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Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis

161603578_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis

Name: Hannah Davis

Age: 22

Nationality: American (Virgin Islands)

Height: 5’9.5″ ; 176.5cm

To see Hanna’s full Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition spread, click here!

161603618_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis

More pictures of her after the jump!


161736745_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161736750_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161736749_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161736707_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161736672_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161660593_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161662947_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161663301_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161721246_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161721304_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161660532_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161660531_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161603645_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161603630_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis   161603589_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis 161603609_10 - Model Treat: Sports Illustrated Hottie Hannah Davis

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  • Rose Weed

    Holy.. Freaking.. Crap! She is BEYOND GORGEOUS! Those eyes! That hair! The skin! I wanna look like her in my next life!

    • JJ

      LOL That was my reaction too!

    • Mads

      She. Is. Gorgeous!

  • Liv

    I really do not like her in the grey dress… other than that, she’s fantastic… Love her smile!

  • lilkitten

    Her legs… what
    Does she have some sort of contract with sports illustrated that requires her to wear short/tight dresses everywhere…!? Totally serious, the other SI models tend to do the same.

    • Liv

      I just noticed her legs… She probably can’t help it.

      • Mishael

        What’s wrong with her legs? I think they are amazing.

      • lilkitten

        Wait no, I meant she has great legs…

        • Liv

          I don’t think she has great legs, I think they are ok legs. They aren’t the best I have seen. But I like her face. …. Sorry I read that wrong!

    • JJ

      Probably because they all look good in short, tight dresses!

  • annabanana

    her face really isn’t anything special, but of course she’s a pretty girl. She looks as thin as a VS model… I guess I thought SI girls were a little fuller.

  • HazeL

    I’m so glad there’s a post on her, she is beyond gorgeous!! New girl crush! Amazing figure, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair. In some pictures she reminds me of Rosie HW. I love how she looks in the black dress, so effortless. (I’m starting to sound like a crazed stalker LOL).

    She’s my new workout inspiration, but there’s not much info on the internet about her, one source saying shes US6 one saying shes UK6?? Anyone have any weight estimations at 5’9.5?

    • lc

      Really? She reminds me of Candice S.!

      • Winnie

        i agree. i find her a smidge prettier though

  • rebecka

    Beautiful eyes , but that jaw and chin is horrible.Bodywise she look strong and healthy.

  • nina

    hello? skinny and blond. is it all, that takes to be a model? look at her face! she is ugly.

    • Josephinee

      A lot of people consider her to be beautiful though. Even though she’s nog my favourite kind of beauty, I would never go as far as call her ugly.

      • serena

        People use the word ugly too lightly here. I typically browse this blog on my commute to and from work, and the models and actresses people dismiss as ugly are far more attractive than the typical women I see on the train, not just due to weight, but facial features and skin. Hannah isn’t everyone’s tastes but she is *not* ugly!

        • Agreed – ugly is a harsh term and not really applicable to anyone we typically see on this site! It’s thrown around a lot though. It’s like calling someone disgusting – that just shouldn’t be used to describe a person unless they have something extreme going on (and even then, it’s not a term I would use). Ugly is almost as bad. She may not fit someone’s preferences, but saying she is ugly is just stupid – of course she isn’t!

          • lol

            “Agreed – ugly is a harsh term and not really applicable to anyone we typically see on this site! It’s thrown around a lot though. ”

            YOU yourself called a vs model “ugly” not too long ago yet you have the nerve to call out anyone else who does it? I think you need to go back and read some of your past comments and quit being such a big hypocrite.

    • bretzel

      You sound frustrated. Take another look at pic 3

    • Debbs

      Ugly? I think she looks perfect.

    • eleni

      sorry,what???she’s ugly??and you are a beauty queen,or what?oh my god,how jealous and inhibited some women can be…

    • jenna

      Funny how you see her and think “ugly”, and I see her and think “hubba hubba”! just goes to show how we all have such unique and different tastes!

    • JJ

      Ugly? Wow. Too me, you can’t get much prettier than this.

    • JaneParker

      I don’t think she’s ugly, she’s really pretty when smiling but in the photos where she’s serious she looks kinda dumb – I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just the first thing that went trough my mind. But I don’t think she’s gorgeous either, I wouldn’t trade faces with her, although she has beautiful eyes. Her body is ok, her midsection is a little too small for my taste, maybe she’s a pear. But not ugly, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind looking like her.

    • Emmy

      I think we use the term ”ugly” differently in the real world and in the cyber-celebrity world. In the real world I think my friends are attractive/pretty/good looking (although my distorted mind has high expectations of peoples attractiveness) while in the cyber-celebrity-model-etc world I may not think someone is that attractive (when in fact in the real world that person is stunning) because there’s so many other beautiful people in that world to compare them to. I don’t know if I made myself clear 😛

  • Isabel

    Nice legs, skin and chest, but besides that she looks very boring.

  • Stefani

    Too typical for me.

  • Junior

    She looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Candice Swanepoel had a baby.

    I will say that she has pretty hair and pretty eyes and a strong jawline (not sure if that’s good or bad).

    But otherwise I agree with previous comments that she’s a little too typical: blonde, thin, blue eyes, tan, tall…beautiful girl, but boring.

    • Casey

      To me, she looks like the Olsen Twins + Olivia Wilde.

      • Debbs

        LOL I was thinking Candice S. and Olivia Wilde.

      • Hazal

        Funny cos I thought that she looks like a mixture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the Olsen twins 😀

  • Junior
    • solaxia

      Yes! Completely agree! I knew she was channelling Candice…but couldn’t pick who else she reminded me of.

    • haha! spot on

    • ludivine

      Haha, you’re totally right. She looks like 50% DNA of Rosie, and 50% of Candice. Really funny.

  • mary


  • Inanna

    An average model. She has a “playboy-look” to her I don’t like. Not a classy beauty.

    • Anonymous

      I actually think she looks exotic and above average… But she does kinda look like a playboy model, which is a turn-off coz while she is hot, she lacks the natural and classy look in a way… I think if she stopped using the fake tan and had softer eye makeup then she may look different.

  • Mia

    Is she the girl from the directTV genie commercials? If so, I don’t think she looks that pretty in the commercials, but she looks beautiful in these pictures. Some people just look better in still photographs, while others look better in motion I guess.

    • Debbs

      Yes she is. I found her to be so stunning in that commercial that I googled her to find out who she was. Even better in photos.

    • Stace

      Oh you are right! Such a beautiful girl. Her eyes and smile are her strongest features.

  • gsl

    Why the hell is her face so shiny?? Literally in every picture. And no its now a glow, this is straight up oilyness eww.

    • gsl


  • georgi

    She looks like a porn star somehow, not my type of beauty

  • Grace

    She reminds me of a girl I went to college with – without the bright blue eyes, she’s nothing special.

  • solaxia

    Wow!!! she is stunning! I really love her eye colour…they kind of look green?

    Ok, if I am going to be a btch to try make myself feel better…I prefer more shapely legs and booty =P. But, I know that’s just me being a cow and really…she suits the body she’s got, and wouldn’t be her if she was any different!

  • natascha

    I dont find her pretty at all! she looks like plastic … there is something pornstar-ish going on with her..

  • serena

    As a teen she was so pretty in the Ralph Lauren ads. Her hair is naturally a light honey brown, but this bleach blonde washes her out and makes her plain. If you google other pictures of Hannah she is very attractive without this bleached hair.

    • JJ

      LOL Uh-huh. She is very “plain,” the poor thing.

      • serena

        Yes, suggesting she looked more attractive with her natural hair color vs. chemical bleaching equates to mocking her looks. You must have trouble with reading comprehension, you poor thing.

        • JJ

          LOL Can you not see you typed the word PLAIN? Go on and look. Really, you can do it.

  • Kik

    Facially she is a beautiful mix of Rosie Whitley (lips and nose) and Candice (eyes).

    • Junior


    • zumrut

      I think she actually looks like an upgraded version of Sarah Jessica Parker

  • pressplay

    gorgeous eyes and not boring at all (like A LOT of these VS-clones)
    however, there are many woman who I think are more beautiful

  • CK

    agree with someone above she’s nothing we haven’t seen but still she is beautiful and i like her in SI, to me she’s like a blend of many celebs though mostly Rosie Huntington-Whiteley + Jemima Kirke, in some pics i see similarities with Cam Diaz and Kate Hudson..maybe its that blond+blue eyes+similar face features kinda thing they all have in common, you know like those 2 or 3 girls from VS that are a bit diff to tell apart? i don’t know…

    Her skin in some pics looks shiny as in “oily”, and she looks much skinnier here than in SI spread, i liked her body more there, but maybe its just heels and angles here and the fact she’s dressed, i mean when i am in undies i see that am thin but whenever i put on smth form-fitting i look very skinny, i don’t know what it is…i’ve noticed that with other models too like with Rosie, when she’s in spanx in candids looks extr. skinny but then in photoshoots in lingerie she looks bit heavier in terms of weight.

  • budni

    she looks playboy-ish to me, which is not my favourite look.

  • She’s pretty, but bland somehow to me – just nothing new. She could definitely be in the VS lineup!

  • Cass

    I think she is gorgeous. i would give anything for her face and body. just her lips are a bit off in some pictures?

  • Anna

    She’s a beauty, love her eyes.

  • Ana

    Very pretty! Gorgeous eyes as well.

  • Kimmy

    I think she is super gorgeous!
    I looked up her measurements and they said 34-25-35 or 34-25-36
    My measurements are 35-25-36 but I dont think I look as hot as her so its confusing…although Im only 5’5

  • Chelsea

    For some reason (I think it’s her eyes), she reminds me of a drug addict.

  • lc

    Very pretty girl.

  • D

    She is pretty but not in a model way to me, maybe like a girls next door type of model – like someone said, a playboy model type of look. I agree that her eyes make her and with a different eye colour that isnt as striking her less desirable features would be more apparent/wouldnt distract people.

  • Lauren

    I think she’s gorgeous. I love her eyes and strong jawline.

  • Nikki

    She’s like a less hot version of Rosie HW.

  • Henny

    My theory is, to test a woman’s TRUE BEAUTY, take away her hair.

    If she’s still pretty without it, then she’s a beautiful woman.

    this girl looks like 95% of the girls where I live in Utah.

    pretty eyes, but bland.

  • Nene

    Emily Didonato still the most stunning out of the bunch of Sports Illustrated models.
    Hannah is generically pretty in my opinion,nothing especially outstanding.
    She’s got lovely eyes and figure though.

  • happygolucky

    I’m not seeing what everyone else does.
    Not meaning to be rude, but she reminds me of White Chicks.

  • Sienna

    I like her! Her body and mine are shaped very similarly, which is nice to see. She has a beautiful nose too and pretty lips.

  • Winnie

    i think she’s gorgeous! reminds me of Bar Refaeli in some pics, Candice Swanepoel in others. i have to say, i’m really liking the crop of SI girls as opposed to VS models.

  • Observer

    I don’t get it. She’s obviously pretty and photogenic and fit etc, it’s just I can;t get on board with people making “beyond gorgeous” claims all the time.

    She reminds me a little of the cat lady. Joyce W. She has the look of her somehow.

    • Observer

      her eyes also don’t look anything special to me. I see large clear eyes all the time; they just look better with makeup than most others, but that’s not a rare look.

    • neutra

      100% cocnurred. She just really isn’t someone I find attractive. “Hot”, but that’s it.

      • Observer

        I’m not sure I even think she’s ‘hot’. She just looks too weird; can’t stop thinking she looks like cat lady Joyce, plus she looks a bit rough for just 22. Kate Upton looks fresher for her age.
        I also think that if you remove the heavy tan and tons of makeup the lower half of her face will dominate. Her face is made for makeup, like Emily DiDonato, who looks somewhat like a blotchy alien without it.
        I looked up Hannah’s model ads and she is heavily shopped in most of them, and just doesn’t really stand out to me.
        I’m mystified by the adoration for her TBH.

    • annabanana

      I totally agree. Cat lady was the first thing I thought of too. If I saw her in real life, I definitely wouldn’t think she was anything special… average face, only stand out feature is that she is very tall and slim, but her bods not special other than that either. Kind of blah, don’t think I’d put her in a magazine if it was my choice. I find Emily DiDonato’s face to much much prettier.

  • seijidan

    She looks like Candice.. a more exotic one

  • Pixie

    Absolutely stunning!!! 🙂

  • gaelle

    Life is unfair

    • Mel

      I thought the same thing! I want her hair, lips and eyes! And that body is pretty nice, too. But I cant get enough of these eyes, they look incredible. So much prettier than Kate Upton imo.

  • Nobsnob

    IRL compared to your average people she’s a bombshell but among others tall, slim and blonde model she comes off as a bit bland. You know we get to see soooo many gorgeous girls on the media, one gets a bit jaded.

  • Linda

    OMG she looks like a female Cillian Murphy 😀

  • binks

    She is pretty but she looks older than 22. I think they need to tone her look down some.

  • Alex

    She’s actually really scary looking to me. She literally looks as if she’s made of plastic- I can’t believe all the positive comments on here about her and negatives about Fox. Hannah’s far more ‘artificial’ looking then her. I’m not even saying she’s unattractive because I think that’s unfair and not true at all. But something about her eyes and quite forced-looking smile really make me think-cold or even alien! From the right angle though she can look like women I think are very beautiful-like the third picture she looks like a cross between Hilary Duff and Candice S.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed… But I still think Megan looks more plastic these days… In some photos Ive previously seen this model (Hannah) does look like she has had plastic surgery… In some photos her lips look like she’s had lio injections too… But then again there arent many famous people these days who are natural. I think Hannah is pretty and she actually does look exotic, but she does not look only 22. She looks older, I thought she was 27-30. And while I think she is attractive, to me she is better described as “hot” rather than “naturally beautiful.” I think.a lot of models have fit figures, generally nice features and great makeup artists which makes them hot… But few to me have that truly natural beauty. It all depends on personal opinion though… As they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To me Hannah looks like a blend of Bar Rafaeli, Candice Swanepoel, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley… Though I think Hannah and Candice are “hot”, while Rosie is pretty and exotic, and Bar has the natural girl next door beauty…

  • deja

    OMG im from the virgin islands toooooo (st. Thomas v.i.) I am in love with her eyes

  • Tea

    There is just something about her chin and jaw that I can’t get past…but I can see how to some people she would be perfection. To me she looks most beautiful in the 3rd photo where she’s slightly more side on and her face shape isn’t as obvious.

  • Fivetenstunner

    She looks like a younger better looking SJP but that isn’t saying much. Total horse face. I do not find her to be attractive at all. She does have a nice bod though. Does not take much to impress some people, I guess. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Lol

    I think her nipple is showing through in the black dress?!

  • seijidan

    Here’s how Hannah Davis looks when next to Emily DiDonato. Sometimes, certain girls look very pretty all by themselves, but when they’re next to equally pretty girls, they would look different

  • Gabriela

    At first I was like, “Great. Another SI bimbo” until I saw the picture and saw how pretty she was. She looks like a real naturally pretty girl with a nice smile. Even though she’s older than Kate Upton, she looks younger and fresher that her. Plus she’s wayyy prettier than her

  • claire

    hmmm I’m seeing Rosie H. Whitley, Candice S. and Stephanie Pratt all in one..

  • Anonymous

    She has a pretty face… I actually think her face is better than her body. Her head looks too big for her thin body in some photos… But she has nice eyes and nice hair.

  • imj

    Looks like SJP and Stephanie Pratt

  • littlebat

    hm… without wanting to be mean in any way: this girl is absolutely beautiful, but i miss the “special something” about her… something that, for example, jennifer lawrence has …

  • rachwestnz

    i reckon half these chicks lie about their age to last ‘longer’. Its stupidreally im sure u can still be hot past 25 ffs. shes hell pretty, her jaw works for her. do u guys rekon a strong jaw is a good or bad thing?

  • Cadix

    I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous until I got a closer look of her lips, they look so unnatural and weird – botox perhaps? And her chest is quite big for such a skinny girl, maybe she got some work done there aswell…

  • Natalia

    Great natuaral blonde. Great height. Great proportions, a little bit too much in the back but can’t really tell. Pretty face, but just barely. Overall, good looking woman, haven’t heard of her before.

  • ghost coach

    …she is perfect but she is slightly all in all too primitive, thats also why she is dating a person like j deter from Yankee Team