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Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

162770324_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

Bikini models Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo attended Victoria’s Secret Angels Launch Fabulous Collection at Victoria’s Secret Herald Square in New York City yesterday and looked cute & sexy in spring colors for the cameras.

See them better after the jump!


162770247_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162770315_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162770319_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162770321_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162770323_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team  162770325_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162770328_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771545_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771547_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771548_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771549_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771556_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team 162771564_10 - Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Make a Pretty Team

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  • Robine

    NOOOO she did not.. Give the peace signs? Come on dude, you’re a MODEL -_-

    • annabanana

      and she looks way more fun to hang out with than ms. ice queen miranda!!!

      • budni

        i wantd to write the same 🙂
        plus behati looks less try-hard than miranda. she is such a natural beauty. even with “bad” psoture she is model-y.

        • Ale

          Seriously, natural beauty? If I met her on the street I wouldn’t even think “huh, pretty girl”. She is plain at best in my eyes. To be honest, I don’t think Miranda is very pretty either. Sometimes if she’s got a good day I think she is cute, but that’s it. They both look kind of boring here if you ask me, both face and body-wise.

          • Becca

            Wowers! I didn’t even recognize Behati. She lost weight, but she looks sooo radiant! What’s with people saying she’s plain? Yeah right. Seriously. Something is definitely misleading you! She’s gorg and adorable.

            And ahhh… Miranda’s skin! She’s perfection I swear. Maybe it’s the lighting or something but these pictures are beautiful… They do look a lot slimmer though. Hope there isn’t any pressure on them.

          • Pau

            ^ agreed!!!

          • Tori

            I think they look ‘naturally’ gorgeous. I love how they are very simply dressed, simple makeup and hair. Nothing fake about them. Just beautiful and glowing. Classy and modest unlike most of the celebs we see now a days. You all have nothing better to do than judge other women from head to toe. Why don’t you put a photo up and see how you like to be judged. If your not perfect than don’t judge. Women have to stop hating on each other. Such haters.

  • Eva

    the first time that behati looks better than miranda imo 🙂 both are very pretty !

  • Miranda looks cute – I like the colour on her. Behati doesn’t do anything for me – although she looks more charming than Miranda is these photos. I’m so glad there are no kissy faces! They look sort of bored in some shots though, Miranda especially. Not very charismatic overall.

  • Behati looks like a boring lollipop with an ugly curtain dress.

    Miranda is so cute and I love her glowing skin!

  • loula

    Behati has lost SO much weight? Guesses?

    • A

      Yes, I noticed that too. She looked better before, and her dress is uuuugly.

  • HazeL

    Miranda’s face looks soo much nicer close up than from a distance. Even though they’re a similar size body wise, Miranda looks a lot healthier, Behati looks like she’s naturally supposed to be a little heavier IMO.

  • Nina

    I love Behati’s dress.

  • rebecka

    Mirandas skin is amazing, it´s have like a pearl lustre to it.But yellow isn´t her colour i think.Behatis dress is beautifull and her colours is wonderull.Her face is kind of manish.

  • Isabel

    Miranda looks like a banana, like a very pretty one, but a banana.

    • solaxia

      Ha ha!

  • Elisabeth

    Behati used to be my fave model- she was so down to Earth and didnt seem to care about being stick thing- and no one else did either because she made it as a VS model! Why did she lose the weight 🙁 now she is just like the rest of the beautiful and starving! It takes so much more personality to stand against the rest and be a little more normal looking- I guess it was too much for her- I think she lost like 15 pounds

    • zumrut

      maybe she lost it because, she is busy and uses up lots of energy? (trying to be positive here) But she is lovely, she used to be my favorite too

  • Liz

    Am I the only one who thinks VS models have been shrinking every year and they’ve gotten to a point where they not only look the same body-wise but they’re not attractive (in a lingerie model kind of way) anymore…I mean, if you look at the pics of the past VS shows it’s obvious that girls like Doutzen, Behati, Candice, and many others have lost a LOT of weight…why? They used to be gorgeous! Besides, if I’m gonna have lingerie sold, then I want to imagine what I would look like wearing it and being all sexy and stuff, and in my opinion, it takes curvier bodies to do that (i’m not saying skinny is not sexy…actually, Alessandra Ambrosio is hot as hell, but she looks like she’s naturally skinny, not that she’s starving for it) and what bothers me the most is that they have this all “we’re super healthy image” ‘come on! give it a break! Behati looks way to pale here, and Doutzen face on this year show looked emaciated, that can’t be healthy (not to mention most of them smoke)

    • Casey

      I agree with your assessment aside from Doutzen. Doutzen is still at a healthy weight, and looks bigger than the other models and more suitable for lingerie.

      I think it’s because VS is bent on hiring models that are high fashion models. Likewise, the Angels nowadays are bent on being high fashion models too. Idk, maybe VS doesn’t pay the way it used to. .But I know Candice, for example, lost weight when she started to do a lot of high fashion in addition to VS.

    • CK

      agree – nothing wrong with skinny models selling lingerie cos there are lots of skinny customers but there are as many heavier women, whether healthy or just overweight and don’t care bout that (or are working on that ) that also love lingerie and want to feel comfortable and sexy, and am sure most of them would be more inclined to check out a brand that shows models of bigger weight or even diff body shapes of a diff. weights (weight distribution is diff so same clothes look diff ), it also easier for them to imagine how this or that piece might look on them and if then should try it on.

      i used to think VS models alw got skinnier cos they became more popular so more jobs and more travels (esp promotion for VS) and stress but same food habits, or that VS hires them a trainer and their alr. skinny bodies get toned so look skinnier even without weight loss (though am sure there is also some “diet” in addition) and the workouts seem unnecessary excessive, like 2 a day or every day for 1 -2 hours????? if you’re naturally skinny and eat somewhat healthy you can look skinny even with usual 30 min 5 times/week (esp if you know what kinds of exercise your body responds positively to) or even less if you have active life style, and also nowadays VS hires more HF models that are alr. very skinny but don’t have the “fit” look so they do what i had just described and look too skinny or too worked out as the rest, so…

    • You’re definitely not the only one – VS models are very thin generally now and their body size diversity is virtually non-existent. Doutzen has lost a lot of weight, but she does appear to be very fit. But the majority of the others are very thin – whether ‘naturally’ (Miranda and Alessandra) or not (Candice, Adriana, Behati, many others) – and many have lost weight and/or toned up a lot since they started with VS. I don’t like the brand personally – I find it sort of cheesy and predictable – but I take enough notice of the VS models on this site to see the trend towards very lean and toned and seldom over a size 2.

      I don’t believe a brand has to have all of it’s sizes visually represented by it’s models, but surely some diversity is logical? I’d certainly be more inclined to try shopping there if I could see a heavier model (like a size 6 or 8) in their lineup – and I’m sure a lot of women are the same. I actually at first assumed VS did not cater to larger sizes because of it’s models – I was surprised to see on their website that they carry plus sizes!

      • Jess

        I don’t think Miranda is naturally thin, her trainer said none of his girls eat more than 1300 calories a day and in her book she talks about how she used to restrict.

        • serena

          Miranda lives on a strict diet of vegetables, fruit, berries, some fish. She also works out daily. Any woman who followed Miranda’s regimen would be very thin. I’m fairly slender and eat a lot more than that, if ate like Miranda I would easily be underweight.

    • Tally

      Liz, i totally agree with you!!

  • mary

    Miranda is cute, as usual. Behati looks like a bobble head, and i dont like her masculine jaw

    • Nobsnob

      Her jaw used to bother me too. So many girls in the fashion industry have wide jaw too! But I’ve kind of warmed up to it.

      • mary

        yea I hear ya…some women rock the boxy shaped face and look fierce and sexy…. I do like angular faces, but more heart shaped and feminine

  • Debbs

    I don’t like Miranda’s hair like that. Also, not a big fan of Behati.

    • Mishael

      Both are extremely boring. And I don’t find Miranda beautiful at all. Cute – yes, very pretty – maybe, but not gorgeously beautiful. Behati is even more plain. But wow! here she looks different, much better and sexier than usually.

  • Neri

    They should have switched dresses!

  • solaxia

    I think they both look gorgeous here! Miranda is pretty (love her hair like that) in a doll type way. She looks great in that shade of yellow and I love the shoes and dress combo.

    Behati looks so gorgeous and fresh, and feminine and sexy and pretty! Love her hair, pretty face, and love that dress on her. Plus, her personality seems so cute too.

  • lissie

    I have never seen anyone who has such beautiful clear radiant glowing skin like Miranda Kerr,
    Always shiny hair too
    Just so beautiful and natural and looks about 10-years younger than she really is.

    • Sandy

      These are totally my words! Such a beauty. When I saw the close-up I just said goodbye to my self-confidence…

  • serena

    Miranda looks great here – sometimes her face is so round and babyish but other times she looks gorgeous, like in these pics. Behati looks ok, I have never been a fan of hers because while she is pretty for a normal person, for a VS model I find her plain.

  • Kik

    Victoria’s secret is so over. I remember time when I thought VS models are the most beautiful girls in the world. Now VS models look like pretty average girls. Adriana Lima is the last trully beautifull one.

    • jenna

      Agreed! Honestly the last time I looked at a catalog and drooled was back in the late 90’s. Girls like Karen Mulder, Laetitia Casta, Gisele, Helena Christensen. All so gorgeous. Now the girls are just pretty or cute.

      These dresses btw, all I can think of is Easter. Easter colors on both?!?!?

      • Heather

        Agree! I can’t help but still like Candace. But in the 90’s the vs models were sexy. Now they are pretty much replaceable..same bodies for the most part…generic. Adriana, I still find beautiful. Miranda, I just don’t find attractive anymore. Behati is wasting away…sad.

    • Nobsnob

      Yep and they don’t have sex appeal anymore.
      While Gisele and Adriana were fierce and sexual, nowadays’ VS girls just come off as beautiful/cute but I don’t get the sexy vibe anymore, the “in your face” fierce vibe.

    • binks

      Agreed! VS went downhill with me when they started cartering to the tweens/teens and that’s when the models started to change little by little. Now, most of the models are very meh too me…

    • Sheza

      Agreed – other than the fact that i think Doutzen Kroes is really beautiful as well.

  • jessiepants

    Miranda looks gorgeous!! She looks healthy and vibrant.. The other girl looks not so good.. They are both thin but it looks super unnatural on behati she has no glow at all

  • Michelle

    They are both pretty and atractive, but to me Behati is just lacking something. It could be that she is now too skinny and she does not look healthy, which contrasts with miranda’s apperance, who is also skinny as hell but her skin, hair, body seem to radiate another kind of energy. Besides that, I think Miranda is kind of an exotic beauty. Her face may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Behati looks too plain to me

    • CK


  • jessica_rabbit

    i must be blind or have a really wird taste but they dont really have sexy bodys or faces imo. just pretty/cute/aestethicly most VS models they dont have that energy or curves to bring sexy. great legs at most.

    • jessica_rabbit


  • Ana

    Miranda looks a lot better here than she did on the previous post. Love the yellow on her. But I like Behati’s body more.

  • kara

    Behati looks a little scary skinny to me :/

  • Chelsea

    I just do not find Miranda Kerr attractive!

    • violet

      Me neither! Miranda is so plain looking – in no way ‘exotic’ looking!

  • lc

    They have amazing bodies.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I just can’t warm up to Behati. She is so plain-jane. Her body isn’t anything special either. How on earth is she a VS model?

  • Winnie

    has Behati always been this thin or has she lost some weight recently? i mean–wow! i never would have noticed has she looked so bony next to Miranda. this is how i would contrast being “naturally thin” (Miranda, who still looks healthy despite being super slim) and looking like you’re starving yourself. i feel bad because Behati always seemed like she had a better head on her shoulders than most models.

    on another note, Miranda always looks so annoyed when she’s shooting with the other girls…when she’s in solo shots she’s more smiley and “into it”. i wonder why…

  • Hazal

    Love Miranda’s outfit! The colour combo of her dress, shoes and lipstick looks great.

  • lolli

    victoria’s secret is that they use prison labor.

  • annemarie

    Miranda looks gorgeous. I love her makeup and dress, and even straightened-parted-in-the-middle hair.

    Behati looks older, in a bad way. Not that being older is bad, but she used to look so fresh and cute, and she’s only 23 but looks like she’s in her 30s.

  • Nobsnob

    I’m not a fan of Behati’s face but overall she comes off as more likeable than Miranda who always looks pretentious and self-centered.
    However I don’t like that Behati lost weight, she wasn’t even chubby to begin with, why the loss?? It’s obvious it’s not a “natural” weight for her, it doesn’t suit her.
    And yeah as said above, they all have the same body it’s so boring!!! Why even bother having so many Angels if they’re just replica!!
    I want to see girls from different skin colours and I want to see the whole spectrum from skinny to curvy in your models!

  • em

    this is the first time i have thought behati doesn’t look as average. but i still don’t get how she’s a model.

  • Holy sh*t… Behati has lost so much weight… I didn’t even recognize her in the beginning (granted that I havent seen pictures of her in a while, though)

  • kat

    i like that purple dress

  • Miranda looks sooo young and she’s almost thirty! love it.

  • Natalia

    Miranda has an almost perfect body, she gained a little after the baby, but still very very good, nice ruler shape, small proportions. The other one has a good figure too. Both are very pretty, not gorgeous, but very strong face and bodies, very good models with a more commercial look to them.

  • retrobanana

    behati looks better skinny she stands out more..but they both bore me a little

  • Natalia

    I agree, Behati looks almost entirely different, I almost didn’t recognize her at first. She looks way better after losing that little baby fat she had, more beautiful, more elevated and elite look to her. And I’m not just saying that b/c I think women should be tall and thin, Denise Richards in here this site does not look thin, b/c she is older and more average looking than Behati. Anyway, Behati looks way better.

    • Natalia

      Denise Richards does not look good, meant to say
      Versus some of my comments take a moderation?

  • Mariah

    Up close, I don’t feel as if these models are anything particularly special. Pretty? Yes. Special/Unique in appearance? Not even.