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Miranda Kerr – Skinny and in a Bikini

FP_4295032_TRB_StBarths_010110 - Miranda Kerr - Skinny and in a Bikini

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom spent the first day of the year on a yacht in St. Barts – and with this relaxing occasion, Miranda showed off her very skinny bikini body and cute & round booty.

miranda-in-a-bikini - Miranda Kerr - Skinny and in a Bikini

How do you like the “Angel’s” current beach figure?

Of course there’s more!

miranda-in-a-bikini-0 - Miranda Kerr - Skinny and in a Bikini FP_4295033_TRB_StBarths_010110 - Miranda Kerr - Skinny and in a Bikini FP_4295031_TRB_StBarths_010110 - Miranda Kerr - Skinny and in a Bikini

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  • Ella

    She doesn’t look very good to me, she is just skinny and that’s it. I mean i like women who are skinny but they have to be toned too… She has the figure of a twelve year old, that’ neither sexy nor womanly…

  • terri

    too thin

  • Ruxi

    She used to look so cute back in 2007. She was slim, and toned, not skinny.

    • crys

      she was amazing back then!
      something major must be going on with her…

      • cat

        maybe its cause of orlando. kate bosworth who is his ex used to be normal sized till she started dating him. she went pretty darn skinny and skinnier after they broke up. at least now she’s a healthier size. and its similar to miranda too who lost weight after dating him. i mean its just a speculation. but it could be true. maybe orlando likes super skinny girls.

        • Nkeon

          So you’re holding Orlando Bloom responsible for his girlfriends losing weight?

          Maybe its a conspiracy. Gucci are paying him to date women they want to model their clothes so that they can fit the ideal!

        • Just Me

          Yeah I think if you have low self esteem it’s easy to get sucked into getting too skinny if you think that’s your bf’s preference.

          • yeaitsme

            i noticed that abouit orlando too…also spot on Just me

            i think she looks sick and untoned…way too thin imo…even for a girl with a small frame

  • Emily

    WTF. When did she get to looking like she has an eating disorder? This is really sad…she’s my favorite VS model =[ She needs to eat more!

  • Ruxi

    I forgot to say! Very cute hat! I want one for this summer like that!

  • Lila

    I think the bikini shape and size makes her butt look rounder.

  • N


  • artemis

    first pic is scary

  • Christina

    You can see her spin.. It scares me, alot.

  • Ida

    not offending… but she looks like a typical anorexic.

    • sarah

      yeah I think you’re right…
      Not all anorexics look like skeletons (although she does a little). I dealt with an eating disorder when I was 16 – 17. I had a perfect model figure, 5’4″ and around 105 lbs. I didn’t look like I was going to drop dead any time but I was still anorexic.
      All I’m saying is that I think a lot of celes have an eating disorder to some degree, they might not literally starve themeselves but they are definitley obsessed and not eating what a doctor would consider as healthy!

      • dizzy

        I agree, one does not need to be about 75 pounds to be anorexic. She looks terribly underweight compared to how she looked a year or two ago, and I hope it’s not an eating disorder. As a long term sufferer I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

        • essss

          yes! i agree

      • What exactly, is the definition of anorexia? I always thought it was when someone didn’t eat for days at a time and when they did eat, it was very little. And then some people who didn’t eat at all. Am I right? There’s such a thin line and I hope the question doesn’t offend you. But since you mentioned suffering from anorexia, I thought I’d ask.

        • dom

          They do eat, most days, probably a few hundred calories.. not much, but still. Most people make the same assumption you did- that they don’t eat anything and they occasionally eat something small like celery or whatever. That’s not true.

          According to wiki: “Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by extremely low body weight, distorted body image and an obsessive fear of gaining weight”. That all leads to eating so little.

        • DL

          Anorexia Nervosa:
          An eating disorder.
          Characterized by restriction of food and nutrition under healthy requirements (healthy requirements being 1200 calories for a woman, 1500 for a man, at a minimum). In order to meet the clinical requirements for anorexia, an individual must be 15% under their recommended body weight (or possessing a BMI of 18.5 or below), have an obsessive fear of gaining weight, have a distorted image of themselves (seeing themselves as being severely overweight or obese, when they are infact, skin and bones), and have a fear of food.

          For those exhibiting symptoms, but not meeting the weight requirements, they’re considered EDNOS–eating disorder not otherwise specified.

          In the less clinical terms,
          anorexics often restrict calories to under 1200 calories a day, are severely underweight, and see themselves as being obese. They can’t see their own reflection, literally. They look in the mirror,a nd they say a distorted image of themselves that’s so far off track, it’s mind blowing. EDNOS victims don’t have to be underweight, but still show the signs of anorexia in their eating habits.
          Anorexics will often have binge episodes, where they can have a day of eating huge amounts of food, or sometimes weeks or months, before restricting again. Sometimes, they cross over into bulemic behavior, by making themselves throw up, but they’re not typically practicing this sort of thing. It’s not a compulsion, like it is bulemia nervosa sufferers.

          Typically, 1 in 10 individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa will die from their disorder, while more will die from complications related to it.
          They never really escape it or get fully better.
          They will always suffer with their distorted body image.
          It’s a really bad and dangerous disease, and has nothing to do with arrogance or any of the other negative things that peopel seem to associate it with.

    • padme

      She looks like the poster child for anorexia here. Scary.

      • Chester

        I think she looks fine.
        She only looks really thin when she bends over.
        She looks hot.

  • pppccc

    The first picture and the two last ones are really scary.I think that in the rest she looks a bit better,because of the booty.I think she needs to gain a bit…

  • Kirsty

    Ohh, the poor thing looks like she’s lost muscle weight, and over Christmas too. Not good. Somebody give her a chicken mayo sanwich! Fair play to the girl though, the has the prettiest face I have ever seen.

  • Sheila

    I don’t care if it’s “natural” or not. When your spine shows like that, you’re too skinny. She needs to gain some weight if she wants to keep her appeal.

    • Kt

      my mum is around 5″7 and just under 140lb, she’s a sz 6-8 and has a spine like that even when she is standing up straight.
      Yes I think Miranda is a bit skinny, but not based on her spine

      • Melissa

        Everyone always has a, “well my mum, sister, postman, cousin with one eye” story on here.

        • crys

          it’s a comment section, people are allowed post their stories 🙂

          • Melissa

            Ok, here goes.

            My third cousin with the lisp is also has a visible spine, even though she’s like 5 ft 9 and 250 lbs. She’s not anorexic either. So based on that insurmountable evidence, Miranda is also not anorexic.

          • Cathy

            That’s not what she said. I guess all she Kt and crys wanted to say is that it’s unfair to make assumptions based on ones anatomie. I have to agree ,Miranda looks terribly underweight especially compared to what she used to look like.
            But that’s because of her overall appereance and not because her spine’s showing.

            She still needs to gain some quickly, I actually think her legs and arms are far more bonyand emanciated.

            PS.: My spine shows too, especially when I’m leaning forward like Miranda is doing in the first pic. But if I’d post a picture on here I would probably be called curvy at the very least 😉

          • Su

            I absolutely agree, and I can attest that having a spine like Miranda’s doesn’t mean you’re too thin. Mine looks the same, which I hate so much, and I am by no means underweight. Having said that, Miranda does look terribly thin lately.

        • Kt

          Its a site for comments, which is what i was doing – commenting.

          I never denied she was too thin, its plainly written in my post that I think she is a bit too thin

          however thats my opinion and while I don’t think she looks healthy, I don’t speculate she has anorexia because I don’t really know anything about Miranda Kerr

    • Ramie

      My spine looks like that…that’s just how it is. But unfortunately my bum looks like hers too. Which, in my eyes, is a big bum.

  • Mel

    i’m jealous. i’d kill for that ass.

  • ana88

    she is wayy too thin, i used to admire her

  • Val

    Orlando is getting fatter!

    • Haha yea thats true!

    • Amy

      maybe he’s eating all her food…

      • Frankie

        Hahaha! The image of him and her around food now – soooo funny. Thanks! 😉

  • chris

    she looks great! this whole “spine-showing-thing” is no big deal. how much do you have to weigh so it doesn’t show if you pose like this?

    • Agreed. Also, some people’s spines show more than others’. Quite frankly, I can’t see her ribs or collar bones, and she has quite a prominent booty. Now if she was also showing ribs, and didn’t have her booty, I might say that something’s up.

      • Melissa

        Lol that makes no sense.

        • CLD

          actually, I think it does.

        • Reread it then.

          • CLD

            wait,what?Why are you going back on a comment you said yourself?

          • Huh? Oh no, I meant, Melissa should go back and reread my comment, because I feel like I made clear what I was trying to say.

          • CLD

            Oh, I understand =)

        • Frankie

          yes it does..

      • Sara

        Good point, Casey.

        • Cathy

          You have a point, but then again the booty is probably mostly muscle – which of course is a good thing – but you can’t say she doesn’t have an eating problem based on that.

          Well, but I honestly have to say, her arms look a tad unnatural and have about the width of the arms of one of those emanciated runway models. I mean, the upper arm is smaller than the joint.
          But you are right about the rips.

          Still , She used to look way better some months ago.

  • Micaela

    AHHHH, not cute at alllll….

  • LC

    The back shots are kinda scary, I really don’t like it when I can see segments of a spinal chord.

  • Miranda

    As much as I love her and think she’s adorable, that first picture is just creepy. She could stand to gain a few lbs.

  • ash

    Wow, I can’t believe all the negative feedback from this set of pictures, to me she looks perfect. She’s a naturally thin girl, like most models.
    The “bony spine” you all seem to be mentioning is completely normal. Even if you are a size 2-6 when you bend over you will have the same effect..
    Stop the critisism, I mean she is a model, she’s a VS angel, if she looked as unhealthy as you people say she is then I’m sure she would be told to gain some weight..
    Her job is to be thin and look great, and she does look amazing!

    • Alias

      I agree

      • Julie


  • Monika20

    I disagree ash. I couldn’t even look at the first picture, it just made me feel sick. I’m also tall and very skinny, but I still think she looks sickly skinny. I am at all not attracted to her body type, she does not look sexy at all, but rather like a 12 year old!

  • Casey

    She’s looking a little too thin. I think she has a naturally slim figure, and on top of that, she diets (she mentioned in several interviews that she eats very healthy) so she ends up very thin. I think she could losen up on the food restrictions a bit and gain 10 pounds.

    I think she’d be just as healthy but she would look a lot better. I miss her cute cherub face.

  • gen

    I think she looks great. Her butt is amazing!!

  • Stacy

    I think she looks fine actually. Cute butt.

  • ash

    I just don’t understand why the whole “12 year old” comparaison. I get that people do have different tastes in looks, but I just can’t see her being “sickly skinny”
    I find it awfull to call someone anorexic or to assume that person has an ED when you don’t know anything about her eating habits and body type.
    Then again its my opinion, I am strongly against ED’s don’t get me wrong I do find her to be thin but not unhealthy at all.

    • Melissa

      You don’t know anything about her eating habits either.

      • ash

        You are right, I do not know her eating habits. But isn’t it better to give her the benefit of the doubt rather than just blasting out that she’s anorexic ?(or in that case looks like a 12 year old) just because she looks different to what you like..

        • Melissa

          Lol, I don’t really care about all that stuff you just said. Was just pointing out that none of us are privy to that info.

        • Uma

          To call her anorexic – definitely WRONG.
          To say she looks like a 12 year old – mere opinion. Sorry, but if someone sees that, she/he has the right to state it. Miranda is very skinny, with portruding bones, with no visi

        • Uma

          To call her anorexic – definitely WRONG.
          To say she looks like a 12 year old – mere opinion. Sorry, but if someone sees that, she/he has the right to state it. Miranda is very skinny, with portruding bones, with no visible muscle definition and definitely with not much curves. So it makes sense why maybe some people don’t like her body, be reasonable!

  • Alexis

    She looks great. Not everyone is a “plus size model” nowadays.

    • JES

      Your’re right. The only two sizes a person can be is underweight or overweight.

      • Cathy

        Amen, to that !

  • Barbie

    She is so adorable. I think her figure is cute. Thin will always be in!

    • sassy

      people like you make people like me hate our bodies

      • Just Me

        Sassy, this is a cliche but very true. No one has the power to make you feel horrible unless you allow them to. While I know it’s tough not to take things to heart when it comes to our weight and looks, it’s still possible to let things roll off your back. I also don’t think Barbie meant to offend anyone.

  • Melanie

    That first shot is a bad angle. And she could stand to gain a few pounds. But she’s not too thin and she does have a good figure, if I saw her say at the beach or the pool or something my first thought wouldn’t be ‘omg too thin’, more like ‘nice figure’.

  • cj

    I would never want this body for meeee, omg never……………..

    • Frankie

      yeah right!

    • Ellie

      neiither – I even prefer mine.

  • Jemima

    She has a nice booty but I wish her thighs were just a little bit bigger, but that’s just my taste. But if she’s naturally like this and loves her body, then good for her.

  • Serafiina

    Cute butt!

  • lauren

    could stand to lose a few…. her ass is huge

    • Brittany

      A) You’re just saying that for the shock value


      B) You’re a pro-ana girl who needs a dose of reality

      which one do you want to be?

      • ann

        She could just be a moron.

        • Brittany

          haha that was secret option C

          • Sarah

            Not everyone wants a “booty”…

          • gen

            Trying to reply to “Sarah”.

            Wishing to be thinner than this girl is unhealthy. She clearly does not have a shred of extra body fat.

          • Fluffykins

            It’s fine if a person doesn’t want a booty. But Miranda doesn’t have a huge ass, and people that say she does comes off like they have issues. They aren’t getting on her case for not wanting a booty, they are getting on her case for her calling Miranda’s ass huge, and saying she could stand to lose weight.

      • Nkeon

        I could be wrong, but I think Lauren’s being sarcastic. Well, at least that’s what I got from it seeing how Kerr is nowhere near huge and only just about has some kind of booty. It may be roundish in shape, but it’s the bikini bottoms yanking it up that’s making it look ‘bigger’.

  • Brittany

    she’s so gorgeous. I think if she gained like 10 lbs she’d be perfection. She does still have nice curves though especially in the booty. But a little more meat on her bones would be more appealing.

  • b

    spine or not, the second-to-last picture is really unapppealling. there’s not a thing i envy about her, which makes me really happy. i got pretty weird about wanting to be skinny in 2009, but maybe 2010 is a better year. 🙂

    i want my body to look like a luxury sedan commercial…with dangerous curves…lol

    • yeaitsme

      ha ha awesome! go girl! i hope it is a better year for you =o)

  • Jill

    If she’s 5’9″ I’d say no more than 110 pounds. What do you think?
    I wish she would gain a little weight, I miss her old body. :/

  • Alias

    I think she looks good, nice booty too, WOW!
    Casey I agree with what you said.

  • maya

    WOW she is sooo skinny

  • Jo

    When I was 12 years old I was chubby, so not all 12-year-olds are skinny stick figures like most posters seem to imply. Miranda doesn’t look 12 (she’s way too tall, for one), she’s simply skinny. And sometimes her face reminds me of a persian cat!

  • kim

    she lost way to much weight! She used to be my favorite VS model, she has such a beautiful face but I think she needs to gain the weight back.

  • lulu

    Poor thing. I feel extremely sorry for her. On the other hand i feel very lucky that i am not as dangerously thin as Miranda and that I am under no pressure to constantly stay really skinny, and not being able to indulge in the foods that i love 😀 (I am not fat though. I would say that i have Beyonce’s kind of figure. CURVY)

  • OMG! SHE IS SKIN AND BONES! She looks like a girl in an*rexic websites!

  • Ellie

    Oh god – she looks sickly to me, especially in the second last pic.

    She has always had a very slender but healthy body – I don’t know why she felt the need to lose weight.

    BTW versus you misspelt ‘St. Barts’

    • Versus

      Thanks for telling me!

  • Rooshie

    i HATE her legs. They’re straight as an arrow…no shape, no structure, i mean they really just look like tree branches & her knees are like knobs. aside from that…just because ribs pop out doesn’t mean thats an anorexic trait either. my ribs have always protruded i can’t help that. i sure hope people don’t label me as anorexic just because of my bone structure!! not cute……

  • Rooshie

    i really dislike it when people just claim you are anorexic because you look skinnier than the average woman. i have a thyroid issue i used to be accused of being unhealthy and even over heard girls saying “oh she must be going to throw up” when i was out to eat at a restaurant heading to the bathroom. sometimes believe it or not…it IS hurtful to be considered a walking skeleton or hear “ewww eat a sandwich” we are all built differently!!!

    • Casey

      I had a similar experience because I too am thin. When I was younger and would go out to eat at a restaurant, I would actually wait an hour or two before using the restroom after finishing eating so that people wouldn’t think I was going to throw it up.

      Now I just go when I feel like it. Hold your head up girl, your body is your own and you got to make the best of it. There are as many guys that like slim girls as there are that like big girls, so no reason to ever feel down about having a slim figure, no matter what rude people say.

    • I feel you. When I was around 14 I was really thin and people can be such a pain in the ass. But hey, now that I’m in my 20s I’m the one with a model’s body (and not an anorexic one, I have curves in the right places) and a lot of those girls that had nice bodies when they were 14 are fat now…

      About Miranda, I don’t think she looks anorexic…I think some of these pictures just have bad angles….she looks fine in the ones were she is next to Orlando, she’s smaller than him but she’s the girl, I think it looks weird when the girl is bigger than the guy.

  • Rooshie

    side note: i like her hat too lol, also doutzen is my fave VS model. SHE IS SUPER SEXY. with such a cute/innocent looking face. i feel like now more than ever the squinty eyed dark edgy look is all over. refreshing to see she hasn’t fallen into that and changed 🙂

  • Nice booty? Huh? Sorry, she has no butt. And she’s way too skinny. She used to look really good some time ago but not now. I don’t find her body sexy or enviable. However, she still looks good in the VS ads. Well, just because they’re majorly airbrushed.

  • dom

    She looks the same size as before, except she has absolutely no muscle mass whatsoever. Which is what is ringing “anorexia alarm bells” for me. I know skinnier people who at least have a LITTLE bit of muscle. There are models who are skinnier than her but still look healthy thanks to the fact they have a bit of muscle tone.

    Anyway she’s 5’7/maybe 5’8 on a good day, i’ve met her, i’d guess her at 115lb.

    that is what 100lb at 5’7/5’8 looks like, miranda has around 15lb on her I reckon (she was weighed on some ukranian tv show around the time that pic was taken and she was about 100lb)

    • dom
      • Zoi

        You are the only one who really understood what is the problem with these pictures. Is not the fact that she is thin. There are people way thinner and its fine.

        The problem is the very low level of muscle mass. And this screams eating disorder. The reason maybe the very low consumption of food, protein specifically or extreme aerobic exercise. I suppose it’s both.

    • Kae

      Bravo to you for pointing this out. She has always been a thin girl, that’s why she’s a model. But the muscle wasting is apparent and a lot of people will not notice this.

  • Lauren

    yikes. way too skinny for my taste. She looks so much healthier and happier with a little more meat on her bones. Now she looks like she’s forcing herself to look a way that’s not natural for her…and that doesn’t look good on anybody.

  • rubykate

    VS angels used to be curvy (the likes of tyra, laetitia casta, …)…such a shame !!!

  • She

    Too skinny. Not hot at all. My idea of hotness: Adriana Lima, Yasmeen Ghauri and SALMA HAYEK in the snake dance in FROM DUSK TO DAWN!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • She

    and Doutzen Kroes! 😀

  • She
  • I didn’t think it was ever possible to make Orlando look “not hot”… but now I know…

  • Lydia

    Why does no one understand the fashion thiness of beauty?? she looks fine for her profession

    • Brittany

      She’s not a “high fashion” model which in girls are paid to be very thin, she works for VS=curvy (well not as much as it used to) and also appeared on a few men’s magazines (???) like GQ, FHM, mensstyle, and Ralf ti name a few.

      • ash

        She is a high fashion model, appart from VS she did quite a few runway shows in Ny fashion week, so she needs to keep her slim figure.
        VS has been chosing thinner girls these past 2 years, Doutzen is probably the curvier one and I wish there were more like her BUT she has fewer jobs (gucci rejected her for being “too fat”).
        In the end thin will always be in, I think miranda looks great for her profession if you compare her to chanel iman she looks way healthier.

        • dom

          she is not a high fashion model. she walked one show for balenciaga last fashion week and everyone with some sort of interest in high fashion was shocked off their computer stools. i doubt she’ll walk more than 1-2 shows next fashion week and when VS models (who are considered commercial) are hired by high fashion brands, it is usually to generate attention, sales etc because people KNOW who they are.

          she’s a commercial model.

          • ash

            So are you saying that just because you do VS youre stuck doing commercial stuff for the rest of your career? That must mean we wont see Chanel Iman or Jessica Stam walking for anymore couture shows right?

            Miranda was signed at an agency in New York in 2004 and walked for Betsey Johnson, Alexander wang, Roberto Cavalli and Heatherette just to name a few, she also did shoots for Vogue and Harper’s, all that before 2007 when she became a VS model. True, shes not doing alot of high fashion shows but doesnt mean in the future she wont, and as far as the Balenciaga show shocker it wasnt in a negative way it was because the media was not aware she had confirmed her appearance.

          • dom

            walking in the runway show, is totally different to being an angel. most of the girls who do the show are high fashion

            anyway, now that chanel is an angel, i doubt she’ll be doing much high fashion work at all.. just sit and watch for a few months and see

          • Actually if you go on Miranda Kerr’s thread at The Fashion Spot you’ll see that she is quite high fashion both before VS and during. You just never really hear about it, you only hear about her VS work…you have to look for her high fashion endeavors.

            Most VS models are high fashion. You have to be, because you have to have done signficicant shoots/runways to even make the interviews for the VS show. The Angels typically start to do less high fashion not because they can’t or are not in demand, but because they make so much money with VS that they don’t have to. VS Angels are special in that regard, because they’re neither purely commercial nor purely high fashion…they’re both.

            Also, Chanel Iman is not an Angel, and judging by everyone’s reaction this year, I doubt she will ever walk a VS show again. Candice is the only one out of those 5 who actually became an Angel.

          • ash

            Exactly, but the reason why most angels don’t do any other stuff or very few other runway shows its cause VS takes most of their time, the don’t just walk down the runway, they have to promote and be spokes models, they travel around and do tv commercials or VS photoshoots..
            I am possitive we will see Chanel in many high fashion and couture fashion shows, in fact she’s booked for many shows in paris fashion week.

  • brina

    she’s skinny but she looks the same and fine to me.

  • Uma

    1. her ribs do show and even if they didn’t that’s not a sign of her being healthy just like ribs showing is not a sign of being unhealthy
    2. her spine is not a nice sight; don’t care if it’s natural or not it’s just not nice
    3. her bum is cute
    4. her legs need some muscle definition, they look childish. I never actually liked her legs so who knows…

  • Angela

    She is scary skinny, don’t like her 12year-old body. But, her booty is ABSOLUTELY amazing. I do not get that.

  • Coconut Slush

    I think she looks FANTASTIC!

  • Heather

    I definitely think she could afford to put on some weight cause she is def on the thin side but have to agree with Angela her booty is AMAZING!! I know some people were saying it was small but for someone as tiny and skinny as her its big and also she not very tanned, tans always seem to make things look more defined and therefore bigger.

  • caren

    I think she looks good, I don’t know what the big deal is. Some girls are thin. Better too thin than too fat…

  • gigit

    I think she looks okay, maybe not as good as she used to, but not ridiculous a la lohan. Sometimes, when people get into healthy habits, they can get “too healthy” for a little bit and eventually I think she will relax a little a gain a little bit of weight. It can be hard to maintain a slim, toned look without getting too thin sometimes, since there is a fine line between the calories needed for slim (for a supermodel) and skinny.

  • babybrighstar

    well,in the first picture , she looks very thin and herribs do show on her back , but in the last picture she looks great.

  • babybrighstar

    well,in the first picture , she looks very thin and her ribs do show on her back , but in the last picture she looks great.

  • xo

    her bum is AMAZING

  • jenni

    is her butt real?

  • Natasha

    too thin nice butt but ughhh idk why I just don’t like her while Alessandra Ambrosio seems like a sweetheart Marissa seems like a cool healthy girl Adriana innocent and Doutzen shy she just seems like a ice queen and bitchy please VS get rid of her once her stupid contract ends

  • Scary_doLL

    She’s still very beautiful she just needs to workout to get some muscle.

  • K-Taken

    I love Miranda, and I think her body’s fine to be in VS.
    The job requires it, people.

    She looks good in my opinion. :]

    Also I don’t know if that’s her case,
    but in my case, it’s horridly DIFFICULT to gain weight. Ever since I was small.
    I’m thin and just can’t gain a pound.


    • dom

      I doubt it, in the last pic if you look REALLY closely her face is a little gaunt.. compare it to this photo of her as a 17 y/o in high school, you can tell she lost weight (not sure when its from but you can also see some of her chest bones in the 2nd and you cant in the yearbook shot. Her dimples look a lot more pronounced which basically means less facial fat)

      She’s definitely not a naturally skinny fast metabolism person (that being said people CAN be really skinny healthily without having a fast metabolism. It’s not as if everyone who is skinny with a normal metabolism has anorexia.) I think she was healthy before. She was the same size as now, maybe even skinnier, but she had good muscle tone!! Now she has hardly any. She is either doing too much cardio or not eating enough. Maybe both.

  • CoSi

    It looks like she has lost too much weight. I am 5’8” and when I was 113lbs, my spine showed. It was nasty. Now, I am 119, and my spine does not show like that. I think Miranda is probably around 110lbs or less, because I was not THAT skinny even when I was 113lbs. She used to look so lovely, slender, fit, and toned. Now, she just looks weak and skinny. What a shame.

  • machmalow

    oh my god I WANT those legs so badly 😀

  • Lisa

    Her legs have so much space between them and the bones on her back… I makes he look like she is sick. It’s a miracle that she has a booty! That’t the only part that looks good..

  • Brittany

    Perhaps her butt (in other pics looks smaller because her weight wasn’t so low) looks big because the rest of her is so small and/or its the bikini bottom.
    Some people don’t lose weight (or its difficult) in their butts. In her case since she has lost weight and her butt is probably the same size it used to be, I’d say that she doesn’t have even weight loss distribution. Which is probably a good thing for her (although its not)

  • inemesit

    i think she looks great and all her critics are only jealous of her,it offends me when people criticise skinny girls.i’m skinny and it’s not my fault, so i shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

    • I think she looks great too, but I don’t think people who don’t like her body are jealous of it. By your theory, if you decided to criticise a larger girls figure, people may say you are jealous of her! But in reality, it’s just that you a prefer a different aesthetic, so no one should be critisized for that.
      On the other-hand, I don’t like it when people call slim girls names like “a bag of bones”, and on this forum it seems to be alot more acceptable to be nasty about a slim girl than a big girl.

  • jjj

    She looks great, very perfect weight actually. Unfortunately for her, this looks like the only shots of her that were selected to be displayed were of her in awkward poses which would show bones and bad posture even in sizes 2-8. If you look at other photos taken at the same time but on different websites, her body looks very healthy. Just thin. Any women a size 8 or below would have a viewable spine if they bent over. This is amazing..

    It is so unfair to her to call her unhealthy, anorexic, etc. when someone decided to display or only release photos of her to make her look to be unhealthy.

    I say good for Miranda, but I feel for her and the other women who work hard to take care of their bodies. Or for who might be lucky (unlucky on this site) enough to have thin bodies but to be criticized for something they are not.

    • Uma

      If she worked hard she would have muscle definition. Most people said that is the problem, not the fact she is skinny. Sure, why read when you can bash everyone.

      • jjj

        Whats interesting is that she clearly does have good muscle definition. While the intention of selecting only these photos were to show her as unhealthy, you can see in all other photos of her on other sites taken at the same time that she has some pretty good definition in her abs. She always has. You can even kind of see it in the last photo. Her legs, you need to look at other photos of her as these are just bad photos.

        • Alias

          jjj EXACTLY. It’s just Versus’ way of getting hits and creating controversy, picking certain photos to get comments flowing. It’s smart, I’m not complaining. But I have seen the photos you are talking about and it is a well known fact Miranda is fit, she has a low BFP and has abs. I mean, look at her ass, you can’t be anorexic, wasting all your muscle away yet have a toned butt like her.

    • Sue

      I agree with everything you said jjj. I do think Miranda could look a little more toned and defined. She is skinny, but she’s not even close to being too skinny. I think we’re all so used to seeing what is average which is actually overweight and unfit that when some of us see someone like Miranda who is healthy and thin we hear cries of too skinny and unhealthy. Miranda is fabulous, healthy, beautiful, and not at all too skinny. Her body should be an inspiration for all of us.

      • Brittany

        Not “all of us” want her body type.
        While she has always been thin, we’re used to seeing Miranda look a little more toned than she is now, that’s what we’re basing our comments on, not on overweight and unfit people. There is a clear difference between then and now, so she is a bit too skinny:

        • Sue

          I agree with you and never said that “all of us” want her body type. That would be impossible anyway. I only meant that because as i said, “Miranda is fabulous, healthy, beautiful” she is an inspiration. Because she could be a little more toned and defined (and that being based on the current pics only) means exactly that – “a little”. And after looking at your comparison pic I see very very little difference to the point of practically indistinguishable. As for my comment on what is now average, which happens to be for US women 5’3.8″ tall, 163 pounds with a 36.5″ waist, Miranda in comparison would certainly appear much thinner. Thank God for that. I simply brought another thought into the conversation and if we all limited our comments to only what had been said previously things would be pretty boring and unimaginative here. I intend no disrespect regarding your response and expect the same for mine.

    • Versus

      These were the only pictures the photo agency I work with had available – all these plus some really blurry ones which I did not post because of the bad quality. Sometimes things are just coincidences. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but you should know that there are other factors that contribute to the selection of pictures, not just my wish & desire.

  • Scott

    Gross! Someone give her some food.

  • Shans

    she looks terrible

  • I really don’t like the view from the front, what with the visible ribcage and all, but she has a nice butt. I think Miranda has a really gorgeous face (and cute dimples) but I’ve never liked her body. She’s really quite skinny, with not much muscle tone.

  • Kate

    Amazing! Beautiful. the way people should look, healthy. you can tell she doesnt diet, cause shes still healthy looking

    everybody that is saying bad things about her are just plain jealous. everyone wants to have that sort of body,
    thats why people go on diets (and sadly a few people go too far and develop a ED)
    and thats why modeling companys choose skinner people because clothes look good on them and they look more attractive,
    anyone that critisizes her is probally fat, in one way or another and ugly, go on look at ur self i bet you a million dollars you look nothing like her, so dont diss

    • dom

      thats not true.. i would like to be skinny but i do not want to look like miranda.. to me she looks unhealthy, like i said above, no muscle. yes i admit i am a fair bit bigger than miranda but i’m not fat. i’m 5’9 US size 4-6. i personally find her a little short (i’ve met her, she’s around 5’6) and she just looks weak/frail. most high fashion models (a lot are thinner too) look healthier than her because they dont have muscle wasting in their legs.

      Anyway I do realise that there are people who, no matter what they say, are jealous of miranda in these pics and will kill to look like her.. I see your point, but these are more the “she looks like a starving 7 year old boy!!” commenters (if I was a 7 year old boy I would be offended if I was told I looked like Miranda). i dont find myself wanting to look like Miranda because I am not far away from looking like my personal ideal. 2-3 dress sizes ago, yeah, maybe I would have wanted to, but not now.

      i think these girls have great bodies and i am working towards looking like them (NOT like miranda, sorry)
      daniela hantuchova (tennis player, her legs are a little skinnier IRL, and she’s more toned, i watched the first few minutes of her tennis game yesterday on TV):

      kylie bisutti (girl who won that VS competition):

      jacquelyn jablonski (high fashion model):

    • Nkeon

      Such a dumb comment!

      Why do people always feel the need to slate others in order to praise someone else, or themselves?

      Maybe some people are jealous of her and just maybe some people aren’t but don’t like her look because they prefer other body types/sizes.

      Everyone wants her body? Many do but many also prefer to look like Beyonce or Salma Hayek or Doutzen Kroes.

      So why don’t you go check yourself and ‘don’t diss’?

  • Xoo

    She is skinny, but I mean she’s a model.
    of course, Doutzen Kroes’s Body is not that skinny.
    But I think Miranda was always that skinny.
    And I think, No one can really say what’s beautyful.
    Some people prefer Beyonces Body, some other prefer Lindsays Body.
    You can’t say whats wrong.

  • samantha

    She is too skinny!!!!!! Look at the gap between her thighs when she bends over!Maybe it’s the pale complexion that makes her thinner!!
    I think she wants to be a high fashion model(with her bones sticking out of her body..)! I wonder why we don’t see bikini pics of high fashion models…
    Maybe the fashion-industry doesn’t want to unveil the real looks of these girls…

    • dom

      If there was a post on this site titled “Natasha Poly/Edita Vilkeviciute/Karlie Kloss in a bikini!!” do you think anyone would care? Nope. No one would know who they are. No one takes paparazzi shots of them.

      High fashion models go to the beach like most people do. They are not famous outside the high fashion world so no one will notice an article like that. And again no one takes photos of them at the beach.

  • sable

    she looks good…but could get a bit bigger, or quite a bit more muscular. but I wonder how much work it takes to look that way?

  • Karinka17

    nice butt nd she must work out a lot
    but she is obviously not healthy! even tho she is naturally very skinny, dnt tell me anyone thinks she eats anythin else than salads?
    she also looks like she got a boob job recently! her boobs r bigger but shes skinnier? does anyone know more bout this?

  • alice

    she looks perfect to me. look at that ass.

  • Mark

    She looks great, what a nice ass. I think the lighting or the camera makes her look a little pale, but other than that she looks outstanding.

  • nicole

    lose 5 more pounds

  • meilina

    i think she looks good but i think it just the positions in the picture that make her look too skinny. i think she could gain 3 lbs but shes def. not anorexic