Mega Bikini Treat: Candice Swanepoel

Mega-Bikini-Treat-Candice-Swanepoel - Mega Bikini Treat: Candice Swanepoel

What a thin and sexy bikini treat: Candice Swanepoel for Savage Swimwear!

On related news, photographer Mario Testino recently shared his opinion about this South African beauty:

“Candice is an amazing new find for me. Gorgeous, free, fun. I decided to do the whole trip on her visiting Denmark. She was awesome and did not feel inhibited. She made the shoot an amazing experience. The guys were in awe of her.”

Mega-Bikini-Treat-Candice-Swanepoel-2 - Mega Bikini Treat: Candice Swanepoel

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Mega-Bikini-Treat-Candice-Swanepoel8 - Mega Bikini Treat: Candice Swanepoel

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373 thoughts on “Mega Bikini Treat: Candice Swanepoel”

        • Honestly, at this point, I’m inclined to believe that, that’s better for your country. At least they are not like my country…with healthcare prices skyrocketing because the majority of people are overweight and need extensive treatments for diabetes, heart disease, and etc, because they just won’t say no to second portions.

          • “Because they just won’t say no to second portions.” What an insensitive and silly comment. It’s just that simple and easy right? The obesity problem in our country all comes down to that?

          • I definitely agree with you that there are way too many overweight and obese individuals who are making healthcare more if a pain BUT being this underweight is also very unhealthy and using the healthcare system to help them get better as well. Treatment for eating disorders is long-term and costs a LOT of money.
            I think people should aim for being healthy and staying in their BMI range, exercising and eating in moderation… the same stuff people have been saying for years but nobody listens to.

          • Yes, eating disorders are a issue too, but let’s look at it objectively. About 2.6% of Americans suffer from an eating disorder. About 60% of Americans are overweight. I don’t want to downplay the disorder or anything like that, but I think it’s safe to say that eating disorders, while a problem, is not the biggest problem facing my (ours if you’re American) society, and its healthcare.

          • i see you drank the republican/libertarian kool-aid.

            healthcare prices are skyrocketing because we allowed healthcare to be a commodity on which insurers can make a profit.

            did you know that people working in insurance get a bonus every time they refuse to provide coverage for something?

            but sure, blame it on the people. if it makes you’re “i’m skinny” candle burn a little brighter, go right ahead.

          • The antagonism in your comment was completely unnecessary. While I don’t define myself as a Republican OR libertarian, I am irked by the fact that you bring that up and say it as if it was an insult. That’s very biased and narrow-minded.

            I agree with the rest of your comment. However, I don’t think people are blame free either. I have come across plenty of information which has led me to the opinion that I posses. I’m not sorry that it doesn’t agree with yours, because I’m allowed to posses it.

            In my opinion, people should not depend on insurance coverage and doctors to “cure” them of illnesses that could be easily prevented by a healthy and proper diet with regular exercise. And this is not just because it puts a burden on the rest of us, but for their own sake…heart disease and diabetes can’t always be fixed years later by doctors. I don’t understand why people would want to risk their health years later…why they would bring that upon themselves.

            Please note that I am not referring to all overweight people. Many have medical issues that lead them to be overweight. But those who are in control of their weight could make a little more effort to be healthier for no one else’s sake except their own. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that it would be better for all of us, as billions are spent each year treating heart disease and diabetic problems.

          • Second portions!!! You should third and fourth as well!! Seriously why is obesity in western culture so high and by western I mean US/UK? I mean it’s scarily ridiculous. I was in the US recently and the police were nearly all over weight and the odd obese one too, now I understand why they carry guns they’re too fat to chase you so they may as well try to shoot instead. I be terrified if UK police were given guns also. But what with junk food available on every corner its not surprising. That said malnutrition can occur if under/overweight so an extreme of either isn’t good being healthy is the goal.

          • TOTALLY AGREE finally someone who’s not afraid to say the truth!! And however she’s not too skinny! We should stop seeing only bad things in other women bodies or else we will never love our body either!

          • Okay I’m a bit overweight but you know what I don’t eat alot, and yeah okay some people really pack it away but you can’t just make it sound like every overweight person over eats because that’s NOT the case. People can actually be with a bone structure that will never be a size 4 you know. That’s not an excuse for someone being 300 lbs, but it does mean that a person may always be 200 lbs just because they have a certain bone structure. So stop being such an ignorant jackass and pick up a book sometime. [:

        • hey i agree with you. I’m not from USA either, i’m from Romania and here everyone puts pressure on girls to be as thin as possible. I don’t encourage obesity but neither anorexia. Balance is the key. When you turn on the TV they show us only extra tall and extra skinny girls who are “celebrities” because they married rich old men and so on. Honestly I’m tired of them! Can’t we just see normal people? 🙁

      • Umm, a sandwich won’t make her overweight??!?!

        I also think she would look better with 15 more pounds on her – she would enter the ‘normal BMI’ range this way… plus, the pounds would go just to the right places, so she can afford it.

        • I didn’t say it would. I think she would look better with 15 pounds as well. She has spent a little too much time at the gym, clearly. I liked her 2 years ago when she was a little larger and softer.

          But Jackie’s comment was that she NEEDS a sandwich. No, not really. What is the reason for her needing one? Because she’s thin? Why, we don’t have enough average-sized and overweight people to look at that even the thin ones need to become average-sized or overweight? She would look better, maybe, but she doesn’t NEED to do anything.

          • Yes, she does not NEED a sandwich. Is there something wrong with looking the way she does? Um, no, not at all. She’s pretty near perfect, if you ask me.

            Ha, I like that. Candice “needs” a sandwich, but Tara Lynn, need to lose weight? Why, whatever for? She’s fine being her size. RIDICULOUS.

          • I didn’t check out the Tara Lynn thread but if that’s the general consensus then my opinion is confirmed. I think people find thinner bodies threatening in some way and so they don’t want them to exist, when in reality, they shouldn’t be threatening. Women who are as thin as Candice are not the norm in real life. There’s plenty of gorgeous normal-sized or even overweight girls, so Candice doesn’t NEED to do anything. Her figure doesn’t look unhealthy either.

            I agree with some posters that in this picture her hips and small torso look freakish. However, I saw her in person a few months back and all I can say is her figure is the best I have ever seen. In person, her WHR is not freakish. She looked like one of my Barbie dolls I used to have, except life sized. I think these are just weird shots. After all the photographer remarked that people were in awe of her. I think that’s the impression most people have when actually standing in front of her.

          • For me personally it’s hard to look at people who used to look “normal” or “average” who drop down to a waif/bony body-type because in my family there was always an emphasis on being thin and that food was bad and I developed an eating disorder and almost died from it so I’d rather see an average woman than an underweight one because it makes me wonder if they are doing bad things to look how they do. But at the same time I’d also rather see an average person than an overweight person because overeating is unhealthy too.

          • She certainly doesn’t need a sandwich. She has a perfect body now and she looks best at her current weight. She would not look as good with 15 pounds as she looks now.

        • I agree

          I think she is one of these women that would look better with more weight on her. Her body shape is naturally very curvy. Kelly brook is the same.

          • oh wow . you mentioned kelly brook. i remember watching her before. she has such a nice body. ! not sure if its fake though. but definitely one of my preferred bodies.

      • Come on, she wouldn´t get overweight from eating a sandwhich! She does look pretty bony here, but it kind of looks good on her.

  1. Who wouldn’t be in awe of her? She has the perfect body proportions, and then a beautiful face to top it off. She is a rare specimen!

    • I think she is stunning – face and body. but her waist to hip ratio is pretty extreme in comparison to other models so it seems kind of grotesque

      Not saying she is fat or hip-py, just saying her waist seems so ridiculously minuscule that the ratio of that circumference to her hips (something that can’t be changed as much due to bone structure) is large

      • i wouldn’t say it’s grotesque. more like incredible. i mean, is it possible to have a too-small waist if you’re at a healthy weight? she’s pretty much as close to perfect as it gets

      • Yeah, I get that WHR is a good thing, but hers is a little too extreme for me sometimes, to the point where it looks somewhat odd. I actually would prefer a wider waist (I know that sounds crazy, but still) because her waist looks kind of bizarre at some angles.

      • i know, it’s tiny, i would guess it’s like ~21 inches. my best friend’s is 23″ and she’s 5’9 like candice’s measurements say, and her waist is “broader”.. candice’s is soo small, to me it’s a bit too small to fit her body somehow. but she still looks amazing

        • I don’t think her waist is under 23 inches, it’s more just the extreme waist/hip ratio which can make the waist look even smaller than actually is!

          • her hips aren’t wide, if you imagine her with a bigger waist. to me, her waist is so teeny that it makes her hips look big. its definitely under 23″ but I don’t know to what extent

          • Well a 23 inch waist and 35 inch hips would look pretty extreme (even though 35 inch hips are technically small)….it’s comparable to Kim Kardashian’s 26-39/40 just Candie is much longer and thinner!

      • I agree, her waist looks extreme especially in these shots. But I don’t know, I kind of like the extreme-ness. Like I said, I saw her in person and she reminds me of a Barbie doll.

        I think she’s probably around a 0.65 WHR? I’m somewhere around a 0.72, and I do wish my waist was even smaller. It may look a bit weird in underwear/bikinis, but I think that kind of WHR looks great with clothes/dresses.

          • Kate1st, I think so too. Maybe even 22″ for the waist.

            I remember reading some comments on other threads putting her waist at 19″. I was like, “really?” *big eyes*

            I think VS models look really petite because of their thinness, that people forget that they are 5’10 glamazons. They’re much larger than you would expect in person. A 22/23 inch on a 5’10 frame is pretty tiny.

          • I meant that I think that her WHR-number is smaller. I realise my waist looks bigger than hers because I am shorter, but same goes with hips, so I think she is more like 0.63

          • I’ve got a 23″ waist and 35″ hips but I’m about 5’5. I do look a little like Candice except her hips look bonier for some reason. I personally think the shape of her waist looks a little odd … notice how it’s straight, and then widening out? As to why it looks so small, it’s probably the broadness of her shoulders + the shape of her waist and hips more than anything.

          • @tina I have around the same measurements as you, weirdly, and am also around the same height, but my waist/hip area doesn’t look anything like Candice! Measurements look different on everyone, so I don’t think we can really pinpoint exactly what her measurements are.

          • Don’t trust measurements put up by modeling agencies. To them, every model is 34/23ish/34, when they clearly don’t all share the same proportions.

            I think Candice is 32/22/35 (if you look at candid pictures).

      • She’s pear shaped and probably starving to try keep her bottom half from getting bigger, thats also why her waist is tiny in comparison. I don’t get her appeal to be honest, she’s all limbs and flat chest what’s the big deal? but thats just my opinion.

        • She looks about a C-cup, that’s not flat chested.

          And you should be more careful when saying that she doesn’t have appeal because she is *flat chested*. It’s a little insulting to women who do have smaller cup sizes.

        • “She’s pear shaped and probably starving to try keep her bottom half from getting bigger,”

          Because there’s no such thing as a slim pear shape…Pears aren’t overweight figures…they just describe a weight gaining/fat storing pattern. Someone’s actual weight and frame are independent of their shape.

          And besides, she’s not a true pear. She’s a pear/hourglass mix.

  2. well she is skinny….face is always unattractive to me…at best she is a generic looking skinny girl with bleached hair and l o n g arms and legs.

  3. She has ridicilous hips, awsome. At least on some of the photos… I don’t know which ones are the most shopped but i think i recall seeing some candid-type pics of her where she also seemed to have a great WHR. I don’t like her face though. I can see why someone would, and in a way i find her beautiful, i.e. i’d call her pretty, but at the same time i see her as plain and somehow annoying looking, if not ugly.

  4. Honestly, I used to love her body a lot, but now she’s just way too thin for me, I have to say. She’s got amazing proportions, she’d just look way better with a bit more weight IMO. Some of these pics are actually kinda painful to look at, though she certainly has a beautiful face and, as I said before, great proportions.

    • I completely agree with you! The last time I saw bikini pics of her I thought her stomach looked a little too flat, but she didn’t look this, well, I almost want to say emaciated, but that’s too harsh! She is scary skinny now though! She would look so beautiful with a healthy amount of body fat because she has such amazing hourglass proportions – just as you said.

    • I kinda agree with you.

      I don’t usually comment on Candice posts because she doesn’t appeal to me as she seems to do for the majority of posters here.

      Granted she is a very beautiful woman with a lovely shape but I’m not in awe of her. However, I don’t think these photoshopped pictures do her any justice at all. I’ve seen candids of her and she looks loads better in those.

      • I agree… Candice looks better in candids. These airbrushed pictures are silly. Why do you need to airbrush a naturally slim woman with a good shape?

  5. I am from the Arabic world and I can tell you for a fact that here, she would not be considered attractive (body-wise, though facially for sure yes) because of how thin she is. Here women who are at least Beyonce’s size are considered beautiful.
    It bothers me that Americans forget sometimes that they are not the entire world.

    • Interesting comment. I kind of wish I was born in the fifties where in the western world it was nice to be on the curvy side. I know some guys still like the curvy look and some like the thin look but its this constant war between the two that is so tiresome. I’m not from America but from Australia and the thin trend has spread there and many parts of Europe, New Zealand, England, western world in general really. So fair comment, but its not just America that has this body image problem.

      • But on the reverse side if we lived in the fifties, then girls who weren’t curvy would hardly get any appreciation! So I actually like it like this, where there’s pretty much an equal balance of guys who prefer curvy and guys who prefer thin. And if you’re curvy and thin, like Candice Swanepoel or Megan Fox, you’ve pretty much got the male population at your feet.

        • I personally wouldnt call Megan fox curvy at all…I dont think her whr is all that curvy really…it appeared curvier when she was meatier. Candice to me though, even though she is ‘curvy’ is still far too thin looking imo. Also, i think when women are curvy and thin, they can often be seen as ‘bigger’ as i was saying in a previous post…simply because of how curvy their frame is

        • The majority of males prefer curvy/hourglass, as established on previous threads.

          Candice is much better to look at than the Giselle’s and Alessandra’s out there because of her curves. She would be absolutely stunning if she had another evenly distributed10 pounds on her.

          • I see that you always have to point this out. Anyways, I guess I should have said there is a good balance (from my experience) of preference for thin (and by this I mean healthily skinny/slim, not anorexic)and curvy vs. meaty and curvy.

          • @Mel. Just trying to keep things as real as possible. Where do you call home anyway? Just curious as to where your experience comes from.

          • Yes, should would look healthier with a little more weight on her. Unless she is naturally very thin, with a high metabolism and low muscle mass.

    • I know that, but that’s not what I meant. I am talking about the fact that Americans think that the whole world shares their perceptions of beauty (because yes, they are more globalized through media), while in fact, half the world prefers other body types than Candice. Because even in this forum I have read: ‘How can you NOT find her attractive? are you insane?’ -type of comments.

        • She’s just stating her opinion. I don’t think you need to relate all comments directly to the shoot. If she’s inspired to say something as a result of other comments here she should just say it.

        • What does it have to do?? I’ll put my ideas in more simple words:
          Candice is beautiful in today’s media trends and Hollywood glamorized thinness philosophy, but she is not beautiful where I come from.
          Now is it connected to the post enough for you?

          • No, I still find the “it bothers me that Americans forget sometimes that they are not the entire world” unnecessary. On the other hand, Ashes comment has convinced me, so go ahead and say whatever, I’ll do the same.

          • I agree with you Sharen.

            Nobody said, “‘How can you NOT find her attractive? are you insane?’” as the original poster claims, nor did they bring up American beauty ideals and generalized them to all cultures, so the, “Americans think that the whole world shares their perceptions of beauty ” comment was incredibly unnecessary and out-of-place.

            What I’ve seen here is people saying Candice is an ideal in THEIR eyes. I think the original poster is generalizing that all the posters here are Americans and that they are not aware of differing beauty opinions, when they are probably not all Americans and are just presenting their opinions.

            I think Candice is near-perfect, but this is MY opinion, not America’s opinion, and I’m quite aware that not everybody shares that view, especially those of other cultures. Am I not allowed to say that I like Candice because not everyone does? That doesn’t make any sense.

            And PS, Candice while figure-wise is American ideal, is not so weight-wise. That was the point I was making earlier…that most Americans are on the average/overweight side so Candice would be a little too skinny for their tastes. Americans may on average like girls skinnier than those of Arab countries, but model skinny is a fashion ideal, not American society’s ideal.

          • and it’s also important to remember that various parts of America itself has different ideals for beauty, get outside of LA and Miami, most people don’t want someone this skinny.

      • wow, this is an ignorant comment, but i support your right to have it and voice it. I also completely understand where this perception comes from though and there are plenty of people who think in an extremely ethnocentric manner but not all Americans have this misconstrued delusional thought process that everyone follows their way of thinking regarding everything, including beauty

        • @ Casey, I said that on this forum, not on this particular thread I read comments like that.

          @ Nicole, I don’t think I am ignorant, since I feel that I am very well informed and well traveled. I lived in America and although I loved many things, the truth is that the majority of people really have no idea about the things that are happening outside their country and that includes economics, geography, … and yes, beauty ideals.

      • I agree to some extent – other countries such as Africa and Latin America, for example, tend to prefer a fuller look, but a lot of European countries tend to idealize slimmer women as well. For example, since Paris is the capital of haute couture, I think runway influence rubs off on people there, because I’ve always heard French people say they like the svelte look.

        • Thanks for pointing out Paris … lots of slim girls on Parisian runways, that’s for sure!

          What’s ironic, to me, is that Candice is from Africa. I think it boils down to personal preference. Just because the majority likes something doesn’t mean that everyone does.

        • Well, I think nowadays no country prefer a fuller figure, maybe an hourglass figure but not fuller, most men desire a skinny girl with curves, it’s rare to see a man who desires an overwieght girl, even if she’s an hourglass.

          • I do agree with you that the majority of countries prefer a slimmer figure, but I’ve been to Africa and read about it, and most people there don’t have very much food, so a larger woman will be more attractive to them. Whereas in countries that have more food, such as America, the reverse is generally more desirable. It’s all an issue of rarity – if everyone was a skinny hourglass, people would not aspire to be that way.

          • This is in reply to Mel comment. Just because you have been to Africa and read about it does not mean we are all starving and prefer curves. I am in fact from South Africa where Candice is from, and although we have underprivileged individuals (like all countries do), we are very much a developing and western-like country. Candice made it big here before working overseas, We as a country prefer the slender look. So just as the Americans do not want to be put into a generalized category, Africa is a massive continent with varying degrees of preference. The fact that you think Africans find larger woman appealing has nothing to do with being starved, in certain black African cultures a larger woman is seen as more fertile and therefore will make a better wife. This concept is now outdated and will only remain in certain rural African countries

      • I 100% agree with Sharen and Casey. Not all posters here are American, and I found the OP’s comment about Americans to be offensive. This shoot was not done in America, nor is the model from America. So obviously the opinion that her figure is attractive is very widespread.

      • Every culture has different norms for beauty. If the U.S norm of beauty bothers you, you can easily find the websites that provide different ideas conforming to your culture. If you are curious about what other culture considers beautiful, you can always venture into their territory and enjoy different viewpoints, absolutely no need to attack them because they’re different from your perspective.

        I’m not American, and have no idea which culture I have to describe for myself because I’m half Japanese half French, born and raised in Singapore(later in France), went to college in the U.S., and took a job in Hong Kong. One thing I learned from my background to observe other cultures, learn their good values, and most importantly, enjoy different ones. No need to brand “difference” as “wrongness” (still my French mom chatises my Japanese dad whenever he picks up his bowl to eat oatmeal though-she considers it a horrible table manner while Japanese people mostly pick up their bowls when they eat).

  6. Well it’s pictures like this which prove that the standards for models and what is considered beautiful in general have shifted. There used to be this whole thing about proportions which seem to have been thrown out the window (I think Heidi Klum was the first example). I don’t know about you but personally? That tiny ribcage against those womanly hips looks terrible! Or at least…strange?? I don’t know. It just doesn’t look normal..

      • It wouldn’t all go to her hips, though – probably about 60% to her hip/thighs, and 40% to her torso.
        When people gain weight, some of it does go everywhere. No one is like a size 0 torso and size 20 hips lol!

  7. She has a great figure and lean body BUT like with most VS models they are always very thin, ectomorph body types.

    I’d like to see some more VS models with slighltly larger builds and more than a size 2. For example 5ft10, 130lb-140lb, size 4-6 as opposed to 110lb-120lb and a size 0-2 (but same level of body fat). There are perhaps a handful of VS models who fit this description, but the majority don’t.

  8. She would not be considered ‘the ideal figure’ or anything close to it in many parts of the world like in the Middle East, some parts of Africa, India, some Latin countries, Brazil and so on. I agree with the above poster.

    • Well she would be considered quite attractive here in Europe. And I believe she’s advertising an American company so… I really don’t see the point of this.

      • The point?? I was stating some facts about how Candice’s beauty would be perceived in various parts of the world. Or these ‘other parts’ are not relevant and my point is not valid because I am not from Europe or USA?
        Everybody who is saying that she looks amazing is voicing the ideas of their society, culture and country, no?
        I don’t see why comments like ‘she is the ideal’ are on point and my comment which is ‘she is not the ideal’ are not on point.

        • yeah, I get what you are saying, I was thinking more about the photo shoot than her… And what I meant with “she’s advertising an American company so I don’t see the point” wasn’t that your opinion wasn’t valid because you are not American, but that since it’s an American company I don’t think they have to worry about what is considered attractive somewhere else… which is maybe more related to somebody else’s comment above than yours, sorry.

          On an unrelated note, but following Ashes advise above, it kind of came to my mind that in a lot of those countries it’s probably better to be considered unattractive.

          • In what countries is it better to be considered unattractive??And what would be the reason??
            Brazil-not at all.Beauty is kinda everything.
            The same in India,Africa etc.The difference is that they have a different image of beauty.Only because people from other countries don t get that think it s better to be unattractavie in those countries?

            Sure she s thought of as attractive in Europe.Europe has similar images of beauty with the US.

            I always find her waist-hip-ratio irritating.Like she had a surgery to get rid of 2 ribs.(like the wife of Ice-T)but I don t think she actually did that.Her face seems very doll-like.Maybe a bit Botox or fillers?Could also be photoshop.Or she just looks that good.
            The thing is ,you never knoe until you ve seen someone in person,at best without Make-UP.
            I can t say she s too slim-especially in comparison with Ambrosio.

            Only negative thingy:Testino used to make impressive photos.

          • No, not at all, I was just thinking that it might be safer to be unattractive in some countries, like in South Africa, where one in 4 men admits to rape, and 1 in 2 women will be raped at some point in their lives… or in some Latin countries and in India, where cute poor girls are kidnapped for prostitution… I think that if I was living in those countries I wouldn’t want to attract attention men’s at all, I’d rather be kind of disgusting to their eyes… I wouldn’t want to look like Beyonce.

            And yes, I’m aware that these sad things happen everywhere but they are more frequent in certain countries.

          • Without wanting to wade into the whole debate about American standards of beauty, I want to say one thing about the “it’s safer to be unattractive in some countries” comment.

            Firstly: I think I understand what you actually meant, and I agree with your sentiments in theory (avoiding rape = good). However, I think I should point out a small flaw in your reasoning. Whilst the causes of rape are varied and extremely complex, “being too attractive” is hardly ever a contributing factor. Most rape is opportunistic and most rape is about power and control, not necessarily about sexual desire (although some rapists are aroused by control/power). But, particularly in the countries you were referring to, rape is a political and social form of control and subjugation – it isn’t about h—y men roaming around and raping who they deem to be attractive women.

            I’m not saying that sexually-motivated rape doesn’t occur. Of course it does. But that sort of sexual assault usually occurs in the context of date rape, or when the victim and offender are known to each other. For instance, a man might feel he “deserves” sex if a woman comes onto him; he might feel that once he is turned on, the woman is somehow responsible for his arousal, and responsible for carrying through with her “promise”. That sort of scenario.

            In the cases of stranger rape, which is what you are talking about, power-motivated attacks are much more common. And the motivation is usually (but not always) based in an intense hatred of women.

            Importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that more attractive people are raped more frequently. In fact, vulnerable groups of society (e.g. the disabled, poor people, sex workers) tend to experience higher levels of victimisation because they’re “easier” targets for the rapist. The rapist knows that the rest of society might judge them or not view them credibly, and they use this to their advantage. Most rapists realise that attractive people tend to be more credible witnesses in prosecution cases, and most of them wouldn’t take the unnecessary risk. In fact, appearing to be a “disgusting woman” in that situation would almost have the opposite effect to what you say.

            The second thing I wanted to say is that I think you need to be more careful with your wording, especially as it is possible to interpret your comment in a victim-blaming way. As I’m sure you can appreciate, rape is a very sensitive topic, so it’s important to always think about how a rape survivor would react to your comments. Would it be helpful to think “I was only raped because I was too attractive” – to somehow think you are responsible for inviting your rape? I know that probably isn’t what you meant, but I just wanted to point out how these comments could be construed.

            But most of all I want to make sure these comments don’t come across in a snarky or b—y way. I really just want to gently challenge the apparent misunderstanding in your post. Rape is an awful reality for many people around the world (male and female alike) and I think it’s important to combat this with information. Knowledge is power and all that 🙂

          • I completely agree with ‘edith the elf’
            Rape has nothing to do with attractiveness of a woman and everything to do with twisted minds.

            Implying that you’ll get raped only cause you are pretty is one of the most absurd things I’ve heard. I donot wish to offend you..but somehow when I read what you had written it appeared to me as though you blamed the woman for the rape.

        • I understand what you are saying there Sharen…but i think rape a lot of the time is about power. You hear of older women getting raped who may not be seen as “attractive”…and kids that do who would also not be considered “sexually attractive”…i think a lot of the time rape has a lot to do with how a woman will present herself and carry herself. Not saying its a womans fault AT ALL! just saying if they go out wearing more revealing clothes or looking less secure and confident then they are more likely to be targetted. You could get an amazingly beautiful woman who is confident and dresses more conservatively, yet will never be raped. Then you can get a woman who has been through a lot of abuse in her life, dresses more revealingly but may not be considered all that attractive…but will be raped various times in her life. A lot of the time rape isnt about the sex, but more about the power and control. It’s sick, so i think that the people who do it are sick and have power issues. But dont get me wrong I do completely see where you are coming from

          • except studies show how you dress has nothing to do with chances of being raped.

            there really is NO way of doing a specific thing, to prevent a rape. Not wearing something, or acting in a certain way.

            I wish people would realise this, and therefore take measures to protect themselves that are more geared for defence. I’d rather have a pepper spray then trust nobody will target me, because I am conservatively dressed.

          • I think suzushii hits the issue spot on. There is nothing the victim should do or not do to prevent rape. The only thing you can do is be prepared and have knowledge. Rape is something that transcends barriers of age, gender, income, education, ability – pretty much everything.

          • Solaxia – I have a lot of issues with this comment “just saying if they go out wearing more revealing clothes or looking less secure and confident then they are more likely to be targeted”.

            This is not true at all. And it kinda makes me sad that you would think this.

            I am currently doing my doctorate in criminology and the psychology of masculinity. As part of that I am studying men who have raped or molested children and adults, and I have interviewed quite a few sex offenders – so I think I have a fairly reasonable insight into their motivations. I have also been researching this topic for about seven years now, and I have never found any study which supports what you just said. Never. In fact there is substantial research which proves the opposite (please see my earlier novel-length comment for more information).

            It’s all very well for you to say “not saying its a womans fault at all” but when the next sentence pretty much says exactly that, you lose credibility.

          • I also have a problem with ths post. It just comes off as very ignorant. First you say its about power, which is a category of rape “power rape” then you go on blabbing about women’s presentation.. which is NOT a subtype of rape and countless studies have proven it does not matter how s—ty a woman dresses, she IS NOT “asking for it”

      • She’s not 90-60-90, which is the European ideal — she is more like 85-55-90. I don’t think she has ideal proportions — her waist is too small for her hips, and her chest isn’t big enough to balance it out (although her shoulders are).

        • I’m not sure why beauty should be based on the “European ideal”. That’s just really odd to me. Science has proved the beauty of woman’s body depends more on her overall shape than exact measurements. Some people consider her the ideal, some don’t.

        • Yes you are correct, she doesn’t have perfect proportions at all, just an extremely small waist which being a pear shape comes as standard. Kelly Brook in my opinion has the perfect body. I can only assume all the posters who say she is perfect are pears themselves.

          • “I can only assume all the posters who say she is perfect are pears themselves.”

            Then that would be like me assuming anyone who doesn’t think her proportions are perfect is an apple shape who is jealous of her figure. It would be ridiculous.

            I’m a slim pear, but I envy Candice’s proportions because they are typical of an hourglass. I am a true pear, she is NOT. She may have pear qualities, but she’s not your average pear.

            But either way, I don’t see why you would think that people liking her figure is only because it relates to their own. Her figure is very rare, and certainly doesn’t look like most pear figures even if she was a pear. Not to mention it kind of fits the generic beauty standard…bigger chest/shoulders, small waist, bigger hips, long legs.

          • I actually criticised her for being too thin and guess what I’m a pear shape! Yes, maybe I’m biased towards pear shapes (as I aspire to have a body like Shakira ha ha) but still only give credit where it’s due.

    • Not in India,eh? And you know this how?
      I live in India and find her devastatingly beautiful and so do most of my friends.
      Please research what you post.

  9. I think she’s lovely. A little thin, but she is a model after all. Her face is perfection. Her ribcage is abnormally small, but there’s nothing she can do about that. I find her stunning.

    • Yeah, I think her waist would look better and not so extreme if her her ribcage was a little bigger giving her more curve to her upper waistline, since it is quite straight. All the curves are in her lower waist. It would make her look more proportionate, now it looks a little odd because she has broad and quite strong shoulders. But I know this is nitpicking because she cant help what size her ribcage is. And she has had that same thing when she is heavier too. Still think she should gain a little.

  10. I always thought that I liked girls with a nice WHR, and honestly I used to adore Candice’s WHR, but she just looks weird in some shots. I was more stunned by the strangeness of the first shot than impressed by her body. Personally, I don’t really like these photos.

      • Yes, I think that too. Like if her natural waist wasn’t small enough. 0_0 Not that it looks terrible with the airbrushing, though. I just think there can’t be more appropriate proportions for her than her actual ones.

  11. Versus what is her body shape, she looks like an exaggerated hour glass to me, but I could be wrong. She might also be a very skinny vase, by the looks of the second picture.

    She’s a goddess, but I can’t shake the feeling that something looks a bit unusual about her waist-hip-ratio– it’s too pronounced and uncanny. It looks as though she had ribs removed. Am I the only one who thinks this…

    • Vase she is not because they have elongated waists, while hers is incredibly defined.
      In some pictures, she looks very much like an hourglass but then in some of them she looks like a pear – it depends on her position. I think she is a combination, but closer to a pear because she is slightly ‘fuller’ in the hip area and her torso is very, very tiny.

      • Thanks for clearing that up Versus. I’ve been saying this for a long time on here but some posters refuse to acknowledge that she has more pear traits, AS IF IT’s A BAD THING!

  12. Now speak about skinny AND curvy.
    I can see why she is an idea of perfect beauty for many men.I’d like to see how she talks though..maybe she is boring or her social skills are that I wont be completely jealous.

  13. She looks very thin and freaky. Pretty face but..yikes. She looks like barbie, but thinner. If this is perfection, count me out.

    • ha ha i find it a bit scary too…she used to be better imo with more meat on…she was still thin but not scary thin. Also, i think perfection is very subjective! I mean, who in all honesty has the right to tell us what is perfect?! I think for media oriented type people this can be perfection…but i dont think everyone thinks so

    • Haha count me out too. I would not want my hips to jut out so extremely from my body. It almost looks like something is wrong with her. Did she have some ribs removed or something? Not an attractive body in my opinion.

  14. She’s freaking me out… I really don’t find her body attractive. Her face is, but she so bony… Not my cup of tea. I prefer a body like Kelly Brook’s. I mean, she so skinny, so small, she looks like a teenager… I don’t know, maybe that’s why I can’t find her attractive… I mean, I am a 27 year-old man, that would be hell weird…

      • The “I’m a man” note is frequently used by “men” on this site to somehow add extra credibility to their opinions.

        What these men fail to realize is that we are discussing celebrity’s looks, not how celebrity’s looks relate to men’s tastes. So being a man is irrelevant; that would only be relevant if we were discussing “How Attractive is Candice to Men?” Then I would be inclined to weigh a man’s opinion more heavily than a woman’s.

        • Actually, a lot of women when they talk about female bodies rate them in terms of their attractiveness to men. I’m not saying that all people on the website do that, but I’m sure I’ve read comments that say that such and such a woman is many men’s idea of perfection or something like that.
          Also, maybe he just feels the need to state that he is a man because the majority of commenters here are female. Personally, I think it’s nice to know that he’s a man. This does not really mean that I think he stands for all men, he just gives one male perspective.

        • LOL @ Casey and Sharon. It’s funny that Daniel does always state he’s a man. Maybe he thinks we didn’t realise from his name…or maybe he thinks that on a female-dominated website he needs to constantly remind us that he is, in fact, a man 🙂

      • Lol Daniel does do that. But amongst a lot of indications from various commenters that her body would be the ideal for ‘most men’ or plain ‘ideal’ etc etc I find Daniel’s comment somewhat relieving..

    • sometimes i wonder if you really are a man and for the record, she’s a woman. like curves all you want but there is no need to say she looks like a kid when clearly she has breast and hips.

  15. She is as close to perfect as I have seen! She is gorgeous, but her body, wow! I disagree with all of you who said she looks freaky or needs to gain weight. She looks GREAT how she is but I can agree that she might look better with another 10 pounds to fill out a little more.

    • AGREED! I think she is pretty much a super-natural type of beauty – as in, it doesn’t seem like she could be real. What I would give for a body like hers!!!

  16. unbelievable how one woman could be so damn perfect…Her eyes, her skin, her hair and her lips are beautiful; a gorgeous face. And to top it off, her body is perfectly proportioned, with a small waist, flat stomach, and curvy bottom and top. STUNNING

  17. She has an unusual face, and her body looks somewhat abnormal. I’m sorry Candice, I’m going to have to pass. Give me Doutzen any day.

  18. My boyfriend looked over my shoulder at what I was looking at and said “Her hips look weird.” I love her figure, but I can see where everyone’s coming with the weirdness-talk. Usually on a thin girl with hips, the waist meets the hips at a diagonal. With hers, they’re round which you usually see with a girl with a little bit of meat on her.

    • lol i noticed the fine blond hairs – reminded me of the antm episode w. fatima when she had hairy armpits and thought they would just airbrush it out

  19. Candice really has some amazing proportions and I know that many people on this site consider her perfect. I love WHR but……..her ribcage is a little small compared to the broadness of her shoulders. In many photos, she looks really disproportionate. If she had a larger ribcage with bigger boobs, she would be considered perfection in my book. I’ll give her a 9.

  20. Perfect body? I dunno about that…she has the top half of a 12-year-old boy and then the hips of a childbirthing woman. Pretty cute face thought and she looks like she’s a nice girl. Don’t understand why people are saying she has the perfect body type. Really, a woman strives to have a proportionate body; she doesn’t have that…and that’s what men like. If a woman’s curvy like Kim or more boyish like Jess Alba, they just like her to be proportionate.

    • sorry but what’s up with some people saying she looks like a 12 year old boy? since when boys have breasts? if you look at rihanna who is thicker than candice, her body isn’t proportionate and neither is beyonce. yet people claim they have curves and frankly who gives a damn what men like? different strokes for different folks. the picture make it seem her body is not even because of photo shopped but without it her body looks good.

    • Not all women “strive” to have a proportionate body. Why? Because they can’t.

      Candice has a pear-shaped body. Some people have a wider hip structure, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Candice is a prime example: look at how skinny she is, and yet she still has a wider bottom half.

      And I doubt you, just like everyone else on here, can sit and pin-point EXACTLY what EVERY guy likes. In fact, I know a few guys that adore Candice’s body. So already, that should tell you something.

    • She’s kind of something in between an hourglass and a pear.

      She’s pearish because she has such long legs compared to the rest of her body, so of course most of her weight rests in her legs. But unlike a pear, she doesn’t have very thick thighs or a butt, and her shoulders are very broad whereas most pears have narrow shoulders.

      I would say in reality she’s an hourglass, but she has pear features because of long legs. She has the same features of Kim Kardashian or Marilyn Monroe’s bodies, except both of them have shorter legs while Candice has long legs.

      • I’d say she is a skinny pear. Thick butt and thighs are common among pears, but I think it’s more about her weight that she doesn’t have that. She’s very, very skinny, so I kind of think her body slimmed all over. There are many variations of the pear shape too. I know I don’t have narrow shoulders, mine are broad like hers too.

        • Then you are probably a combination of both body types, like Candace. Her broad shoulders put her in the hourglass category but she gains weight on her lower half. She has characteristics of both body types. I think that’s why people are so fascinated with her proportions.

      • I have always thought of her as an hourglass as well but as I look at these pictures I am starting to see that she really is more of a pear. I am not at all an expert on this obviously but I have a small hourglass figure and when I compare my body to Candice’s it is different because of how above her waist it is almost straight while above my waist it goes out again the same amount that my hips go out. She has very broad shoulders but her ribcage and bust are not the same width as her hips. Like I would guess her measurements to be 31-22.5-35 or something like that. I like her body a lot better this way actually it makes her hips look even curvier and her waist look even smaller.But you are right she doesn’t seem to be a pear in that she doesn’t have very thick thighs and she does have very broad shoulders. Oh well who knows, her body is so rare and amazing that it is a body type of it’s own! 🙂

  21. considering how she generally looks in other photos, the fact that she does have some b❆❆bs and the fact that her shoulders are proportionate to her hips, i’m going to guess that there was a decent amount of photoshop done, for some reason, at the ribs especially. I dont believe ive ever seen anyone with shoulders of that width and such a small rib cage. Her waist size is plausible but such small ribs could not possibly be connected to those shoulders.

    • she looks SO much healthier (and normal!) there. her proportions in the pics on this website look very unnatural. she looks fantastic in that nsfw pic. and her breasts looks proportional….unlike in all those padded bra/bikinis + photoshopped VS pics.

  22. Perfect in the 8th picture, but her face looks a little off in the others. Usually I think she’s gorgeous, but her features don’t look as beautiful as usual in the other shots. I know her WHR is her defining feature, and I like that her waist is small, but at the same time her ribcage is freakishly narrow. I understand she can’t have the waist without the tiny ribcage, but it still looks weird to me sometimes.

  23. i used to think she was perfection but now i just think she looks sickly. not gonna lie, i’m still a little jealous of her body….but she’s starting to look unwell. it’s not attractive when it looks like she could break in half just by touching her. i love the thin aesthetic but i think she’s starting to no longer look good. also, VS photoshops the sh*t out of those girls to make their breasts fuller, butt curvier, etc… seeing pics of her outside of the catalogue..not as attractive that’s for sure.

    • yep that’s very true. I hate how people forget that they photoshop the hell out of these models too! usually to add curves! Like miranda will suddenly get an amazing whr and boobs…you see her in candids and she doesn’t have that much curve! Not saying its bad or that she should. Just saying if anything VS are pretty much saying she should! And it gives an unrealistic expectation that to be perfect women should be thin, but not have too many bones popping out…but yet still have major whr and big b❆❆bs and curvy bums! Its scary really. Generally they have a good photoshopper too and so they dont look unrealistic…which imo makes it worse

  24. She is extremely thin, I’m not sure I like that.

    But despite all of that, I don’t see her skill as a model shining through in these pictures. She has the same expression in every single picture..Being a good model is much more than meeting physical requirements. What separates the good models from the ordinary models is their ability to give versatility.

    You can tell she is a beginner.

  25. I think she looks great. So many famous women nowadays have large breasts, no waist, slim hips, and thin legs, and it’s almost surprising to see someone with such pronounced hips!

  26. its amazing to see a model who actually has some hips. granted, they are entirely her bone structure and completely genetic, so unless you’re built like her you can never look like her. sorry to everyone who is envious of her and not happy with what they were born with.

  27. I love her body (in photos anyway, in life I know she’d look too thin for my taste) but i really dislike her face. I think she’s pretty, but not what i’d call beautiful.

  28. People please remember that she is paid to look like this and create discussions like the one we’re having now. Basically this is her job. My job or most people’s job doesnt require them to be this slender. So just relax and get back to your life and jobs and let her do hers. This dicussion is going no where. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but lets go do something useful now. This chick is paid loads of money to be skinny so why shudnt she? You guys get fascinated by that and that’s what fuels the skinny fashion industry. Just be healthy! Go do something useful now.

  29. Why is everybody being so ignorant?
    Don’t make silly assumptions of her eating habits or her workout routine. You just look stupid. Tara Lynn looks great, that’s her body; Candice looks great, that’s her body. If she works out an hour a day then that’s ok. Don’t envy them for their bodies, appreciate yours.

    • I agree with you – to a point. I think the problem with Candice is that she didn’t used to look so very thin. She has always had an awesome WHR – like she’s been wearing corsets all her life – but now it’s gone to the extreme. She’s just stepped over the line in what looks healthy for her body.
      If I had seen Tara Lynn before at a lower weight, then maybe I would think she doesn’t look very healthy now. But I don’t know – maybe she has always been big. Candice hasn’t always been this skinny – that’s what makes it a little controversial!

      • Agree with both of u. And Sam, it’s nice to see someone being able to see both sides of the story, and not just hate on the other one 🙂

      • I agree with Sam. Erica also makes a good point. However, these crazy speculations on her diet, health and exercise routine, in general, are not recent, from what I remember. You might have observed an intensification which I have not seen, though.

  30. we are alll envious of this body, DONT LIEEEEE!!
    she isnt a stick thin gal, she has obvious curves!
    she isnt super curvy, she has a tiny bitty waist!!
    awesome body, awesome face.
    totalllly hot!

    • Melrose, you might be envious of her body, but I can assure you, im not-and im sure there are many others who arnt either!! LOL. Ive read posts on the site before of how Candice has this amazing body bla bla, and these are the first pics ive really seen of her, well what a let down, I was expecting a body like Kelly Brooks in her hayday, only better! Ah well each to their own I guess!

  31. i dont think she is that skinny . i mean it does look like it but only because of her body proportion. i think she has the ideal amount of meat on her. not too skinny and not too much.

    but her body is just way too unproportionate making her look “freaky” skinny. its so obvious on the first one. which actually does look ugly. so skinny and all of a sudden big hips. oddly proportionate to me.

    rest of the pictures where its not as obvious are good though. sadly, its propbably hard to work on that. how do you just gain weight on the side of your body? answer – you probably cant. maybe gain side muscle? LOL. dont know much about that.

  32. I love how thin she is – but her waist is abnormally small – it looks like she is going to crack in the middle. Its just so odd….

  33. I wonder if it’s photoshop &/or poses that her waist looks so ridiculously small. You can tell she has a really tiny waist in all her pictures, but this looks more exaggerated than her candids in my opinion.

  34. we have similar bodies, except i’m a few pounds more than her… and several inches shorter :/
    i like my hips sometimes, but sooo many clothes aren’t suited for them.

  35. also, she’s probably naturally skinny. there’s a video of her talking about life before she was a model with pictures, and she was pretty skinny then.

  36. This is how Kendra Wilkinson wishes she looked. It’s also how your man wishes you looked, lol (but don’t worry, he’ll probably lie if you ask him).

    • Your comment is so ignorant I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe this is how YOUR man wishes you looked but you can’t speak for all men.

  37. People kill me with comments about Candice being too skinny when she really isn’t that skinny. The picture makes her look that way but she’s no scary skinny when she clearly has breasts.

  38. I’ve got an hourglass figure and have ‘sturdy’ ;P thighs, every picture on here of a thin girl, no matter how thin, has made me want their legs.
    This is the first time ever I’d rather stick with my own fat thighs than have someone elses, the first picture just looks so unnatural O.o

    • Forgot to add, in the fourth picture (dark blue cut out swimsuit), her left side is very badly photoshopped in my opinion, she may have an insane WHR but it looks like her waist and hips have been detached from each other =/

  39. She would have the perfect body with 15 pounds more on her imo. Stunning face.
    I find it a bit scary that this is the ideal with many here. Of course candice is beautiful, i’m talking weight ideal. But luckily, it seems like the majority of posters on this site are more skinny-obsessed, or has a different view on skinny than the girls – and definitely the guys – i know in real life 🙂 Most of them would prefer a Blake Lively or Kelly Brooks body, for sure.
    Still not saying i wouldn’t trade my body for candice’s any day 😉 But then i would still try to gain just a little.

    • Btw usually her body is amazing, seems like she lost weight. Before she was the skinniest she should be imo, and now she is skinnier.

  40. Well, I must say I think she looks too thin here. I dont know if it is the photoshop or has she really lost so much weight but based on these pictures she definetely would look better with about 7 kg heavier. Still I wish I had legs that long!
    She looked so perfect in that VS show, and that wasnt so long time ago?I wonder when they shoot this…

  41. I personally don’t like her body. I think it’s too skinny. Being slim is very beautiful and I’m thin myself, but Candice looks sick to me. Of course she is photoshopped here, but you can see her bones sticking out and I don’t know if her bras are padded, but I think a soft female body is much more beautiful, than a skeleton with relatively broad hips and big breasts on it….
    just my opinion.

  42. This is perfect? Everyone has its standards.. but come on.. isn’t the body of doutzen more healthy looking than this one? I mean.. i donno.. she’s … i donno..She has really strong shoulders, amazingly tiny waist and wide hips.. the ratio is diproportioned..

  43. Magazines pictures are always photoshoped so the only way to have a real idea of how she looks is the see her in the flesh.

    It’a a known fact that camera adds several pounds so IRL she’s probably just skin and bones.

  44. What would her weight be?
    I’m 5’11” and 128 lbs. Is that similar or more than her? I just want her body, so perfect!

  45. what a … weird whaped hips and wast combination… Looks little like she has her ribs taken out or something. But at the same time it’s like really hot figure. She’s actually like barbie yikes

  46. She’s lost quite some weight. If camera adds lbs – and it does… – than what does she look like in real life? Does she even have a bmi of 16? I guess not. And i also wonder what’s the size of her waist, mine is only a bit over 22 inches and it looks quite bigger than hers. Freaky body. But really sexy in a strange way. She is quite an example of what skinny aesthetics is about and why it can be mindblowing.

  47. All of the VS models have the best bodies I’ve EVER seen. She’s also gorgeous. I watched her on the VS Fashion Show last night and she’s stunningly beautiful. Beauty combined with a killer body and not to mention amazing abs that aren’t too manly equals a super human type woman. I’m sure she’s able to get any man in the world she wants, lucky!

  48. I would actually say that Candice is a spoon shape,like me. I’ve never seen another til now!! Basically, spoons are similar to pears,but their shoulders are broader, hips are higher and they don’t have cankles. Candice’s measurements are 34B-23-34, whereas mine are 36B-26-38. If I gain,that 38 can become a 40 :L haha But it goes on evenly to be honest- the tops of arms,tops of thighs,ass and hips.

    Obviously Candice is a lot taller and thinner than me- I am only 5’5 and weigh 126 on a good day,so she is like the ”perfect” version of me,shape-wise.I do sometimes hate my shoulders and hips and wish they were smaller as I can look bigger than I am unless I wear figure- hugging clothes. That said,I can look truly striking in the right outfit because my shape is so dramatic,and I’m starting to feel a lot better about my body as the years go by. I’m 18 now, I was 9 when I first developed the hips haha It’s been a long journey,I gotta say…I thought I was fat for years because of the wideness of them. I even got liposuction on them to make me more ”straight” shaped. It didn’t make a difference. Can’t lipo through bone!! haha And I think some day,I might love myself just the way I am.

    • I seriously doubt she’s a 34B. I’ve read on modeling sites that her bust is 32 inches. She’s probably a 30B bra size. There’s no way she wears a 34 band size. Her ribcage is too tiny.

      • I think she is probably more along the lines of 32-23-35 and a 26E/28DD/30D (equivilent cup size to 34B just on MUCH a smaller band).

          • No the way it works with proper band sizing, is that the band size is the actual measurement. I’m a 30D and around my ribcage I’m 29 inches, but there is not 29D so I am a 30. I used to wear 32C because of terrible charts that say to add inches, which left me with an uncomfortable, ill-fitting, bra for years that I constantly had to tug at. Now with the proper size I barely notice it’s even there!

          • But I agree that Candice is probably a 30 band size. She has a small rib cage but she’s also very tall and has broad hips and shoulders, so it may look smaller in comparison, but I don’t think at her height, the band measurement would be much smaller than 30, maybe 28.

          • Katrina, no it doesn’t; research. just look up conversion. A 70C eu – my size – is a 32C uk/us. now, however you calculate, 70 cm is not 32 inches. Whatever, the info is out there. My circumference is 68 cm therefore my bra size is 70C or uk 32C. do your research

          • in response to cristina:

            why do you insist on repeating “research” in your post? There’s no need for attitude. And, I have done my research, so there’s no point in saying that.

            I have to actually say we’re both wrong. I’m wrong because I generalized, and you’re wrong because you generalized. Sizing can vary greatly dependent on country. In Canada, for all the bras that I’ve tried on, that is how sizing works. The fact that my measurements and my band correspond isn’t a coincidence.

          • I am a 30D/DD (depending on how comfortable I feel with the smaller b❆❆b not filling the cup and the bigger one busting out of it). I measure about 28 inches, 71 cm around my ribcage. I find a 28 band too tight, though I can fit into it. A 30 band is just right. I’ve also lived in Europe for several years and a 65 band fits similarly to a 30. With a 32/70 I can pull the band out more than 5 inches from my body with ease, it rides up and the shoulder straps always fall off no matter how tight I put them. It is illogical for a small band sized woman to add 5 inches to her ribcage measurement when a large band sized woman is only required to add 2 to 3. Plenty of people find adding nothing to 3 inches leads to a much better fit.

        • 26E and 28DD are sister sizes but they are not equivalent to band size. I wear a 34DD, so my sister size is 36D. I am swimming in the 36D because the band is too big so the bra rides up and doesn’t fit properly. A person who is a 30D should be wearing just that, a 30D. The 26E is going to be too small in the band and quite uncomfortable.

          But I do agree with you regarding her measurements. They are quite plausible.

          • Thanks for posting that Ella link, I rarely tell people I’m technically a 28D for fear of the looks of disbelief on their faces! 32B goes down much better lol (even if I do have to fasten the flippin’ thing on the tightest hook…sigh).

      • She also looks photoshopped in those photos. I saw a photo of her early in her career where there is no shadowing around her boobs. She looks to be a small B. Not that it really matters.

        • Early in her career she was a teenager, so comparisons from then to now are kind of unfair. To me she looks like an average B cup. You have to have something there to push up for push up bras to work, and with push up bras she looks like a C cup.

          • How is it unfair? She has lost a little weight since the beginning of her career but the size of her chest seems to remain about the same. I also think she is a B cup now and when she was a teenager!

          • Because women develop a little more from their teenage bodies into their adult bodies. Their weight gain patterns have already been determined, but most women still fill out a little more and look a little more womanly in their 20’s vs. their teens. Candice herself has stated that she finally started truely developing into a woman starting at age 18. Not everyone develops completely right after puberty.

            I think she was a large A/small B as a teen, and now she’s a regular B. Not a big difference but the weight loss has a lot to do with it. If she hadn’t lost weight I think she might even be a large B.

      • She would only be a small B or big A if her band size was say 34-36 (which clearly isn’t the case). That breast size on smaller ribcage translates to a larger cup letter. I’m pretty sure Bravissimo would be putting her in a 26E-30D. It’s no wonder 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size when people still think cup size set in stone.

    • Hello, friend. I’ve never met someone, even online who sounds like they have my body type! Candice is taller and a bit bustier than me but her body is much like mine. Big broad shoulders, small in the middle (and a super-short waist – I am only 5’5″ also), high hips, I have a big butt proportionately too, gain in the thighs/hips but slim lower legs… that’s me.

      I like my body a lot, but it’s challenging to dress flatteringly. Few items off the rack come close to fitting my torso’s proportions, I rely on stretch knits.

      • You sound rather like me,I think we’re spoon shapes. You can read about it in one of my comments above 🙂 WE’RE RARE haha

        • Hey I think I’m a spoon as well, except I tend to gain weight all over. My measurements are 36-28-38 and I also have broad shoulders. It’s great finally having a body type category, I thought I was all alone!

  49. Don’t agree with comments that her body shape is wierd or freakish, I think she has an amazing figure and WHR. My only beef was her size in relation to the height, I’m not a fan of 5ft10 women who weigh 120lb or less.

    If those same stats were on a shorter girl or she was a few inches bigger but the same shape and fat percentage, then I’d be praising her body.

  50. I posted earlier…but I’m just dying to know what you guys think…I had to post these two links for crystal renn’s new spreads! Versus…what do you think?

    I really did enjoy her message about being healthy and happy…but I don’t think one can lose so much weight with hiking and yoga as she claims she seems more toned and slim almost as if she might be working with a trainer….she looks like a “regular” model to me now not plus size at all….

  51. i love the suits 1, 3, and 4. especially 1. that color blue is amazing.

    SHE is amazing. her body is perfect. i love her eyes and lips.

    @Rachel & @Stacey — yes i’ve noticed in other photoshoots that her upper thigh has been left natural aka hairy. i understand the shock of a model having hairy legs, but it’s ok with me.

    and wow… over 211 comments… candice is big league haha.

  52. Stunning body though I’m not a fan of her face or the swimsuits. What was Testino saying about Denmark? Will Candice be coming to Copenhagen?

  53. Candice has a nice full face, and even though she is skinny she still has some meat on her. She doesn’t look emaciated, she justs looks naturally very thin. If you are gonna tell her to eat a sandwich then you might as well ask naturally heavier people like me cut them out.

  54. Some of these are quite photoshopped, and not very well either. The first one is especially weird. She has a small waist and curvy hips but not to this extent. She doesn’t look like this in candids. Whoever photoshopped these should be sent to remedial photo editing classes in which he learns how to correctly proportion the female body.

  55. I don’t really know what to say. Yes, initially I thought she looked stunning and I am in no way against thin women.
    However, a woman of 5″10 looks amazing at 130 pounds which is healthy yet thin. There’s no need to be 110 or lower (unless it’s natural).

  56. I know everyones going on about her weight etc etc but am i the only one who thinks she might have had small breast implants? They just look a bit fake at times. What does everyone think?

  57. C cup !!?!? ahahahaha don’t be ridiculous.. She’s B or even A … I am C and believe me… SHE is definitely not a C cup haha 😀 And i find her hip bones..too wide.. dunno..i dont think its proportional at least… (;

    • I’m a C cup and i do not have in your face boobs. Bra size is 2 different measurements, consider that. I was an 80C at one point, now i am 70C -technically 2 sizes smaller – huge difference, trust me.

  58. I don’t think she is too thin. I think she is the right weight for her bone structure. You can’t see any bones on her body — no ribs, no jutting hips, no nothing. Just the collarbones, which is normal.
    I don’t like her figure. I think it’s disproportionate. It’s nice to have a small waist, but hers is too small for her hips. She was born in the wrong century: she should have been around when wasp waists were super-popular. I personally believe that the ideal figure should be 90-60-90, which means that your hips should be as wide as your breasts, and that your waist should only be so narrow (6/9 = 0.7). I think Halle Berry probably has those measurements, or close to it.

    • Okay so what do you suggest women with small upper bodies do, get breast implants? We can’t all be the so called ‘perfect’ 36-24-36 (which is highly subjective btw). I’ve never desired to have equal bust/hips, my ideal was always a couple of inches bigger on the bottom, i.e. 32-24-34, 35-26-37, 38-28-40, etc.

  59. p..s Versus, thank you for the un-photoshopped photos! I really love seeing what people’s bodies actually look like in real life.

  60. It genuinely took me ages to psych myself up to read this post, because I knew how sadly envious it would make me, ha. There are other models I prefer at the moment to Candice, simply because of the VS exposure overkill that she had a while back, I got a bit sick of her, but she is amazingly gorgeous. Beautiful hair, face, and her body.. wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Although I will say that the tininess of her waist in the first pic I actually find a little bit uncomfortable to look at, because of its smallness it kinda gives the impression of having a buildup of fat on her hip area, if that makes sense. As in, it looks like there’s a buildup of fat there but really there isn’t. It doesn’t look like that in most pics though so maybe I’m just talking gibberish. That “love handle” area is one of my problem areas so maybe that’s why I’ve zoned in on that.

    • Yeah, I get what you mean. It’s not that she’s fat in any way, it’s just that area appears so much larger compared to the rest of her body. It’s her bone structure that makes her look that way in one photo, kind of like what Brooklyn Decker has going on. I think it’s just the photoshop though because she usually doesn’t look like this.

  61. She has a great body, I wish I was as long and thin! I looked her up on wikipedia and she is 22 years old. I’m actually really surprised, thought she would be older!

  62. I am soooo sick of hearing “what men want”
    First of all not ALL men want the same thing, and second of all. Women may want to look a certain way to please herself. We are not put on this earth to be meat for men.

  63. i used to think this woman had the most amazing natural body in the world, but i’m starting to think her b❆❆bs are lfake… idk if its because she’s gotten thinner and her implants are showing or if her b❆❆bs are just super pushed up, but i see the outlines of implants. sad.

  64. LOL,it’s stupid to say ”woman with the best body in the world” ,and all these ”sexiest woman alive” awards and sh*t are kind retarded,imo. Come ON like,there’s so much undiscovered beauty out there. I bet there’s women ten times ”hotter” than Candice living in some poverty-stricken area in the middle of nowhere on this planet, and even then no woman can be called the ”best” looking because it comes down to a matter of taste. There’s always gonna be someone younger,”prettier” and thinner than you,and also someone older,”uglier” and fatter than you. Yes,one can say Candice is ”better” than average in their OPINION,but no-one can say ”best”,tbh.

  65. I don’t know why I just don’t like her body its not envy but I don’t get why either I think maybe if she gained a few pounds or something it’s not that I think she looks terribly underweight either. I think her waist puts me off I like her body when its covered.

  66. She doesn’t have large hips but a very small waist and narrow torso, which makes her so feminine. She is perfect in that weight i think. I think she looks ages better than Kelly Brooke, who lacks tone and doesnt have a nice butt neither nice thighs. Candice is perfect.

  67. I think Candice won the genetic lottery. No amount of diet/exercise/ plastic surgery.. whatever, could ever make someone look like this, she has this natural womanly curve , but is very thin / toned looking… Plus that gorgeous, angelic face and perfect eyes hair make her one of the most unique, beautiful looks out there.. in my opinion : )

  68. I remember the first time I saw her at a VS catalogue or here(I can’t remember)…I was like WOW what a hypnotizing face…then i looked down to see her body…GOD…i was hypnotized by her waist/hips region…and I am a straight girl! No doubt she won the genetic lottery like Beth said, and she is a magnet, it’s a type of beauty that you adore (and guys worship) because she looks angelic and sexy at the same time…what a perfect human being!

  69. awkward body shape i dont like the spoon shape. not easy on the eyes. but she does have a nice body non the less.
    but she did get implants because a majority of open with this body shape have very small chests and are all hips with no guarantee of a round butt.

    • Well thank goodness we all have different tastes! Not trying to be biased (been a spoon myself) but I think it can be quite an attractive body shape in some respects, i.e. feminine (small ribcage, wide pelvis) and typically curvy WHR, i.e. 0.75 or under.

  70. Different people come in different sizes. I think she is very slim, yet looks very good. She has a small frame with a small rib cage. And she still looks curvy, even at her weight. If Kate Winslet, let’s say, would be so skinny, she would look terrible cos she has a different bone structure.

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