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Katie Price Models Lingerie

katie-price-models-lingerie - Katie Price Models Lingerie

Age? 30

Height? 5’4” (163 cm)

Weight? Pretty irrelevant, considering the substantial, enhanced bust.

Bra size? 34FF

Waist? 24” (61 cm)

Hips? 34” (86 cm)

katie-price-models-lingerie-2 - Katie Price Models Lingerie

katie-price-models-lingerie-3 - Katie Price Models Lingerie

katie-price-models-lingerie-4 - Katie Price Models Lingerie

katie-price-models-lingerie-5 - Katie Price Models Lingerie

katie-price-models-lingerie-6 - Katie Price Models Lingerie

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Barbie

    hate her
    these measurements are absolutely deformed!

  • anya

    Absolutely love her. She’s gorgeous, but even more beautiful without all of that makeup

  • raluca

    she has no ass. and no hips. i like curves better. but she’s ok all in all.

  • Rapid

    I agree with Raluca, she has no ass.
    Great legs thou.

  • janna

    Yeah, no butt, and quite a boyish torso ie. no waist definition. I agree her legs are good though, though I guess those heels are helping with that!

  • arianna

    Even though i don’t really like the girl, i must admit my jealousy.

  • susan

    She is sooooo trashy and fake! She would be pretty if she didnt wear all that makeup and if she got rid of her fake tan and everything else on her that is fake. She tries way too hard, she’s worse than Posh.

  • e

    Man, maximum trash capacity…but god-dang, that body minus the plastic boobs is fantastic…wash off that makeup, remove the boobs, take off those ridiculous elf-toe shoes and we have a winner!

  • she looks trashy and her body is not at her best!

  • Have you ever seen the glamour pictures of her at the start of her career when she had normal-sized natural breasts?
    They were like a 34C and suited her fine.. she had such a great natural and glamour model-worthy figure.. not like her plastic-boobed-out-of-proportioned-body she now has. Tis ridiculous.
    That being said.. I do like her as a personality and am impressed with the career she’s managed to get herself.

  • K

    Her lingerie is about as sophisticated as the designer.

    I think there could’ve been a very pretty lady underneath all that crap.

  • freedom

    she has a but as falt as a pancake ,so honestly i donj’t know why she would the highlight nonexistant ‘ass’sets with a thong.
    I have to agree with janna,she has no waist,it favours a man’s WHR. this is why, i think bigger breasts than her natural c’s would suit her, to look more femine. she needs to deflate those things at least two cup sizes.
    her hips are androgen like as well,she needs more hips,unless she can find away to get a bigger pelvis. she just has a mannish body to me. its like a tranny with implants.

  • freedom

    impecacble legs though. but i don’t thin kthose are her actual measurements. she would lookmore femine ..just somethings off

  • musko

    EWWW!! I’m sorry, but this girl is absolutely trashy. Keep it in the bedroom, sweetheart!

  • ilovesugar

    jordan + pete = deformed paired matchmake in heaven.
    they are just as weird looking as eachother.
    I hope they make beautiful babies

  • pia

    are your sure that “she” is not a man with a boobs job?
    her body is so uglyy!!
    her leg and hips too thin, her waist too big, flat butt, h$er boobs TOO big, her face with too much make up!


  • This gorgeous woman was not in need of the enhancement but she still have very pretty features. I do love the bow tattoo on her lower back. I love a woman with full breasts but she is missing the curvy hips that usually go with them.

  • Charlotte

    wow. her waist is soo not 24!

    • Alex

      More like 25 maybe but no more than that. Can’t tell the difference between 24 and 25 in a picture anyway.

  • Alex

    She looks great to me. Pretty face, great rack, nice legs. Her ass is pretty small but not into big asses anyway lol