Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia

Natasha-Poly-Vogue-Russia-January-2013-003 - Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia

Name: Natasha Poly

Age: 27

Nationality: Russian

Height: 5’10” / 178cm

Posing here for: Vogue Russia January 2013, a shoot by Danil Golovkin.

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Natasha-Poly-Vogue-Russia-January-2013-000 - Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia Natasha-Poly-Vogue-Russia-January-2013-001 - Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia Natasha-Poly-Vogue-Russia-January-2013-002 - Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia

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69 thoughts on “Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia”

  1. She’s got a very sweet beauty about her. Her face manages to have great definition without looking too sunken in like other models.

  2. kinda dull shoot but something about the last pic looks off, I think maybe its how heavily its been airbrushed and the spotlight on her face making it much paler than her body.

  3. Wow! She looks stunning, those cheeckbones are truly amazing. Her face is not boring at all for sure!

    I like how many ‘faces’ she can pull off!

    Have to say I’ve seen the Kenzo-sweater (first pic) way to many times last season, so I think it’s a bit old-fashioned by now (considering it’s a fotoshoot for Vogue 😉 )

    • i know right just seeing all the pictures that are on the right side of Natalia’s photos, of the plus size model Kate upton and the beauty pageant one and all the rest of them, really put it in perspective

      • Natalia I have never agreed with your comments, but this time I had to stand up. Kate Upton is not a plus size model, she is actually skinny, she’s lost weight ever since that picture on the podium where everyone thought she was FAT which she wasn’t, she was still skinny but not the skinny ACCEPTED on the podium. Accepted by designers, by pro ana people. I think you must be amazing looking person, you must be really tall, very very skinny and fit in the same time, I am sure you must really look much better than any top model… Well I’m really happy for you since you’ve been born perfect and with the right to make so unfair comments about people – after all celebrities or not they’re all people….

        • Thank you, but I am not tall, only 5 7, yes I am leaner than most models, but I still get work in spite of my height, am not perfect.
          But really, andthis is not to insult anyone! Kate upton is not skiiny, she is fat. Now not a lot fat, but some fat. The def. of fat is ‘having excess fat/flesh’ – she has that, if she is not plus size, ok,i didn’t know, but i do know that she is fat. And she is there for the fat women esp in america, to look up to.

          • I totally agree with you, Kate is fat and very very untoned. People really are in denial if they say she is skinny. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own ideal of beauty and if yours is Kate Upton that´s fine, but please acknowledge that Kate (and therefore, what you consider is beautiful) is NOT skinny.

          • I KNOW! Imean, you can like what you like, but the definition of fat is just excess fat or flesh- that’s MERRIAM WEBSTER, that’s not me.

        • Brooke shields when she was a teen, Iman when young, christy turlington, Hillary rhoda, Natalia Poly, these women are all taller and more photogenic than i am!

          • omg natalia she was being sarcastic it wasn’t a real compliment… please tell me you seriously couldn’t figure out that that was sarcasm; she’d insult you for an entire paragraph and then leave a compliment at the end? uh no.

        • Kate Upton is a model, her job is to look good. She is only a model due to family connections so to me she deserves all the criticism she gets. Upton isn’t skinny, she has a super high body fat percentage which just doesn’t photograph well. She will be gone in no time because all her photos are the same and it gets boring real fast. If your a terrible lawyer you should be fired, if your a terrible model you shouldn’t get any work.

          • I don’t mean to insult anyone, i think ppl just don’t know the definition of fat, you don’t have to be huge to be fat, you can be a little fat or alot…..the definition of fat is having excess fat or flesh. Before you say something is or is not, you 1st have to define it. Women w/ excess fat or flesh, can therefore be defined as fat even though theyare not huge.

          • You obviously don’t know the definition of plus sized if you think someone who wears a size 6 or 8 is one. Plus size is all sizes after size 12. Christina Hendricks is at the low end of plus size. Kate Upton is obviously skinnier than her and is nowhere near a plus size

          • Plus size models have at least 40″ hips. Kate Upton might be plus size if she had wider hips, but she has narrow hips. She’s fleshy/soft, but not plus size (in model industry terms).

  4. She’s gorgeous, but the styling is weird. Especially the adidas sneakers in last pic. Being in the foreground just enhances their size and I think her facial expression isn’t edgy enough compared to them.

  5. To be honest I never liked Natasha Poly.
    I don’t like her cheekbones, chin, and huge forehead. As for her body, it’s not her strong point either compared to other models.
    I’m so tired of seeing her everywhere….even her walk which she is praised for irritates me. >.<

          • lol it’s never “given” that someone is beautiful. NO ONE is universally attractive. beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a true statement; just because you find her attractive does not mean that everyone else HAs to as well.

            Although personally I do find her attractive. But I understand that some people do not.

          • Dito MissMarilyn.

            Personally I like Natasha’s look, but I’m well aware that there is no such thing as objective beauty.
            And natalia wouldn’t call a “fat” model like Chanel Iman good-looking, so obviously being a model doesn’t have anything to do with her beauty being “given”.

    • I got to agree here…surprised so many praise her. Never found her facially attractive at ALL, she pales to Irina and Anna V imo. Her cheekbones are nice but overall her face is just harsh and not gorgeous in the least, with or without makeup.

    • I find her very pretty but in an unremarkable catwalk clone kind of way. She makes a great model but isn’t memorable to me like say Barbara Palvin. And her body just seems like the average ruler shaped model’s body, a whole lot better than average obviously but I would take Elsa Hosk’s figure over hers any day.

  6. As a Russian, I love Natasha Poly (we share the same name hehe) she represents everything about Russia that I love; Beautiful, Classy, and Picturesque.

  7. This girl is an angel! So beautiful. Makes me so sad to see this amazing gift she has that I will never get to experience. Slim and lovely.

  8. I think Natasha is a great model, but aside from in the modelling world, I don’t think she is attractive at all. Jessica Stam and Jacquelyn Jablonski to me are two of the best models that’s beauty translates beyond the modelling side of the things.

    • I don’t think Jablonski is particularly attractive, but Stam is. I think Edita V and Emily Didonato are the best looking high fashion models.

      • Jablonski isn’t everyones cup of tea, but she has that regal fair skin, dark hair and light eye combo I adore. That look seems to ooze sexuality and intrigue. Jennifer Connely, Lena Heady, Shannyn Sossamon, Liv Tyler… I think you can start to see a pattern haha!

        Emily Didonato is beautiful, but a tad to baby faced for me. I find more mature faces to be the most beautiful, which is why Jablonski is still far off the mark of the other beauties I mentioned 🙂

        I don’t get Editas appeal at any level though!

        • Oh Emily Didonato is so beautiful! She is a bit baby-faced but in modeling looking youthful is an advantage as she’ll have a longer career. I wish she would be featured on this blog, I think a lot of us must like her. Emily reminds me of a Dutch model whose name I don’t know, but she has long dark hair and bright blue eyes too.

  9. I like her. She’s versatile in that she can look somewhat androgynous in one pic, then look like a classic beauty in the next. She also has a 90’s model vibe to her.

  10. She has a stunning face but she seems to be getting thinner and thinner. She looks too thin for her bone structure – she looks anorexic or like a junkie. Maybe she’s both. She doesn’t look well at all, especially when you see her on the catwalk.

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