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Marisa Miller and Her “Angel” Legs

Marisa-Miller-and-Her-Angel-Legs - Marisa Miller and Her "Angel" Legs

Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller went for the leggy & sparkly look at “The Tonight Show” in Los Angeles last night.

Looking goooood – and quite thin (and tall) from the rear:

Marisa-Miller-and-Her-Angel-Legs-2 - Marisa Miller and Her "Angel" Legs

Enjoy 2 more pics after the jump!

Marisa-Miller-and-Her-Angel-Legs-3 - Marisa Miller and Her "Angel" Legs

Marisa-Miller-and-Her-Angel-Legs-4 - Marisa Miller and Her "Angel" Legs

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  • TJ

    She looks gorgeous! Her face looks so much better in these pictures. Perhaps she has kicked tanning? I also think she looks like she lost weight. Granted, she is taller than the average woman, and she is wearing some super leg-flattering shoes (I have some!) and that tends to make people look thinner…but you can tell that she has def. lost weight. This makes me sad. Marisa has a beautiful body and she didn’t need to lose any weight. It kind of makes me wonder if the VS models are developing the “Ally McBeal” and/or “Desperate Housewives” who-can-be-the-thinnest problem. Seems like they are all shrinking lately…

    • Sidney

      I thought Marisa has always been on the skinny side compared to some other VS models, but maybe not.

      • Sharen

        Marisa has always been one of the skinnier angels. But it’s true that those shoes will make anyone look thinner.

        Beautiful legs, perfect hair and looking friendly as always.

        • dinah

          she looks quite a bit thinner to me too. victorias secret models just keep shrinking. i think she’d look better with more weight on her. she’s looking frail to me

  • Jordan

    great body!!! shes very pretty

  • suzushii

    Whoa. Amazing legs. She looks 7 feet tall.

  • lola

    I don’t know why everyone is normally so hard on her. She’s still a stunner, even though her face isn’t as unique as the other VS models.

  • Angela

    Don’t be harsh on me, but I never liked this girl. Here in Greece, she is not so famous and I don’t know much about her. What’s her age Versus? Anyway, her legs look sooooo tall yeah, but take a look at the last photo. She seems so fragile, like she’s totally starving herself. She just looks sickly skinny IMO, which I find more than unattractive..

  • Angela

    Versus, what I have to do after I submit a comment? Because I see a notification that my comment is awaiting moderation.

    • Versus

      🙂 sorry… the comments that include the word “Versus” go to the moderation folder first because I want to make sure that I see and answer all your questions. I am approving them right away.
      Marisa is 31 years old.

  • beckers

    How old is she?

  • LuluS

    She looks very old

  • stajjny

    She looks older than her 31 years, sad really. She’s not your typical beauty, but i guess she is the definition of a kalifornian beauty = taned, big breasts, the long beachblond hair, the face 🙂

  • name

    she’s cute!

  • Angela

    Thank you very much Versus! I didn’t know that. It’s only a couple of days that I started making comments here, but it’s been a long time that I am visiting this truly amazing website! I want to give you my congratulations about the attitude you keep in every single post! More girls should consider your perspective about weight and beauty.. In Greece we have so many young girls that are suffering from anorexia. All I am trying to say is that if every website adopt your view, a large number of girls wwouldn’t suffer in so many ways… Keep up the good work because we LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!
    I only want to beg you if it is possible to post more frequent BRITNEY! I was a huge fan of her when I was 12-when she started and when she was sooo likeable and sweet..

    • Versus

      Wow, thank you for that! Even though some may consider my site superficial, the mails I get from girls and comments like yours confirm that my message is received – I know many posts / pics are just for fun, but I do have an ideology that I try to incorporate in some of the posts (sometimes subtly) and I am glad that you see it.

  • H

    Is she really 5’6?

    • anon

      No actually in her appearance on ANTM she mentioned she is 5’8 which is still considered “short” for a model.

  • Kaiser

    She has such a winning smile. It’s obvious that she is confident and comfortable with her body and style. That makes her supersexy. Totally like her, my favourite angel.

    I don’t think her legs are thinner than in former times. The angle is quite deluding and the VS-show is only one week ago so her body is in incredible shape. Probably she will get 2-3 pounds more in the future.


    If I remember correctly Marissa is 5.8″.

  • terri

    i don’t get the big deal she’s to thin she has great hair though and she looks older than 31

  • Monika20

    She’s the most beautiful model ever!!! I’ve never seen a more perfect body, although she did look better with more weight on. And SHE DOES NOT LOOK OLD! I don’t get you ppl. her face is stunning!

  • Monika20

    I agree Kaiser. She has the most beautiful smile ever,she’s super sexy and my FAVORITE ANGEL!

  • 7Nyne

    She has a beautiful body. Really, I would looove to be that skinny, and those legs. I can’t wait for this years VS show.

  • Grey

    Even with all that makeup she still has a bit of a hag face.

    Each to their own, indeed!

  • naomi

    Ok I don’t comment much because tends to have been expressed somewhere but I’ slightly worried that I’m looking at a different pic. Sure the hair, tan and face is gorgeous but her body looks a tad skeletal. It’s that bony runway trend that I thought the angel’s didn’t submit to. Even taking into account the mega stilts for shoes she has on it’s not normal that the thigh is similar width to the arm- which is clearly teeny tiny anyway. Also making me reconsider how drastically photoshoots and photoshopping can warp an already pin thin model, in the magazines she’s busty, athletic and curvy but here she’s so angular and has the hips of an 11 year old. It’s just so wrong for a woman of 30 : (

  • neutra

    Great legs, but I can’t stand her face. It’s too trashy, there’s nothing beautiful about it IMO. Plus I can’t stand hair that doesn’t move!

  • Uma

    With those shoes even my 5’4″ legs would look infinite lol. She looks gorgeous, however i also think she lost some weight and i don’t like that. She really didn’t need to lose any and she looked very toned, so probably she has a really low body fat percentage. So losing weight means losing muscle, means… well… just bones left. I honestly hope it’s an optical illusion this weight loss, b/c she is my favorite vs model and really do not want to see her looking emanciated.

  • Samantha

    Oh my God!
    Now, THESE are legs to kill for!
    Toned, Tall and absolutely gorgeous!
    I wouldn’t mind if she gave them to me just for one day!

  • Samantha

    Is she 50 kgs?????
    I cannot understand how she still has this breast, because I am the same height and about 54 kg and I look really thin!At least I know I eat well, something I doubt about her…

  • Casey

    I’m in the minority but I don’t think she has lost weight. Instead, I think she exercises too much.

    When you’re tiny to begin with (and she was) and when you already have low fat percentage because you’re an athletic person (she did), and then you tone up, that’s what you look like. You can see every muscle which gives someone the appearance of looking too thin.

    I think the same thing happened with Alessandra. Too much exercise. Miranda is the only one who I think actually lost weight.

    I liked all of them better before the exercise. I like toned bodies, but something about a fully well defined 6 pack on a woman looks weird to me.

    • Casey

      By the way I love her hair. How does she always get her hair so perfectly styled?

      • dinah

        i get my hair like that with ht rollers. she probably also has extensions to make it look fuller

        • Casey

          Really? I might go out and get some then. I use a hair curler and I don’t know, maybe I’m just not skilled at it, but I can’t get those perfect curls. It just looks disheveled when I try to curl my hair with a curler.

  • Salma

    she is too skinny but her hair looks amazing!

  • Jemima

    Her shoes need to get on my feet.

  • She is stunning but looks like she lost a bit of weight…

  • Lex

    She looks so old . . . I wonder if it’s simply unfortunate genetics or if it’s an outside cause (such as smoking or drugs.) Does anyone know?

    I’m also not a fan of her body. If anything, I thing the VS ads add a few pounds, and I’m a much bigger fan of her “fatter” body. I don’t think I’d go as far as saying that she looks unhealthy, but that is NOT the type of body that Iwould strive for.

  • machmalow

    god … these are angel legs … I can’t stop sighing

  • H- She really is 5’6. IT’s the shoes and they way the camera is angled, plus I agree she’s lost weight which has also made her look taller.

    She is so beautiful, but she is really 5’6.

  • skirmute

    She’s really skinny, she used to have some more meat on her bones a while ago. What is going on with all these VS angels? Look like all of them are losing weight, is that a weight loss competition?.. I miss Karolina and Adriana, they were the ones who actually had some curves…

  • elissa

    i love her hair but somehow the long thick hair on her makes me think of that ralph lauren ad that was all over the news…. where the models head looked bigger than her waist or hips or whatever that was. she’s too in shape to be a bobblehead but her gorgeous long thick hair kinda gives her that look.

  • Aims

    She looks like a skinny, tall = sexy version of jessica simpson. Much much better looking! Also her face isn’t messed up like jessicas…

  • Eeva

    Where has the booty gone to??

    I’ts gone!