Model Treat: Frida Aasen

Frida-Aasen-by-Jonas-Bresnan-In-The-Mood-Numéro-Tokyo-64-March-2013-6 - Model Treat: Frida Aasen

Model Treat: Frida Aasen

Age: 18

Nationality: Norwegian

Height: 5’9.3″ / 176cm

fridaaasen-2 - Model Treat: Frida Aasen

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153 thoughts on “Model Treat: Frida Aasen”

  1. I think she has a great body, so tall and long legged. She is a great weight IMO. Not too thin, not too heavy. Her body is pretty close to my ideal (even though I prefer to keep my own body a little leaner and with a little more cut and definition), her body looks great here. And her long legs and arms are awesome.

      • Everyone always over estimates model’s weights on this site by a massive margin! I am a big Aasen fan and at 5’8″ and 109 lbs I’m no where near as thin as her, especially if you see her in videos she is a very slim girl. I would not say anywhere over 110 remotely, more like 100-105 lbs.

        • Not so sure, I am a little shorter than Frida, and at my ideal weight 104, 105 I look waaaay leaner than Frida. Her hips are wider than mine, and she’s a lil taller than me. My body faat is low though like 12 13%r and Frida looks 16percent no way she is my weight!

          • Wide hips on a thin girl very rarely have anything to do with weight but bone structure. As someone who used to model, it very rare to see a runway girl over 120 lbs, even the 5’11” ones. Remember that muscle weighs less than fat, so while you might have more muscle and a lower bf %, she might weigh less than you. She has a 32″ inch bust and a 23″ waist, I would be shocked if she was over 120.

          • What an odd looking girl yet she is stunning. Her legs are amazing, her features are so unique and I love her complexion.

          • I’m 5’10” and 125, she looks like she has pretty much an identical body to mine, just a little bit leaner legs.

        • Alanna, 120 sounds good. She is at least that. But no way on earth is she my weight 104/105. I see what that looks like everyday, and she aint it. She loooks beautiful regardless!

          • Fair enough, but I also see myself every day and as someone with a similar body type, height and measurements, I feel pretty confident with my original guess. But everyone’s body carries weight differently so who knows. At least we can both agree she’s gorgeous!

        • Alanna I just realized what you meant by two typos. Carrie said Frida is not top thin as in at the top of the thin scale. Or so I thought! You are right it was supposed to be not TOO thin. Thats why I agreed Frida is not top thin, as in at the top of the thin scale. Anyway, I must say if you are really 5 ft 9 you would know Frida is not 105

          • Fair enough, never heard that before expression but whatever. And I never claimed to be 5’9″, I’m 5’8″ and 110 pounds and she looks smaller than I do and we have very similar shapes/dimensions. I have a few friends around her height and shape and they all weigh 100-115.

          • For the 3rd time, Jui/Natalia/Cn/etc I am not Alanna, obviously if we had the same IP address Versus would have deleted it – try using your head for once. Clearly so many people disagree with you it gets confusing, I know…

            But I will gladly ignore your comments in future, they’re mostly drivel anyway, makes me roll my eyes.

  2. This model is a perfect example of how sometimes I don’t like individual features and yet they come together perfectly. In her case her nose and jaw are not my ideal and yet she is very striking, looks like a doll. Skin, eyes, and lips are all very beautiful, even with minimal makeup.

      • yeah…except not really…

        I prefer more ethnic features too, doesn’t mean I think those who are Caucasian & blonde “suck”.

        I don’t like the features of this model, looks like a baby doll and not in a good way.

      • More like you’re just offended that someone finds non-whites more attractive than whites. People have different preferences, not everyone’s favorite type of beauty falls into the barbie box that america worships.

        I agree with Silvy, my favorite beauties are typically darker women; whether latina or smoldering brunettes like Jolie.

          • just for the record, I am white canadian. I grew up around a lot of white girls so ethnic is more interesting to me. On the other hand I have an arab friend who grew up around dark hair/dark eyed girls his whole life and finds blondes really interesting and exotic. I dont understand why someone would take offense to my comment

          • Translation Marike: you’re also offended that some find darker women more attractive than white women. Anyways, I’m biracial. And also my taste isnt exclusive to one race, simply pointing out what it leans towards.

          • Depp and McAvoy have very angular white noses, like Selma and Eva, not dark featured like Taylor Lautner. Not surprised you dont speak for authentic looking mexican guys. Point proven, you find white featured guys hotter than dark latinos. America worships Megan Fox, Kim K, Mila Kunis. Angelina J. What century you living in, these celebrities are more famous than any blonde.

          • I’m well aware that Jolie is white, however she is not a typical blonde Barbie type. Just like some of my other fave beauties like Megan Fox and Penelope Cruz.

            When I say the blonde barbie type I am not referring to white women as a whole, as not all white women are blonde nor do they fit into the Playboyesque blonde tann standard that America has. As for Jolie being
            bnde as a child that is cometely irrelevant; as for the most part of her career Jolie has done the dark haired bad girl look and is known for being a dark haired beauty.

        • I find so many different races hot. Just made out something from certain girls like yourself: what race men do you find hot? I would guess taylor lautner (looks mexican features), but I am wrong. I am correctly guessing the race whose women you dont admire, right? jolies white with natural blonde hair, dont cover your tracks with caucasian girls.

          • Channy- not entirely sure what you’re trying to say, as your sentence somewhat incoherent.

            Taylor Lautner is fug to me. James McAvoy is really hot. And a young Johnny Depp was very, very hot. And Es
            Isuppose you’re implying I hate white women and that I listed Jolie as some way to cover that? Actually Jolie is my all time favorite modern beauty. If you were familiar with any of my comments you would also know that Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and Megan Fox are some of my favorite beauties as well. Like I said above, the barbie type does not include all white women. And having preference for either darker or lighter or one look or another doesnt necessarily degrade another group. Silvy has the right to find darker women more attractive, she said nothing degrading about the model here, blondes, or caucasian women. And neither have I.

        • Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner look related. I was 100% sure they were bro & sis. Both are fire tamale hot! I think they sexy! But you prefer those features on Selena, & call Taylor L fug??? wtf?? then you say Selma H & Eva L have too “white” angular noses, but Depp & McAvoy have those noses??? wtf! you like narrow white features on guys, but u dont like women with it? read between the lines, wateva you reply now, will be of no consequence. point made.

          • Your argument has so many flaws and assumptions in it. Declaring your own point proven doesn’t make it so; in fact it just makes me think that you can’t argue your point so you cop out.
            What ever do you mean by “authentic Mexican features”? What an ignorant statement. There is no one way for Mexicans to look; Mexicans can be European, Amerindian, black, or any mix of the above. Mexican is a nationality, not a one size fits all look. First of all Taylor Lautner is Caucasian, just because he resembles Selena G. to you doesn’t designate him as “authentically Mexican looking”. Selena’s features are not a representative of Mexican features as a whole.
            My discussion with the noses on a previous post was about the more European Latin look vs. a more Amerindian look. I said that the Latina actresses we tend to see have more European features and/or are designated as racially ambiguous; meaning that their features tend to difficult for American audiences to identify as one race or the other. The discussion had nothing to do with superiority of one or the other, the fact that you read it that way is on you. My point was that these Latina actresses are not representative as Latinas as a whole and that Hollywood tends to haveane-sided representation of Latina beauty that leans towards a more European look, leaving out more distinctly brown/Amerindian looking Latinas. I also said that dark Amerindian Latinas were some of my favorite typed of beauty, and i stand by that.

            As for you, calling Mexicans you view ad attractive as “fire hot tamales” is so stereotypical. You’re obviously culturally ignorant.

            As for the men I find attractive, yes in general I find whites and Latin men most attractive. Not sure what that means to you, but make of it what you will. The discussion of the European Latina look vs. the Amerindian look does not mean I had angular noses. Laughable assumption. Jolie in my opinion has a perfect nose, as does Keira Knightley. And it also doesn’t mean i hate European women, the fact that that is your interpretation of it says a lot about your own feelings and thought process.

            Does Diego Luna or Gael Bernal Garcia look “authentically Mexican” enough for you? Because they’re Mexican….

          • *Doesn’t mean i hate angular noses. Typos.

            Also, whatever comparison you’re doing that implies i am a big fan of Selena G.’s features is inaccurate. While I find her to be a very pretty young lady she is not my idea of gorgeous or possessing any “perfect” features. That designation might go to someone like Aishwarya Rai, Jolie (of course), Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, etc. Once again, you’re reading into things that aren’t there.

            You still also do not understand my statement on what i consider the Barbie look that America pushes. The Barbie look is tanned, thin, big breasted, thin, and generally blue-eyed. Plenty of women in Hwood attempt to embody this ideal; Christina Aguilera and Playboy girls like Holly Madison are great examples of women who push very hard for the look. The Barbie look is the kind of beauty that causes women to get implants, nose jobs, tans, and dye jobs in pursuit of it (to varying degrees of success). The Barbie look is very exclusionary; but it’s the type of look we often see pushed in Hwood and the media. Think Abercrombie or the term “all American beauty”. Think Anna Nicole or Sophie Monk or Kate Upton. If you think America doesn’t have an ideal then you are wrong. It’s not an all encompassing ideal but it’s definitely out there. And not all people find it attractive nor do they gravitate towards it, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them or that there is malice behind it.

            And to clarify, as you seem to desperately need things spelled out for you, the Barbie look DOES NOT ENCOMPASS ALL WHITE WOMEN OR BLONDES. Cate Blanchett and Courtney Love are both blonde but one would hardly toss them in the same box as Kendra Wilkinson.
            I am aware that Jolie is considered as one of the most beautiful women by America, i do not have beef with that or women who are famously beautiful in America. Once again your lack of reading comprehension gets in the way, followed by your distorted assumptions and perceptions. Seriously, finish your fourth grade education.

        • Hey not so wonderwoman. I see u still defending yourself, such long speech, desperation Hahaha. Not the Selena Gomez thing again, is it?? HAHAHAHA!. What an a-hole! At least you fighting your own battle, instead of defending your minion Sample, or maybe you are Sample. Good luck, hope u win this one..haha, u too much comedy for me. I hope these girls bring you down to earth, you so proud.

        • You trying not to look racist, but whether you like it or not, your past comments about looks are racist. You said you Mexican and your mom and sisters look like Selena G, so I guess you would admire that beauty. but to talk of white angular noses, and blondes being boring, but liking those narrow noses on men, is still stating you racist. you dont have to mention it on every post with a blonde girl that you prefer dark latinas, you sound insecure, the post is not about what you like, its about the model or actress there, its sickening. I like redheads, but I will not mention it everytime there is a post about blondes or brunettes.. dont lie, you a racist full mexican girl. not half white as you said you are, even if you are, I am sure you look full native mexican.

          • Marike – reread your comment, who’s really racist? You’re trying to insult me by calling me full Mexican or that I must look full Mexican.

        • Dont try 2 cover ur b—iness with pretend admiring white girls! I am American, dont criticise my country by saying they put barbies on a pedestal, we respect and like all different girls. watch tv, what century are you in? stoneage??

          • Channy – I’m sorry that you truly lack the mental capability to grasp complex subjects. It must truly be a burden. Anyways, believe what ever you want.

        • Why should looking full native mexican be insulting & racist to you? I never said they were ugly. if they tell me I look full danish, I wont take it as insult . I am from denmark.

          • It’s technically not insulting, but you obviously are trying to apply it as an insult. Otherwise, why bring it up? Please elaborate the necessity to accuse me of either lying about my ethnicity or that I must not look white. What you are really saying by insinuating that is that I must be dark, therefore unhappy with myself or unattractive because i lack “whiteness”. Please, elaborate why that comment was necessary and what mentioning it means to you.You are right, most people assume I am Mexican. Though a few people have guessed Afghani, Eastern European, or Hawaiian (that’s racial ambiguity, when people are unable to place someone’s looks distinctly in a box).

            Like I said, the blonde look in general isnt what i necessarily gravitate towards in terms of personal preference but that doesnt exclude it either. Just like my preference doesnt exclude Asian or African beauty. My view isntt meant to deny anyone else’s preference, as you can see some posters on here feel the same way and some dont.My preference doesnt give one superiority over the other; its a personal preference, just like i prefer one ice cream flavor over another. When I say the models are meh to me,ecy are. They arent great beauties and dont standout. Women like Keira and Doutzen do standout. Their facial features are unique and harmonious, one would be pres find a flaw. preferenMiranda is a little different, shes not ‘perfect’ but she’s unique. She also has my ideal body. Candice has an amazing body as well, her face is pretty and much more recognizable than say Erin Heatherton. is a l

            I hope the fact that youre from denmark is why you communicate so poorly in English.

        • Diego & Gael look high 90% spanish, not dark native mexican. you said eva longoria had a high % white spanish blood? and you prefer dark latina looks. Diego & Gael dont look native mexican, they got white appearance. dont contradict yourself. you write very long thesis type statements, trying to explain yourself. but as it stands, your statements about looks are very contradictory.dont undermind other peoples intelligence, you might think you are intelligent, but you focus on looks undermining other races indirectly. This is my thought on you, cant change my mind.

          • danny trejo, cheech marin & george lopez look native mexican, called dark latino, how you would say. the others got white blood like longoria, robert rodriguez, gael.

          • Wow Channy, I think you’ve grasped my point at last! You are right, Diego and Gael DO look more European. And yet, they are Mexican. That was one of my points, glad you got it. That’s what I mean when I say Mexicans can really look like anything and that I differentiating certain actors/actresses who have more European looks vs. a more Amerindian look, like Qorianqa Kilcher who played Pocahontas. Not sure how that ever came off as racist, other than I said my favorite types of beauty are Native looking women. My preference is personal and i dont feel it demeans anyone or that i ever knocked any of the ladies i listed as boring or unattractive. My preference

          • What you see as “contradictory” is actually a failure for you to understand what I am saying. I pointed out Diego and Gael because they are more European looking; you misunderstand that as me pointing out that they are particularly dark. You have actually just proven my point that we can make distinctions between the Latin American actors/actresses who have a more European look than others. Benjamin Bratt is an excellent example of a very handsome darker Latin man, especially when he was younger. I undermine your intelligence because you seem to be unable to read what is actually being said and instead take away a distorted perception.

        • doutzen, miranda, candice, keira look like barbie types. all white, thin curvy bodies, perfect. how they not fit into that category, dont know? lot contradiction from you.

      • Yeah, I’m also Caucasian/eastern European and I find features that are different than mine intriguing. Iranian models are gorgeous, and I think Korean pop stars are pretty too. I still think women like Karen milder circa 1995 was amazing but Naomi Campbell in her hey day was fab

        • Persian women are some of the most gorgeous women that have ever existed on this earth.

          However, Persians consider themselves to be Caucasian, not arab.

          • Very true Mera. I remember reading something that said the terms Iranian and Aryan actually have the same root and that the two are related.

            Sorry for any typos, my phone cursor randomly moves around and it is difficult to correct the mistakes.


    • I know what you mean. I think Erin Heatherton is the opposite – her face has slight features, leading you to expect a slim body. Erin only looks good slim and can’t pull off weight gain. Girls with rounded facial features are often cute and plump, like Hilary Duff.

    • I agree…good for the runway.
      A couple of pics, she looks cute, in others, sort of chihuahua looking. Not my idea of beautiful.

  3. She is very pretty but in some pics she looks like a child, and by that I don’t mean that she looks very young like Barbara Palvin or Miranda or Selena Gomez, I think it’s the shape of her head? A bit creepy IMO.

  4. i only love the pic №10 though its more like “a beautiful picture of a pretty girl” rather than “a picture of a model in a magazine”, in general she has some features like one eye&eyebrow is teeny bit higher than the other and her forehead sort of bulges over the rest of the face,and the nose bridge looks pinched too far – it all gives her a bit of that quality of a “weird model beauty”, and in some pics its obvious from right angles these stuff isn’t noticeable and she can be thought as “conventionally beautiful”, my point is her face can actually make a her versatile model, i.e. fit for editorial AND commercial photoshoots/runways but only if she works on her skills cos i don’t see her MODELLING in any of the pics at all, she looks like someone who was discovered and told that she can be a model, so she just sits/stands there and waits for someone to take pics of her.

    • HAHAHA B–hface… I thought only my friends and I used that… I work with a woman with a b—face… but sadly her personality is probably why she has a b—face…

  5. Typical Scandinavian dolly. I strongly believe people model children’s dolls after these women…her face is so unbelievably adorable!! From her high forehead, piercing eyes, platinum blonde hair. As we say in SA, even with Hollandse meisies (girls), hulle lyk soos poppe (they look like dolls).

  6. I think Norway by far has the most beautiful women! I went there on vacation this year and was shocked by the amount of goodlooking people. Like 80 % of the girls I passed on the street could have been models.

  7. Beautiful girl. I love her face, might be typically scandinavian but where I’m from she’d be considered exotic and turn a lot of heads. I like her legs as well, although her upper body doesn’t really impress me. But very pretty overall.

    • LOL, I’m glad it’s not just me! My first reaction to these was: “Oh, pretty girl…. OH MY GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER FOREHEAD??????”

      • I was wondering why everyone was ignoring that 🙂 Great body but to me I thought her forehead was very alien-ish even bulgy

    • Hm, I see nothing wrong with her forehead? Might be the fact that I’m Norwegian myself. Looks fine to me. Britney Spears on the other hand…

  8. Everytime I see her, all I think is FOREHEAD. It looks even weirder in a profile shot. She has a pretty face, but it’s too much of a baby face for me and her forehead is kind of distracting.

  9. I sort of get her beauty in some shots, but in others she’s just a little too on the side of odd-looking – her forehead is kind of bulbous and her nose is a little weird to me. Overall I don’t find her very attractive, but I can see why she’s a model. She’s got that almost-ugly-but-pretty HF b—-face and is tall with small bone structure and long legs – ideal model, it seems to me. Just not my ideal.

    • Whats b— face? Isnt that bit cruel to say? I am Norwegian, with similar features. Its fine that you dont find her very pretty, but b— face calling is cruel. please dont do that again. a b— is a horrible lewd woman, you dont know her, nor does anyone here, not nice to assume.

      • Sorry – it’s not meant to be offensive, truly! Where I come from it’s a relatively benign term for someone who has a slightly mean face when they’re not smiling – I’m not actually calling her a b*tch! She just has a cold and slightly haughty look about her in these photos (like many HF models of any ethnicity – it’s the look they go for), that’s all – she could be an absolute sweetheart!

        And I’ve just had a holiday in Norway and love it there – and certainly many Norwegian women have similar features, but her expression here is a bit cold and I find her features too exaggerated for my taste. Didn’t mean to offend you – I actually thought the women in Norway were very beautiful and feel I saw quite a few more beautiful than Frida here.

        • Who is your ideal then? I agree with lots of your comments and u have replied to mine a few times., but I honestly can’t remember ever reading a post where u did find someone attractive. Except Christina Hendricks. Not taking a Jan just genuinely wondering whos attractivness u do agree with.

          She’s very young and suits this look now. I can’t imagine her when she’s even only say , 25. Childlike features. Very pretty and doll like. But I can agree that I would not want her face. I love an interesting face on others though!

          But in saying that i have a long a– forehead. I feel for foreheads! They get so much s—!

          • Maybe you haven’t read that many of my posts then? I think Miranda Kerr is beautiful; Kelly Brook, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Biel, Nina Dobrev, Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Candice Swanepoel are too – to name a few that I like who regularly appear on here. Christina Hendricks is gorgeous facially, and I like that she is voluptuous, even if a little heavy to be ideal for me. I like curvy figures and I’m not so into lean and toned as many others here are – so VS models often don’t do it for me and nor do HF models. I don’t think I’m extreme in my tastes, but there are people here who read my comments as being anti-slim and pro-fat – usually it’s because I don’t like their favourites (most importantly Adriana Lima), I think. And I have confessed to being heavy myself and some people just seem to think that means I’m bitter towards anyone who is not near my own size (and I can be too defensive when heavier women receive harsh comments, I confess!)…

            Anyway, Frida is pretty – but she’s also a bit weird looking in some photos! Lots of attractive people (and models) are like that. ! I don’t mean to be picking her apart – I’ve always wanted a longer forehead myself, so I don’t see a big forehead as a negative trait – just that in some shots hers looks like it bulges a little more than I find appealing. She is attractive with a nice, modelesque figure – just not my ideal – they’re not the same thing 🙂

        • I understand explanation now. Other comments are people choice on looks. If people find Fridas forehead big, it’s their choice. I didnot understand what b—face meant (usually a swear/profanity), sounded rude at the time. I understand now.

        • For goodness sake winne do you have to defend erica anytime any one person happens to disagree with her? seriously nobody is allowed to say anything to her without fear of being lashed out at by her clique on here. why don’t you all just form a group?

    • Of course she’s not your ideal, that is because she is the complete opposite of yourself. Your ideal is yourself and nothing outside. Using words like “ugly” to describe her is just another ploy to make yourself feel better about your own appearance. She’s clearly not “ugly” and pointing out what you consider to be flaws just once again shows your insecurity. Funny if someone else were to say the same things about a person you found attractive you would be calling them “mean” and “nasty”

      • No, she wouldn’t. Erica is, from my observation (as I read daily and comment selectively) the nicest, most well-written person on these comment threads, and she never starts arguments with people over their personal preferences! Unlike you, anonymous…and for the record, that forehead is extremely distracting. And this isn’t coming from a place of insecurity, I’ll admit that Frida’s body is ideal for me.

    • Agreed- I think she’s gorgeous, but she does have some unusual/prominent features, for lack of a better word. However, I think the difference between her and Daphne is that, in my opinion, Daphne can just look plain unattractive in a lot of photos; in fact, the only campaign I can recall ever viewing her as attractive in was the ‘Diorama Addict’ one, whereas, despite Frida’s unusual features, I actually think she looks gorgeous in all of these shots (though I haven’t seen much of her other ‘work!) 🙂

  10. She’s very pretty, in a very interesting way. I love her nose and her lips. Her forehead is a bit much but I think it works. Unique looking.

  11. Pretty cool how Norwegian models make it big these days! I think she´s stunning and her teeth gap makes her a bit more high fashion

  12. I really don’t like those “baby face”models…When we are gonna get real women?This is not fabulous and girly at all.This is so immature!

  13. Tall, thin and blonde is kind of bland to me, but she’s pretty enough. She has pretty lips.

    I don’t think her forehead is huge but the shape is weird; bangs would be flattering but clearly she doesn’t feel the need to hide it.

  14. Aww! She has such a cute darling face! And she’s stunning without makeup! Great body too! Tall, lean and quite radiant. She’s a doll.

      • Between 120 and 130, lenngth of bone and even the extra skin that accompanies a tall woman has weight, so does her hips. While her pelvis is not very wide, as wide as J Law’s say, it looks here wider than mine which is 33.75, wider than Giselle, old Miranda before her baby, old Gemma. Tall women just weigh more than short women.

  15. Her face… Just something like those creepy dolls that have their face almost sunk in. Like the retro barbie. I’m not really a fan of “stereotypical scandinavian blonde”-looks, but more of somewhat “ethnic” looks. Maybe because I see this kind of girls daily because of where I live. But really I like sharper features, like strong jaw, pointy/sharp nose and more almond eyes than round.

  16. I think she is very pretty. This girl looks like she was born to model, can you imagine how cute she would have been as a little girl just like an adorable little doll!

  17. Yikes. I always thought people with these facial features had some sort of chromosomal abnormality. I’m still not sure I’m wrong about this. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have models of all different health types. It’s just surprising. Good luck to her.

  18. She’s like simultaneously really beautiful and really ugly. Which is just so weird but i get it, feel sorta the same way about karlie kloss?

  19. She has a doll-like quality remiscent of Gemma Ward or Jessica Stam. But her forehead just looks off to me though. Nonetheless, very “cute”

  20. Her forehead/nose combination kind of freaks me out. It’s like someone just pushed her face in between the eyes, pulling her nose up and her forehead out. I think she looks really pretty in the 4th pic down, but otherwise I don’t love her look.

  21. I personally think Frida is beautiful. She has such a throw back Barbie look to her but I do agree that her forehead can be a bit much. I hope you post Yumi Lambert Versus. She is an new upcoming model like Frida and is mixed with both Belgium and Japanese, she has very unique and striking look to her. Her is an article on her and some pictures here 🙂

  22. Big blue eyes, small button nose, full lips, large curved forehead.. she seems quite feminine and conventionally beautiful to me, and her baby face will come in quite handy when she is older.

    Personally as somebody who is her total oppositve facially, I’m quite jealous! High/big foreheads to me are beautiful and also signify intelligence and creativity. Way better than a Teresa Giudice forehead…

    • “I’m quite jealous! High/big foreheads to me are beautiful and also signify intelligence and creativity”

      The preference for a high forehead is rooted in racism – just keep that in mind.

      Humans, especially *white* humans, are superior, because they don’t have ‘low foreheads like the ‘monkeys’.

      • but Theresa Guidice is Mediterranean Caucasian, isn’t she Italian, the example used of low hairline? Dont see racism in her statement.

        • Way to miss the point. The OP is not being racist.

          I said, the idea that ‘high forehead’ correlates with ‘racist’ is from comparing whites to non-whites in order to justify slavery

          Scientific racism is the use of purportedly scientific techniques and hypotheses to support or justify the belief in racism, racial inferiority, or racial superiority, or alternatively the practice of classifying individuals of different phenotypes into discrete races.[1][2][3] According to the United Nations convention, superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous, and there is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere.[4]

          As a category of theory, scientific racism employs anthropology (notably physical anthropology), anthropometry, craniometry, and other disciplines, in fabricating anthropologic typologies supporting the classification of human populations into physically discrete human races that are asserted to be superior or inferior. Scientific racism was most common during the New Imperialism period (c. 1880s – 1914) where it was used in justifying White European imperialism. Since the later 20th century, scientific racism has been criticized as obsolete and as historically used to support or validate racist world-views, based upon belief in the existence and significance of racial categories and a hierarchy of superior and inferior races.[5]

          The Dutch scholar Pieter Camper (1722–89), an early craniometric theoretician, used “craniometry” (interior skull-volume measurement) to scientifically justify racial differences. In 1770, he conceived of the facial angle to measure intelligence among species of men. The facial angle was formed by drawing two lines: a horizontal line from nostril to ear; and a vertical line from the upper-jawbone prominence to the forehead prominence. Camper’s craniometry reported that antique statues (the Græco–Roman ideal) had a 90-degree facial angle, Europeans an 80-degree angle, Blacks a 70-degree angle, and the orangutan a 58-degree facial angle — thus he established a racist biological hierarchy for mankind, per the Decadent conception of history. Such scientific racist researches were continued by the naturalist Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772–1844) and the anthropologist Paul Broca (1824–80).


          Check the article ‘scientific racism’ on Wikipedia

          You will see photos of high forehead caucasians next to the low foreheads of the people they enslaved.

          • Racist people are mentally retarded. So many African people have high foreheads. Thanks for history on the subject. I learnt something new about dumbass racist people

  23. Body is perfect. In the print photos she looks stunning, but the candids, the forehead and nose are just too obvious and not attractive. She has beautiful lips, though.

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