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Lingerie Treat: Bar Refaeli

article-2348748-1A834851000005DC-40_634x839 - Lingerie Treat: Bar Refaeli

Lingerie Treat to start off the week: Bar Refaeli looking great in lingerie for Passionata’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection.

And a step back in time – Bar in a bikini back in 2008:

FFN_g_1399217 - Lingerie Treat: Bar Refaeli

Many more next!


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • D

    Those black gloves make complete sense with the underwear she is wearing in the first picture (said no one ever).
    Anyway, I never understood the Bar Refaeli hype – just hype IMO. There is nothing offensive about her but not special either, I think her body and face are the definition of average.

    • kia

      so ,at least, 85% of women you meet in your daily life looks like that…ok tell me.

      • silvy

        85% of woman wouldnt need to look like that to be classified as average, only 50%. In any case, I dont think she is avarage, but I think she is average among the pretty girls minus her height. I live downtown Montreal and basically out of all the pretty girls I see here walking down the street, their faces are about at the same level as Bars and bodies about same (other than her height of course)

        • serena

          I am a fan of Bar but even I must admit that’s true. She is above average in height but her body looks so similar to all the girls on Facebook who post vacation pics of themselves in bikinis all summer. To me she represents a figure many young women can aspire to achieve if they eat healthy and exercise – that is a good thing.

          • HB

            I mean, she’s average, but her boobs are way above, lol. I agree with y’all on the accessories– yikes! Can’t even tell what the underwear really looks like. I don’t like the hair styling much either, but she’s super cute.

          • Veronique

            Lol so glad I don’t know anyone IRL who looks like Bar.

        • Alyssa

          I went to school in Montreal for 4 years, and there is no way the average Montreal looks like this.

          the one thing you can say about Montreal is at least the culture there encourages people to TRY to dress up more, instead of running around in sweats and yoga wear like Toronto

          • silvy

            I said the average “pretty” montreal girl looks like this

        • Veronique

          WTF? No, just no. I’m originally from Trois-Rivières and used to visit Montreal frequently, rarely saw anyone in the same ballpark of body-hotness as Bar! And I’m glad too! 😉

    • Tamriel

      Yeah, none of the props make much rhyme or reason in this shoot. The gloves are kinda pretty though, make me wish I had a pair just for fun which is more than I can say about wanting to buy the lingerie here :/

      • Heather

        This whole shoot just looks like a teenage boy’s wet dream. Agree it does not make me want to buy lingerie.

    • Chloe

      I know! And what’s up with that stuffed toy she’s holding while at the same time seducibly touching her black heel? Let’s depict women like little girls, like that’s something that is hot and sexy? VS has been doing the same thing, with the models holding lollipops etc. Not a fan of this approach at all.

      Anyways… I can see why people think she is pretty, but she does not appeal to me personally at all… She might seem too average to me, although she does have a great body.

    • Ale

      I can only answer for myself, but for me it’s
      1. Her smile is very charming and beautiful and it looks genuine
      2. Her face is very sweet and “happy-looking”
      3. Check out her private pictures on instagram, she’s much prettier in those
      4. She is one of very, very few models who are actually the same size as me, give or take a few pounds. The rest are either tiny or “plus size”

      I could go on, but the rest of my reasons are your standard “banging bod, pretty face” etc.

      • Linnie

        I agree with you 100 %. Especially on number 4.She’s one of few models that are similar to me in height, weight and shape (if only I had her gorgeous face to match;) ) and that makes me feel that my type is OK:

      • HazeL

        Agree with all points, especially number 4. I have a really similar shape so her body looks like a better, slimmer version of mine which motivates me to work out. Not so much in airbrushed photos but in her instagram photos etc. Plus it’s nice to see someone who fits in the gap between the straight size and plus size.

        • Ale

          I know, exactly! I see pictures of her in a bikini and think “Oh, so that’s how I’d look if I exercised more”. And when I see her in clothes, I can actually see/imagine how those outfits would look on me.

    • Alyssa

      Her figure is wonderful – how many people do you know’s body’s looks better in CANDID than the Photoshopped pics?

      Her boobs look like they’re made of magic in the 2nd pic.

      Life isn’t fair…

  • truwordz

    Theres A LOT of photoshop going on here,its really obvious. I’ts not really a shock, its just that she looks really fake, especially in the blue one with the plaits.

    • HB

      That one stood out as very photoshopped to me too, because her body looks totally different in the pics with similar angles.

  • Celeste

    I think she looks so much better in the candid! It’s like they photo shop all the life out of her.

  • Soňa

    sooo much photoshop. She looks like Barbie

  • she’s such a pretty girl, but why would they overphotoshop her like that? 🙁

  • annemarie

    That’s a VS worthy amount of photoshop. And that’s not a good thing.

  • Emily

    I honestly jumped at the fifth picture. The proportions are scary thanks to photoshop. I like the shoot, but wish they didn’t take it so far.

  • Carrie

    Wow curvy prob 5’8 140 lbs but looks good on her

    • Saturn

      I think you nailed it.I’m the same height and weight and my body looks pretty close to hers.

    • swissmiss

      140 seems a bit too much to me….Im 5’7 and 135 and she is slimmer than me.

      • Saturn

        It all depends on muscle mass

        • swissmiss

          hm, I donnu. I’m a long distance runner, so I have a quite low body fat percentage. To me she looks more like 130…but whatever.

      • anon

        No way is she 140 pounds at 5ft 8. She looks much slimmer. I’s say about 125 pounds.

        • justme

          125 sounds very low, she is quite slim & fit but has flesh on her frame. 130-140 (depending on muscle, if she lifts heavy weights she could be quite dense in build) sounds about right for 5’8″

  • Hazal

    She has the perfect shape: slim with curves without being “too” curvy (á la Kim Kardashian). Love her body!

    • Emeline

      I agree, I don’t find extremely curvy figures attractive. I prefer vase shapes over hourglass ones, and Bar’s body is great. Not a fan of her face though

      • Hazal

        My thoughts exactly, Emeline! 🙂

      • serena

        Isn’t Bar an hourglass though? Her hips/shoulders are proportionate with even fat distribution. I think Rosie HW in the next post is a Vase. Bar and Rosie are similar heights but Rosie has a more stretched out figure with long limbs, making her look even taller.

        • Winnie

          bar is long-waisted with a less dramatic WHR. her waist is not nipped enough for her to be an hourglass. she seems like a pretty traditional vase shape to me, her body reminds me of a more athletic version of Katy Perry’s actually

          • Emeline

            Agreed Winnie, she looks like a vase to me, just like Katy Perry. Her curves are not dramatic and her waist is not ‘nipped-in’. I also find her shoulders slightly larger than her hips

  • roonie

    These photos are seriously awful. Bar isn’t really anything special.. She’s alright though.

  • Pixie

    She has a great body, slim and curvy, perfect combination!! 🙂 🙂

    • JaneParker

      Agreed! I don’t find her face out of this world pretty, but that body is to die for!

  • Ggirl

    Beautiful body, average face imo.

  • oaz

    why so much photosphop, she’s so gorgeous in the candid i just don’t understand.

  • Her body doesn’t need photoshop, dunno why they do this to her…

  • Mara

    Looks so much better in the candid. Annoying. Wth were they going for? This couldn’t even be attractive to people who dig fully animated video game characters.

    She has a very nice, balanced figure, but her face is pretty forgettable IMO.

  • lila

    She makes me want to do 2 things:
    1) work out! We’ve got similar body types but I look like the “flabby” untoned version of her.
    2) get Passionata underwear – I actually own one bra and I am in love with it because they make such a pretty shape without the VS kind of “let’s push the boobs up to the collarbones with all that padding going on”

  • Jo

    I’ve never been much of a fan of her face, but her body is absolutely beautiful, lean, proportional and clearly in shape. Clearly superior to Kate Upton’s in all ways (sorry, I just remembered the previous Upton post and couldn’t help visually imagining them side by side).

    The shooting is somewhat tacky and they used an excessive amount of photoshop.

  • Winnie

    typically “pretty” face, smokin’ hot bod, obnoxious personality

  • Justine

    I like her body. I think her body is one that sends a good message…you can be lean with subtle curves, soft in the right areas, but toned overall. Her body inspires me to get into better shape. Her body looks healthy. That being said, her face leaves nothing to be desired. Her body clearly outshines her face, which is strange because I find it’s more difficult for the body to match a good face…does that make sense?

  • MerryHappy

    I like the whole “traveling gypsy” theme, but the last two do not go with it at all. In fact, I dislike the whole little girls with the doll picture.

    I think she has a great body, and such a cute/sweet face. Her ass is to die for, too, in candids.

  • mary

    She has a great body shape with nice proportions…i prefer more tone but she looks great. her face is underwhelming

  • ramona

    Well I agree that her face is quite average, I don’t find her that amazingly pretty. But still pretty.
    But her body is to die for! Toned but still soft and her boobs are just wow aswell! If they’re real then she really has my definition of a perfect body!
    Oh but there is certainly a LOT of photoshop in these pictures. Especially around her boobies it’s very noticeable.

  • Isabel

    I dislike the pics a lot, they look like a the Barbie lingerie version.I´m not really a fan of this particular work but I´m starting to like her. I have always found her face and body average, but lately I realized that she has a flawless skin and her shape, eventhough attainable, is actually very beautiful.

  • lc

    Not a fan, her looks and body are quite boring to me. Just hype, imo. She looks overly photoshopped and plastic, and this shoot is beyond ridiculous.

  • anon

    She’s obviously hot and has a fit toned body, but I think Rosie H W is much hotter.

  • ellentjie

    I used to not like Bar, but now she has grown on me. I think because she is not too skinny nor is she overly ‘curvy’ i.e. plus-sized girls. She is an attainable size, hell I’m not even that far off from having her body! I think there needs to be more models with this body type, something more attainable. I don’t think her face is anything amazing, but I like her body. She is fit, not gaunt! Also I think she has maintained her weight throughout, which is a good thing! Hope all of that made sense!

  • Adele

    She’s cute and sexy in a girl-next-door kind of a way, but that’s pretty much it. The photoshoot is a disaster, and her awkward posing doesn’t help. I’m not too familiar with her, does she always pose so badly?

    • lc

      Ugh, yes, she does. I also think she poses badly and is not a very good model in general.

  • snugglepup

    Photoshopped much? But yeah she is “average” if you think about all the beautiful “average” girls you know! But they are all pretty awesome

  • cameron baum

    white people wearing bindis for fashion…. what are you doing.

    • cameron baum

      Well, before people get up in arms. Maybe I should say non-indian people wearing bindis for fashion.

      • snugglepup

        Hindus are not the only ones to wear bindi, many asian women even if not hindu may wear bindi. It’s in fashion there too, not always religion related. On the streets there’s people who try to make money by printing bindis on peoples’ foreheads. Not a big deal.

      • anushka

        Im an Indian hindu. And i agree with snugglepup, here as well many people wear it as a fashion statement, not necessary always religious.
        I dont consider it offensive, some may though.