizes, b/c sizes deals with well, sizes…and inches.

  • Trickster

    Oh Snap….. I thought they were the same person they look soooo much alike in these pictures :O Anyways both are very pretty.

  • Tea

    I don’t get how people think Barbara looks 14….to me she looks like she could be anywhere between 18-25, facially. I used to think Karlie had a weird face but it’s really growing on me. I agree that she looks more interesting/alluring than Barbara here, although I normally prefer Barbara.

    • Becca

      it’s her teeth. they are very tiny and spaced in such a way that it looks like she hasn’t developed her “adult” teeth yet…so for those of you that can’t put their finger on why a woman with curves comes off as innocent and eerily young, it’s the teeth. creepy, but i’m pretty sure that’s it.

      • Anastasia.

        Ya,it is her teeth. With her mouth closed I don’t see anything particularly young about her. She looks her age. But the teeth do make her look younger. The only actress/model that I can think of that really looks like a 12 year old is Selena Gomez.

      • Mara

        THE TEETH. You’re right. She should not smile in lingerie shoots.

      • Emeline

        Agreed Becca. She looks 14 because of her teeth mainly

  • Kimberly

    Barbara all the way. I don’t find Karlie attractive, photoshop or not.

  • Warda

    Barabara is my favorite VS model at the moment. I like her fresh face and her softer curvier bod.

  • lc

    Karlie for me, no contest. Barbara is cute imo but nothing more.

  • Lauren

    Barbara looks like a baby to me. She is definitely cute but she doesn’t look mature enough to model lingerie. Karlie has It. She looks sexy and powerful. She does not have my favorite body type or even the prettiest face, but something about her is very appealing.

  • Stephanie

    Karlie Kloss just blows me away as a model. I love her walk so much, it’s insanely powerful! And I’m really jealous of Barbara’s pretty face.

    One thing that saddens me though, is people saying Karlie’s body is no good for lingerie. Come on, people, us thin A/B cup girls can also wear pretty lingerie to feel good and sexy no matter our size or ‘flat ass’ that apparently depresses people.

    • MissMarilyn

      People with smaller breasts and butts can totally look sexy; its just that lingerie models generally have bigger breasts and rounder butts than Karlie does. The model’s job is to sell clothing; curvier women do a better job selling underwear than girls without curves do. A lot of things are completely the opposite. Different clothing is most flattering on different body types and designers get models that will make their clothes look the best.

      • Mara

        Most HF designers hire very thin and flat women (or girls), because apparently the clothes look more ideal on them.
        Usually there are different requrements for lingerie models – the standard lingerie model has bigger boobs and butt, because unfortunately that’s the features commonly associated with sexuality (and I’m saying that as an underweight woman with AAA breasts).
        But of course girls with Karlie’s figure can wear lingerie and look sexy in it, just as girls with fuller figures can pull off fashionable clothes presented by 5’10”-120lbs models

    • Anastasia.

      It’s not her thinness that is weird…per say. It’s her shape, she has an odd shape. Even with added weight, her shape would probably still look odd. Her midsection and hips look strange to me.

    • Mishael

      I agree with you, Stephanie. Her body is no worse than body of curvier women. I say ‘yes’ to diversity.

    • Winnie

      you A/B cup girls do get all the good lingerie though! cute frilly bras get more expensive and less common as the cup size increases lol πŸ˜› i don’t think it’s Karlie’s thinness per say that people don’t like. it’s probably her lack of a WHR. there are other super-thin VS models (Candice) who get a pass. Karlie’s body is just straight up and down. for me personally, it’s less appealing in lingerie but that doesn’t mean others don’t find it sexy. she has a sexy face, that’s good enough. Karlie’s face on Barbara’s body for this shoot would be a dream!

      • Soph

        Come on Stephanie. Thin girls have it pretty damn good. Do you think it would be great if lingerie models were very skinny with A cups, and run way models? Jeez, can’t women with a bit more curve be represented anywhere?..

  • JaneParker

    They’re both pretty, but like a lot of people said I think Karlie fits high fashion better. Nothing about women with smaller breasts, but I prefer underwear models to be a bit curvier.

  • JaneParker

    Ups, I meant nothing *against women with smaller breasts.

  • annemarie

    Barbara has a gorgeous face. I’m a skinny pear shape and it’s nice to see fellow pears, even if they’re not so skinny.

    Karlie is very pretty too.

  • pressplay

    Barbara looks so childlike here, kind of irritating. Karlie looks cool, as ever

  • Jacky Daniels

    barbara is beautifull but there is no surprises at VS for a long time..bodys, faces..its so typical its boring!white,cute faces long hair ,bimboish personalities,with pretty similar bodies..

    • natalia

      true, that’s b/c the ppl that gen. buy vs stuff, poorly made, cheap quality, are everyday ppl, low to middle even upper to mid income, wealthy ppl don’t buy that crap, they don’t sell it in NM, so they need their models to have a commercial sort of everyday appeal, even the hi fash. models like Poly and Rhoda and Wek that they use, by the time the get done w/ them, they look commercial, not elite hi end gorgeous, but, it sells

  • Sarah

    Karlie is hasn’t a pretty face, she is ugly and her body is sickly reedy!

  • Winnie

    i usually LOVE Barbara, but she actually looks like this girl is used to know when we were both 14 here, it’s kinda creepy. Karlie’s body’s not my favourite, but she manages to be the sexier of the two here. has Barbara looked like she usually does in her VS shots (sultry, etc) i probably would’ve liked her more. but i prefer Karlie in this shoot. and while i can see the concern for her body (when she’s not photoshopped like this) i don’t get the problem people have with her face. i find her quite pretty :S

  • riki

    I think they both look beautiful, not sure why everyone is being so overly critical. They are just girls like you and me, no one is perfect.

  • Candy

    She’s not leaving VS anytime soon, Monica Mitro LOVES Karlie and offered her an angel contract. She was the only non angel to have 3 outfits last show. If I was her I wouldn’t take it,VS is so tacky.

  • Candy

    Do a post on Frida Gustavsson.

  • dzhii

    Karlies butt picture is just a no no… her butt is just flat, long and too photoshopped, so bad!
    barbara looks lovely, but kinda has the same facial expression in every picture… she was so gorgeous in her VS commercial!

  • Isabel

    I may not be a fan of Karlie’s body, but at the end of the day models don’t need to be hot nor beautiful as much as marketable and Karlie seems to be very versatile. As for Barbara, I didn’t know she had such a childish face. In the fisrt pic she looks like Natalia Vodianova.

  • clara

    barbara is gorgeous but she looks sooooo young here!

  • Priscila

    There is no “lingerie/underwear body” people. EVERY woman wears underwear. EVERY body tipe should be seen in lingerie.

  • Rachelle Kebaili

    Karlie kloss no ass at all. Gross!

  • Rachelle Kebaili

    Karlie is not hot and has no ass. Gross!!! Has the body of a 12 year old boy. She looks exactly like her gf Taylor swift. Talk about narcissistic! Ugly can be narcissistic too I guess.