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Meet Miss America 2013: Mallory Hagan

159379582_10 - Meet Miss America 2013: Mallory Hagan

Name: Mallory Hagan

Age: 24

Title: Miss New York 2012 / Miss America 2013

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  • La la la la

    she’s a pretty pear with a strong face. not my favorite but i can see the appeal. nice torso and pretty smile and eyes!

    • lex

      She looks more hourglass to me but either pear or hourglass she looks great to me.

      • Robin

        I don’t think she is either of them. Her torso looks really straight, she looks more like a ruler or something to me. She’s constantly trying to give the illusion of a waist by putting her hand there.

        What do you think, versus?

        • Versus

          I agree, she seems like a ruler / column to me.

    • guru

      are these beauty pageants even worth anything? does anyone even care about them anymore? what kind of self respecting women would participate in a show where they give you boofy hair, bratz doll makeup and a stupid tacky tiara? urrrgh all of these women look like clones of each other and if they are miss america, i guess i am miss galaxy

      • Lala

        I’m sure you’re Miss Galaxy.

        While I don’t follow these pageants or anything, I can see the value. You get a scholarship (which is freakin’ awesome) and you get to put Miss “Whatever” on your resume (which can’t hurt), plus you can make a good amount of contacts. Not a bad deal.

      • b

        I did it in a whim in college and really enjoyed it. You won’t believe who will give you an audience when you’re a title holder (i.e., mayor of a city)! Uh, also won THOUSANDS of dollars for being able to answer current event questions and interview well…thank you.

        • guru

          oh the mayor gave you a chance to address the city? oh that is incredible. very world changing. In the real world, no one cares who these winners are and no employer of a successful company is going to see being a pageant winner as an asset.

    • annemarie

      She’s not a pear, pears have narrow shoulders and tiny waists. Mallory has wide shoulders and a flat stomach(flat stomach doesn’t equal tiny waist).

    • artemis

      she’s not a pear

    • Emeline

      She is not a pear though? Pears are bottom heavy

    • Morgan

      I love the photos where she’s not posing with the perfect beauty queen smile and she’s shocked or whatever 🙂 i think that’s when she looks the prettiest. Also, I’m not sure if I’d call her a pear, just because her shoulders looked very … athletic. Like she could beat me senseless with a tennis racket without breaking a sweat 8/

    • katie

      She is definitely not a pear. I think she is more of a rectangle (little waist definition, similar shoulder and hip size). I like that she isn’t super skinny and I think she looks great!

  • michelle

    cute girl 🙂

  • cat

    she has a really nice curvaceous body

    • Anastasia.

      She’s not curvy, she barely has a waist, it’s that she’s not skinny.

      • MissMarilyn

        you don’t necessarily have to have a skinny waist to be curvy, just one that’s noticeably smaller than your hips/breasts.

        I think she meets the curvy requirements; she’s not like the curviest girl I’ve ever seen but to me her waist looks much smaller than her breasts and small enough compared to her hips

        • Caro

          boobs? fake

          • MissMarilyn

            they don’t look fake to me… they look exactly like they did before she lost weight except a little bit smaller and saggier (but still look good imo)
            you know there’s this great invention called a push up bra… looks like she’s wearing a push up bikini but her boobs look completely real to me

  • maggie

    Meh…not pretty and average body!

    • Britt

      Not the prettiest, not the skinniest

  • Samantha

    I’m not sold on the spray tan

    • Soph

      Right? The spray tan place in my boring suburb down the road does a better job. Seems like she tried to go too dark for her skin tone. Why don’t they just embrace their natural skin tone gosh being pale isn’t that horrible, it actually looks better than this joke of a spray tan.

  • Stace

    I really liked her. She seemed to have a good personality. She’s a cute girl.

  • Sparkles

    Really giving me a Leanne Rimes +20lbs vibe, does anyone else see this or is it just me?!

    • wonderwoman21

      She definitely has a Rimes-y vibe; but without Leeann’s sinewy fat-free body.

    • d

      Exacly what I was thinking – reminds me facially of Leanne Rhymes and that isnt a good thing unfortunately for her. Body wise… sorry I just dont think she looks good. Maybe that means they went off personality/intelligence/talent? Hahah

    • Hazal

      Really? To me she looks like a mixture of Blake Lively and Faith Hill.

      • Emmelie

        I also think she looks like Blake Lively, but Blake has better hair. And Julianne hough.

        • goldfish

          thought that too! her nose and eyes reminds me of blake lively, though i think blake is prettier

        • Robin

          She does remind me of Blake a bit, but Blake is much more beautiful and classy in my opinion. The only picture here where I kind of like Malloy’s face is the third, while I find Blake just stunning in every pic I see.

      • Mia

        I think she looks like if Blake and Leann had a love child pre-extreme weight loss for leeann

    • swissmiss

      TOTALLY! And I don’t think she is very pretty either. She is obviously fit and that’s a good thing, but besides that…meh…a bit too masculine looking for my taste.

    • Emeline

      Agreed! She looks like her

    • Nat Shermans

      yup, a bodybuilding version of leane

  • Fielding

    Now this chick’s face looks masculine – compared to Sofia Vergara.

  • MissMarilyn

    i read that she lifts heavy weights so I’m in loveee.

    I think she’s gorgeous! Very facially attractive and awesome body. Could do with a little less of the orange tan though ahah

    • Tinkerbell

      she def has a weightlifter vibe going on… which is quite an unfortunate thing considering this is a BEAUTY PAGEANT :/

      • MissMarilyn

        why can’t beautiful women be strong? i think her body is sexy

        • Debbs

          I think her body is very sexy! I lift weights too and love the athletic look.

  • serena

    She looks strong and athletic. Toned torso and thick muscular thighs. Not my ideal body, but still attractive.

  • mary

    she kinda looks like blake lively….not impressed with her face or body… terrible make up on top of the spray tan…woof

  • Emma

    She looks amazing. Not a stick skinny person, which is wonderful.

    • Ana

      Yeah that’s what I noticed right away but tbh she looks like a 40 year old caked in makeup, who recently got her hair done in a salon. Not attractive whatsoever, is this really all you have America? That’s a shame.

      • Emeline

        Agreed. I can’t believe she’s 24

  • Pixie

    Something went wrong with her spray tan :(. And I think she looks older than 24.

    • Ashlee

      Waaay older……like 32. And she has a man face, not very pretty. I like her body though.

      • bobo

        I’m 35 and offended!
        I look younger. Runner up looks cuter.

    • sia

      she looks older than 24 also is that taylor swift in the last pic? she looks great

    • vanessa

      Agreed – however perhaps not if she scraped that makeup off. The tan is atrocious but her body looks fit and strong.

  • Chelsea

    Her face isn’t appealing to me.

  • Anastasia.

    Seriously? She’s Miss America? Her boobs looks misshapen, and her midsection looks like they did that thing where they spray tan a 6 pack on you… but they failed to actually achieve that, and her midsection is just looks dirty and darker then the rest of her. Horrible choice.

  • Anastasia.

    Leeann Rimes style boobs.

  • Ginger

    I think she looks great……awesome healthy figure!

  • Sofia


  • lex

    She looks great. I don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman but she looks fit, healthy, and she’s facially attractive. The only thing that is irritating is her spray tan.

  • Nina

    Does anyone else think she looks a LOT older?

    • serena

      Yeah she looks to be in her 30s rather than 24. For some reason these pageant girls always look older to me – maybe it’s too much makeup and tanning?

      • jenna

        Def the too much makeup makes these young women look older, almost like middle age!!! Reminds me of the 80’s when women overdid the makeup and hair!
        I’m really shocked that these pageants still exist. Thought women would move on from this by now. Always thought these beauty pageant things were stupid.

  • JaneParker

    I was expecting a lot of negative comments but I was wrong, and I’m happy I was wrong. I have a similar body (currently heavier due to the holiday debacle) and I always thought girls with broader shoulders would be roasted on a site like this. No further comments on the body since it hits too close to home, it’s just nice to see my shape may not be so unfortunate after all. I just have to say that facially, although she’s pretty, she’s not that striking. Of course the spray tan isn’t doing her any favours as well. Why do they do that? I know it’s common in these pageants, but it just makes everybody look worse.

    • lex

      If you have her body shape then you probably look pretty good. Her top and bottom balance each other very well, which is what a lot of women want. In regards the tan I think it’s supposed to help hide any part that isn’t toned.

    • swissmiss

      Yeah I agree! I don’t think she has an “unfortunate body shape” at all! I think she looks great! Very strong and fit! Good for you if you have a similar shape!!! 🙂

  • Ana

    Is it just me or does her surprised face remind anyone else of Taylor swifts? Lol. Really not impressed. She looks so…muscly

    • Candy

      Its sad when this is “too muscly”. Are women just supposed to be flabby and weak? I don’t love her body but she isn’t too muscly as you say. She isn’t ultra lean or muscular at all.

      • Ysatis

        ICAM if women are not waif like they are too muscly? She’s hardly Serena Williams.

      • Casey

        The world is not so black and white. It’s not a choice between this or completely flabby.

        I personally find her slightly too muscly as well, and I prefer toned women. But ideal toned to me is someone like Jessica Biel, who has a good balance of body fat and muscle.

        This woman looks like she went a little too far; not everyone can pull of the super toned look. I personally think it ages her.

        • Casey

          Actually looking back at the pictures again, I feel like it may be the tan.

          But still, people have different tastes. People can find her too muscly without liking “weak, flabby” figures.

          • solaxia

            I like a super toned look (I wish I had the discipline to get it) but I don’t think she looks too muscley. I think the tan is making her look more muscular than she really is. I would definately say Jessica Biel is more muscular than this woman. However this woman isn’t so ‘cut’ therefore she probably looks bigger and more muscley than she really is. Like, she isn’t as sinewy with a super low bf% like VS models for example.

            I think she looks like Leanne Rimes too.

      • Ana

        I never said flabby or weak. I just find her oly to be too hard looking. I personally used to be like this but calmed down wi my excercise routine and I am much softer looking. Not flabby or weak at all, just much softer and more feminine.

  • Polly

    She looks great bodywise, but it seems like she used to be overweight…Does anyone know? And I don’t really think she looks older than 24, looks about right.

    • MissMarilyn

      she doesn’t necessarily look overweight before but is definitely smaller now than she was

      • marghini

        Well, she didn’t look overweight in a medical sense, but definitely a little heavy to be a beauty pageant.. I mean, I am not trying to say that she was fat or anything, but we all know how different criteria are used in real world and beauty/ celebrities/ Hollywood world..

        That being said, I appreciate to see different sizes and body shapes also in those beauty contests, so for me it is definitely a positive thing!

        • MissMarilyn

          She actually won a pageant when she looked like that! I think it was Miss Brooklyn or something but still

  • marghini

    Greatgreatgreat! This is exactly the type of body I would like to see on this website more often: sexy, feminine, healthy and fit! It is not (only) about the shape, it is about the good balance between muscle and fat, that looks really healthy and attractive here imo.

    Face wise… bleh. I don’t like this “American Cheerleader” type of features. But hey, she is far from being ugly of course!!

    • solaxia

      Yep! I agree, it’s not just about shape it’s about some healthy muscles and some healthy fat too! Well said!

  • me

    She looks like a cross between brooke hogan and Leann Rimes…

    her breasts are weird

    • MissMarilyn

      what’s wrong with her boobs????

      • Lala

        I think its because she lost weight? She reminds me of Jennifer Hudson in the chest dept.

        • MissMarilyn

          no, I meant like what could possibly be wrong with her boobs??? They look completely normal to me!

          So I was asking Me what flaw she saw in Miss America’s boobs haha

          • I think it’s the crease they are commenting about in the second photo – they look like they have some sag, which is a big no-no for many around here! They look okay to me – though a little weird in the bikini because of their positioning and the fake tan – it makes them look a bit fake.

          • Lala

            Hah, sorry.

            I don’t think anything is wrong with them.
            But they do seem to have the shape of someone who lost weight. Like they were bigger, and then due to weight loss accumulated some “sag” (hate the word). I think they should’ve chose a different bikini top, something flatter her bosoms more.

        • me

          that’s it exactly! and she’s using the bikini top from before she lost weight..
          it is not a flattering look.

      • Caro

        bad fake ones, that’s what’s wrong

  • lc

    Meh…not impressed. Very average all-around.

    • annemarie

      I agree.

    • neutra

      Facially I think she is below-average.

    • Indigo Lace

      I agree with lc.

  • Lala

    Seems like they spray tanned definition onto her tummy.

  • Liz

    I don’t get it. You work out like a maniac, you drop more money on costumes than you paid for college tuition, you spray yourself 50 shades of orange, and you forget to touch up your roots? AND you still win? America, F**** yeah. ….

  • Tea

    I find her fairly unattractive tbh, face and body wise. But it could just be the fake tan and the fact that her boobs like like they’re being awkwardly squished by that bikini top.

    • Tea

      *look like

  • binks

    Overall she has a great body. But I HATE the overuse of the tan/makeup it is making her look much older than what she is. I would love to see the contestants look more natural

  • c

    Her body is hot as hell. I actually think she looks better in a bikini, than in clothes. Her dresses don’t do her justice

    • MissMarilyn

      you know what they say….. thin girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked.


    • agreed! she looks so healthy and fit! ideal body imo:-) ive been looking for a body like that to motivate me on my new work out routine. ive always preffered pear shaped bodies to my own hour glass figure, i find her body really feminine.

  • lolo90210

    LOL. that is so true… also i’ve got her body shes a typical pear gorge….:)

    • you have the same body? wow what type of excersize do you do if i may ask? Im an hourglass shape and alot shorter than her so i know its not possible to look exactly like her lol but shes really toned and healthy looking! i do weights and lunges and all that but do you have any advice on how to look as toned?:-)

  • Faidy

    She must have a killer personality 🙂

  • Tinkerbell

    Am I the ony one who doesn’t see her appeal AT ALL? I mean, she isn’t atrocious-looking, but I find her face way too ordinary, almost… I don’t even know what adjective to use.. too strong features – which I usually looove but not this way, this girl is just not feminine at all. She looks old, her make-up – well, my little niece could have done better if given enough time.. also, her eyebrows are.. vulgar.. too thin.. no shape.
    Her body.. well, nice hard abs. That’s all. I actually hate the shape of her legs. They aren’t even straight, they form an X.
    Sorry for the negativity & the rant but I really don’t get her… She seems to have a bubbly, fun personality though. 🙂

    • Aja

      I soooooooooooo agree with U! This can’t be Miss America the face is VERY average – I see girls 10 times prettier every single day. She looks 35 and she’s bulky. It’s not a miss it’s a mrs. When you look for miss America you look for a VS angel – girly sweet and graceful – I see nothing here.

      • Tinkerbell

        Yessss! There are many-many times when I can’t really agree with the outcome of beauty pageants – honestly, usually the one I pick as my fave drops out quite quickly… but this woman… bulky is the right word for her body. Miss America?? Really??? She should stick to weight lifting..

  • Cocco

    Oh, my. Not my favourite looking person, but cute in her own way. I guess.

    If she wins miss universe this year…. we’ll all be sure the contest has been bought.

  • Bella

    24? more like 42! I swear white women age horribly

    • April

      nonsense, it’s pretty much the ones who don’t moisturize and wear SUNSCREEN…and a lot don’t for some unknown reason, but those who do look good.

    • Lala

      Way to paint everyone with a broad brush.

      I’m not even going to try to explain to your why your comment is wrong. Prick.

  • Oana

    She is orange!!! to much fake tan!! and i think her face is ordinary…there is no wow…

  • Natasha

    Boring. Why am I bored… I feel like I have been over exposed to perfectly made up women all glamorised. I feel like I haven’t seen anything special lately just the same same!! I am waiting to be wowed. Maybe I am just disalusioned with some of the women lately.

  • Billy

    She looks even better here:…some idiots will call that fat, but I call it awesome.

    • MissMarilyn

      she actually looks gorgeous in those with less spray tan and less makeup

      her bf is cute tooo

      • Vivvi

        ok, after seeing what her body was like before, she has made a quite impressive transformation. she looks super fit and I think she has a nice body – not a typical “beauty peagant” body (wich is not a bad thing.I feel like those beauty queen are ususally thinner, more “lingerie model” than “fitness model”. ..I kind of appreciate the variety, I guess). I just think her face is very average, kind of forgetable. Don’t think I would recognize her if I saw her on the street. Not saying she is bad looking. She just looks like a 35-year old blonde woman with a lot of make up……

  • Pid

    She is a cross between LeAnn Rimes and Blake Lively face wise !

    • Tinkerbell

      Blake is not nearly my fave celeb girl face-wise yet I just cannot compare her to this girl.. Blake is much much much more beautiful, she has a refined, more feminine face imo..

      • Winnie

        okay, try pre-surgery Blake Lively then…

  • Billy

    I forgot…scroll down to #5 on that link. That’s the pic I’m talking about.

  • paola

    oh god her facial expressions! she seems to me like a human barbie, want her to be my best friend way too cool!!! it’s really like a shiny halo coming out from her,it is not common at all to have that! expecially in pictures..

  • paola

    she APPEARS to have fierceness, kindness and joyful spirit perfectly balanced 🙂

  • I don’t think she’s unattractive – but she does remind me of LeAnn Rimes, which, I’m sorry to say, is not a good thing! I love that she is not very thin and looks strong and still curvaceous. The spray tan is horrid though – makes her look like she’s in a body building contest rather than a pageant! She’s definitely not a cookie-cutter beauty queen – which is positive.

  • solaxia

    She looks gorgeous in that white dress. I would love to see her with her hair flowing (or loose curls), less tan, and less makeup. I think she would be pretty! She seems really vivaceous! (sp?). Like she has a light and excitement in her eyes. I think I like her (from what I can see of course).

    • Ophelie

      The white dress is very nice. I think her body would look better without the spray tan. I know someone who watched it and they said she had the best personality and they were so glad she won.

      • solaxia

        Oh that’s so cool! I am a big believer that a lovely personality will shine through and make you more beautiful.

  • Jacky Daniels


  • Minik

    Awesome body, but her face reminds me of Kesha and LeAnn Rimes, who are nice looking but not my taste.

  • Mel

    dont like her face but she seems like a really nice girl! her smile is very nice and she seems real… 😉

  • Aja

    This can’t be Miss America – I see girls 10 times prettier every single day. She looks 35 and she’s bulky. It’s not a miss it’s a mrs. When you look for miss America you look for a VS angel – girly sweet and graceful – I see nothing here.

  • apple

    her eyebrows are too far apart and she look abit like a cross between leann rhimes and blake lively

  • 98 lb

    Well…………I’m just sure USA isnt gonna win at the Miss Universe pageant this year 😀

    • Jay

      there’s a difference between miss usa and miss america.. this is miss america. i believe miss usa competes at the miss universe pageant.

  • ash

    Facially I don’t find her attractive and she looks way older than 24! Has got an amazing figure after so losing much of weight since her Miss Brooklyn days back in 2010……

  • Kimberly

    Great body but I don’t like her face, or hideous fake tan.

  • Observer

    can’t believe she’s 24; looks much older.
    Also…a bit um, masculine somehow in some angles at least. In an age when surgically and hormonally enhanced men are being passed off as women on runways, ads etc just because of their appearance, and where women are becoming more androgynous…her look rubs me the wrong way.

    She’s pretty though

  • mar-sol

    looks old to be 24…that skin omg the tan looks so cheap…to me she looks like a random american girl in her 30’s.

    • Vivvi

      couldn’t agree more!I can’t believe that she is younger than, I don’t know….Kristin Kreuk for example…To me she looks like a kind of attractive woman in her mid/late thirties,I see those everyday….

  • valentine

    So random. There are more pretty ladies out there

  • Chiara

    She’s pretty but I Don’t love her. But I’m glad that the girl who won is not super skinny, in my country (Italy) she would have been considered def too curvy. Such a shame.

  • snugglepup

    Her face isn’t THAT bad but she looks older than she is. Tan and kind of too natural and dirty shade of blonde wash her out. Nice upper body, don’t really like her legs, they start off from a weird angle on the knees. I would’ve chosen someone more delicate. But on the bright side: She’s the opposite of the two last misses.

  • Sienna

    She has a thick, masculine body and a hard, old-looking face. I do not find her the least bit attractive.
    Can’t believe this is supposed to be the US prettiest girl.

  • jerry z

    she looks like kate gosselin – and old!

  • serena

    The Miss America pageant is a scholarship competition so it’s not just about looks, but about personality, answering questions well, and committing to a cause. So this girl is not the prettiest but she must be clever. The Miss USA pageant is vapid and just about looks lol.

  • li

    she forgot to spray tan her hands…

  • nessa

    ugh.. she looks so old. she looks forty. I’m one year younger than her and she just doesn’t look 24. and to be honest I don’t think her beauty can stand up next to others from other countries. She looks very typical blonde barbie average face. She look like every other blonde girl walking around. She looks so OLD!!

  • Sara

    Watch some moron call her fat. She looks very lovely.

    • Billy

      Well if they think she’s fat now, they’d think she was a whale in 2010 as Miss Brooklyn. I think she looks nice and athletic now. But like I said earlier, that bikini pic of her back then is delicious…what I consider a REAL woman’s body. I kinda wish she’d stayed that way and won Miss America. It would’ve been a good message to younger girls that you don’t have to be rail thin with 6-pack abs to look beautiful and have a healthy body.

  • Nobsnob


  • Romi

    This was the best looking chick in the contest? Seriously? I see hotter girls walking down the street.

  • kat

    she looks so pretty in that dress

    lol at bikini in heels it always looks so weird to me

    also, ladies please never do that taylor swift open mouth surprise thing its so ridiculous!!

  • Caro

    wow looks bad. this miss america? pooramerica.
    And weird body , posture. Her fake boobs look pretty bad.

  • erin


  • Natalia

    oh dear god

  • Amanda

    Ew. This is one ugly woman. The spray tan really adds to the gross aesthetic.

  • Lydia

    i am shocked and very happy, they didnt pick a toothpick!

  • What’s up i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this article i thought i could also create comment due to this brilliant post.

  • Jessica

    *Sigh* I really wish people weren’t so critical. I think she’s pretty. I mean, she’s no Aishwarya Rai but she has such pretty eyes and a lovely smile. And then, of course, you guys are criticizing her body because she’s not thin enough, not curvy enough, you don’t like her tan, too “muscly”, manly, etc etc etc. She looks fine. Bye.