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Model Erin Wasson – Topless on the Beach

Model-Erin-Wasson-Topless-on-the-Beach - Model Erin Wasson - Topless on the Beach

Model bikini treat!

Name: Erin Wasson

Age: 28

Height: 5’10.5″ / 179cm

Measurements (according to FMD): (US) 32-24-34 / (EU) 81-61-86

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Model-Erin-Wasson-Topless-on-the-Beach-2 - Model Erin Wasson - Topless on the Beach

Model-Erin-Wasson-Topless-on-the-Beach-3 - Model Erin Wasson - Topless on the Beach

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Melina

    skinny, but great tattoo!

  • Asdfg

    She looks good in my opinion – supermodelish – great bone structure .
    Her body looks similar to Alessandra Ambrosio’s.

  • essss

    what´s that on her hip?

    • Melina

      a tattoo, i guess.

      • Kelli

        Looks like a henna tattoo. Temporary.

  • shaun

    I have been around this girl several times, i also work in the fashion industry. Of course she is skinny, all she does is drink and smokes, and smokes more…….she is also very rude…

    • ann

      Prepare for an incoming barrage of “Yur just jelous”.

      • Cathy

        Lol ann ^^ you always hit the bull’s-eye.

        Oh and Shaun is right, dear Erin really can be rather snotty and has some kind of an holier-than-thou attitude when working with designers or photographers on set. Then again she is one of the few who can get away with a bad attitude and still get booked for lots of jobs. That’s life 😉
        Anyway she still is beatiful and knows exactly what is expected of her. She knows how to carry herself.

        • ann

          These girls are disposable and we all know that. She can run her mouth as much as she wants to. When something prettier comes along or she’s too worn for the road, she’ll be finished.

          • Cathy

            Yup , that’s the way but i guess she goes along the line of ” As long as I’m “In” I might as well get the most out of it” which is a rather smart attitude it’s just that she makes herself very unliked. But again she probably doesn’t really care.

            Even though I’m not sad about her future in particular it still is very bothersome to see some of the very beautiful charismatic and sweet models get kicked to the curb just because they get too old or just “outdated” and ther’s someone better waiting around the corner. Sad place, fashion world.

    • Natasha O

      If you don’t mind me asking, inquisitive minds want to know what’s your profession/what do you do? Because every time I read an article or watch an Interview of Erin Wasson she seems like a cool ass chic who is very down to earth and is kind of ambivalent towards all the attention she gets! Nevertheless that could be a facade and she acts another way behind scenes.

    • Mary

      having seen her in real life, do you think her stats are accurate? I’ve already talked with someone that said she’s near 5’7, but I was wondering also about her measurements…

  • Sidney

    Interesting tattoo, it’s so light red it almost looks like a scarification, or a ritual tattoo which is done without the ink. Her body looks too skinny to me, but still nice and toned. A few more lbs would be better imho.

    • Natta

      Very interesting tatoo 🙂

      Really like it, mostly because it’s different from the usuals 🙂

  • Casey

    She looks good!

  • Tammy

    Way too skinny. No sex appeal at all.

  • blah
    too wide shoulders and beside that small “things” too. meh

  • sara

    she doesn’t look too skinny! i mean she def is but in a natural “that’s my bone structure” way…i like her!

  • alicia

    too bony

  • Kelli

    Not impressed. She’s skinny but that’s about it. No hips, no boobs, no shape. I can’t really tell so much but her face doesn’t appear to be all that gorgeous either so MEH…

    I guess when a girl has the same body as my 8 year old son they can run on the beach topless;)

    • dom

      your 8 year old son must have abnormally large hips for an 8 year old boy, then. if i was 8 i’d be bullying him.


  • Maggie

    I loveeee her tattoo, does anyone have one like that?? Looks like its just done with red ink?? I usually think tattoos are trashy but I love that one

  • Marissa

    How come the VS models don’t have boobs anymore? Isn’t that like half of the point of being one? The other is curves and a butt… the only curve these chicks have is the curve of bones sticking out.

    • Natasha O

      AHHHH! The great debate. I think they are trying to go in a different direction as far as looks go. Their are few if any girls who could compete or are reminiscent of the 90-2000s models beauty. Plus if you want to be a model you have to fit into a sample size which is a size 0/2/4 their isn’t an overabundance of size 6,8 girls anymore.

  • Marissa

    And guys it’s a henna tattoo… I guess you haven’t seen them before, but they aren’t permenant they are done with a certain dye. It looks like hers is wearing off they are usually darker.

  • Natasha O

    I think she looks good and is one of my style icons!

  • Alexia

    She has a really good body, but only if her boobs were larger than she would be good:)

  • kya

    ew her body is gross, reminds me of an anorexic boy.

  • Kae

    She looks nice but she has no sex appeal to me. Nothing special.

  • Alias

    She looks cute!

  • lc

    She looks great!

  • Anya

    I usually HATE when people walk around topless/naked/etc., especially in the locker room at the gym! ugh hate that!.. but she looks really good here, I would not feel offended at all if I saw her in real life walking around like that, lol! I guess cuz her body doesn’t have cellulite/fat rolls/etc. which really gross me out

  • gen

    I like slimness as much as anyone, but this is unattractive. I just don’t like it. Maybe lots of the girls that I’m obsessed with look like this naked too, in which case I should seriously reevaluate my criteria for beauty, because she seriously looks like Mr. Burns here.

  • Suzy

    …And I thought *I* had tiny boobs!

    • Haha, so did I!

  • Hayley

    32-24-34 can’t be her REAL measurements… She seems too skinny for an 8 inch chest to waist difference. But that’s just me.

    I wish VS would go back to using models with CURVES. Their modeling lingerie that they can’t even fill out… I’m a 34D, I want to see girls like me modeling. It’s not like I’m fat, I’m only 120lbs. Models should be normal-sized people. I want models to be ROLE models. I don’t think anyone who isn’t naturally skinny should aspire to be.

  • Banksy

    ‘hot models’ category? she can be hot only with her clothes on! remember girls, that never is sexy. being skinny is ok, but its good to work out a lot and loose some weight without loosing your boobs and bum! 🙂

  • She might as well go topless, she looks like a skinny dude.

  • Alexa

    Thanks, guys. I look at the pictures and think, wow, maybe it’s not such a curse to have a skinny frame and really small boobs after all. And then I come to the comments section to find out that you’ve all decided that women with small boobs are disgusting and unfeminine. Thanks.

    • Versus

      @Alexa, no one on this page mentioned the term “disgusting” besides you. Some people like her figure, some don’t, please don’t exaggerate.

  • Trisha

    wow. wat the f@*k?

  • Jess

    I am that size naturally, just even smaller boobs 🙁

  • Mary

    I really wonder what her real measurements are…

    She does look healthier now than before (im not talking about this pic in particular but in the recent runway pictures she looks maybe i dare say bigger than other girls!)

    also that “henna” tattoo is a real one. Shes had it for a long time 🙂

  • livy


  • Chinny

    Ummm lol why is she running topless in the first place? Photo shoot? OR just for the sake of it? Well I guess theres nothing to see anyway she’s almost as flat as a board. Other then that her body is good.

  • proenzaschoulergirl

    Dear skinnyvscurvy, could we get a new post on erin? I want to discuss on her. 🙂

    She’s always been a mystery for me. On one hand, she looks veryyy skinny, with bones protruding and long skinny arm and legs, sunken cheeks but on the other, she kind of looks normal. Anywhere you look, they say she’s 5’10 but i know a sure source who’s 5’10 say that she’s more like 5’7. Also i read an article about her selling her own clothes (from her own closet) and that the size was a 2, but i have a hard time believing she fits in 2…

  • kristin

    this is nonsense. I have met her. She is glowing in person. Amazing skin, amazing body. Super toned and sleek. Jaw-dropping. Furthermore, she is right about 5.10.5. i am a lil over 5.11 and we are very close in height in person. She is totally a sz 2. I am a sz 2/4 and she is a lil thinner than me. It is amazing to hear all of these haters. She was sweet to m… maybe she was cranky on set since she was WORKING, TIRED, omigoodness. But she is a doll while having dinner, gettinga drink, shopping. living life.

  • proenzaschoulergirl

    ^ thank you for your input. 🙂 lucky girl for meeting her. I have no doubts she’s awesome, she’s my favorite model, i was wondering and now im set. 😉

  • Sann

    She’s to skinny for my liking