Meet Model Lizzi Miller: Size 12, 180 Pounds

meet-model-lizzi-miller-size-12-180-pounds - Meet Model Lizzi Miller: Size 12, 180 Pounds

Meet Lizzi Miller, a 20 year old model who posed for Glamour Magazine – but wait, Lizzie isn’t your typical 5’10”, 115 lbs. model. In fact, she’s 5’11”, 180 pounds and a US size 12 / 14, her tummy isn’t perfectly flat and she looks… normal. Even more, Lizzie posed for the magazine in her underwear and her picture was part of an article about boosting your body confidence. The result? Lizzie got an overwhelming support from readers, who loved the picture of a happy, smiling, beautiful woman who didn’t suck in her tummy, didn’t get digital liposuctions in Photoshop, who had realistic curves, a bit of tummy and, above all, who seemed comfortable in her own skin.

Lizzie and Glamour’s editor are all over the news now – make sure you check the video from the Today Show below! And here’s what Huffington Post says:

A single photo used for an article on self confidence in September’s issue of Glamour magazine has caused a buzz in the modeling world.

After she was captured smiling and showing a bit of a tummy, the Glamour website was immediately overrun with positive comments, inspiring editor-in-chief Cindi Leive to reconsider the models shown in the magazine’s pages.

Here’s what Lizzie says about her figure:

“When I was young I really struggled with my body and how it looked because I didn’t understand why my friends were so effortlessly skinny,” Lizzi told me. “As I got older I realized that everyone’s body is different and not everyone is skinny naturally–me included! I learned to love my body for how it is, every curve of it. I used to be so self-conscious in a bikini because my stomach wasn’t perfectly defined. But everyone has different body shapes!

You might want to check out this Glamour article and the hundreds of comments under it – click here!

Now let’s talk!

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252 thoughts on “Meet Model Lizzi Miller: Size 12, 180 Pounds”

  1. This is amazing. Lizzi is absolutely beautiful!, i am soo sick of the fashion industry only being size 0-2. This hopefully will change things. Imagine vogue with a size 10/12 woman on the cover. Times are changing ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Finally!

    • People are dying… america is now in the top 10 list of fattest countries in the world… the other 9 being anomalies in teh south pacific and polynesian countries that are genetically predisposed to carry a different body composition..

      I fear that we're all in for a dark, unhealthy future and the med corporations are licking their chops waiting for us to drop from heart attacks and diabetes.., 🙁

  2. I don't see what the hype is all about.

    Yes she's happy.

    But will she be happy in 15-20 years when she gets metabolic syndrome due to too much visceral fat in her midsection?

    Why are women suppose to feel better if they see this body? It's just another body that 99% of the women don't have. It's just another standard!

    How many people can carry that much weight so well, and be so tall? Not that many. Look at her, the fat is distributed all over. In my experience most people gain in one specific place, getting weird bulges and disproportionate bodies. Even if I get to her BMI, I would never look like her. I'd have a huge gut, and toothpick arms.

    In before "real women look like that" and other stupid comments.

    • Agreed. Although I have to admit that she really looks great. Has something special about her.

      But it's so unfair to claim that real women should look like her. Women come in different shapes and sizes, that should be taken into account. Both slim, curvy and slightly overweight women might look really good.

    • i think the whole point of it is for women to be comfortable in there OWN body, its not saying everyone be 180lbs youll look great neither is it saying be a size zero. The message is to be yourself and be confident however you look.

      magazines should have women of all different sizes and shapes ect not just the usual.

      • Yea, I think the point of the picture was "You don't have to be "perfect" to love yourself", not "This is how you should look to love yourself".

        • I agree with this, and I believe it myself. And if I could take my own advice, I'd be a lot happier.

          But people in general don't work like that. Nobody wants to be happy with what they have. Everyone wants to be better, prettier, more close to perfect. Heck, even near-perfect looking women have s—ty self esteems. There's no relationship between how you look and how accepting you are of yourself.

          So yeah, in my mind, the magazine didn't publish a pic like this because they're following some ideal. They knew it would generate controversy, and controversy means $$$.

          Are they really promoting "you don't have to look perfect to love yourself"?

          Funny how they pick a gorgeous woman with a physique as unlikely and hard to attain as a skinny one.

          • I can see where you're coming from, because they did only show one person/one body type. I can't quite get how people can feel like they are still being shown an unobtainable body type and feel they are being told they need to have that one to be acceptable because my natural and healthy body type is very close to hers, but I think that if they showed a different one I would get how you feel 100% :)(if that makes sense?) But I don't see how they did this to generate controversy? Do you think that because they did only show one woman? 🙂

            🙂 I'm not trying to aggressively question your view on this, just genuinely curious and want to understand it a bit better 😀

          • Wait, I read that again, and you asked why they did it.

            Well, because they're trying to appeal to the "down with the twigs, a borderline overweight woman is a REAL woman" crowd which seems to be growing. It's still a minority, and it's still controversial to say a woman can be beautiful even when she is not skinny. But it's ultra PC to do so.

            It's a feel-good article that's ultimately meaningless. Like one of the people commenting on the link said – what's the point of using this picture in between articles on diet advice.

    • She's hardly obese. She is the picture of beauty. And she isn't unattainable. It's her body type. She is pear shaped, her weight is on her thighs. The most common type of body in Britian, where I come from. She is also two-three sizes below the national average.

      And I think the criticism is bitter.

      The little jab at how her "weight" will affect her in a decade or so? Then the switch to how despite her fat her body is a body you can't achieve.

      It's AMAZING because she has some podge, and a bit of a gut yet managed to draw so much attention from us girls who feel terrible for being ten pounds overweight.

    • will the skinny models be happy when they haven’t had a satisfying meal in 15 years? stop being so pious. its not murder, or paedophilia, of all the horrible things in this world, the last thing i plan on judging anyone on is how much they eat. i love the human body in all the forms it comes, and get bored of seeing the same stick thin examples day in day out. it is boring. it doesn’t reflect how interesting and varied people are.

    • your body type is one of five general types, so yes about 20% of women proably have simular issues as yourself but to say the average woman doesn’t look like that must mean you don’t pay much attension. I am 5′ 9″ and weight 160-165. I eat well and exercise on a regular basis but not religously. Although I do try to eat healthy I do alow myself a treat every once in a while (veggie pizza, steak, and chips) but very rarley and when I do I try to step up my exercise. My body is very simular to hers and from what I noticed does seem to be a large number of women. In order to have flat abs you are either very blessed with great genes or work out 4-5 times and don’t cheat….. After having a few kids getting flat abs seems like a unrealistic goal if you are not predisposed to be thin

  3. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her in Glamour mag(especially after seeing J. Simpson on the cover looking suspiciously slimmer, and Keira K's Chanel ad). I think this woman is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and (from a female's perspective) sexy. Yea, she has a bit of a tummy there, but it doesn't detract from her beauty, IMO it ads to it because she looks, dare I say it, fertile(I know that's not going to go over too well, but that is what came to mind when I saw her, and I know we women are more than just our ability to reproduce, but dammit, I think it's part of what makes us look good 😛 )

    • Looking at her again, I'm wondering if she had a baby? My belly looked like that after my first child, I wasn't exactly fat in that area, but I didn't have a flat, toned, tight belly anymore either because of how big my belly got while I was pregnant and the loose skin that came after because of it. When I sat like that, that's how it looked. I don't see stretch marks, but that doesn't really mean anything(that could be one of the things they did retouch for the photo, I don't think any photo ever goes completely without retouching for a mag, right? or she could be one of the lucky ones that didn't get them) 😛 I have a very similar build to her, but I'm 9" shorter(and am now overweight 🙁 ), and when I was in shape I looked pretty close to that. Maybe that's why I like the way she looks, she reminds me of my body type and the way I used to look.

    • ahahahahahah Your a really special person you know that? Either your an anorexic woman who should seek help if so. Or your overweight, and you have such a low self esteem, you take it out on whoever makes you insecure. ~ You are the type that helps teenage girls feel worthless~

    • i look like this, and my BMI is around 19. i still have a tmmy, especially when i sit like that. she honestly doesn’t look heavy at all to me. not a size 12/14 us as that is 16/18 british. i would have said more 12/14 british.

  4. It is truly a sad day when Glamour Magazine decides to glorify an obese woman who clearly has absolutely NO self control or discipline over what she puts in her mouth and also has apparently NEVER seen the inside of a gym. Disgusting. Shame on you Glamour and cancel my subscription.

    • @ Jasmina and Valentina,

      This is your second warning: Pick 1 username and stick to it. You are entitled to 1 username when commenting in 1 thread.

      Secondly, this is not a pro ana site, so calling someone "obese" when her height and weight indicate otherwise is not the kind of comment we encourage on this site. Again, this is a pro healthy, pro natural, pro beauty diversity website, we love all types of women, all healthy shapes and sizes, please remember that.

      I am sorry to say this, but we will take measures the next time you try to comment under more than 1 name.

    • She is not obese. I will not defend her body as i don't like it just a bit, but she is far from obese. Overweight? Maybe – i will not calculate her bmi. But obese no way… It's sad that at 140 lbs you think you can judge everyone like that. Sure, you're all muscle, great for you, but not everyone wants to achieve that, not everyone likes that. If this girl is happy with herself – she is 20 therefore she is a girl – GOOD for her. I wish i could be that confident with myself, even though i am probably a third of her size. It's not your size or shape that makes you a human being. And definitely you are in no position to bring such criticism to someone who is simply enjoying themselves. Just like you are doing. You are not the sole person on the planet entitled to brag about the self claimed perfect body, so bad news, you're 958495 time worse than this chick who has never seen a gym.

  5. She's a very beautiful girl and good for her she's confident with herself and her own body. I wish I could be like that. Maybe this body is not perfect for me, but it's perfect for her. And I love the photoshoot, just brings me a big smile 🙂

  6. LOL at the posters calling her obese and criticizing her.

    I myself have suffered from an eating disorder for the past 10 years and I prefer very skinny models and what not, but even I can appreciate this woman's confidence and ability to be comfortable within herself, GOOD FOR HER!!

    She certainly holds her weight well in my opinion.


    I'm sorry the average american woman is NOT 5'10".. she's 5'3". And if you're 5'10 and a size 12, that's fine, but it's not okay for someone who is 5'3" to be that big. A waist size over 30" puts you at risk for a heart attack, which is a horrible, painful, debilitating illness that happened to my dad who was in peak shape.

    This is the media trying to soften up on the people who have stopped caring about their health, corporations who benefit from making s—ty food, lifestyles that have declined in terms of healthiness.

    THIS IS NOT OKAY and they need to stop comparing APPLES with ORANGES!! 5'10 sz 12 5'3" sz 12!!!!

    This is SO frustrating!!! ugh! and stupid health care in american BENEFITS from all this

    • they are not saying a 5’3 woman should be the same weight. thats the whole point of BMI it takes proportion, frame, muscle ect into consideration.
      i don’t get this judgemental attitude. why do we all have to be slim or all have to be fat? we have the right ot be whatever we want to be and still be loved and respected. within that we will have our preferences. i don’t like brussel sprouts, but i don’t expect everyone to stop growing them, stop selling them in the supermarkets stop eating them.
      yes this is a comment site, but my comment is why are you so down on someone simply for being happy with themselves?

  8. Wow…Glamour mag has sunk to promoting potential type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and all the other health risks that come with being obese? Aren't you Americans sick and tired of being the global punchline of all fat jokes?

    • Valentina, lani, sabrina and so on, stop this. You will be kicked off this site, i can feel it. We get it you're perfect, now go get your head checked.

      • Well, she has a point.

        No one should be 5'11" and 100 lbs, but I'm sure there are healthy girls who are the exception…

        But can you really deny that being overweight (let's not even talk about obese) can lead to serious health problems?

        And i know the answer is always "so can being underweight" , but there are innumerably more healths problems to be had being overweight than underweight… including fertility (thought I'd throw that out there since someone mentioned it earlier)

        In fact, reducing your caloric intake can prolong your life… there a huge hubbub about it in the scientific community about changing the average daily intake from 2000 to 1500 calories!

        let's have people share their thoughts!

        • Wtf are you talking about? Is the girl in the picture morbidly obese? NO. That's a FACT not an opinion. Besides, read what i was actually critisizing, it is ONE PERSON WITH FOUR OR FIVE USERNAMES. Is that ok? Geeze, i wish people would fing read what i say before getting down my throat.

          Oh yeah, i'm eastern european and underweight. I could care less about your pityful obese society and how you must face it bla bla bla. I was simply saying that this chick is normal and happy. And if you think she risks dying and should be insulted, i have to disagree. Even if she was 28o lbs you or anyone else HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSULTE HER! Or doesn't your perfect democracy teach you that?

          • one more thing: please point out where the heck i was saying the contrary of what you say. You make absolutely no sense attacking me. You needed to pick on someone, and i was there, right? Yeah, i'm not letting one people have 7 opinions. Check other posts, check what Versus said before attacking me for no god damn reason

          • Uma, you're crazy, and your IP says you're also in the USA…

            This 'chick' (and she's actually a woman) isn't normal. If you could read a post, maybe you'd clue in, but since you're probably too high on your horse, you probably can't read it from there anyways =)

            You should also learn the difference b/n insult and comment – if you can't take the comments. maybe you shouldn't be visiting this site, which basically is for commenting.

            Also, learn the difference b/n overweight and obese. you're super smart, and im sure you know how to use google.

            If she were obese, I'd be fussing a lot more.

            Even if this person is using 2 or 3 usernames, who cares? This site is free.


        • 🙂

          Yes, being overweight does carry the chance for health problems, but Lizzie Miller is NOT in the danger zone for that, and so Lani/Valentina/Jasmina does NOT have a point in this particular regard. Lizzi Miller is barely overweight(2lbs. according to BMI), how is that a problem?

          And BTW, the person you are conceding the point to IS talking about obesity and calling Lizzie obese, how's that having a point in regards to the health debate concerning weight?

          Sorry for the b—iness, but I couldn't really think of a nicer way to put it.


        • "but there are innumerably more healths problems to be had being overweight than underweight… including fertility (thought I’d throw that out there since someone mentioned it earlier)"

          Oh, and BTW, being underweight affects fertility a lot more than being overweight does, especially in the category of "overweight" that Lizzie Miller is in.

    • she is NOT OBESE! calulcalate her BMI, it is healthy. 25.1 to be precise. i don’t think that point one is going to be troublesome, especially as most of us can fluctuate up and down by a few pounds.

      honestly if you are going to attack someone, at least do it with the facts.

  9. her BMI calculated using the stats giver (5'11 180 pounds) is 25.1. She is just ever so slightly in the "overweight" category…also it should be noted that the BMI cutoffs are somewhat arbitrary and many obesity experts question them.

    that said, she has a gorgeous face!! I can't remember the last time I saw a model in Glamour with such a naturally beautiful face.

    • She also looks like she is a heavier build so that might even be a higher number since most BMI don't even account for build like bigger bones vs smaller bones.

      She's probably fairly healthy and so long as she leads a good lifestyle, she'll be fine.

  10. well, even though I don't envy her body at all, I have to give her credit for being so immensely brave. And I know that’s not going to go over too well, but being photographed as a plus-size model in a mag which usually features stick-thin models is an act of courage IMO. however, I'd prefer magazines to promote a healthy body type that is somewhere in between anorexic and overweight. And, oh yes, her face is incredibly beautiful indeed!

  11. I have been bulimic for five years and me being happy with myself in the future is highly unlikely. (I am currently attempting to overcome my illness) I too, like mentioned above, prefer to see the thin models. Let's face it clothing looks better on the models with zero fat. It is their job to be a walking, posing clothes hanger. They are literally being paid to not eat or they will lose their jobs. Girls who are naturally size 00 are beautiful and so are girls who are a size 12/14. Some people are just built tiny and others bigger, we are all different down to our fingerprints. It is sad that most people are ignorant; not every skinny person has an eating disorder and not every bigger individual goes home and eats 12 oreos and 3 cheeseburgers. The world would be a better place where no one judged their peers and everyone accepted themselves for who they are. However, that will never happen because this is reality. Comparing oneself to others is pointless and a waste of time and energy. Okay, so I guess my point in all this is about accepting your self for who you are and enjoying life to the fullest by definition of YOUR own desires and likes and ignore the negative because we only get one life to live!

  12. I stopped commenting for awhile on this site…because certain people just could not understand medical research nor that everyone is entitled to there own opinions…and some people just couldn't grasp how to debate in a mature way; But, I have to post on this one, If you don't want to read a bit then stop now.

    I think it is pretty insane for any person to find this woman obese, if anything she is a pound or two overweight (which in women, weight fluctuates, often during that time of the month, often more than a pound or two). I have researched so many studies regarding weight and health…let me tell you, if she is active and gets exercise, she is probably healthier than many of the underweight starlets and models out there that have no body fat (which women NEED) and that have bad eating habits.

    I think what the media and us as women have done to the perception of what beautiful, fat, ugly, skinny and etc. means…is sad. Kate Moss, I read a few places, is about 5'6" and 105 or so in her "prime"…a BMI of 16.9 (anything under 17.5 is possiblity for anorexia) and she is thrown all over magazine covers! I would not want my daughter looking to her, or any other of the bony, rail thin, medically underweight women, that still get airbrushed, for an "ideal" image. It's ridiculous. Go research what should happen to a woman during puberty…that right there will tell you how much body fat a woman should have and what should happen.

    Our perception of beauty has become distorted. "back in the day" women were not airbrushed to look even skinnier, in fact a fertile, full, soft look was the desire. I saw an old mens magazine from the 50's-60's…and about fell over, because the gorgeous woman on the cover, had a little belly softness in her seated position, imagine that.

    While I do agree that America is becoming an obese nation, with crazy large serving sizes in restaurants…I do not think that this woman is ugly, overweight, or obese. And, her confidence to do this, makes her all the more attractive.

    I think she is a real woman, that when she sits down, her stomach has flab, like SO many do…someone just finally decided to put it in a magazine and not make it fake! In my opinion, I think what makes a figure nice, is the whole waist to hip ratio, hourglass thing. I think that being straight up and down is very masculine and not very feminine ( that is why they have a category called "boy shape" that is not me being "mean")

    Healthy is beautiful.

    • See, and I think people who are of that build would find it very insulting that their body type is considered masculine (see Ciara post)

      People are quick to defend the chubby and overweight people saying their shape is natural, and then turn around and slam some perfectly fine girls for being slimmer, which they are naturally. They can get implants and then they're called fake.

      Look at the poor south African sprinter who is forced to go sex testing because she isn't a pear and has smaller breasts.

      But the fact is that this woman is overweight, if only slightly, but she does not represent the majority of overweight American women

      I just want people to concede that! I'm not saying she isn't pretty, because she is, but people fooling themselves into saying "shes a size 14 and she's healthy" is a lot different when you're someone who isn't 5'11" (which is a masculine height I assume?)

  13. annoying. the only reason why she made that cover is because shes fat, not because shes beautiful and a great model (i think shes chubby & beautiful btw).

    when magazines stop to select a "fat" girl once every 5 year for their cover, maybe ill celebrate.

    the only thing they do right now is showing off a fat girl because… shes fat !

    im sure they made a lot of Photoshop btw. no stretch marks. weird 🙂

    • She wasn't on the cover, Jessica Simpson was. She was the model selected for a story on body confidence. And I don't think she's fat, not completely, just a bit "pudgy" in the belly area, not really enough to call her fat.


  14. I'm shocked! Not the fact, that a normal sized woman, normal in a health way(and I'm nurse!!!!!!!), is making pictures like that, is showing us a mirror, shocks me! NO, the fact that pictures like that starts discussions like that! It's so sad! There is NO discussion if this is normal, fat or what is skinny! People are blinded and can't see, what really matters! To live healthy and comftable in their bodies! The size doesn't matter! I'm glad that someone gots a– and show us, how it is! Not because of the size, NO, because when you look at this woman, you can see, that she is in peace with herself! Because she is feeling healthy – living healthy! AND THATS THE POINT!!!

    I'm sized like her, but I don't live healthy, I'm not comfi in my skin, in my body!!! Because I'm not watching after my food, I hate sports….I don't do them!!! I have no problems with the look! I think I'm looking good! Men like me, big boobs, smaller waist, flat stomache and wide hips! I'm comfi WITH my size! BUT NOT WITH MY BODY…AND THATS THE POINT!!!! Why can't anybody see the difference!!!!

    from the bottom of my heart, WOMEN, open your eyes!

    Sorry for my english…

  15. You shouldn't call this person anorexic – its not an insult or should be used as an insult, and don't call them fat as an insult either. She's here to express an opinion, and this IS a commenting site, though people seem to forget that sometimes..

    the name of the website is.. skinny vs curvy….:P

  16. This actually only serves to make me feel bad about myself. I look at the skinny AnnaLynnes and Jessica Lowndes of the world and wish I looked like that. Then I look at this gorgeous girl and feel as bad about myself because she is happy at 180lbs and I hate myself at 120. SAD TIMES.

  17. She's also 20…. a bit young too.

    Find an older lady at 30 who looks like that at 180lbs…

    let's get real – this magazine wants to sell copies and they'll target the demographic that they and make them feel good, namely the 20-35 woman who is overweight, high school or 2 year diploma, and 30K yr job or housewife..

    they want your money guys, from health bills, fast food and magazines…

  18. i agree. people always make stupid comments about a woman's body but unfortunately that's how it is. not every skinny woman starves herself and not every curvy chick eats everything. i've decided to love myself and not let people bash me because i don't have that body. lizzi miller is a beautiful model and woman but she doesn't represent every chick in america and don't look like that. i feel that we as a society find something or someone to hold as a beauty standard, not knowing what it does to young women. i'm pretty sure if the media puts her as the standard and saying this is what women should like, how do you think the women who don't have that body type feel? as if she's not attractive.

  19. This is EXACTLY what I thought.

    Don't get me wrong, Lizzi is beautiful and seems happy, etc. But the whole controversy surrounding her is based on how the magazine is portraying 'the average woman'.. & it is basically sending the message that it's totally healthy to be a size 14 and weight 180lbs.

    This is total BS and, IN MY OPINION, encouraging obesity/unhealthy habits. Yes, all women should accept their own unique bodies at their NATURAL, HEALTHY shape, aka when they EAT RIGHT and EXERCISE. Nobody should force their body down to a size 0-2 if it's not meant to be that way. BUT, the average American woman, at a little less than 5'4 and wearing a size 14, is NOT HEALTHY.

    Lizzi is NOT a poster child for the average American woman. Seriously.

  20. what you said is something i don't agree with because as i said earlier not every chick is going to look like her. i wouldn't want my sister to look like kate moss but i also don't want her looking like an obese person either and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. women can't help how they're shaped so we bashed them for it? i agree with the girl above me, people will defend the chubby and overweight person but slam the chick that's slender and call her every name in the book. i feel that hollywood is so wishy washy because one moment they praised "thin is in" then turn around and say curves are in. to say that women that has that body type up and down with no shape masculine is very insulting but you wouldn't want nobody making fun curvy women. well no one should put down skinny women as well because we exist like it or not. this is why i hardly come on this site because it's people like you make such mean comments about a woman's body, just because she's shaped differently and can't help it. but whatever ignorance never dies.

    • best comment i ever read on this site 🙂

      and she's deffinately not obese. i'm a lot slimmer than her and my boyfriend still looked at these pics, shrugged and went "so what, she looks normal to me"

      her face is beauuuuuuuuuutiful!

  21. omg.

    SHE IS NOT OBESE! She's just a few – A FEW – pounds overweight. If she loses like 5 pounds, she'll be a healthy bmi.

    No one is promoting obesity or being overweight here. It's just about looking in the mirror and accepting yourself on the INSIDE. And even if this girl was completely overweight or obese, who are the hell are outsiders to judge her or be mean to her.

    Yes, being overweight is unhealthy and can be the cause of many medical issues. But that doesn't mean this girl can't love herself, enjoy herself, smile, have someone take a nice picture of her, and be happy and enjoy life. She can still get out of the house and have a good time. Just because someone is overweight or obese doesn't mean they have to deprive themselves and be depressed.

  22. Whatt..she doesn't look fat at all.. she only has a little tummy and slightly chunky legs. But she has defined collarbones and a thin face. I don't see how she could be 180 pounds, even if she's 5'11. I'd say 160 the most. Maybe they lied about her weight just for publicity. And to the person who said she will have health problems down the road due to her "excess" weight, I totally disagree with you… I doubt her weight will have an effect on her long-term health. She looks fine and healthy…she's just built that way…some people can't be stick thin and have flat tummies.

  23. I think she has a really pretty face, and nice skin too (provided it's not airbrushed, which coming to think about it, it probably is) but I think she should lose weight for her own health. Even if it's just enough to take her into the healthy BMI range. Yes, she looks great, and it's fantastic that she's happy with herself. But doesn't she worry about her health? Or what sort of a message she is sending to these 'real women' that she represents (or not)?. Even if unintentional, it's irresponsible to imply that an unhealthy weight is okay. There are many impressionable young women out there with similar statistics to her (probably not height, but y'know) who could take this as their green light to carry on as they are. :/

    Maybe it's just because I'm a bit of a health freak and I'm totally scared of ending up with heart disease or some other disease brought on by obesity, but I couldn't make myself the face of a 'real woman' when I know I'm heading down a path to heart problems and diabetes!

    • How is this woman on an unhealthy path? From what she's said, she plays softball and belly dances, those aren't things an unfit person can perform on a regular basis and stay unfit. And as for BMI, she is 2 lbs. shy of the BMI healthy range, women gain/lose that much, if not a few pounds more, in the regular course of their cycle, so how do we really know that she is or isn't already in the "healthy range" for BMI? I don't see how she is telling girls they should stay on the same path as they are when she says she eats right and plays sports and exercises. If the girls aren't exercising and eating right, I don't see how they will believe they are OK with what they are doing when they see and read about a woman that is built similar to them but does eat right and exercise. I would think it would show them that they can, in fact, have an eating and exercising routine that will keep them in a good, healthy shape and that eating and exercising well isn't just for people that want to be/stay skinny.

  24. Is THIS really what "normal"is these days? Look, I'm not going to call her fat, per say, but I wouldn't want to look that this. I work damn hard to stay an average size 6 at the age of 33. I prefer hard bodies to soft ones and honestly believe that exercise is and should be a regular part of life.

    If I had her stomach, I would be very unhappy and certainly wouldn't put it out there for the world to see. Good for her for feeling comfortable enough to do so. It's just NOT for me.

    • I agree for the most part, but whether it is for better or for worse, the average body shape is changing. Obesity is on the rise and people (in my opinion) are desperately trying to normalize it. Models like this are beautiful in their own right and I think this photograph is important as a message, but not a standard. Loving your body is fine, being comfortable with the way you are whether too thin or too fat. That is fine and I agree with that and think it is lovely when people reach that kind of acceptance and confidence! But I think we as a culture are teetering in the wrong direction, demonizing smaller frames and putting larger frames on a pedestal, martyring them. That I do not agree with, especially when it gives the message to obese people that it is "okay". Unhealthy can apply to either extreme, thin or large. We should continue preaching acceptance of our bodies, but stop tacking an image to it. In my mind it is just as bad as telling everyone they need to be thin, because it excludes a large population by assuming everyone should fit a certain body mold in order to be a "real" or "happy" person. I myself am thin and have never been a size 12 nor do I plan to! I do not see anything wrong with that, but I receive a lot of criticism from people for my frame, assuming I must diet or not love myself because I do not fit this new stereotype of the happy size 12 woman, and my being a size 0 must be the reason or the product for unhealthy body image. How is that any better than patronizing a heavier person for their weight and blaming them for it?

      Let's stop separating and classifying and branding images. Let's just love our bodies skinny and fat. There should be no one body to represent that.

      Just my two cents.

      • As a person that can be classified as obese, I can tell you that I am NOT getting the message that it is OK for me to be this way when I see that woman up there looking happy with herself and her looks, and getting praised for them. If anything, I get from it that I was, in fact, perfectly fine the way I was when I was 135 lbs.(I'm 5'2"), a size 8 and appr. 25% body fat, and I was hating my looks for the longest time for no reason what so ever. There was nothing wrong with my body, I wasn't fat or ugly at that size, not the way some of the people would have had me believe(from the media, to some of the people I knew, and some of the posters on here talking about this lovely woman).

        • And I really applaud you for that! I in no way disparage people on account of their weight if that is the impression you got. I'm just concerned about the way certain people tip toe around the weight issue and inadvertently end up glorifying one extreme and scape goating the other; the roles end up switching. This article was a really good step and I am glad to hear people like yourself are seeing this in a positive light; I know many who don't. I am simply saying I wish that MORE articles would urge people to accept their bodies, rather than telling them that one body type big or small is the standard that must be accepted. Ideally, I wish either NO ONE or EVERYONE could be in an editorial like this, have someone to represent the big the small and the in between as all beautiful, similar to how the Dove campaign is. I just think it becomes a problem when too much attention is focused around ONE thing, person, or image without giving fair representation to others. We are a culture that seems to prefer extremes though.

          • clarify…I applaud you for seeing the article in a positive light and feeling empowered by it, not for feeling insecure! 😛 I'm really sorry that you feel or felt that way, too many people do at any weight, which is a fact people often neglect.

          • Oh, no, I didn't think you were disparaging people because of their size, I was just stating that it really doesn't send the message to us obese people that it is OK for us to be and stay this way 🙂

      • i, for one, agree. what gives people the right to make fun of thin women but cry out how the media treats women that don't fit the thin type? instant, at least see where she's coming from because people want to sit here and think this is normal when there are plenty of girls that are happy with who they are that don't look like this and no one is criticizing her for what she looks like. but let this be lindsay lohan, paris, or any skinny chick, everybody would have a ball of bashing them because they're not REAL women. if a curvy woman should love their bodies, why can't thin women? women should be happy with themselves but if it starts affecting their health in the long run, then you must do something about it instead of having this mentality, "i'm not going to do it because of the standards!" i'm not going to apologized for the way i look and i think we need to start appreciating all body types and stop bashing women just because they don't fit your standard because it hurts young women at the end of the day because they end up looking at these women and feel the only way to be beautiful is to look like lizzi or any other skinny chick and that's wrong. so remember that.

        • BigV, wtf are you singling me out for? I DO see where she's coming from, but I was just stating that she(Lizzie Miller) doesn't give me, an obese person, the idea that I am OK this way and should stay this way. BUT, she does give me the idea that it is OK to be happy with myself, I don't need to hate myself because I am obese.

          And I do agree with you, thin women shouldn't be bashed because they are thin, and I do try and stay away from that. BUT, just as I won't sit here and try to say it is OK to be obese, I will NOT sit here and let anyone try to tell me it is OK to be underweight like Lindsay Lohan. If that's considered bashing them, well then, I don't really know what to say to that.

          "there are plenty of girls that are happy with who they are that don’t look like this and no one is criticizing her for what she looks like."

          Are you saying that no one is criticizing the way Lizzie Miller looks?

  25. i agree with you. and i also cant be bothered posting anymore about these things. also, sure America is becoming an obese country…which is due to serving sizez/ unhealthy easy cheap options etc etc. HOWEVER why dont ppl take into account the fact that women stressing about their body and dieting and damaging their metabolism can also be a precurser for being over weight! i am not overweight by any means now…but i have dieted like all hell in the past and at 23 have messed up my metabolism. i cant eat more than 1500cals per day while exercising for at least an hour and a half without gaining. GAINING! that is usally a diet for women with normal metabolisms?! trust me it was never normally like this, nor is is my metabolism slowing due to age! but having less than 800-1000 cals for a prolongued period of time, while still exercising 2 hours a day has damaged my metabolism big time!

    i think if women were allowed to look like women (skinny, slighly overweight, muscular, curvy etc etc) then we would have less of an issue with obesity. also, in now way is this woman overweight! ugh it makes me sick that people think this is OBESE?! WTH?!

    • If I had never started dieting I would be perfectly normal. It was that sickness in my head that made me unhappy with a perfectly health 5’4″ 130 lb frame and caused me to develop very unhealthy eating compulsions. I want a different world for my daughter!

  26. I would expect a 20 year old to have straight shoulders, as she does… but the hanging stomach and tree trunk legs certainly does not show any effort to be in shape through exercise or any other technique. This is a horrible example of role model….. just put on as much weight as you want as long as you have a nice smile…. 5 years from now she will not be a pretty picture to see….. I wish her good luck and good health 🙁

    • Just to play devil's advocate, I don't know if we can presume to know what her diet or exercise regime is based on a picture. The female body is actually biologically SUPPOSED to have a higher fat percentage, and I can speak from witnessing firsthand that women who work out excessively actually age WORSE, take a look at Madonna's hands! Also, in the 50's and 60's this was actually the ideal body and women were encouraged to maintain "softer" less toned physiques. I do not think everyone who grew up in that generation collapsed with old age. Standards of beauty change!

      The important thing is just to try and maintain a healthy balance amidst it all.

    • Oh good lord, "tree trunk legs"????? WTF is wrong with people. I'm sorry, but the woman is almost 6' tall, what should her legs look like, saplings???? On a person that tall???

      When I was 20, I was exercising 5 days a week, 1hr. each day, had a physical job, was outside on my feet more than half the time I spent awake, went out dancing on the weekends, and my body looked very similar to hers, so I don't see how her body doesn't show any effort to be in shape. Sorry dear, but some women just can't be slim and overly toned like you think they should be.

  27. This really bothers me. Don't even start saying that having a thirty inch waist is unhealthy. You're not taking in for account how much muscle is there or how large one's ribcage is. My waist is 28 inches and it's not covered in fat and I have a huge ribcage for my height (5'3"), and I'm a size two. Just because someone has a little extra in their midsection does mean they're going to have a heart attack, and it doesn't mean they don't excersize. You're also forgetting everyone has a different body type and working out doesn't affect everyone's body the same.

    Maybe it's just my opinion, but a twenty inch waist doesn't sound too healthy either.

    • Oh, and one more thing.

      I think when people call her the "average woman" they mean her height and weight are proportional, as opposed to a 5'10" woman at 120 lbs, which is just ridiculous, underweight and unhealthy. Her calculated BMI is only about 1% over the "normal" into the "obese" categories of body fat.

    • No one ever said anything about 20 inches – you're using extremes to try and make a point. We're not. The research is out there. If you want to go write a letter to the people who have put 10 years of independent study behind their claims because you disagree, well go ahead.

      28" is fine, but anything over 30/32" puts you at a higher risk. De facto.

      I'm especially critical of someone not differentiating her height and build from someone else. SHE'S 5"11"!!!!! look how small she makes the woman sitting next to her look

      they are garbling the idea, and sure, she looks happy, but a nation of size 14s is a bad, bad idea. America is in the top 10 most overweight countries in the world; Canada, the other North American country, is at 31; It'll probably climb higher in the years to come with bad lifestyle.

      You're right, not every body is the same, but there are health standards, and trying to bull doze the message "14 is okay – look she's fine" confuses people if they don't put it in the right context.

  28. It's not a jab, it's a fact. Fat in the middle section is medically dangerous. And it has nothing to do with how overweight you are. Skinny people sometimes have fat there, on the inside. The famous "oh, I can eat like a horse, but don't get fat". Well, they do get fat. On the inside. And suffer the consequences.

  29. Alyssa, ok, i'm done with you. Yes i'm crazy and suffer from multiple personality. Fyi, i'm from Romania, Tirgu Mures and i am currently in Bucharest. I assure you that's not in the usa. No further comments required to your patethic little speach.

  30. No Alyssa, it's not ok commenting with different usernames on the same post. It's like you think your comment will not cause enough controversy so you need to make your statement clearly and attack as many people as you can. Even Versus said it's not ok, so get over it. And stop assuming people are from a certain country because you have some pathetic IP searcher, I hate that. We're here to state our SINGLE opinion about a post or comment on other's SINGLE opinions. We don't need to think we're alone in a thought, when it's clearly that the 'other ones' are just the same person. By the way Uma, that's pretty interesting, I had no idea we're from the same small city 🙂

  31. Oh. My. God! What a discussion this is!! Well this is my two cents worth….I'm from the uk before anyone asks and am a uk6. I think what numerous people are saying is, when women read this article 99% will not give a second thought to the height or bmi of this model: they will merely zone in on the fact that a size 14 is acceptable. Much like when a woman sees a model with the perfect body (supposedly) where it is stated she is a sz0, she will not look to see her height/bmi etc: they will want to emulate her dress size 0. We are

    not the norm by looking at bmi's etc, most woman will just look at the size. So, as the average woman is 5"3, then women of average height will see the size alone and think oh well, 14 is fine which it is not at that height. So there is a problem regardless of how good/pretty/happy the model is, the message will be sent to a large number of woman that a size 14 is acceptable. Period. It would have made more sense if they had used a 5"4 uk size 12 model in my opinion.

  32. her tummy isn't able to change with sports! Its her natural given skincondition! Mine is exactly the same, *g*, weight-wise, but you know, its not that soft….^^….and i'm 22!!!! It's all about the connective tissue, and sorry, that i destroy the dream, NO VISIBLE CHANGE CAN BE EFFORT WITH SPORTS!!! because i'm not doing any sports, and my skin is fairly hard!!!!!

    And don't be stupid! Weight like that aren't responsable for diabetes and heart disease!!!! The BMI is really not the best thing! You know, some years ago, there was a perfect weight with bmi, and it was damn low! They change, because its not that easy! People are INDIVIDUALl!!! You can't reduce them to numbers!!! I talking to you as a nurse! The medicin today is more all-embracing, there are so many parts of your life, your body, your soul, your brain, your heart!!! You can look so fit, working hard, eating right, making sports, and the pressure, that you press your body in, can trigger a heartattack!! Living healthy is a individuell thing, with a frame around it, a frame of standards, you know! But look in the history of countrys! Every has its one rules! Japan, ASIA, the way of eating is so damn healthy, but the living style, the working style is so damn hard, that they get ill, because of the stress!!! You can look healthy from the outside, and from the inside its a whole other level! Because its INDIVIDUAL!!!

    I'm not interested in the pics of this woman here, or the discussion about her! The opinions of the people here, are shocking me! Please, read my words, and think about it!

    We are all humans! Not perfect, and we don't have to be! THIS LIFE IS SOOO SHORT, really, I know that! And when you not start, to accept that we are all individual, and there's no problem, when someone is thin, a little bit softer or harder, when this person is living healthy in a all-embracing way, then you are not able to see the beauty of our world!

    I'm not sporty, and i'm eating…..ok….sometimes good, sometimes worse *lol*, but I have a person who I'm loving, on my side, who gives me power, and catches me, because I let him! I have a job, I'm loving!!! I had took the pressure from my shoulders! And for me, individual, i'm very near on healthy! When I'm able to change a little bit of my eating and sports, i'm fine with my whole life, with my body and the way of living! And I think, thats fine! and the fact, that I know, it's the important thing!!! and the fact that i'm changing, every day, and no problem, i can live with babysteps, is the important thing!

    Thats all I have to say…..DON#T LET THE PRESSURE LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!

    With this words….bye

  33. Lovely pictures. She looks relaxed, natural and happy. It reminds me of being in art class sketching nude models again!

    I don't know if it is just me being biased (since I have always looked young for my age), but she looks older than 20 to me. Can't put my finger on why, but from the first two pictures I thought she was at least in her late twenties.

    However, I do think that what they say in the video is misleading (as others have already pointed out) because although the average American woman is a size 12/14, the average American woman is also 5'4"/5'3"… at least 7 inches shorter than this woman. If they are the same size and shorter, they will look much larger than this model. If she's sitting on the line between normal and overweight, the average American woman will be overweight if they believe they are fine at this size. Though I hope most women are intelligent enough to do a little research before believing everything from magazines or TV!

    I'm glad that the model herself acknowledged that size 2 can also be perfectly natural despite the other two people talking about 'skin and bones' and 'real' women.

  34. oh Valentina, I am quiet surprised that even though you seem to be surrounded by doctors all the time (as you said your husband, your two brothers, your father, and, good god!, even your grandfather are all doctors!) you cannot even distinguish between whats considered overweight and whats considered obese?! but lo, never mind, as you are so eager to teach I am pretty sure you are also willing to learn:

    The prevalence of overweight and obesity is commonly assessed by using body mass index (BMI), defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in metres (kg/m2 ). A BMI over 25 kg/m2 is defined as overweight, and a BMI of over 30 kg/m2 as obese.

  35. Good point.

    Let's face it, satisfaction with the look of our bodies is a very superficial desire. As long as we're healthy and everything works great it shouldn't really matter what shape or size we are; but the reality is that it does.

    A common pattern I find is that people become obessed with superficial factors when they feel that things that count are going wrong for them e.g. relationships, family, self-esteem, career, friends, finances, education etc.

    I think people with happy lives tend to be satisfied or at least not that bothered with their bodies because they have other things going on for them.

  36. I see what you mean, and I understand what you mean. I know she isn't telling people it's okay to be average, and it's fine to be a few pounds overweight. I know that's not what she's promoting.

    I think there's some naive girls out there who'll read this article, be happy that the slightly-overweight girl is in the spotlight instead of the slightly-underweight girl and maybe this will make them feel good, happier about themselves being average, maybe even overweight. And I don't think there's anything wrong with boosting morale, just that in doing so, they're canceling out everything they told the same girls about being thin and pretty and happy. D:

    Actually, I don't really think any of this matters. For 99% of the reading audience nothing in their life will change. Maybe one person will be inspired to exercise, maybe a few will, but how long does that last? Lol. No one's life is really changed by an article in Glamour magazine. Which kind of cancels out everything I just said, but oh well.

    • Reading back my comment just then, the 'thin and pretty and happy' bit makes it sound like that's what I think people should be. NOOO I don't want to be that girl. I mean, I think that's what the magazines try to promote. I don't think you have to be thin to be happy (this girl's living proof I guess). I just got super worried that what I wrote made it seem like that. Haha.

  37. My good ness, I can't believe some people are actually accepting this woman as a " model" ,,,,, those legs would crush a man's windpipe… haha sorry….. but they are huge… now to those who are similar, this is not a putdown to you… this woman is a public model and is now subject to scrutiny not used for regular people and shopping buddies…. and for a model to wear out her slacks because the thighs rub together is not acceptable to my taste. Wanna be a dancer, fine get thicker dancing muscles, but this woman is just plain heavy… and the legs….. there are so many models 6 feet tall with stick thin legs.. I know you don't like those, but she is the other extreme then.

    • Because "model" doesn't mean "thin woman that is used as a walking hanger", so why shouldn't we accept her as a model?

      "there are so many models 6 feet tall with stick thin legs.. I know you don’t like those, but she is the other extreme then."

      LMAO This woman is NOT the other extreme, her legs aren't that big. Hell, I would wager a bet and say that little gymnast Shawn Johnson has bigger thighs than this woman.

  38. For a country of fat people you sure know how to judge bodies. If jessica simpson puts on some weight you all go crazy but it`s just fine for the plus size model to show off her absolutely inestetical tummy…. it's ok to not be skinny or toned if you're happy with yourself but you have to admit that a picture of someone with that tummy from that angle is just not very pleasant to watch. if we all know that eating healthy and working out is the right thing to do then why do we try to say miss lizzi is a role model? even the "naturally heavy" girls don't look like that if they eat well and work out. You're just lying to yourself. Have you ever seen fat nutritionists?

    • I agree with BiBi above.

      Ok, I might get shot for this comment, but i really have an issue with the statement: 'this is what REAL women look like.'

      a size 12 is NOT HEALTHY. i'm sorry but it's not! that's still a touch overweight, & though it is for her since she is 5'10 or whatnot, if you aren't then you aren't healthy at all & aren't a good role model in the least! I think that since we see the extremes of super skinny unhealthy models at times that we go to the OTHER extreme & have a none too healthy looking girl. her face is beautiful, but i feel as though she just isn't healthy.

      i'm a 'real woman' & i weigh 100 pounds, but i was born that way!! I'm also short, like 5'2, so it works. but i hate when people accuse & say that it's unhealthy or that i'm doing something for it when that was just the way i was made. I do live a healthy lifestyle, something which i think the majority of the US do NOT, but then want to say that 'oh, this is what a real woman looks like.' No, sweetie, it isn't, nor is it healthy. everyone is different but if you are lazy as hell & never workout & want to use that as an excuse then i almost pity you.

      I agree they shouldn't photoshop as much as they do. It's a bit annoying. But, just because someone is heavier doesn't mean that they're a good role model either. I really do hate that. Face it; the majority of the USA is overweight & since we are that doesn't mean that we should start making excuses. Try working out, eating healthier, things like that, since then you might find that it actually takes some work. Making excuses is easy, but putting your actions where your words are is much tougher in my opinion.

      • Excuse me, do you know this girl? Lazy as hell, unhealthy bla bla bla? Quit ranting. Because, sure, you DO have a point. GENERALLY speaking. But regarding this picture and this particular woman you're off. And you are saying logical things, that no one actually questioned, but you put them in an angry and slightly offensive manner.

        Oh yes, 5'4", 102 lbs, just to prevent from hearing the fat and stupid and LAZY comment (i happen to know fat people who are anything but lazy, but i will not open that conversation, it is pointless when it's clear that certain posters have no intention of getting rid of their prejudices and their judgements). Oh, and one more thing, i'm quite sure that at her height size 12 (i assume europe 44-46) is healthier than size zero. Size zero is ok for women such as you and me, who are naturaly petite, not for tall and big built women.

    • I've looked at that picture a lot, and I just can't figure out why it's unpleasant to see her tummy from that angle? OK, she has a bit of pudge and a bit of loose-looking skin that overhangs some, but how is that unpleasant?

  39. You both call me pathetic cause you know you're wrong, but you bulldoggedly argue anyways. I don't have to call people names in an argument, and you ignore my points, but that's your downfall.

    ad hominem ad hominem ad hominem… I'm never surprised.

    And as for the 'other ones' , who are medical professionals, well I suppose you can flatter yourselves when you are sick and treat each other since you'll not take advice from doctors 😉

  40. I think your all pretty sad to be having such a massive debate about the size of this womens body. Shes just a human who was born and now lives and loves life…. like a majority of other humans on this planet!

    Theres so many amazing things to do in life and people are sat staring at this 'apparently amazing, one off photo' of a women. I wish we could just look at each other these days and not judge or persume things. Bodies are bodies.

    There is actually a world out there outside of worrying and focusing on something so not out the ordinary. Love life!!!

  41. oh and even sadder your sat guessing the weight of her… what the hell, have you all got these scales in your heads where you know the weight of people, and therefore you judge what there BMI is and how many pounds she should lose before shes healthy?? If ANYONE except maybe an expert told me this I would tell them where to go. You people are going a bit crazy I think!

  42. She's not a size 14. She's a regular size 12, which is actually a couple inches smaller than plus size 14(yea, imagine my surprise when I discovered that regular sizes 14-18 are actually smaller than plus sizes 14-18), and I would imagine people are thinking of the plus size 14 when they talk about this and not the regular size 14, right?

  43. I think she's alright at 180 lbs and size 12-14 because she's 5'11, but everyone is right who says that a shorter woman cannot be "fine" at that size. Why don't they use, for example, a woman who is 5'4" and 140? Btw, I don't think that this model is fat.. her stomach is a bit fat but overall, I think she looks fine even though someone else pointed out that she's like 5 lbs overweight.

  44. So why post it on her specifically? Why not other posts, like keira knightley, who supposedly eats like a horse but is naturally pick thin, stick thin celebrities who claim magical metabolistic powers?

    You're post was negative, that model is a move forward, and all you can do is spout off about even beautiful curves aren't achievable.

  45. By average woman, they mean a woman who women can relate to in themselves. A bit of tummy, a few stretch marks, a definite bodyshape. Just because she's tall doesn't make her an unaverage woman.

    • exactly. What if they used a 5'2 model who weighed about 138 (almost the same bmi as the tall model)? It's talking more about the tummy and the bodyshape, rather than the height and total weight.

      Of course if you were 5'2 and 180, you'd be completely unhealthy!! Try to think in proportions instead of exact numbers written in the article…

  46. this woman is healthy. It's those who are unbelievably large and eating junk and are obese that are causing problems in America. This woman is normal, healthy, and an example of health. Of course you can also be smaller and healthy, thinner and fit, but she is normal and healthy too, she is just untoned.

  47. It's when you have an excess amount of fat around the middle section that it is unhealthy and dangerous. We need some fat in the mid section, and women tend to carry a natural amount around the mid-section anyways, which isn't unhealthy (the woman in the photos has a normal amount, it's not completely unhealthy). It's when you start to carry more and it is disproportionate to the rest of your body (or you're just overwhelmingly fat all around) that you should try and make yourself more healthy.

  48. Alyssa,Bigvinimac;

    Oh, and I know that you both said different things, pick and chose because I don't need to be told "well she said that, not me" I got that, I am condensing it down to this.

    First off, ignorance is the state in which a person lacks knowledge. I lack no knowledge regarding what I wrote.

    I didn't defend chubby or skinny or make fun of fake boobs.

    I stated that we as America are becoming an obese nation, I also said that I was not intending to "be mean" or offend anyone by saying "masculine, straight up and down" (but I guess that was selective reading) There is nothing wrong with that statement! if you go to websites like this, or read how to ress for your body type…I'm sorry, oh look there a "boy shaped" category. Hmmm, so I guess all those designers and stylists made that term up from thin air? no, it is because that is a boyish figure. A girl develops hips during puberty, boys don't…and women should also have more body fat than a male (so sorry for relaying accurate information)

    I did not make fun of a single body type…and I apologize if your mind took it that way.

    This woman is not obese. I also said that she is about 2 pounds overweight (oh no! a whole 2 pounds or so!)

    Jeez…c'mon people. I just think it is sad that people call her obese or fat, she has a belly roll when she leans forward/bends over? oh no. oh my gosh, not that.

    And my thing is, is that I do not want my daughter looking to all the underweight starlets and models that are then again re-touched to be even more bony/skinny as an image to attain. And I am also not promoting an obese woman to be an ideal either. If a woman is slender and has a healthy heart, great if a woman is 2,4,10 pounds overweight and her doctor says she has a healthy heart (and YES that is possible) then great.

    Just don't throw Kate Moss and Gisele and Victoria Beckham….or how about Milla Jovovich (who was so underweight she had trouble conceiving) on a cover and say that it is healthy and beautiful when medically, when you are that underweight…it is not healthy.

    There is nothing wrong with having a boyish figure…I just prefer to see a more soft/feminine shape.

    • well i don't agree with you saying that women that don't have a shape are considered to look boyish and i disagree. that's the problem because saying that is just as bad as hollywood calling women like lizzi fat. i don't like it when people say the average woman is a size 14 when that can't be true and not all women will develop hips because i've seen women have hips but not as wide or don't have them. it could be genetics so we criticize her for it? not every woman can be that size not knowing it could harm their health.

  49. Yay for her and flaunting her less than ideal body, hence promoting positive body image…. boo to everyone on this site being so critical and angry about it! seriously!

  50. Some of these comments are so shallow, uneducated and lack serious validity.

    A size 12 at her height is not unhealthy, if she were 5 foot 2 then I could see that…but not in this case.

    This woman radiates confidence, which is drop dead sexy. She is not obese, she is 2 pounds or so "overweight", which like I said before, women's weight fluctuate, more than that, during their period.

    There have been numerous new studies indicating a person that is even quite a bit overweight can outlive the underweight/even normal weight ones…which I found oddly interesting, but, I found more than one study stating this…and researched it a bit.

    Regardless of all that. I think being underweight it not sexy and obesity is not attractive to me either.

    The media and us as women have done something to ourselves as a whole; look at this page! I find it sad…and I also find it sad that we went from gorgeous, fertile looking women with full hips and soft bellies to being told that in order to "be in this movie" or "wear this or that" or "look good enough" that we have to be a bony, rail thin being with not very much of a shape.

    Tall, short, thinner, chunkier…who cares, as long as you are HEALTHY (being skinny does not make you healthy) and confident and happy.

  51. Im definitely not using it as an insult.or at least not meaning it in such way. I said it becuase her choice of adjective was shocking.. and the fact she said eat much less. How is she to know that Lizzi doesnt eat salads everyday? or whether she eats big macs? Like There are many people much bigger than her, and its scary to think what she would post about them. I understand this is all opinion, but i stand by what i said that the comment she posted is what makes teenage girls feel insecure and develop eating disorders.

  52. I've had girlfriends who eat a whole lot, but can't get over 100 lbs.

    I've also had girlfriends who diet, don't eat much and exercise daily, but they have a thicker frame.

    Sometimes, you can't judge what is healthy based on looks.

    One thing I do know is that Lizzi Miller one gorgeous woman. The pictures are beautiful.

  53. well i also won't sit here and let people trash talk us and think it's okay to bash thin women when you're just doing the same as hollywood. i am proud to be skinny and not going to feel bad about it because of what people have to say. lindsay is skinny but WHO are we to say that she's unhealthy, underweight and such but if someone call lizzi miller fat then it's a problem? i don't encourage no one to be underweight but i won't sit here and accept criticism for the way i look. i bet they are women who look like lindsay lohan, maybe not as thin but those women exist. do we put them down? no we shouldn't and it's wrong but there are some people here are too damn stupid to see that. i'm not expecting people or forcing them to see us as beautiful but we shouldn't have tolerate any criticism because of the way they look. same goes for curvy and full figured women. i thought you didn't agree where the other chick was coming from but i see you did. but i also singled you out because you're always saying something about thin women that may look underweight.

  54. i just want to say this and i'm done. it's cool for women to appreciate their bodies of ALL body types but when you have people saying mean comments on how a woman should look like, THAT'S what i have a problem with. i understand that we all have opinions but if you have nothing nice to say about anyone then keep it yourself because YOU could be part of the reason why young girls suffer for hating their bodies. you have some people say that a woman should have hips, thighs, butt and whatnot. yes that's true but not every chick that you see will have a body type like kim kardashian, beyonce, and so forth. and i hate that whole "real women have curves" comment because i think it's offensive and doesn't represent women of all body types. and i'll be damned if i let some ignorant person to tell me i'm not beautiful because my hips aren't wide enough or my butt is not big. GOD CREATED ALL WOMEN AND IF HE WANTED WOMEN TO JUST BE THIN, CURVY OR FULL FIGURED THEN THAT'S WHAT HE WOULD'VE DONE! HE CREATED US NOT YOU, HOLLYWOOD OR ANYONE ELSE!! it's such a double standard when it comes to body image. we can talk s— about thin women and it's acceptable but let someone call a woman fat then everybody is on the defense mode. but i guess no matter what someone says people will still continue to say mean things just to make themselves feel good about yourself. but i like being skinny and find nothing wrong being that way just as a curvy woman loving who she is. as long as i'm healthy and happy then that's what matters to me and to people that want to make mean comments about women of any shape are insecure with themselves but choose not to admit it. love yourself and others will love you.

    • Who the heck offended skinny women in this post? Sometimes, your worse than Valentina so stop ranting. You are nauseating and boring. We get it you love skinny, than why the f are you commenting over here? Who ever did anything to you or other skinny women? You are so much worse than the people you insult. You ALWAYS get ofensive and defensive when a girl who is obviously too skinny is called so, so stop complaining about others attitudes and check yours in the mirror.

  55. apart from the fact that i believe that we derive from some lower organized form and are determined by our genes, I totally agree with what you said.

    • i agree as well Erin! She is not obese…she is not unhealthy. She is just refusing to starve herself or make herself throw up…she is allowing her body to keep its natural shape. good for her.

  56. actually regarding the south african sprinter, she was forced to undergo sex testing because she also had a very deep voice (read, 'male' sounding voice" her physique was extremely male-like, and it was revealed in the news that she was born with a hormonal condition that causes her body to produce alot more testosterone than normal, plus she's 18! there are very few 18year olds with a unique build like hers. And also the fact that she won the race by 2.5 seconds and beat the current world record holder. So NO, not only because she wasn't a pear and small breasted.

    • Not to mention that ALL professional athletes have small breasts and are more or less far from a pear shape, even though some have extraordinary bums, but that's due to intense crazy workout. But i did not want to bother with this, that argument is too invalid to be taken into consideration.

  57. why don't you check yours? i'm nothing like valentina because i said nothing but nice things about her. i didn't insult no one so what gives you a damn right to say that? you didn't like what i said then you shouldn't have commented then. i find it funny that when someone express their opinions about how thin women are treated, i should shut up and stop complaining but people will give so much sympathy to other women. i say whatever i want and if you don't like it then don't comment me and get that attitude check before you come at me.

  58. I think you are a bit hypersensitive when it comes to this. I've seen you go after someone just because they opined that a woman was looking too thin, God forbid we point out a skinny woman looking too skinny and being concerned that she is hurting her health. You like to lump us in with the truly insulting ones, and it gets irksome, to be honest. Like your continued attack on me when I say Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Alba are looking too thin. You seem to be so blinded by your love of skinny and your hatred of any that don't like it that you can't see when someone is truly too skinny, and you just HAVE to defend them because you think they, or you, is being picked on. Sweetheart, when I say they are looking too thin, I'm not picking on them or you. I am merely observing that they are, in fact, looking too thin. If you don't like what me or someone else says, don't comment on them then, as you like to say.

    Yes, I know I go off on people when they start in on a woman being fat, but do me a favor, CHECK OUT the woman I am getting defensive about and you will see that she is not, in fact, FAT like they want everyone else to believe she is(Heidi Montag and this lady are the most recent ones).

    And it's women/ladies/girls, not chicks.

    • i'm being hypersensitive??? oh really because last time i checked i was giving my opinion and views on how people make mean comments. i don't lump you guys with nothing. you do the same thing when people trash talk women that have meat on their bones but when i do it i'm being hypersensitive?!! well i see i will no longer be here or comment and if i see someone that's too big then i will call it like i see it and people can't get mad at what i say. but i'm done with this. make mean comments about women's bodies and wonder why they're suffering. and i call a chick a chick if i want to, thank you. so peace out and to all people that love to bash thin women!!! i'm out.

      • LOL Yea, OK. You DO lump me in with the haters and bashers, and it pisses me off because i am doing no such thing, I am presenting my opinion just like you do. If someone bashes a healthier or heavier person, I will jump on them for it, but if they present their opinion in a civil manner, I will counter them civilly. You, OTOH, really don't, you just automatically jump on ANYONE that has a negative thing to say about a thin person, whether they did it in a civil manner or if they were actually being insulting about it. I try very hard not to be insulting to thin women because I know what it's like to be insulted about body type. I can handle a person saying "Her legs are too big for my tastes" and see nothing wrong with them saying that, we all have our personal tastes. I will usually comment "They're really not that big. 😛 " BUT, when I see someone saying "OMG!!!! Look at those tree trunks/thunder thighs!!!" or "Those are the BIGGEST THIGHS I have ever seen" or "Those things are just disgusting they are soooooo big", yea I will get pissy right back at them. But you, you see someone say "I think she looks too thin" and you attack them as if they said "*beep* is anorexic and needs to shovel some food down her throat, she looks like a walking skeleton that will cut me with her bones!!!!". Where have I EVER come off like that that makes it A-OK for you to go after me like you do?

        Yes, I attack trash talkers. But not people that aren't trash talking. You just don't seem like you know how to tell the difference. You don't trash talk the women presented, but you sure do trash talk the people giving their opinions, and that is why I usually comment to you, but you just don't seem to get it, do you, when you trash talk and bash people that haven't done a damn thing to deserve it? Again, how are we bashing/trash talking if we just say we think a woman is looking too thin/underweight/unhealthy? You've never seemed to explain that to me, how is that a bad thing to say?

  59. BigV, where the *beep* do I trash talk and bash thin women? I DON'T, I just say they look too thin and unhealthy when that is how they look to me, HTF is that trash talk?

    "lindsay is skinny but WHO are we to say that she’s unhealthy, underweight and such"

    Because she hasn't always been as skinny as she is now, she yo-yo's drastically, so I think me and others are justified in our opinions that she is looking too thin/underweight and unhealthy(and the fact she looks like she is in her late 30's and not early 20's, she looks her age when she's got more weight on her, but when she loses it she ages by a decade or more).

    "but if someone call lizzi miller fat then it’s a problem?"

    Yes, because she isn't fat. And the ones that say she is are only trying to stir *beep* up.

    "i don’t encourage no one to be underweight"

    Yes, actually, you do by your continued denial of a woman being underweight and constantly saying she looks just fine the way she is and she shouldn't try to change. Just like I would be encouraging someone like Kelly Clarkson or Nikki Blonski to stay too heavy by denying that she is too big and that they look just fine the way they are and shouldn't try to change. If they are happy with how they look, fine, but they shouldn't try to use it as a reason to stay that way if it is unhealthy. Just as it is unhealthy to have too much weight, it is unhealthy to have too little weight, and to yo-yo in weight also.

  60. I cannot imagine anyone with bigger legs, other than a really obese person. I mean, how much bigger does it get?? Can you see those calves in the first picture? Holy smokes…. that is large… her calves are larger than her entire head !! If you removed that stringy thing in picture 1, there is no waist there… it is just like one large run on sentence…If you covered up her face, you could not tell what she is. For you to protect her as a model just shows there isn't a heavy person you do not like and that is not a judgment anymore, it is a "cause"

    BTW how are you doing 🙂 ??

    • Oh, and this is the perfect case of what I meant to BigV earlier about some of the people commenting are only doing so to stir *beep*

    • You are showing a very bad side of yourself with a beep off message. I tried to explain how I felt with no insult to you intended, as I know about you from past conversations. Stop internalizing every message.

    • And that's supposed to concern me how? You were being an insulting a– in your post and you know it, it didn't deserve any more than what I gave it.

    • I will express my opinion however I wish, and you will have to accept that I am not aiming it towards you. Why should I comment about you ? You are not in the picture above….. you are having a problem as I see your posts are getting more abrasive. Stop that or help yourself by not logging on here anymore.

    • Duh, I KNOW the post wasn't about me, and that's not why I commented the way I did, I commented the way I did because, as I said, you were being an insulting ass. So excuse me for being sick and tired of people like you trying to drag women down because OMG! they aren't skinny.

  61. Some of the people here are crazy. Overweight? My BMI is under 22 still my tummy looks almost like hers when I SIT! She is sitting people even the skinniest girl has a little tummy when she's sitting. Even the models have but these pictures are photoshopped so actually it is really physically impossible what fashion magazines are showing us no matter how much you weight.

  62. hands up who has a little pooch when sitting, even skinny or curvy! me!! i do! 🙂 she makes me feel good about myself and not be so obsessive over dieting and exercising constantly!

  63. if you really think i'm encouraging women to be underweight then that's your opinion because i don't. i never said you do trash talk thin women but you always have something to say about a thin woman so don't ff—ng curse at me!! trust me people would have a ball bashing thin women but let someone bash lizzi everyone would get defensive. but whatever i said what i had to say and i'm sticking to it just like you're sticking to what you say.

  64. For all you women out there who DESPISE this body type, who would rather starve than gain an ounce, and berate those who would think differently, I wish you with all my heart and soul:

    A pregnancy with a good-sized baby at the end, the good fortune to carry it to term, and a C-section you fought 30 hours to avoid.

    Just because you knew your flat tummy would be gone forever. Oh, and here's a news flash. OB surgeons aren't paid for plastic surgery, they're paid for a viable (live) birth. A new flat tummy is your money. Because it doesn't matter how many miles you run after you recover, you can run thousands, how much you do different workouts, how much you nurse, how much you starve yourself on rabbit food when nursing ends, how long you use pharmaceudical metabolic enhancers after the starving stops working, it JUST WON'T WORK. Because stretched out skin is stretched out skin and this is exactly how it looks. Imagine my joy at being able to see someone who can have themselves photographed like that, and have it out there for others to see, so she can say, hey, I'm not perfect either, but I got over it.

    You go Lizzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The haters could stand a spoonful of their own karma.

    • Is that true? *horrified*

      But what about Jessica Alba and Marissa Miller? They gave birth, and now their tummies look as flat as ever with no sagging skin. What did they do, plastic surgery? Just curious.

      • I've had 2 babies. My stomach was still flat and firm and stretch mark free after my first born who was taken by c-section. HOWEVER, with my 2nd baby I had stretch marks and another c-section. Now my stomach is still flat when standing and typically sitting (unless I'm bloated). However, when you bend over that loose skin is there staring you in the face. I workout my abs and can feel the muscles under there but the skin is disconnected, it just happens sometimes. I could get the tummy tuck but I don't really want the scar and I can still wear a bikini without looking too icky since my stretch marks are minimal. 😉

        Tip before you have a baby:

        I used a African Spa rich body balm from the Body Shop with the first baby and NO stretch marks.

        I used Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E lotion from the drugstore with my second baby and SEVERAL stretch marks.

        I wish I would've spent the extra money the 2nd time around.

    • So let me get this straight. Because you're bothered by some *words* you're wishing a tiring delivery, a much riskier birthing on the baby and the mother, so you could feel vindicated when the woman gets scars?

      Well aren't you just brimming with Christian love.

  65. Why do we come to this website and why do some argue about these things? I think I my end, I come here because I have a preoccupation with body image and a history of admitted eating weirdness related to that. And, this website was one of the first things that came up when I googled "skinny celebrities" during a bout of unhealthy thinking, and I've been a bit stuck coming here ever since. Nothing for me was ever out of control, but definitely thoughts and behaviors I have determined are not very healthy…and it has taken me years to admit that (I'm now in my 30's). I may be wrong (I hope I'm wrong), but I wonder sometimes if a lot of people who come here feel a bit conflicted about these things. We seem to find one another. Otherwise, aren't there a bunch of other gossipy celebrity websites to see that don't focus entirely on whether an actress/model is skinny or "curvy?" I realize that many who read this will instantly dismiss this question and/or ridicule. That is expected given my read on the comments above, and I really don't care…I'm just putting my thoughts out there for those who are also curious or feel a bit ambivalent about their behavior of checking this website daily. Maybe I'm the only one. Who knows.

    In any case, the positive of this website, from my perspective, is that in addition to the skinny actresses and models, many of whom are quite unhealthy in their habits and will likely pay for those mistakes down the road (but many who are not), there are other women presented – women who are more realistic in their weight and appearance. Some of those women are healthy, and some are not (just like the "skinny" women). I find this particular model quite attractive and healthy looking (if not glowing). She has a bit of a pooch, but many healthy and in shape women do (including myself). Further, she obviously has confidence. Don't we all want confidence? That alone is really attractive.

  66. "i never said you do trash talk thin women"

    Then why are you always attacking me when I make a comment about a woman being too thin, or include that in any of your responses to me?

    "but you always have something to say about a thin woman"

    Actually, no I don't. The last skinny woman's post I commented on was the one with the two ladies in the sparkly dresses and I didn't say a damn thing about their size, I just said I didn't like the dresses but they looked cute in them. I only said something in this particular thread about skinny women after YOU brought it up to attack my opinion with.

    "so don’t ff—ng curse at me!!"

    LOL, telling me not to curse at you, while cursing at me?

  67. her belly looks so wierd in the first pic :S in the second one she looks gorgeous… did she had a kid? that belly really looks rare.. anyway she looks good 🙂

  68. Ummmm, I don't post here specifically? And I've commented negatively on people who are unhealthy before.

    I don't know of Keira Knightley's eatings habits. But if she eats lots of junk, then yes, she is unhealthy, despite being skinny.

    Visceral fat is unforgiving. Just because you're skinny doesn't mean your organs are healthy. Look at smokers. They look fine on the outside, but the inside is all diseased.

    Yes, it's negative, the girl is a touch over the overweight line. That means she is overweight. Those lines are arbitrary, but they're there for a reason. And there's another line she is further across. a BMI of 22 is correlated with the best health, and longest life. She's way past that.

  69. I agree 100%.

    Besides, I think the fact that she's putting herself out there in a mag saying that she's fine with her body and having naked pictures taking of her is the actually thing that makes her as gorgeous as she is. That takes balls and personally, I think that THAT is what's beautiful.

  70. I think all these girls are just beautiful, i was reading all those nasty comments about those plus size models.. You don't need to have a baby to have a little saggy belly, if u look at her skin she has soft skin, most probably nicer skin then you…..

    I am Guessing this is an amercian site? Iam from Australia, we are bigger in natural size or we don't thrive for hollywood and our parents let us be who we want to be not stay thin to reach the movie world etc… as for the girl who said she has never been inside a gym?? I'd love to see a photo of you?? you would probably be skinny but i bet you are god damned ungly, or even if you are beautiful you have just proved beauty is with in not with, you surely don't have it inner my dear….

    all these women are beautiful, anyone who says they are not… Has to be what we call a typical yank……… those girls s— on most of the holywood stars, us back here in oz really don't even know why you's call angelina jolie hot, she's a fruit cake.. she's nutter, her and the women who think these are fat, you all have something in common you are toooooooooo skinny and your complete idiots… our thumbs are up for this website it is great 🙂

    • "You don’t need to have a baby to have a little saggy belly, if u look at her skin she has soft skin, most probably nicer skin then you….."

      I was one of the ones that was just wondering if she might have had a child, I in no way meant it to be insulting. I was genuinely curious because that is how I looked after my first child. Sorry if I came off as insulting her with that question.

  71. I think everyone is just missing the boat when it comes to these comments. I don't know whether its the hype that is generated through the media, or what the american society deems as beautiful; but i'm so concerned with the kinds of responses posted here. Some of the people criticising this woman, as well as some of those defending it, should spend more time thinking about how they can learn to love themselves.

    I'm 5"10 and 78kg (172 pounds) and I have to say this is the first time i've EVER seen someone with a body type that i even slightly resemble. I exercise 6 days a week (rowing, running, circuit training) and eat healthily and yet have maintained this weight for the last 5 years. ((when I say I eat healthily, I follow advice from my nutritionist))

    Most people think I weight about 10kg lighter than I really do because of muscle mass (I dont have an athletic build, but a soft, pear shaped one).

    It's actually quite lovely for me to see this woman because now I can see that BEING YOURSELF is what makes you beautiful. For this reason, I see no point in going on this website ever again.

    Thank you skinnyvscurvy, your services are no longer required.

    P.S. Good luck to all everyone who still searches all over the internet looking for their "favourite body types", or ones that they think they should emulate. You will never find anyone who looks exactly like you, nor should you try. Seeing an image of someone who 'looks healthy' does not make a good start to living healthily yourself. Stop and look at yourself – not others – and learn to take care of yourself. When you respect yourself, you will understand.

    Please don't waste your lives trying to look like something you're not. Accept what you have and move forward from there. Make different goals in your life that aren't concerned with your weight. You'll find yourselves in a much happier state of mind.

    Oh, and there's not much point in replying to this comment if you care to "tell me off", as I have no intentions of checking. 🙂

    • Like you, I’m about 5’10”, slightly heavier at about 180 lbs, and most of all also work out 6 days a week for upwards of an hour and a half each day. I’m a two-sport athlete and have been playing sports more or less seriously the past ten years (am now about Lizzi’s age).

      Unlike you I’d trade in every damn hour I’ve ever spent in practice, lifting weights, doing pushups, jumping or sprinting if it meant I could have quads and hamstrings that weren’t so thick I wear holes in my jeans, or biceps that I don’t have to cover up with sleeves because they’re so damn big.

      Your holistic approach is certainly laudable – but not particularly replicable, as far as I’m concerned. There’s no simple way to leave off from constantly feeling betrayed by your body.

  72. Instant, I think you are heading to lala land… like I said, posts are not about you, they are opinions about a model or entertainer. The purpose of this Board is to express opinions so that is what everyone does. You are getting much too sensitive.

  73. "But people in general don’t work like that. Nobody wants to be happy with what they have"

    Do people really work like that? Or are we taught to work like that? Is it not the countless images, magazine articles, movies, tv shows & commericals that tell us we can and should look different that are influencing us? It's not a natural state to be constantly hating yourself & appearance.

  74. This woman is far from obese. People with a BMI of 23 to 25 actually have the lowest death risk. I'm sure her health is miles better than most of the models featured in magazines.

    They are also not promoting weight gain or anything along those lines. They're promoting the idea that you don't have to absolutely perfect to be happy with yourself.

    Sure there are plenty of massively obese people in America – this model is just not one of them.

  75. I have not read the rest of the comments yet..and I am not sure if someone else said the same thing as I am going to say..but the magazine is not saying that it is okay to be 180 pounds if you are 5'4 or 5'3..nor is it saying that it is okay to be a size 12 when you are that height..

    Look for the equivalent of that weight for your height..and that then will be okay..

    Lizzi represents the average American girl in that she has a bit of tummy..and that should be okay..she is not skinny..and that is okay..

    so if she is 180 cms and she is 81 kilos.." which is,btw, what is considered perfect in my country..just take a hundred out of the height and that is it lol " then if you are 163 cms = 5'4,you can be 63/64 kilos .. that is the equivalent of Lizzi's height and weight for an average American girl..

    • Is all good, I think if you have read my earlier comments, you would know that if I thought you were being mean I would have let it be known 😀 🙂

  76. Sooooo, this being a place to give our OPINIONS makes it right for you to hand out the INSULTS like you do, and makes me wrong for calling you out on it? Got it, insulting ass=good, person sick of the insults=bad.

  77. I agree.

    saying that someone is boyish is just as bad as calling someone like Lizzie fat. How can you complain about one set of standards related to a woman's appearance and tolerate/perpetuate another?

    Its either all of nothing – either you dismantle all the stigmas or you put up and shut up.

    If we're going to say "all women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful" you can;t go around calling Hilary Duff boyish shaped or J.Love-Hew fat.

    That was a side rant, but still, not my original point of how LIzzie Doesn't represent the average american woman…


    The more I read everyone's comments the more I realize there may not be a single dude on this site :S

    I think now I realize both parties can feel ostracized, and its probably not good for either side and the media doesn't help.

    I guess that's the failure of all of us to define what is healthy, which is no mean feat..

  79. "we went from gorgeous, fertile looking women with full hips and soft bellies to being told that in order to “be in this movie” or “wear this or that” or “look good enough” that we have to be a bony, rail thin being with not very much of a shape."

    Some of us have graduated from prestigious schools in engineering who consider themselves more than just a baby factory and nice to look at. And had to put up with tons of crap from guys.

    Women have changed. Our bodies are changing. The Second world war has changed women forever because now we know we are stronger and can accomplish much more than Women's Housekeeping tells us we can.

    Our bodies are changing to reflect that. It's evolution. It's okay to be strong, active, vital and it doesn't make you unfeminine or masculine or boyish.

    The fertile-looking business is old news (IMO)

  80. That's why I like these pictures. I'm 165 cm (5'5) and 60 kg (132 pounds) and most of the time I just feel miserable because I feel fat and disgusting.

    I know I'm perfectly normal but I want to be thin. I have an hourglass figure my curves are in the "right" place still I would rather look like a tiny pixie.

    But it's never gonna happen because my bonestructure is like that. I will always have big boobs, round hips and thicker thights and that makes me so unhappy.

    The problem is that most girls (at least in Europe) are like me: not skinny, not fat. Nice body with some problemzones. But you NEVER see girls like that in the magazines: you either see super skinny girls or you see plus size girls which usually are OVERWEIGHT.

    And that girl ist NORMAL SIZED. That's why it's so good to look at her.

  81. Here you are complaining about someone and their opinion again.

    If you do not want to read comments, I suggest you stop visiting this site.

    This site is for commenting. You are insulting. If you continue to harass people stating their opinions I will ask to have to removed from this site.

    This site is for commenting and it is called Skinny Vs. curvy for a reason.

    Here are some other sites you can visit: . They patrol their posts more vigorously if you feel the comments bother you too much.

  82. I have heard differently; hips are flexible, and too often American doctors are eager to perform C-sections because they are financially motivated to do so. Still, today's C section is miles less invasive than the old ones.

    Also, developing a strong core system of muscles prevents a large portion of the mommy pooch, but every body is different so I can't speak for everyone. I do know that women with athletic bodies recover much more quickly and with less complications than women who are overweight, so I'm crossing my fingers.

    I'm also crossing my fingers that pregnancy will give me something bigger than a A/B cup 🙁

    Oh, the joys of being a woman…

  83. Yeah..

    Meh, fit women are usually fit through their whole pregnancy 😉 I'm sure they have nothing to worry about except for the health of their baby


    We're making the owners of this website RICH!! lol..

    check out if you want more and also if you're into this stuff. is also funny…

  85. bigvinamac, I honestly do not want to insult you or your figure but take a look at these pictures:

    A female model with a ruler body type:

    A thin male model with little to no muscle tone:

    Do you honestly see much diffference between their bodies? The man has a typical "boyish" shape and so does the woman. So calling women with narrow chests and hips "boyish" is not an insult if a person uses the description like Mrs. L did. I do agree with you that women come in many shapes and sizes, but the fact is that a woman with a ruler body type does possess a figure more commonly associated with men, hence these women are called "boyish".

  86. Alyssa; Bigvinimac

    I seem to think that you two are taking much of my commenting wayyy out into left field. I apologize if you do not understand exactly what I intend to relay.

    Well…I don't know how it is a problem to state what I did. There are body classifications everywhere! Curvy, pear, hourglass, ruler/boy-shape, bottom heavy, top heavy, thick, full-figured, stick thin…ETC.

    If you go to anatomy and look at the typical bone structure of a male and female there is a difference in the pelvic area. Some women are like that…I know a couple who share jeans, because she has his "straight up and down, boyish figure" and it does not offend her. It is even stated that modeling agencies prefer women who have "no curves/boyish fgure"…who appear somewhat androgynus.

    I apologize that you find that terms like these, that are so widely used to describe various body types offending.

    Saying someone has a "boy shaped" figure is not "just as bad" as calling someone like this woman fat…I don't see that point.

    I am not promoting anything in any of my comments other than health.

    And yes, a person can describe Hillary Duff as "boy shaped" for she is very straight up and down…and JLH is hourglass for she has such a narrow waist and fuller hips…like an hourglass. And guess what, that is just a "classification" of there body shape. It is not a "put down".

    If you can not fully comprehend the intenet in what I have said about the whole boy shape thing, like Tulona can, then I just suggest no more "chatting"

    Women do come in all shapes and sizes. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  87. Yes women certainly have changed, times have changed…thank you for stating the obvious. I got that.

    From models, to older movie stars and models…looking more voluptuous and feminine then, than they currently do…what in the world does that have to do with Good HouseKeeping or anything else you said?

    My point had nothing to do with the "power of women" I was not refering to biblical times, when "women stayed home and bore children while men labored in the fields."

    My point is that the perception of what was found beautiful then is far from what is portrayed as "beautiful" now…which is commonly the rail thin underweight starlets who get told to shed pounds for this or that for there big movie role, or for the women who get told there fat in that dress because they aren't wearing a size 2, or from models who were a slim 5'9" and 130 like Crawford (which is still thin mind you, yet healthy in the BMI area) to Marissa Miller at 5'8" and 110 (which is an underweight BMI). Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today she weighs more than 23% less.

    There is nothing wrong with being a HEALTHY size 2, but for women to think they have to be that in order to look good, resulting from the media and other women, is a horrid skewed perception. I see girls comment on here about very thin bony looking women as "fine, nice bodies" and healthy looking women as "fat". It is sad.

    I am sorry but you really mistook what I said, or maybe I was not clear enough in my words.

    No one said being strong and vital makes you masculine. You took that on in your own reply.

    And there is nothing wrong with a woman looking "fertile"… it is not "old", if you want to get down to the root of it, men are still basically animalistic and want to "plant their seed" or "reproduce" it is still the general desire…

  88. I just have to say that I think curves are gorgeous and you should embrace them! You don't have to look like the very bony skinny mini women, to be a beautiful woman! Marilyn Monroe may have had a very tiny waist, but she had gorgeous curves! as did Sophia Loren, Bettie Page…etc.

    I read once before, "stop reading beauty and fashion magazines, they will only make you feel ugly" and how true is that?

    The t.v., movies, magazines…those images are usually fake and un-realistic..

    Go look at Dove Real Beauty if you wanna see all different types of women and different ages…all beautiful.

    There is so much more to us than our weight, or shape. Stop focusing on that and practice being genuinely happy! you'll be surprised at how much your train of thoughts will change. Just a thought 🙂

  89. Haha I think i have the some problem as you 😛

    My stomach is flat but mmy ribcage is pretty huuuuge and broad

    So from the side I look alright but from the front it looks kinda weird and mutant 😛

  90. Hey, I credited you with having a cause…. you always seem to compliment the heavier people regardless of any other factors… that was no insult so cool off. Don't you want to be credited with having an " ignore the facts, senseless, closeminded, obsession-like, luv them no matter what"…… cause ??? JUST KIDDING……. cool down girl 🙂

  91. Oh please ask the admin to remove me from this site. After you called me crazy, sure. Who are you exactly, threatening me? Just you know, i've been around for far longer than you have and my opinions have been repeatidly appreciated. So sure, ask Versus to ban me. Go ahead.

  92. What ever. You think "heavier people" start at the low/mid-range of healthy, HTF is it NOT insulting when you start calling women like that fat, heavy, what ever, or implying that they have problems associated with being heavy when they aren't anywhere near heavy?

  93. thank you for posting this. i agree 100%; have you seen the pictures posted of Kate Moss now vs. photoshopped? it's unreal how much they alter how she looks and it's sad because that airbrushed, fake woman is being shoved down our throats by the media as we're told thats what beauty is. complete crap.

  94. But that is my opinion, and we all are entitled to our opinions. I never said she was ugly….. just overweight, in my opinion.

  95. Her BMI is 25.1 !!! She is clearly overweight! This woman has to lose a bit of weight! Im not saying you should be a size 0, but we need to have a Body mass index (BMI) between 18.5-24.9. If you are below it (too skinny) you need to check your diet, if you are above it (fat or overweight) you need to check your diet too!

    • 🙂

      She's 2 lbs. overweight? IMO, that's not "clearly overweight!". If I was looking at her with out knowing her height/weight, I would just assume that she was high end of normal BMI like I was when I was in shape and was similar to the way her body looks.

      If we didn't know her weight/height and dress size, would we be saying she was overweight? I don't think I would 😛

  96. i don't think she overweight or fat . . but i think this is inappropriate for a magazine ad. if all models had the 'normal' look, what would be so special about being a model ?

    • Models USED to have the "normal" look, and they were still considered special, and it was great to be one. Modeling is about more than the way the woman looks, they do actually have talent too, almost like actors/actresses, so it's not like any Tom, Dick, Jane, or Jill can become a model, you have to actually work at it too, not just "look" the part.

      It wasn't an ad they used her in, it was an article in the magazine. And so what if they use "plus size" women in their ads now too, I think it's awesome to finally get back to seeing that women come in all sizes and shapes besides tall and thin.

  97. OK, if you think she's heavy/overweight, why don't you just say it like that? That's fine, I can see why people would think so, given the fact her numbers tell us so. But you didn't say it like you were stating your OPINION, you stated it like you were intentionally stirring *beep* up and insulting her and anyone that likes her and/or may look like her. THAT'S my issue. Not people thinking shes overweight, it's the way they have to attack and insult her because she just isn't thin enough for them.

  98. @Laci: I do agree with you. And I think it would be OK if models were skinnier than average women but not THAT skinny. It's gotten out of hand. That's the problem. Plus a beautiful body is not only defined by weight but also by proportions. Though Lizzi does look more like an average woman she's not. She's still got a better body than a lot of women her size

  99. I agree, Lizzi is beautiful, and a wonderful MODEL of a healthy, happy person with great self-confidence. I think that is much more valuable to model than borderline anorexia.

    That said, I agree that we should all strive to eat well and exercise often, but not because we feel s—ty when we look at magazines, but because it's the healthy thing to do.

    To those offending Lizzi with BMI, many recent obesity studies don't even use BMI anymore because it is not a very valid index of body fat (as a person could have a wide, heavy frame, or have a lot of muscle covered in a thin layer of fat). Further, the only accurate way to measure body fat is through the underwater test, followed by calipers. Regardless, being underweight CAN also lead to loss of hair, loss of periods/fertility, electrolyte imbalances and even death.

    I commend Glamour for and Lizzi for MODELING beauty and charisma. For the people making vicious comments about Lizzi's eating and self-control, she is not obese. Regardless, many obese people are also NOT sloppy people who eat everything they see and have no self-control, but rather have genetic or metabolic problems. In the end, everyone knows that being obese is not healthy, and that we should all strive to eat well and exercise. But insulting a beautiful, healthy, happy woman for being a positive model is sad. It IS possible to admire the beauty of a slightly overweight person AND value healthy habits at the same time.

  100. Some of the comments on this thread are ridiculous. This woman may have some extra body fat but she is not obese. If you don't prefer her figure, it's fine to say it, but try and be a little more diplomatic. It's all about presentation. If you find that you're getting some harsh reactions to your comments, it's probably because YOUR COMMENT was harsh and not needed.

  101. I think that this woman is absolutely gorgeous. And for those who don't prefer her body type, or think she's unhealthy, there's plenty better ways to say that with snarky, sarcastic comments.

    I don't necessarily think she's the size of an average American woman . . . There's plenty who are thinner, and plenty who are bigger. And I don't think – as many people are quick to point out (without thinking, I might add) – that this is America promoting unhealthyness. She's clearly not unhealthy, she's just average-sized. And I think that's it's important for women to know that there is more than "skinny" and "fat."

  102. whatever but i'm not going to change my opinion and views because people choose to be ignorant and bash women because of their body types and i never said i include you as a hater. i comment on people who constantly bash them and i express my opinion about it. i don't call them names on anything so obviously you need to think about what you said. just because a woman in thin don't always mean they're unhealthy or anorexic, the same go for curvy women. and no i'm sensitive about it but i guess no matter what i say some people will never get it. i may jump on people but i don't curse them out or call them names just to get my point across.

  103. well you never shut up as well and i will keep saying it over and over and over and over. as for alyssa, i didn't call anyone names but unlike uma, she's coming at me with disrespect because i express my views. but i see people want to single me out because how i say things.

  104. BigV, when you call me out personally, and comment on just about every post of mine when I express my opinion that a woman looks too thin to me, you ARE including me in the list of bashers. I have yet to see you admit that a woman is too skinny, even when she is, so ya, to me, you ARE saying I'm a basher because I feel a woman is too thin/unhealthy. And just so you know, I have NEVER said a woman was anorexic.

    And yes, you have "cursed" at people before, I won't say you call them names, but I guess if you are calling people "bashers" when they aren't actually bashing, I guess that could be name calling. But what ever Ms., you are NOT little miss innocent here either, get off your high horse.

    • Oh, and just because a woman is thin doesn't mean she IS healthy and is supposed to be that way. *gasp* Some women really aren't supposed to be as thin as they are making themselves.

    • i never said i was innocent but i've seen you curse people out on this post so don't try to put me out there. and no i haven't curse no one out. i give out my thoughts and disagree with what they said but as far as cursing them out, no. and for the last time, i never included you as some hater or anything but if that's what you think then that's you. so you get off your high horse because you're not that sweet yourself. "just because a woman is thin doesn't mean she IS healthy and is supposed to be that way" well there are women who are thin and are built that way. just because a woman is overweight doesn't mean she's healthy and supposed to be built that way so it goes both ways. and for the record, i do curse when i speak at times because some of the ignorant remarks from people here but i don't just comment on someone and curse them out unless they do it to me. women should love themselves, that's what i'm for but what i'm not for is people trashing women or making certain comments like "this is what a woman should look like". yes it is a opinion but it's not a fact because not all women will look like the women in the magazines and whatnot and that's why i express my opinions about it whether it's nice or not. you don't like it when people call women with curves fat and get on the defense about it so why can't i do the same when it comes to thin women? that doesn't make sense to me but i see this back and forth thing is a waste of time so i'm just going to leave it at that.

  105. Wow, "nauseating and boring"?? Way to attack someone. Some of the girls on here who are constantly getting in arguments should maybe ask themselves why.

  106. BigV, I never actually cursed, I used *beep* as an exclamation, to put a bit more "oomph" behind my words. YOU used the words with just a few letters **'ed out. I knew it would come off as cursing, but I left it up to the people reading to "fill in the blank" with what ever they wanted to fill it in with. And look at the people I cursed at. Was it regular opinions or the insulting asses? With you, it's because you are always attacking my opinion if we happen to be in the same place commenting, you ALWAYS have to go out of your way to find MY posts and go off on me with your tirades about skinny women being attacked here, so that's why I psudo-cursed at you, because quite frankly I'm getting tired of your attacks on me when I didn't do *beep* to you in the first place. All I ever did was state that some skinny women look too skinny to me, and that they aren't looking healthy, and OMG there you are, attacking me like I was saying "*BEEP* is ANOREXIC, shove some food down her throat right *beep* NOW!!!!" or "*BEEP* looks like a walking skeletal BOY!!! REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, go eat something!!!!"

    "i never included you as some hater or anything but if that’s what you think then that’s you. so you get off your high horse because you’re not that sweet yourself."

    Sorry sweets, but I know how you feel about skinny women and how you hate it when they are put down, so when I see you singling me out like I am some kind of insulting asshat hater, ya, I'm going to give it right back at ya.

    "well there are women who are thin and are built that way."

    Have I ever said there wasn't? Nope, sweetheart, I know there are women out there that are naturally small. BUT, you seem to think there are none out there that aren't naturally that small, and that they are all healthy women. I'm sorry, but that's just not true, there ARE women out there that are keeping themselves too small, and you seem blind to it, and you attack people that think they are, regardless of how they come off, whether they are being nice in their opinions or not.

    "just because a woman is overweight doesn’t mean she’s healthy and supposed to be built that way so it goes both ways."

    LMFAO Buttercup, I have NEVER stated all overweight women were supposed to be that way and are healthy. I've stated that some that are called "overweight" are no such thing(like Lizzie up there), but I have also said when I do see a woman that looks too big(Kelly Clarkson, Nikki Blonsky). And if i do comment harshly against people posting about someone being overweight, it isn't because I think they are wrong, it's usually because they were being a hateful, insulting, disgusting a– about it. You can't seem to make the distinction.

    "but what i’m not for is people trashing women or making certain comments like “this is what a woman should look like”."

    And I do neither one of those things, so why did you single me out, and why do you go off on me when I comment about a woman looking to thin to me(hell, you even went after me in this particular post for doing that when I hadn't even said anything like that fora while)?

    "you don’t like it when people call women with curves fat and get on the defense about it so why can’t i do the same when it comes to thin women? that doesn’t make sense to me "

    Because you go off on people that aren't being assholes about it, I at least try to limit my crankiness with people that are being assholes. Yes, sometimes I've jumped the gun on that, but I've tried to apologize when I've realized they weren't in the "asshole camp", but 9 times out of 10, the person I'm getting harsh with is someone that wasn't so much stating an opinion as they were using that opportunity to attack and insult a woman that doesn't fit their narrow view of beauty, or they are just plain trolls. There's a difference between being on the defensive, and attacking a person for their opinions, and right now YOUR "defensiveness" has been feeling more and more like attacks on people, especially when you do it when no one has done what you are accusing them of.

    "but i see this back and forth thing is a waste of time so i’m just going to leave it at that."

    Yea, sure, OK.

  107. ThanX God !!!!!!!

    Some Meat !!!!!!

    Some Curves !!!!!!!

    I Worship Her for her Self-Confidence !!!!!!!!!

    SO STRONG !!!!

    Why This Look Wont be in ???

    Fashion Industry and World Need a CHANGE !!!

    Let these kind of Women be in too !!!

  108. This is ridiculous…I have no respect for women who feel like they have to pose nude to prove to the world that they are 'happy with their bodies'. I don't even care if she's a size 00 or a size 28. If anything, putting yourself out there the way she and other celebs/models tend to do only opens room for bitter criticism, gossip and too much focus on their physical features rather than thier intellect or talent or skills, or even their real beauty. This is not self confidence, I think she's just craving some attention. Remember Sophie Dahl? She was the plus-size model who posed nude, then shrunk drastically less than a few years later.

  109. man, she is gorgeous. i wish more models actually had bodies like hers. that's something you can believe in. nice. she can get the HAMMER!!!

  110. She looks good, looks better than i would sat in that pose and i'm lighter than her but also alot shorter. I cannot even believe people are saying shes obese or saying this is bad cause all you americans are getting fat. Well you forget that whilst people are dying of obesityq wich is through their own actions there are those dying of starvation and there is nothing they can do .and whilst people in the western world turn there nose up at food so they can look good in jeans, there are people out there that will never have the chance to refuse food, to pick what they want to eat. So you think this women should be smaller? Should diet to fit in with ideals set by god knows who? Well thats just as bad as the fatties over eating making them self ill through greed.


    these people are idiots! What kind of a magazine would put a plus size woman on? Fashion is made for skinyn girls, because they need to model it.

    It has been like that for centuries! Why are people tryin to change it. Then every female could be a model and it WONT BE UNIQUE. This is the most stupidd thing i've ever read.

    Oh and by the way, CELLULITE, AND FAT AROUND A FEMALE, AND BIG FAT ROLL BELLY, AND GIANT ARMS. is not SEXY haha. Ok, yeah this is the fact.

    And most people would agree, they just dont want to look bad. But it's a Fact.

    Models are suposte to be thin, you idiots, stop bringing these fat asses jelly roll girls in.

    • “Fashion is made for skinnyn girls, because they need to model it. It’s been like that for centuries!”


      Do get your facts right before letting the hate out.
      This site has a pretty simplistic view of how trends changed regarding the model’s figure, but you get the idea.

      The fact is that until Twiggy, in the 60’s, fuller -albeit toned – figures were desirable in a model. But this lady has made no claim to be a model – simply that she is a beautiful, imperfect woman who is content in herself.

  112. "It has been like that for centuries"

    I'm sorry,but I din't know that the 1/3 of the modelling world(at least) was made by girls with anorexia in the 60s or 70s!!!

    And you don't have to look like a stick to be unique. D.Kroes is unique with a great body but she is not like a toothpick!

  113. Girls model because they want to, not because they need to.

    If a plus sized model was in a magazine full of thinner women wouldn't that make her unique?

    Everyone should be different, its what makes us human. Short, tall, thinner or larger.

    By the way, nice grammar and spelling. You shouldn't call people idots if you're really one yourself.

    Supposed doesn't have a 't' in it..

  114. Normal? She’s 5’10” ladies.

    The average woman in the U.S. is 5’3″ and some change.

    Come on.

    If average women wanted to look at average female bodies all the time we would. We don’t want to.

  115. LIZZI 39″x2
    di V.S.Gaudio

    Lizzi MIller è una potente longilinea mesomorfa, che innalza, addirittura, l’indice costituzionale medio dell’habitus meso-endomorfo che è 53 e quindi dovrebbe avere almeno un podice da 98 , 99 centimetri, insomma da 39”.
    Gli indici esatti sarebbero questi: a) indice costituzionale: 98(00)[podice x 100] :180[altezza] = 54.44; b)indice del pondus: 180 Р[podice 98+ peso 80]= 2, cio̬ Altissimo(il valore ̬ decrescente da 11 a 0).
    Il rilassamento dinamico di questo potente macchinario ad alta resistenza muscolare e cardiorespiratoria, è visibile nell’immagine che ferma in modo assoluto il “salto del canguro”(Kangaroo-jump) che, detto tra noi, è uno degli esercizi locomotori più frequenti nell’allenamento di chi scia(non a caso ha gli stessi indici antropometrici di Lindsey Vonn).
    Il pondus con gli indici 54.44 e 2 esprime al massimo del patagonismo il suo rilassamento dinamico , che un visionatore di Morin attento già vede nel “Kangaroo-jump” e ne gode tutto l’ eccesso di tensione ( che c’è in uno sport come lo sci) che, una volta conclusa la discesa, si “rilassa” con tutta la massa, la resistenza,la forza muscolare e l’alta mobilità, tesa al livello più alto durante la gara.

  116. First off, I respect everyone opinion because each is entitled to his/her own. However, I’m 6’1″ size 10 170lbs and I am confident with who I am. Matter of factly, I am an aspiring model, and as I recently went to the plus size division of Wilhelmina, they told me that I was too small! Bigger girls are IN in the modeling industry! They want size 14+ so quite frankly she is just what the industry was looking for. Many guys tell me, that a little belly flab is attractive, not every guy likes toned abs. Her legs are not “tree-trunks” they simply fit her shape, just as I’m sure that your legs fit your frame. I have a pear shaped body and, having spoken to my doctor regarding my height and weight, I’m not overweight or fat or obese or underweight. Please keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat and assuming that she leads a healthy lifestyle, that may be the reason she does look a bit thicker, because her legs are muscular. I play sports and yes, my thighs and calves are a bit bigger than normal but I fail to see how that relates to her being overweight. Yes, it’s a fact that America is a “fat” country but that does not mean that anyone with a thicker frame is overweight or unhealthy, it simply means that she has curves, something she can’t change. I will never be a size 5 because my hips just won’t allow it, but that’s alright with me because quite frankly, I don’t want to be a size 5. I don’t want to be a size 14 either, I’m happy just the way I am, and I WILL find an agency that will accept me as I am. There’s nothing wrong with thinner women but there’s nothing wrong with the thicker ones either. Some of the most successful models to date are classified as “plus-size” models. Bigger women are becoming more popular in the industry and that’s just something thinner women are going to have to deal with.

  117. for godsake and grow up, i mean how old are you all? why should we bother soo much about other peoples weight? everytime i come across a gossip site or magazine people criticise celebrities (human beings) for being “FAT” saying “yeah she could loose weight” “she needs to exercise” who cares. I mean chill out do you honestly think someone thats happy with their own weight is seriously going to listen to a bunch of sad acts say they are fat? do they not have more important things to do in life rather than criticise people for being fat PFT please! people are born with different sizes no matter what size you are you should be happy and accept it, NEVER let other people make you feel insecure infact don’t even waste time thinking/listening about what they think or say. Another thing, to people saying this woman is “Fat” i think shes perfectly fine at least she has the guts to admit she is happy with her figure. i understand that people are born naturally thin nothing wrong there atall! but models who starve themselves until you can count every bone in their body are just plain silly. I’d rather look at this picture than look at a walking skeleton.

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  122. I am a year younger than this model, but I have the exact same height and weight as she does. My arms are bigger, but my stomach is flatter. If our bodies are virtually the “same,” how is it the girl in the picture so much hotter than the one in the mirror? Self-esteem is a funny thing…

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  126. Wow, she is gorgeous. I think a little “belly dancer” tummy is SEXY… I’m sick of seeing these rail thin women all over the place, they look hungry and not sexy at all. Real men don’t want to be with a BAG OF BONES.

    • Some women are naturally thin? It’s good to have body confidence but debunking someone who is naturally thin is just as bad as debunking someone who is on the bigger size.

      • Get over it to be honest. I see bigger women called whales and other horrible names for God knows how long by skinny women. I guess now that the shoe is on the other foot you guys find it quite uncomfortable. Not saying skinny women can’t be beautiful but literally every girl and guy I met liked women with a little extra cushion for the pushin. And I’m planning on going from 126 pounds to 140. Looks more womanly to me.

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