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Lara Stone: “Nobody told me to lose weight”

model-lara-stone-4 - Lara Stone: "Nobody told me to lose weight"

On never being told to lose weight:

‘Maybe I was just naïve, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable. All those stories you hear about fashion… Nobody told me to lose weight.’

On the hardest part of modeling:

‘The only thing that was hard was you literally go to ten castings a day and then you get zero jobs. Its a job, and if someone’s looking for something and it’s not you then that’s fine. You should accept it.’

On being scouted when she was not attractive:

‘I was scouted when I was 13 or 14… It was the most confusing thing ever – I was definitely not attractive. I was a geeky teenager; awkward and thin and lanky and weird. And I had strange teeth.’

model-lara-stone - Lara Stone: "Nobody told me to lose weight"

More of Lara inside!


model-lara-stone-2 - Lara Stone: "Nobody told me to lose weight" model-lara-stone-3 - Lara Stone: "Nobody told me to lose weight"  model-lara-stone-5 - Lara Stone: "Nobody told me to lose weight"

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  • a

    Makes sense since she was more of a editorial girl famous for her face and boobs than a runway girl. Also I love that she admitted modeling isn’t hard and that many models are not attractive! She just doesn’t seem pretentious and full of herself like so many models today. I don’t think she’s taken the best care of herself physically but she’s still my girl crush, and I love that she brought a teensy little bit of body diversity to modeling.

    • claud

      some of the best models (most interesting, most emotive, etc) are not attractive at all. i’ve been told that a pretty face can actually detract from the garment–i agree. the crappier the clothes, the prettier the model and vice-versa. (i mean take VS for instance… their products are the armpit of sweat-shop culture and their models are all gorgeous to an extent).

  • Leighton

    She ‘was’ not attractive and she ‘had’ strange teeth? LOL.

    I still don’t find her attractive and there is something weird about her mouth.

    • Rita_7

      she’s talking about the past when she was discovered, so it’s proper to use the past tense even if it still exists now.

  • Uma

    That’s actually quite a refreshing attitude from a model. Most of them act like modelling is the hardest and most important job in the world. Lara seems to be more anchored in reality than that, lol. The fact that she doesn’t sound dumb as a rock also helps.

    • eeee

      Exactly! She seems normal and humble.

  • cheeze.wiz

    she’s such a super model… I love her. she’s so gorgeous… Like a glorious James Bond villain

  • eeee

    she may not be a beauty, but she is a good model. She’s expressive

  • alina

    finally a model who doesn’t think she’s the hottest thing to walk on earth, doing the hardest job in the world

  • b

    At last, a model that doesn’t complain about her job. ‘Uhh, had to pose for 5 hours on end, was asked to lose 3 kg, oh my, soo hard. Pity me, I am a victim!’

  • crissy

    her attitude is wonderful. now I love her