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Marisa Miller: Tighten Your Abs, Butt and Thighs!




Supermodel Marisa Miller was kind enough to reveal her workout secrets in Cosmopolitan Magazine. And since “Marisa has the kind of figure women dream of and men dream about.”, as the magazine puts it, I bet that we are all curious to see (and maybe practice) her tips!



Check out the rest of Marisa’s workout on the second page!







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  • stephani

    I printed out this workout 😀

    Hopefully I’ll look like her soon. As long as I keep up my other exercises and add this one,

    If only I knew what she ate…

    • Elizabeth

      I bought this Cosmo issue, and she talked about what she ate.. If my memory is correct she said cliché things like ‘blablabla I don’t diet’. The only specific thing she mentioned was that she ate a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast to feel full throughout the day.
      haha okay this probably doesn’t help you but whatever. :p

    • Kristy

      i read in a different article that she likes organic foods. she stays away from processed foods.

      she eats a lot of vegetables and fruits

  • runner_girl

    She eats nothing. Just kidding. She looks great.

  • kelly

    this is a great little workout. resistance bands are the best!

  • TT

    “An orgasm almost killed her. We’re not kidding” Lol!

  • e

    God, if only it was as easy as a workout to look like her!

  • Freedom

    Marissa miller does not have a pretty/ beautiful face like ppl think she does. (or at least as I thought :P)In that, her face is a bit over rated

    HOWEVER, I still adore her hericule body makes up for her average face:D

    • Freedom

      ** she looks better with her hair down. but she is as close to perfection, that any human can get…

  • Kirsten

    I can honestly say (from experience) those bands work AHHA incredible!! and MARISA! Gorgous beauty! NO HOMO..But I have always thought white girls with blonde hair and brown eyes is just sexy! and her freckles that she shows no shame in showing is naturally beautiful! Her body is BANGING and Godess like! I just recently seen pictures of her without make up or airbrushed and still FLAWLESS!! To be honest, there wasnt much of a difference, except the tannish skin! Oh well this workout and the organic deall WILLL work!! If your a HUGE soda drinker, drink Organic Sodas..I get m ine from HEB and in Pomergranite..GODS FRUIT!! Good luck ALL

  • She looks great.

  • hhh

    seeing marisa’s figures and ass and boobs,everyone’s body will be tight.
    she is damn sexy and has marvelous boobs.