Meet Miss World 2013: Miss Philippines Megan Young

FFN_er_51220146 - Meet Miss World 2013: Miss Philippines Megan Young

Name: Megan Young

Country: Philippines

Title: Miss World 2013

Age: 23

How do you like the new beauty queen?

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58 thoughts on “Meet Miss World 2013: Miss Philippines Megan Young”

      • she is hapa.
        Her dad is American (Caucasian) and her mom is Filipino.
        Her sister, Lauren Young, is more Filipino looking whereas Megan is more Caucasian looking.

    • I think overall the girls were absolutely exquisite this year and all of the final 5 deserved to be there. Miss Philippines stood out to me and her face is cute and beautiful all at once. I never realised they had to wear such massive platforms under those dresses, mad respect for no one falling down even with all those steps!

  1. Confession: I just watched the pageant a few hours ago (lol). It’s been years since I have seen these pageants, passing time. An extremely well featured beautiful woman, with a gorgeous petite feminine frame. She is really outstanding, perfect face, a real stunner!! Miss France and Miss Spain were just as gorgeous.

  2. And of corse she does not look the slightest bit phillipino. I understand there are many mixed phillipinos and she is very beautiful but a bit dissapointing that Asian/southeast Asian women are only represented by very Caucasian looking examples.

    • thought was she looks “mixed” as in a mix full of a bunch of different countries. I think that’s what’s going to win Miss USA/America/World from now on. Which is great, because I think women of multiple cultures really blends into a bagful of beautiful features. No more buxom blond winners.

    • She isn’t representing Asian women. She is representing the phillipines. Filipino isn’t an ethnicity. She is just as Filipino as any of her compatriots.

      • she doesn’t really look like the average Filipino woman either. she looks a lot like my Filipino friend who also happens to be half white, which is (let’s be honest here) probably a big reason she won the Miss Philippines pageant in the first place.

        • You’re missing my point, if indeed you intended to respond to me. Filipino (as in, a person from the Philippines) is NOT an ethnicity. It’s a nationality. You can’t tell a Filipino person by looking at them anymore than you can tell an American, or a Canadian, or a French person. Saying she doesn’t look Filipino enough to represent the Philippines is like saying someone isn’t white enough to represent England. People of all flavors can be English. Being typical of the majority ethnic group of a place doesn’t mean you’re more German, or French, or Russian, or American, or Italian, or Filipino, or [insert country — ie nationality — of your choice].

          • I can always tell Filipino girls on the subway. they’re the ones who are 4’11” tall.
            While this is of course, a generalization, there is a feature system that makes them recognizable. If you live in a big city like New York, Toronto or San Fran, you can learn to discern different people’s backgrounds.

            If we see someone very fair with red hair, fair and freckles, asking them if they are from the isles is not insulting: there are characteristics that are present. Same things with how people can tell Swedes from Dutch women – both are tall blonds. Even Somali women are known for their beautiful, elegant high foreheads and gentle features. It’s something you pick up from a multi-cultural city i suppose.

  3. in the 11th picture of her she kinda looks like that Sydney Leathers girl from the Anthony Weiner scandel. I don’t really care much for pageants i find all the woman to look more or less the same even if they have different hair and skin colors.

  4. Her body looks great from what I can see, especially her hip to ratio. Her stomach looks awesome and i like that her collar bone is visible but that her chest isnt bony. She definitely looks mixed, kinda of like Vanessa Minillo.

  5. sueeeeeeee! sueeeeeee! cattle call’s a comin’ let’s bring in these livestocks called women and break em apart for the menfolk! sueeeeeeeeee!

  6. Honestly these Miss World/ Universe type people never interest me much. You wouldn’t look twice if they didn’t have their 5lbs of makeup on, and even then they just look glamour model/ p—star ish to me. This one looks quite pretty, but I just don’t like the whole pageant thing. It’s so contrived and boring really.

  7. I’m proud that Philippines won as I am Filipino. The Philippines, like Brazil and America, is very diverse as well. Her features are more caucasian than asian cause I believe she’s half american. But many in the country still consider her a filipina beauty due to her skin color. She’s really pretty though and seems to be classy and elegant.

  8. She is one of the very few beauty queens i’ve ever liked cos oftentimes majority of them look kinda plastic and fake.
    But this Miss Philipino is really pretty,less artificial and has a slim and curvy body like a shorter Candice.And she has lovely skintone and looks her age which is not usually the case in these competitions.

    Her face is like a combo of Jessica Alba and Nina Dobrev which gives it that soft and very feminine structure.Ironically this is also the reason why some women might find her generic.
    When a woman has precise female facial features with gentle slopes but lacks a bit of ‘edge’ (like high/prominent cheekbones that normally comes with a wide jawline,longer nose and no widow’s peak),it’s usually considered to be typical or unconventional and at times unremarkable.
    I’ve found out that,for a woman to be considered unique and beautiful- subjectively or objectively- she has to posess both masculine and feminine facial features.It’s kind of a psychological thing and sometimes subconcious on a level cos inherently females are naturally attracted to males.
    Check this out: Audrey Hepburn,Douzten,Rita Hayworth,Adriana,A.Jolie,Grace Kelly,Cindy Crawford(many renowned supermodels),Cate Blanchet,Rachel Weisz,Jennifer Connelly,Megan Fox,Andie MacDowell,Ava Gardner,Gina,etc are revered as beauties but they all have slight angular feature(s).But also pronounced delicate and soft ones.
    A balance that transforms to a perfect but imperfect creation.
    It also validates the theory of equilibrum in life.
    And to prove my point,all of these women I mentioned above are virtually favourite beauties of most women.

    The face shapes i love the most are Oval and Heart which i find uber feminine.
    My jawline is a bit wide with very prominent cheekbones that i think isn’t peculiar and would have loved a pointy jaw,preferably with a heart-shaped face.
    The only celeb i know that has exactly the same facial structure with me is Kiera Knighley but my eyebrows aren’t perfect as hers.It really photographs well,though- that’s the only good thing about it imho.

  9. very pretty. but why do people still have these stupid pageants? modeling, acting, singing, I can understand. did they all sing together and hold hands LOL like in kindergarten? world peace, green peace, aids awareness LOL. but they pulling hair and wigs off behind stage no peace there!! LOL

  10. She is not plastic, she’s real. A lot of Filipinos are beautiful even as full Filipinos so I don’t understand what it means to be an average one like what someone said. It’s just like in any country, there are always those gorgeous ones. I have a full filipina friend who doesn’t even look Filipino, she so white, pointed nose and super gorgeous. So yes full Filipinos can be pretty too.

    She’s an amazing actress as well and has a great personality. She’s funny too. I like the shows she’s in. No she did not get a nose job. She’s pretty tall compared to the usual short Filipinos.

    I don’t know why people look for negative things to say when they’re not happy with the outcome. I know it’s an opinion but still, Some are a little harsh. I think they are all beautiful and congratulations to those who won.

    Wow she’s the first Filipino who won 1st in miss world. Yay Megan!

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